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Between Lust & Tears (Backstage Series Book #2)

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Between Lust & Tears (Backstage Series Book #2)

  Between Lust & Tears

  Backstage Series Book #2

  Dani René

  Edited by

  Vanessa Bridges






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  Excerpt - Between Love & Fire

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  Copyright © 2016 by Dani René

  All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

  The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers.

  No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in the work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owner.

  ISBN: 978-0-620-68507-8


  To everyone who has ever walked away from something, someone,

  or decided not to take a chance on something they really want.

  There should never be a time you don’t feel good enough.

  You should never feel as if you’re not worthy.

  Whether it’s love, a job, a dream you’re working toward,

  go for it, take a chance. Do that THING that makes your heart full.

  Because you are worthy, you should have everything you dream of, anything that makes your heart smile.

  No matter what your past is, leave it behind.

  Look forward, that’s where you’ll find happiness.

  Our heartbeats, the rhythm

  Our bodies, the song

  Our love, the lyrics

  And between lust & tears,

  I’ll love you forever

  Two years earlier

  What a fucking perfect night. The crowd was wild. My body is still buzzing from the adrenalin and the bottle of whiskey I finished. The two groupies who followed me back to the hotel room are playing on the bed. Leaning down, I grab the rolled-up hundred-dollar bill and inhale the thick, white powder on the mirror. One line. Two lines.

  As soon as I straighten, my nerves alight with desire. An ache I need to satisfy. My cock is hard and thick, ready for a mouth, a cunt, anything they’re willing to offer. I know my brother will give me grief tomorrow if this gets out, but who the fuck cares? I can do whatever the fuck I want.

  “Lie back, beautiful. I want your legs open, wide. That tight little cunt is already glistening for me.” I stroke my cock slowly, watching the brunette recline on the silk sheets with her slender legs spread wide, offering me a delicious view. The innocent little redhead I found in the crowd tonight is also ready to play. She wants to please me—they all enjoy pleasing me. They’re both smooth, shaven to the soft supple skin. Fuck, it’s got me so hard. All I can think of is sinking into their tight little holes. I enjoy the perks my life offers up to me on a platter.

  My brother doesn’t understand why I love sharing. He never sees the point. But standing here watching these two sluts spread their thighs for me is a drug. It would be for any man. One that I will not deny myself. “Eat her. I want you to make her come all over your angelic face.” Grabbing a second bottle of whiskey, I down a gulp. It burns a slow, methodical path down my gullet. Easing the pain in my heart and the ache from being alone. No matter how many women I have in my bed, ultimately, I am alone.

  Watching the girls play has my balls tightening. Such a beautiful sight. Two willing groupies, wanting to make me feel good. For tonight, I will forget everything but them. The brunette bucks and cries out as she finds release. My turn. “Both of you, on your backs.” The giggles ripple over my skin as I watch them obey.

  Shaking my head, I lean in and slowly lap at the sweet, decadent treats on the bed. Both girls have their legs splayed and it’s a buffet of honeyed pussy. I reach over and slowly stroke the brunette while my tongue feasts on the redhead. They’re both dripping wet. Ready to do anything I want them to. My fingers plunge inside the brunette, and she moans. A low, sexy sound.

  The redhead has her fingers fisted in my short hair, holding me against her smooth little hole. Her cunt is dripping. A sweet waterfall of honey, and I drink every drop.

  My cock is painfully hard, and I need to be inside one of them. Straightening, I point to the brunette. “On your back, on the pillows.” Then looking at the redhead. “On your knees. I want your face in her cunt.” She doesn’t question me, her movements fluid. I am so fucking high, flying above the pain that always wrenches me back to the dark loss.

  Once they’re in position, I sheath my cock, ready to plunge into the redhead. I don’t know their names. Why do I need to? They don’t mean much. They’ll be gone tomorrow, and I’ll go on to sell millions.

  Yes, I’m a dick. I can have any woman riding my cock whenever I want. With a snap of my fingers, women drop to their knees. Why? Because I am Liam fucking Hayes.

  “Do not fuck this up, brother.” Callum’s glare hits me with a ferocity I have only ever seen on his face one other time. And that was when I drove him home from the hospital and helped Tay carry him into the house. My hand slipped and I touched her breast, which was an accident. I swear. He didn’t think it was. My brother knows me all too well. How am I supposed to spend almost twenty-four/seven around her and not wonder what she would feel like around my dick? I would never do it, though. I love my brother and I respect Tayla too much to be an ass to her.

  “I am not a child. I can handle being around Em without trying anything.” I’m not sure if I am trying to convince him or myself.

  “Liam, you can’t fuck around with Emma. She’s Tay’s sister, and I do not want her crying into the wedding cake.” With a groan, I turn to walk away, but he follows me. I knew he would. “You’re not to kiss her, date her, fuck her, or anything her. Got it?”

  Staring at my brother in frustration, I cross my arms and cock my head to the side. “Anything? So I can’t pick her up from the airport?”

sp; His blue eyes glare at me as he bites back, “Don’t be an asshole.”

  Shrugging, I give him a smirk that I know will rile him up. “Okay, she’s my kid sister, kind of. You happy now?” That thought makes me cringe. I definitely wasn’t thinking of her as my kid sister when we were in London. She was definitely a naughty little kitten who loved to get her ass spanked while I fucked her. The memory of that night is seared into my mind. She came to the show to support her sister, and when I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her. She was different though, coming across as flirtatious but sweet. Not like most of our groupies who are pretty much fame whores. Emma is genuine, honest, and as insatiable as me.

  “Yes, she is, Liam.” Callum’s words cut through my dirty thoughts, dragging me back to the present. With one last glare, he spins on his heel and walks out. He and Tayla are heading to Napa for a week before their wedding. I am supposed to babysit Emma. Well, not babysit. More like watch and not devour. The only problem is I remember what she feels like. What she tastes like. This is going to be one long fucking week.

  I turn and make my way into the studio to find my best friend. He glances up, and I recognize the look on his face. He overheard everything. “Liam.”

  “Ryan,” I return, flopping onto the sofa. I watch him work on the sound desk. Tayla is our sound engineer, but since she’s off to marry my brother, we’re taking a couple weeks off.

  “I know what you’re thinking.” My brow creases into a frown, and I narrow my eyes. He knows exactly what goes on in my head on a daily basis. That’s why we’re so close.

  “What am I thinking?” He’s known me for ten years. He’s been there through everything I’ve done, either telling me I’m wrong or giving me advice. I have made a few mistakes. Okay, maybe more than a few, but fuck it, I am trying to behave.

  “Don’t sleep with her.” His warning will go unheeded; I know it deep in my gut. Emma had me gripped from the moment she stepped backstage. I can’t explain it, but those alluring, brown eyes seemed to penetrate through my bullshit every time she glanced at me. Her smile lit up the entire arena. But it was her personality that hooked me, feisty and shy. That’s a deadly combination. She told me what she wanted and how she wanted it, but when I took control, she allowed me to. Even though I’m known for my one-night stands, I wanted more than one night with her. I still do. That’s why this whole situation is so fucked up, I’m going to be near her and I’m forbidden to touch her.

  I lean back against the soft cushions, sighing in frustration. “I already slept with her in London, remember? She was hot, sexy, and sweet.”

  He stares at me for too long, and I know I’m going to get a lecture. “Liam, you know that you’re a fuck ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy. Nothing wrong with it, but this is Tay’s sister—”

  “Goddammit, Ryan. I know who she is. Why the fuck does everyone keep reminding me?” My frustration is getting the better of me. I need to get out of here. “I’ll see you later.” Grabbing my helmet, I head toward the garage. A long ride on my girl will make me feel better. And before you go thinking that I’m talking about a girl with tits, I’m not. I am talking about the 750cc horsepower that is my Suzuki. The only woman who never lets me down.

  The only thing my bike can’t do for me is suck my cock. Turning the key, the engine roars to life and I pull out onto the road. Maybe a ride down to Santa Monica will ease the tension of the upcoming week.

  Being alone with that feisty little minx is going to be difficult. Maybe I can convince her to stay at their house, and not mine. But if Tay and Cal find out I dumped her there, I will be in more shit than it’s worth. I will just have to suck it up.

  “So you’re the famous Liam Hayes?” Her gaze lifts to mine and I can’t help staring. The smooth, soft skin of her face is make-up free. Those long, dark lashes flutter seductively, and I bite back a groan.

  “I am, you’ve obviously heard of me?” I question and am hypnotized with the way her tongue flicks out and wets her lips. They’re shimmering and I find myself ravenous to devour her mouth.

  “I have, you’ve got a big… reputation.” The electricity swirling around us is at an all-time high, and the noise from the crew around us fades and I find myself under her spell.

  “There’s one big thing that you should be worried about and it’s not my reputation, sweet thing.” Her cheeks pink with a soft blush, and it makes her look even more beautiful. Never has a woman disarmed me like this. I’ve never felt such an attraction, her body is fucking beautiful, but it’s her smile that has beguiled me.

  The memory is vivid, it feels as if it were yesterday, when in actuality it was almost six months ago. I wonder what she sleeps in? Something slinky, I bet. Those curves are going to kill me because I remember them like it was yesterday. The way my hands roamed over each and every one of them. That smooth, tanned skin that trembled under my touch. Fuck!

  Opening up the engine, I speed down the highway, hoping to rid my mind of the images of that beautiful brunette. She’s too young for me, anyway. She’s only just turned twenty-five. I’m thirty-six. That makes me an old man in her book. Doesn’t it? I mean, would she even want me?

  She did in London. Maybe that was just for fun?

  My head is already fucked up and she’s not even here. The anticipation is killing me, and after spending six months at home, I feel as if I’ve been in lockup. I remember the time I had with her—one night and two days—was enough for me to see that there was something between us. Who knows what she’s been doing all this time. She might have a boyfriend. Why the fuck do I care?

  Once I come to a stop in the parking space, I kill the engine and swing my leg over the bike. Kicking out the stand, I head into the dive bar on the corner. It’s dead quiet out here tonight, just what I want. Normally this place is packed on a weekend, but in the week, it’s dead quiet. A nice reprieve from the crowds. The bar staff normally doesn’t give me the time of day, but as I step inside, the blonde behind the counter eyes me up and offers a bright smile. Yeah, darling. I definitely came here for the view. I can feel her gaze drinking me in. Every fucking inch. They’re all the same.

  Need. Want. Desire.

  When they hear my name, or recognize me, it’s even worse because they latch on to the idea of spending the night with someone famous.

  My brother thinks I enjoy it. And, to a certain extent, I do, but there are times when I want the fight. The chase.

  “Hey, darling. Get me a beer, please?” Sliding into the stool, I watch her pert little ass sway in her tiny shorts. They’re so short, I can practically see her cheeks.

  “Here you go, handsome. What’s a stud like you doing in here?” Recognition flits across those pretty eyes and I chuckle at her. Easy as pie. I could have her on her knees in no time.

  “Just in need of something relaxing, babe. Why?”

  “Well, if you wanted something to relax you, I’m sure I could make a plan.” I stare at the bottle, the smell of hops invades my senses and my mouth waters. One taste. One small sip. It’s all it would take to fall. To leap into oblivion and not remember anything.

  No, I’m stronger. I don’t have to drink it. I need something to take my mind off the drink sitting on the bar, perhaps those cock-sucking lips that look like they were made to swallow will do the trick.

  I lock my gaze on hers for a second and lower the bottle again. Her beautiful, shiny, blue eyes are sparkling with mischief, and my cock is ready to give her just that streak of rebellion that she’s looking for by sinking into her mouth.

  “Why don’t you show me exactly what you have in mind then, gorgeous?” With a triumphant smile, she rounds the bar. I realize it’s empty in here. She heads to the door and locks it. The sway in her hips has my dick hardening in my jeans. He’s ready for some fun and so am I.

  Turning on the stool, I face her. As she reaches me, she drops to her knees. Eyes the color of the ocean stare up at me, and her mouth curls into a warm smile. Rising from the chair, I undo my
buckle. “Go on then, get that pretty little mouth working.”

  Her soft hands work my zipper. As soon as she fists my cock, a low groan rumbles deep in my chest. Her warm, wet mouth envelops the crown, and my head drops. “That’s it, gorgeous. Take my fucking dick in your slutty mouth.” Plump, pink lips wrap around me as she takes me deep, and as soon as my dick hits the back of her throat, I fist her hair, holding her still.

  When I peer down, it’s not the pretty blonde I see, but the brunette who is going to be in my house for the next five days. My hips buck, and the soft choking sounds spur me on. My orgasm has my body shuddering. “Take it, baby. Every fucking drop.” Jets of hot cum shoot down her throat, and she swallows every drop. Slipping out of her, I tuck my dick back into my jeans and offer her a small wink.

  She rises with a smirk on her pretty face. “You feeling better, handsome? Want to finish your beer?”

  “Nah.” I drop a twenty on the bar and make my way to the door. “See you ‘round.” Unlocking the door, I step outside and head to my bike.

  My place needs a clean up before Monday. Knowing that I will have a beautiful woman in my apartment—one that I can’t touch—is torture. At least she’ll stay in the guest room so there’s no chance of us bumping into each other in the bathroom. There would be no way in hell I wouldn’t fuck her if I saw her wrapped in a towel.

  She’s a delicacy that I would love to indulge in every day of the week, but I can’t. The road is quiet and I rev the engine, opening it up and speeding down the highway. The need to get to my quiet space is drilling into me.

  My mind is completely fucked with thoughts of what just happened in that bar—it was a stupid mistake, but I did it anyway. It’s what I do. My life has been chipped away by my choices, the severed connection I have with my emotions is beyond repair. I wreck everything I touch and everyone I come into contact with. The same way my father did.

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