The Ravens of Carrid Tower

      David c Black

The Ravens of Carrid Tower

Welcome to a world of Machiavellian gods, corrupt rulers and reluctant heroes. A tale of epic fantasy. A history of Lathania.

The Ravens of Carrid Tower is fantasy fiction delivered as the narrative history of a god, who has for centuries lost all patience with his small part of the world. The schemes of humans though... Well, left unchecked they get into all sorts of trouble and beings far more powerful than he have started to take note.

This is Lathania. A damned mess as far as our narrator is concerned. The schemes of gods and men throw reluctant heroes into a battle for survival as the world descends into chaos. Their struggle...

Better that you see for yourself.


From the Author

The Ravens of Carrid Tower welcomes you to the continent of Lathania. 

It is perhaps best to view this novel not as a single story, but rather as a collection of adventures happening in real-time.

The protagonists for the most part have never met, and yet their decisions and actions have far reaching consequences on the unfolding history of the continent. 

The book is narrated by a drunk god who has for centuries given up on his role as caretaker of  Lathania's mortals, choosing instead to record the last deeds of men as the world accelerates towards war and chaos.

About the Author

David Black is a British author and entrepreneur who lives and writes from his home in Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand.

He has written both fiction and non fiction books and the producer of the popular Youtube channel, "David Black" (Formally Digital Nomad X").

David's first book, The 21st Century Emperor is an autobiographical account of his adventures into business on a journey to secure financial freedom and independence.

His second book is Fantasy Fiction that brings to life a new Machiavellian world of war, conspiracy and intrigue among rival gods and men.

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