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CUFFED (Falling Stars Duet Book #1)

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CUFFED (Falling Stars Duet Book #1)


  Falling Stars Duet Book #1

  Dani René

  Edited by

  Vanessa Bridges



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  Copyright © 2016 Dani René

  Published by Dani René

  eBook ISBN 978-0-620-69823-8

  All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

  The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers.

  No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in the work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owner.

  ISBN: 978-0-620-69823-8

  Shutting the door, I turn the lock and as soon as it clicks, I turn to her. “Dane, we can’t be in here. They’re going to look for me in a few minutes.” Her soft voice is fuel for the desire coursing through me. She’s like an aphrodisiac, every moment I’m near her I’m hard, ready to drive into her body.

  “Do you want my cock, Baby Doll?” I grunt as her wide eyes zero in on my hand stroking my erection through my navy slacks. “I asked you a question, Star.” She nods quickly. Her blonde ponytail bounces and it’s the cutest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m still in uniform and pull the cuffs from my belt loop. “Turn around.” She does and her pert ass sticks out, teasing and taunting me. Fucking sexy. I land a loud slap on one cheek.

  “Dane,” she moans, pushing back toward me.

  “Is my dirty little doll wet for me?” I question again and she nods.

  I cuff her one wrist and tug her over to the steel shelving, her other wrist secured. Now she’s at my mercy. All fucking mine. “What are you doing?” Her back is facing me, and she can’t see me, but she can hear every sound. The hiss of my zipper, the clink of my belt buckle that echoes through the room in the dark around us.

  Stepping up behind her, I press my dick against her ass and bite down on the soft skin behind her ear, which earns me a cock-jolting moan. “I’m about to fuck you, Baby Doll. And when you go back on set, you’ll have my hot cum dripping down your thighs.”

  Circling her waist with my one arm, I tease my hand into her panties and find her soaked. “I can’t—”

  “You can and you will, Jaz, my sweet star. So dirty and naughty, aren’t you? You like my cock inside you, don’t you?” She doesn’t answer, and I land another swat on her ass. A soft yelp is all the answer I need.

  I tug her shorts and panties down her long smooth legs. The scent of her cunt has my mouth watering. I reach up and squeeze both cheeks, holding them open, I dart my tongue into her dripping hole. “Oh, Dane!”

  “Shhh, Baby Doll. Or do you want everyone on set to hear me fuck you?” I growl from below her and continue my assault on her pussy. Lapping at the sweet honey that’s glistening on my chin. Lunch with her is always fun. With my thumb, I circle her puckered hole and she tenses. We haven’t gone there yet, but soon I’ll claim every fucking hole she has.

  Her body shudders as I continue eating her like she’s my last fucking meal.

  I feel her tremble and I realize she’s close. Pulling away, I rise and she whimpers at the loss of my mouth. I pull my cock out and stroke it slowly. People are talking right outside the door and I can’t help chuckling when she gasps. “Yes, we can do the next scene in the garden.” We hear the words, and before she can tell me to stop, I drive into her tight heat and we both groan.

  Her body sucks me in, milking me as I plunge into her. “Do you know if Jasmine will be able to come in tomorrow?” I recognize her producer’s voice and so does she because her head is shaking.

  People are right outside the door and it heightens her need. “Dane, stop,” she hisses and I cup my hand over her mouth.

  “There’s no stopping now, baby. You love this, feel how wet you are. Filthy girl, aren’t you?” I murmur in her ear as my fingers circle her clit. Releasing her mouth, I wait for her words. When she doesn’t respond, I continue my jeering. “You like it, don’t you? Dirty little star. Tell me. I want to know,” I taunt, slowing my thrusts into her body. When she pushes her ass back against me, I know I’m right. “Fucking tell me, Jaz. I want to hear.”

  “Dane, fuck, I love your cock inside me. Stretching me,” she moans. “I need you to fill me deeper.” Her words ignite every nerve in my body and I start thrusting harder, my hips slapping against her ass. The sounds of sex, the scent of desire, and the sweat now covering my skin is enough to drive me over the edge, but I want her with me. “Come, little star, give me that sweet fucking honey of yours,” I growl, biting the lobe of her ear, which sends her soaring.

  “Yes, Dane, fuck, yes.” She hisses and I shoot jets of hot cum inside her tight little hole.

  “Step out of the car, ma’am.” It’s late and I’m not in the mood for this shit. My shift has ended, but when this little red sports car zipped past me, I had to stop it. As the door swings open and long, slender legs exit first, I grip my baton to keep myself under control.

  As she slips from the car, I’m ready to fucking rip that piece of material she calls a dress off and take her on the hood of her expensive expensive ride. “Is there a problem?” She crosses her inked arms over her chest, which only pushes her beautiful tits up, making my mouth water. I rake my gaze over her. The tight black dress her body is encased in leaves very little to the imagination, and I wonder if she’s even wearing panties. She’s got a body I could get addicted to.

  “You were speeding,” I bark, my voice husky and I clear my throat. Glancing away, I try to inhale a deep breath, but it does nothing to calm the tent forming in my workpants. Thank fuck it’s dark out.

  “I need to get home. I’m sorry, Officer, I didn’t mean to. I’ve had a really shitty day, and when they said I could leave, I couldn’t wait to get home and just sink into a hot bubble bath. My body aches everywhere, and these godforsaken shoes feel as if they’re trying to—”

  “I pulled you over because it’s my job. You were going well over the speed limit, which is reckless because you’re endangering others who might be on the road as well. I don’t need excuses, I’m—”

  “I’m not giving you excuses,” she bites out and the fire that’s burning in those pretty eyes has me smirking. She’s a little firecracker. “I’m almost home. Can you just give me a ticket or something so I can get home?” Her voice is shrill in irritation and her eyes glisten in the dark with unshed tears, but her words sp
ew in frustration. “I just wanted to get home, so why don’t you—”

  “Baby Doll,” the words come out of nowhere, and I’m as shocked as she is when she stops her tirade and just stares at me. “I mean, ma’am...uhm, I can escort you home. I don’t want you driving in that state alone.” I can tell she’s stressed and I’m only doing my duty. Yeah, fucking right. My duty to rip that tiny dress from her impeccable body and find out what she looks like naked and writhing beneath me.

  “I can’t ask—”

  “You didn’t, I offered. Get in your car and I’ll follow you home.” A soft giggle falls from her perfect lips, and I offer a grin.

  “Is that your way of picking up girls, Officer…” She allows the sentence to hang in the air between us like a helium balloon.

  “It’s Officer Brawley, and I don’t pick girls up. They come to me.” With a cocky wink, I turn and head back to my car.

  “Perhaps I’m different, Officer Brawley. Maybe you’ll be the one coming to me.” Before I have time to retort, she’s in her car revving the engine. Little blonde minx. I quickly slide into the driver’s seat of my midnight blue Mustang and start the engine. Waiting for her to pull out, I turn on the radio and the deep bass of Chris Brown’s “Gimme That” vibrates through the speakers. She weaves through the quiet streets and I feel better for doing this.

  She’s clearly upset and shouldn’t be driving. She should be straddling my lap, while her sweet tits bounce in front of me so I can suck on those nipples that I’m sure will satiate my need.

  I’m normally more professional than this. But there’s something about that doll that’s got me as needy as a fucking woman who’s begging for an orgasm. I’ll make her beg. I’ll make her do a lot of things. As she pulls into the drive of an enormous Hollywood mansion, I follow her in and park behind the tiny scrap of metal she’s driving.

  “You didn’t need to come in, I’ll be fine.” The grounds are dark, the house doesn’t have a light on, and my instincts cut in.

  “I’ll walk you to the door. Can never be too safe.” She shrugs and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her hips sway in that tight material that hugs her curves. It’s incredible the way her long legs flex in the heels she’s wearing, and her long blonde hair flows like a soft wave just crashing onto the shore.

  She stops and clicks a lock on a remote. The glass door slides open effortlessly and I stare at the luxury this woman lives with on a daily basis. My apartment could probably fit into the entrance of her house and still leave room to spare.

  “Did you want to come in?” I’m not one to deny a beautiful woman a request, so I nod. She steps aside and allows me to enter. It’s then that I get a full view of the house. The soft click of the door, the sweet scent of her perfume, and the hard-on that I’ve been sporting since I first saw her have me losing all inhibitions. I pivot to find her watching me intently.

  “Do you always invite men into your house?” Her plump lips open then shut. “Or is it because you’d like me to cuff you?” She doesn’t refuse, so I stalk toward her as she steps back, until her body is flush against the glass door. “Tell me, little star?” I whisper over the soft skin of her neck and she visibly trembles. I recognized her the moment I set eyes on her. Hollywood’s newest sweetheart. And the star of my wet fucking dreams. The star of the hit show Sunsets & Star, she of course plays the lead female character.

  I move back and our eyes lock in a stand off. She’s not giving in easily, but she doesn’t realize that only makes me want to fuck her more.

  “Maybe.” She says and cocks her head to the side, watching me. I take another step forward so our bodies are flush. Placing a hand on either side of her head, caging her in, I inhale her scent. Cotton candy and bubblegum. Sweet. Delectable. Tempting.

  The heat from her skin is driving me insane with lust, and all I want to do is have her wrap those long legs around me and let me drive into her tight body. “And do you know what I do to naughty girls who like to play with my cuffs?” I hiss in her ear. She shakes her head but doesn’t answer. Sexy little thing. She’s like a doll. “I make them scream my name. Over and over again.” Her lips part and her tongue traces a slow wet trail over them. I groan at the thought of having those lips wrapped around the base of my dick.

  “Thank you for escorting me home. But I’m fine now,” she utters in a whisper. Her body is trembling.

  “It’s my pleasure, Baby Doll. Let me take you to dinner tomorrow night?” I respond.

  He’s staring at me. A searing heat emanates from his body, which in turn has my own responding in ways I haven’t felt in a long time. Since I walked out on my ex fiancé, I’ve not wanted another man. The deceit I dealt with made sure I was on a sabbatical from anything with a dick. But, as Officer Brawley watches me, I find myself wanting it. Wanting him.

  “I don’t even know your name.” I know it was a lame excuse, but with his eyes sparking with desire, I needed to say something to break the tension.

  “Dane,” his voice rasps and I can’t stop myself from staring at his mouth. It’s perfect, full lips that quirk into a sinful smirk. A light dusting of scruff on his jaw tells me he didn’t shave this morning. “And you, little star, are Jasmine.” My name rolls off his tongue like an elicit promise.

  “Well, Dane. You seem to know me and I don’t know you.” I place my hands on his chest and feel the rock hard pectoral muscles tense beneath my touch.

  “All the more reason for you to join me for dinner. Or did you just want to get down to business and wrap those perfect legs around my shoulders while I feast on you?” He chuckles at his filthy words and unbidden they send a tingle to my clit.

  “How many girls do you say that to on a daily basis?” He steps back and allows me space, which is welcome because I can’t think with him so close. Everything about this man is sinful. He’s pure sex. You know the kind of guy. The one who lights your panties on fire with a mere glance. But he’s also the one who could break my heart.

  “Depends if they want me to say it to them or not,” he answers confidently and I have no doubt that he’s probably got a notebook full of phone numbers.

  “And you think I want you to say that?” Crossing my arms, I stare at him, waiting for the smart-ass comment I know is coming, but he doesn’t give it to me. Instead, he leans in and growls in my ear.

  “Baby Doll, you want more than to have me say it, you want me to show you. And I will. I’ll show you just how much I’ll enjoy eating that sweet pussy of yours. I’ll do it from the front, with your beautiful legs spread wide. Then I’ll do it while you’re bent over, and don’t doubt, I’ll tease that pert little ass too.”

  Desire sparks through my body like lightning in the night sky. The chemistry between us hangs heavy in the air, but I don’t want to give in easily. My breathing is ragged, and I know he can tell he’s affected me.

  “You, Officer Dane Brawley, are too confident. I’m not some easy lay, I’m no blonde bimbo. You’ll have to work hard to get between my legs, and even then, you’ll have to work harder. I know men like you and they’re all talk. I don’t drop my panties for filthy words and promises.” I push him back and stalk into the living room, needing the space between us because as much as I don’t want to admit it, I do want him. I want everything he’s promising.

  Can I just have a sexual relationship? No strings. Just good hard fucking. Maybe.

  Staring out at the city lights below, I feel his body behind mine. His hands grip my hips and he tugs me back against him. When I feel his warm breath on my shoulder, a shudder wracks my body. “You feel this…” His words trail off as his hand splays across my stomach. Warm and tempting. If he’d just move it lower. Fuck, Jaz. I haven’t been with a man in three months and it’s clearly affecting me.


  “Shhh, just feel it. Trust me.” Two words that pierce my heart. That’s what my ex said so many times. Trust. It’s not an easy thing to do. Not in my experience anyway. “Just let go.” Dane
s words are soothing as his hand dips toward the place I need him the most. Confident fingers find my panties and I know they’re wet because God this man has made me ache.

  My head drops back and my eyes flutter closed. I feel like a brazen hussy as I allow this man to stroke me through the thin satin that covers my pussy. His fingers tease and taunt me but he never once slips a finger inside me. Or under my panties. Suddenly, he stops, stepping back and leaving me panting and cold.

  “What did you do that for?” My incredulous tone has him chuckling.

  “When I’m with you, I want it to be because you said yes, not because you’re tired and in need of release. And the moment I drive my fingers inside that tight little cunt, you’ll beg for it.” With that, he flashes me a cocky grin and turns, leaving me a trembling mess.

  Fuck this. The door clicks and I toe off my shoes, running toward the entrance. Swinging the door open, I race up the stairs to the drive. He’s just slipping into the driver’s seat of his Mustang when I reach him. He lowers the window and watches me. We’re in a stand off, just staring at each other. “Yes.” I don’t know why, and I don’t know how this is going to work, but I want it to.

  “You sure about that, Baby Doll?”

  I nod.

  “You asked, I said yes.” Placing my hands on my hips, I watch the wicked glint in his eye. I can only imagine all the sinful thoughts running through his mind right now.

  “Good, I’ll see you tomorrow at seven.” He starts the car and it roars to life. Everything about him is sexy, even his goddamn car. He pulls out of my drive and turns down the street, leaving me achy and needy. I hate this feeling. I’d rather he just took me right there on the hood of his shiny car.

  I head back into the house and lock up. I’ll have to take care of myself tonight. But tomorrow, all bets are off. That man and his fingers will have to keep his promises.

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