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Vampyre Blue (Alternative Women)

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Vampyre Blue (Alternative Women)

  Davena Slade Nicolaou was born in the market town of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She has loved everything to do with the weird, wild and wonderful since her first film viewing of The Dark Crystal in 1984. VAMPYRE BLUE is Davena's first novel.

  Vampyre Blue

  E-book Edition

  Davena Slade Nicolaou

  This book is entirely the work of the author. All characters in this publication other than those clearly in the public domain are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  This E-book Edition 2012

  2nd Version.

  Copyright © Davena Slade Nicolaou 2008-2012

  Davena Slade Nicolaou has asserted her right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work, the title Vampyre Blue, and the artwork associated with this title.

  Set in Times New Roman, 14pt by Davena Slade Nicolaou.

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author.

  This book is sold subject to the condition that is shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the author's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

  For everyone who has helped me write this, you know who you are. And if you got in my way I gracefully stepped over you. Thank you for the journey.

  “He walked into the ice storm, it should have felt like a thousand needles piercing his face, but he felt nothing, he'd felt nothing for millennia”


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  A Word from the Author

  Chapter One.

  It is now the near future.

  Her name is Blue.

  She is immortal.

  Blue appears to be in her mid twenties, she could get away with twenty four and you would believe her without question. But to linger and stare into her beautiful eyes, then you would see that she was older, that she'd seen more than her young face would let you believe. Her last birthday was her twenty seventh, although that was a little time ago now. She still looks like she did, she hasn't aged a day, seeing as she died and all.

  Every year on her birthday, which means so much more to her now than it ever did. She celebrates living, being, existing, despite the inevitable end that she has managed to escape. She is having more fun each year and she's becoming more comfortable in this new skin she has found herself in. Although everyone around her is ageing subtly, even those she thought would never grow old, they're getting lines in their smiles and around their eyes, they look at her with jealous eyes, but it's Blue that wants what they have and eventually it has started to bother her.

  Blue made it to her twenty seventh before she became immortal, not immortal like the 27 club or immortal in culture; remembered for what she did in the media driven world. She didn't officially die like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain to name but a few.

  She still spends a majority of her time with the living, out in the sun, under the moon, in the rain. She eats garlic, she has a reflection, the only downside she seems to have acquired in exchange for her immortal youth, her current state of consciousness is the inexplicable desire and absolute need to drink human blood. The unadulterated human kind is the only blood that satisfies and luckily for everyone around her, she can make do with about a pint a day. If she neglects this basic necessity she gets the shakes, turns nasty, like she's going cold turkey from the most potent beautiful wonderfully addictive substance ever conceived. She wouldn't want to bore you with the horrific details of said symptoms, suffice to say she tries her damnedest not to go to that place at all.

  The only other way you could tell she was dead, seeing as she doesn't explode in sunlight is the tiny insignificant fact that she doesn't have a pulse. You might think “No big deal”, how often do you check someone's pulse after all. Until that is when you (being her) either fall asleep out in the public domain or sit day dreaming with your eyes closed and get mistaken for dead. She has awoken to teams of paramedics about to send hundreds of volts through her cold black heart, when she has awoken with a jump and they have all jumped out of their skins! Those memories stay with her and make her smile, she doesn't tend to go out on her own so much any more, if she's tired she tends to stay in.

  After a few years of drinking human blood now, she still finds it difficult to get her head around it, getting her mortal head around her immortal body. She has familiars – people whom let her feed on them, she bites them every couple of weeks or so. Unfortunately she needs a few because if she drank from just one single person they'd be surely dead by the end of the week, they need time to recover. So she has to supplement her drinking with blood bank supplies. She keeps them in the fridge with her expensive champagne and liquors. The visitors seem to have problems with this, opening the fridge expecting fresh groceries and juice, but instead being confronted with bags of blood.

  She always had her favourites and drinking blood inexplicably leads to other carnal activities. Having favourites got her into this whole bloody mess in the first place.

  So, her name is Blue, she's twenty seven and she is now a Vampyre. A five feet seven, medium built (not too skinny, not too plump) honest to goodness Vampyre. She has olive skin and that Mediterranean look, she'd pass for a local anywhere in Europe. And her trademark is her long dark hair with flashes of electric blue, hence the nick name.


  Blue's last birthday was May 1st 2008, before she became a Vampyre she worked in a bar called Naught, as in Zero, nothing, Nada, Zip. It was the coolest place in town, it had quite a big bar that wrapped around a central island, the pub was almost the size of a decent club, a really good place to hang out if you're into the kind of lifestyle Blue had become accustomed.

  The building was ancient, it was one of the oldest public houses in England, apparently. The Gothic exterior was a façade, the foundations of the building pre-dated the cosmetic uplift it had had in the 1700s. The old glass windows were so old that you couldn't actually see through them, like really old frosted glass, it wasn't meant to be like that, you were supposed to be able to see outside. But it added to the mystery of the place, it made it that bit more authentic and quirky. The entire building was of course listed, so therefore kept its ancient look whilst all the other buildings in the immediate vicinity became more modern and futuristic with each new owner.

  The entrance to the bar was framed with huge oak doors, ornately carved with leaves, sprites and all manner of mythical creatures. In the summer Blue would always delay stepping over the threshold, staring at the doors for as long as she possibly could. They were for want of a better word, beautiful. The doors were stained dark like the rest of the wood on the premises. Every piece of wood was dark, the wooden floor inside was dark, the huge polished bar was
dark, the only light present emanated from the pale cream painted walls and the gorgeous lighting (the only modern touch in the place). There were huge dark brown leather sofas spread about the place, perfect for lounging on, with huge coffee tables in-between. There was also a lot of standing room for crowded nights (of which there were many). Blue personally loved the red velvet cushioned bar stools, but unfortunately she was always on the wrong side of the bar. For an old building it had a surprising amount of space and ambiance.

  The regular clientèle were tattooed, pierced, weird or wonderfully alternative. There were no actual dress codes and no one really gave a shit, just as long as you'd made an effort. That was the motto on the front of the building and the bouncers considered it law “No effort, no entry!” They were all there for a good time, staff and customers alike.

  Blue was an artist during the day, painting her masterpieces. She drew flash art for local and international tattoo artists and she also made clothes for a handful of clients, specialising in PVC, latex and leather. Fetish gear, kinky as fuck and more expensive than diamonds. Life was good for Blue, scrub that, life was incredible for her.

  She had never really had a regular boyfriend, she couldn't get her head around the staying with one person forever and ever. There were lots of things in the world that she didn't get, things that eluded her. You might think she was dizzy, or easily bewildered, it wasn't that, it was simply that she didn't get it. She didn't think relationships could ever work, not long term anyway. She had, and still has lots and lots of friends and lots of acquaintances, she was quite promiscuous before she became immortal. “The Perfect man” a precious lover that was also your best friend. She never thought it would happen, not in a million years.

  One of Blue's favourites had stayed over the day before her last living birthday. It was the first time he ever had done, he was always so mysterious to her. She had considered it a birthday treat for herself. His name was Pierre David, he was French, or at least his accent was, she wasn't sure if he'd originated in Quebec or France and without asking she'd never know. She would never ask. Standing at just over six feet, she considered him tall, he had dark hair that touched his shoulders if he let it down, he usually had it tied back. His piercing ice blue grey eyes were dangerously esoteric.

  He'd gotten his naked self out of bed and had decided that as his Mistress, she should definitely be worshipped on her birthday. Blue awoke to Oriental Lily's, Black Roses, Pain au Chocolate, Exotic Fruit, Juice and freshly made White Tea. “Wow” she thought, she didn't get treat like this very often so when she did, it is and was greatly appreciated. This was a fabulous way to start her birthday. Instantaneous good mood, instant turn on. The food was put to the side for the moment, for a few moments, maybe a good while.

  Pierre was still naked, his taught muscular frame (he wasn’t well built, just enough, not quite a six pack, but lean, toned, without the gym membership) lay down beside Blue in her huge bed. Draped in Egyptian cotton sheets her bed was luxuriously comfortable. He pushed her back into the folds of cloth, kissing her neck, working his way up to her mouth. She reacted to his touch with light moans and gasps barely audible. Stroking her hair from her eyes, kissing her ear lobes and her face, brushing his nose against her skin between kisses, he licked his lips as he was about to kiss hers. Moving in to her, stroking her body, biting her neck tenderly, pulling her toward him on the bed, pulling her on top. She followed his lead, let him be the one in charge, this was new to Blue, she was always the one in charge. They rhythmically moved with one another, reaching ecstasy, orgasm after orgasm, until they were exhausted.

  After the extremely good sex, they fed each other the breakfast he’d prepared his Mistress earlier. Fruit and pastries, laughing, cuddling, smiling, and looking into each other’s eyes, feeling like soul mates. They felt comfortable with one another and in that moment, those few precious minutes they both let their guard down.

  Pierre coaxed Blue into the shower, he lead her by her hands. They stood under the flowing water, letting it pour over them, water running down their naked bodies, they watched each other carefully as they caressed each other. Washing each other intimately, soapy, hot, steamy, they fucked again in the shower. Blue giving herself to him, he kissed her neck as he pressed himself into her. She arched her back beneath him, the pleasure rippling over her, she moaned loudly in the shower, sounds of pleasure she couldn't hold back. He massaged her intimately, gently rubbing again and again, taking her to climax. Her breast in his other hand, still kissing her neck, her hands holding onto the shower wall, holding onto sanity. She orgasmed over and over again, shuddering beneath him, she was loud, Pierre was turned on even more, they both orgasmed together. He held her, under the water raining upon them, washing away the sweat and sex. He turned her around, kissing her on the mouth, he wrapped his arms around her and held her for an eternity. He shampooed her hair, conditioned it, gave her kisses and kisses. He then led her from the shower, wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and held her close, she was warm, much warmer than him, he held her until she was drier.

  They lay on her bed, wrapped around each other and they both fell asleep.

  Blue was to meet the girls later for lunch, so she had to get up and get herself dressed, she had to practically rip herself from the bed because she felt like she could have stayed there forever. She left Pierre naked on her huge bed in her apartment, she gave him a light slap on his ass, he smiled at her, they paused and shared a quiet, silent moment then they gave each other a long kiss and then she gave him cheeky wink as she left. If he wanted to leave her place then he could let himself out, but she was hoping that he might be there when she got back.

  There was never any mass communication between the two of them, one always knew what the other was thinking. They always seemed to answer each other's questions before either had spoken a word. They were more similar to each other than they ever anticipated or ever expected. To the outsider this would seem weird, abnormal even, but to each other there was an unspoken perfection to their dynamic. They just got each other. They were starting to care for one another more than they had anyone before. One may even think they were falling in love.

  Blue walked out of her apartment, down the sweeping marble stairs and out of the building. Blue lived in the bohemian quarter of the city. It consisted of mostly rich students and rich city workers, there was only the occasional oddity that lived in the area. On the street where she lived there were trees lining the road, they looked beautiful in the autumn when the leaves were golden and about to drift gently to the pavement below. She always daydreamed on her way to meet the girls. Today, this day, Blue's birthday, it happened to be wonderfully sunny. The trees swayed in the gentle breeze, the leaves were a ripe green, lush and plump, they smelt of spring, that freshness that floated on the gentle wind. Blue had that feeling that she was glad to be alive.

  Blue met her girl-friends in an exclusive new restaurant, the information text to them only minutes before they were due to meet. They were lunching in 'Azeri', an exclusive restaurant that Star had gotten them into at a moments notice. She wanted to treat all the girls as it was Blue's birthday. Star paid for everything, the others didn't feel bad either as they all knew how insanely loaded she was. They also knew how much she loved spending it on everyone around her, it made her feel popular and in charge of the group and to some extent she was probably right.

  Jayne was depressed about the latest girl in her life. In all the time they'd known her she'd never let anyone in and now she let in her students at an alarming rate. She was a university lecturer in philosophy and more than occasionally one of the petite ladies would catch her eye, they wondered how on earth she wasn't fired. It never seemed to go well either, always going awry two months down the line. The current relationship was due to breakdown imminently. Jayne always had a melancholy air about her, dark clothes and a sombre attitude. It always surprised them that anyone could be attracted to such negativity. She also wore nothing but tight black
clothes and flat black shoes, beatnik chic. Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in the beginning of Funny Face. Very pretty, but in a dark, dark place – languishing in misery.

  Star was and is to this day a bona fide Celebrity. Her ego matched only by her massive bank balance. Whenever she would meet the girls anywhere she’d try going low key, it never worked though. Someone always tipped off the paparazzi, Blue always had a sneaky suspicion that it was Star herself. So they ended up in the most exclusive, expensive places where the photographers were forbidden. Blue would never voice her inkling, because she has now eaten in more beautiful, luxurious, wonderful restaurants than any living human should have ever been allowed to have dined in. Blue had always had Champagne taste and cider pennies, she was definitely the odd one out in the group, she had been left money when her parent's died, but she was also left on her own. Blue had some money, but nothing like the others, she could live comfortably on it, but she couldn't spend it all on lavish items, as it would soon diminish.

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