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The Cheater's Brat: Series Bundle

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The Cheater's Brat: Series Bundle

  The Cheater’s Brat

  (The Cheater’s Brat Bundle)


  Dana Kenzi

  Copyright © 2016 Dana Kenzi.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.

  All rights reserved. Including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof, in any form. No part of this text may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the author.

  The Cheater’s Brat Series Bundle

  Taking the Cheater’s Brat

  Lacey is furious with the man who raised her. If he had any skills in the bedroom, then her mother wouldn’t have secretly started a family with someone else. Now the cheater is hiding from both families.

  Lacey focuses her anger on the man of the house, but she goes too far when she insults his manhood. He decides to prove her wrong by roughly taking her innocence without protection.

  Taking Their Cheater’s Brat

  Lacey loves Mark, the man who raised her, and being with him makes her feel complete. They’re still healing from her mother’s betrayal, and so is her mother’s other husband and daughter.

  David, her mother’s other husband, catches her with the man of the house. To earn his silence, he wants to take her rough and without protection. Mark’s not too happy about it, but he learns there’s something in it for him too.

  Taking Their Cheater’s Brats

  Lacey loves Mark, the man who raised her, yet she aches to be with David, her mother’s other husband, again. Then she and Mark are presented with an offer too good to refuse.

  David wants them to assist him in taking Mary’s, the girl he raised, innocence. He wants to take her rough and without protection, and Lacey and Mark are more than happy to help.

  Table of Contents

  Taking the Cheater’s Brat

  Taking Their Cheater’s Brat

  Taking Their Cheater’s Brats

  Taking the Cheater’s Brat

  It’s all his fault!

  Well, not really, but he’s the only available person to blame. It was his duty after all to keep her satisfied, and he failed at that.

  “I hate you!” I scream at him.

  Mark, my insufferable stepfather, glares at me as he slams the front door behind him. The anger is rolling off him in waves, but I’m much scarier when I’m pissed off.

  “I’m not the one who screwed around, that would be your mother,” he growls, but I wave him off. She wouldn’t have cheated if he had been keeping her happy.

  Let me fill you in on what happened.

  My mom is a prominent business woman. Like on the Forbes list type of businesswoman. So it didn’t come as a surprise that she was always away on business trips. She would send me and my stepfather little souvenirs to make up for not being home too often.

  She married my stepdad when I was ten years old, and her job started to get very demanding. She left him to raise me, but I wasn’t too keen on some stranger trying to play daddy when I had never had one. My mom used a sperm donor and had me all by herself. She was a good mom and did her best to enrich my life.

  Mark was the cute guy she met at the office, and they hit it off. He seemed to love me, so that sealed the deal for her. Then she had to be away more often on business, so he became a stay at home dad so I could have more stability. He did his best by me, but I was already independent and didn’t need him…yes, even by age ten.

  He was just some stranger to me that took away the remaining free time that I had with my mom. I didn’t care that he made her happy. I just wanted my mom back all to myself, but that never happened. I lost her and got him, and I’ve hated him ever since.

  He’s a good stepfather, let me just say that. No matter what I threw at him (figuratively), he never gave up on me. My hostility towards him lessened over the years, and we were a little friendlier than roommates, but not friendly enough to be actual friends or even family.

  But that all changed when we got a letter in the mail. It was from my mother’s other husband. Yes, you heard that right. Her other husband.

  It turns out that fifty percent of those business trips of hers were spent building a family with another man, David. She met him not long after she met Mark, and they fell in love. He didn’t know that she had a daughter and a husband. I was skeptical at first, but then I remembered how she rarely mentioned me or Mark in interviews. She once told me that she wanted the business world to take her seriously, and she couldn’t do that if people knew she had a family.

  My mom even bribed a government official to make her marriage to this second man valid. To make matters worse, they even adopted a child together. That hurt me the most. Staring into the eyes of my adopted sister, Mary, as she and her father told me the sad tale of how my mother deceived us all.

  My mom had been the one to suggest adoption, and I already knew why. Coming back pregnant after not seeing your husband for months would be more than a little suspicious. Her excuse was to tell him that she was infertile. That added little fact made me hate her even more. There were real people struggling with it, and she used it as a tool of deceit.

  How had they found out about me and Mark? Someone found a family photo of us and posted it online. David confronted her, and she fled. Now she was hiding out somewhere while the rest of us were trying to figure out where to go from there.

  I love my mom, and I hate her. She wasn’t perfect, but she tried her hardest when it came to me. So rationally, I turned my anger on her husband. Well, the first husband anyway.

  “My mother wouldn’t have spread her legs for him if you had been good enough to keep her satisfied!” I shout at him.

  His whole body tenses, and it looks like he’s about to snap. His dark brown eyes are starting at me fiercely, and I back up just in case.

  He struggles for a response with his hands clenching at his side. Instead of lashing out, he runs his hand through his short choppy black hair with an irritated sigh.

  “Lacey, you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about, and I suggest you keep your pretty little mouth shut,” he says, and his voice has a hint of danger.

  “Please,” I scoff at him. “Anyone could tell that she was faking it for you. No real woman moans like that. I pitied her every time she fake screamed because of ‘how good you were’.”

  My eyes glance down to his crotch. “I bet your dick is smaller than an eraser. My mom was truly a saint for letting you even touch her.”

  “You little bitch,” he mutters underneath his breath.

  I don’t even acknowledge it. I just turn around and walk into the kitchen, pushing through the swinging door.

  Even though we just came back from the lunch from hell, I’m starving. I couldn’t eat while my world was being torn apart, but now I had the most vicious appetite.

  As I reach for the cabinet that holds the cereal, someone grabs my arm and forcibly pulls me back.

  It’s Mark, and he’s looking one-hundred percent done with me.

  “Let me go,” I protest and try to push him away, but he pulls me closer. I try not to notice how good his olive skin looks this close. Or how good he smells.

  “No,” he says, moving closer. My breath catches, and then he pulls me over to the dining room table.

  “You think that I couldn’t satisfy your mom? Oh, how wrong you are,” he says with a chuckle and shoves me into the table. It hits my lower back, and I hiss in pain.

  “What are you doing?” I manage to get out before he’s pressed against me.

traps me against the edge of table, and I can feel his erection pressing against my thigh through his jeans.

  “Oh,” I whisper, and fear with a mix of excitement creeps into me. His hands are gripping my hips, and the predatory smile on his face makes me shiver.

  His lips are on mine before I can say anything else, and he’s not gentle about it. They force mine open, and his tongue thrusts into my mouth.

  He’s grinding against me to the rhythm of his kisses, and the lower half of my body reacts to it. I’ve never been kissed like this before, with such raw passion. It overwhelms, and goddess help me, I moan.

  Mark pulls away from, almost like he’s surprised by my reaction. Then he’s biting down on my neck while his hand makes its way between my legs.

  My hands automatically reach out to pull him closer. He sucks at my neck, and he’s found this spot that has a direct line to my clit. His tongue flicks at the spot, and my core tightens in response.

  His hand is up my skirt, and my brain has the decency to keep my legs closed.

  I can’t do this. He’s my stepfather, the man who raised me. Despite everything my mom did, this is wrong. So wrong.

  So why can’t my body get on board with that?

  I’m disgusted with myself, but that doesn’t stop me from yanking his mouth off my neck and crashing my lips to his. The way his tongue moves between my lips makes me wet for him.

  His hand is trapped between my legs, and I refuse to open them for him. I will only go so far. He digs his nails into my soft skin, and I whimper.

  “Open your fucking legs,” he growls against my lips. I shake my head playfully, and it infuriates him. Good, I want him to lose control.

  “No, you don’t get to play innocent after your little tantrum. You need to be punished,” he pulls away from my lips, and forcibly pushes my legs apart.

  He steps between them and grips my head in his large hands. I’m forced to look into his eyes, and the power I see there makes my tremble.

  His laugh is scary. “Why so scared, Lacey? You get to experience how bad in bed I am. Spoiler alert, I’m actually pretty fucking good.”

  His next kiss is light, but his teeth are sinking into my lip. I can’t pull away from him, and it excites me. His hips pull back enough for him to stroke me through my panties.

  He smirks against my lips as he feels how wet I am. He touches me again, and I shudder. My clit is throbbing, and I want more.

  But we can’t. It’s so wrong. My mom would kill us. And there’s that other thing.

  Mustering all my courage, I try to push him away. It only makes him laugh, and he thrusts his erection against my wet panties. I bite back a moan and say the only thing that might dampen his intentions.

  “I’m a virgin,” I say. He pauses, but then a smile lights up his face.

  “Even better.” His fingers curl around the waistband of my panties and pull them down. I’m helpless as he pulls them off, and then his fingers are against me.

  He strokes my slit, and I wiggle against his touch. He’s watching my face as he parts my lips and finds my clit.

  His thumb pushes against the little bud and slowly moves it around in circles. His lips swallow my whimpers, and I’m eagerly kissing him back with tongue.

  His thumb is teasing me with its slow pace, and I hate that I want to beg for him to go faster. I can’t give in like this. It’s not right.

  But his tongue strokes mine just so, and I’m nearly a puddle. One of his arms wraps around my lower back and holds me still. I wonder why he’s so close, and then I feel his finger near my entrance.

  One of his thick fingers slides into me, and it feels so good. I’ve done this to myself before, but this is completely new. His fingers are bigger and rougher than mine. I reflexively clamp my muscles down on his finger. He groans against my lips and pushes it in deeper.

  I want to tell him to stop. That this has gone too far, but then his finger is rubbing my top wall. I know what he’s doing, and he finds the spot before I can protest.

  “Oh my god,” I gasp as he continues to vigorously rub that spot. I can’t keep my lips on his as pleasure racks through my body. His thumb is still playing with my clit and moving in tune to the finger inside me.

  I can feel my climax building, and it feels too soon. I’ve never had a G-spot orgasm before, no matter how hard I tried, but he’s getting me there with little effort.

  The tingly sensation starts to spread, and just before I reach the edge, Mark removes his fingers.

  I can’t protest because it makes it seem like I want this. I don’t want him looking at me like this, but I can’t stop myself from responding to it. The wet evidence between my legs is enough for him to think this should continue.

  It shouldn’t, but I kiss him again anyway. I yelp when he thrusts two fingers inside me and starts to pump them hard inside me. It hurts for a moment, and then he’s curling them to find that spot again.

  There’s a dull ache in between my legs as his fingers stretch me. He holds me against his body so I can’t escape even if I wanted to.

  He’s fingering me roughly, and help me, it’s turning me on even more. I can feel my wetness trailing down my ass as his fingers glide in and out of me.

  He presses insistently against the spot, and it makes me squirm in his grasp. It feels way too good, and I can’t handle it all. I want him to stop and continue at the same time.

  The pleasure is intense, and I can barely breathe as the pressure between my legs builds.

  Mark must know because he pulls his fingers out before I can get off. I grumble underneath my breath, and he slaps my thigh with his wet fingers.

  “As much as I would love to see you come on my fingers, I have better things in mind,” he growls. He grabs the bottom of my shirt and yanks it off.

  His hand cups my breasts through my bra, and he squeezes them lightly. I want his hands on my bare skin.

  Surprising myself and him, I take my bra off. My breasts settle against my chest, and his mouth instantly claims a nipple.

  “Oh, Mark,” I moan, and his tongue flicks the hardened nub. There’s no finesse to this, but the warmth of his mouth is more than enough.

  His hand plays with my other nipple, and I’m aching into his touch. His erection grinds against my center, and now I’m really wondering how it would feel for him to fuck me.

  “Mm,” he says and releases my nipple. “Enough of that. Your pussy is what I really want.”

  He removes my skirt and gazes down at my wetness. His eyes flicker back up to me with a grin.

  “I want you to watch me while I eat you out. If you so much as close your eyes, I’ll spank you.”

  Then his mouth lowers, and he’s greedily licking at my slit.

  “Fuck!” I scream, but I keep my eyes on him. His tongue pushes at my folds and lashes out at my clit. The pleasure builds from where it left off, and he’s not easing up at all.

  He’s looking at me the entire time, and it feels way too intimate. I know he wants me to know it’s him doing this to me so he can prove me wrong, but this is makes me feel too vulnerable.

  I don’t want to know that it’s him making my thighs shake. I want to pretend it’s someone else, but I can’t. Not with his intense gaze burrowing into my soul as he happily laps at my cunt.

  His movements vary so often that I can’t keep up. He swirls his tongue at my entrance, and then licks up and down my labia. I want to grab to his head and hold it between my thighs, but I can’t let him win.

  He teases me even though he’s rough about it. This isn’t the finale yet, but my body doesn’t care. The slow buildup of pleasure spreads through my body, and I don’t know if I can’t take it anymore. It hurts so good that I want him to end it, but I won’t give in. I’m stronger than this…or so I think.

  His hands are on my legs, holding my thighs apart, but they move up to play with my breasts. The added stimulation has my back arching, and it’s so hard for me to keep eye contact with him.

sp; My body shudders every time I see his wide tongue on my folds, and I don’t know what to feel anymore.

  He uses one hand to pinch a nipple between his fingers, and it almost sets me off. My moans are giving too much away, but I can’t control them. I can’t control anything. I’m at his mercy, and help me, it only enhances the pleasure.

  He starts licking my clit with urgency, and I’m lost. My eyes close even though I know the punishment, and his hands withdraw from my breasts. I brace myself for it, and the sharp blow to my ass sends me over the edge.

  “Mark!” My back arches as the pleasure hits me so hard I can barely breathe. It ignites every nerve in my body. I feel wetness flowing from between my legs, and seeing Mark covered in my juices sets me off again.

  “Damn,” he mutters into my pussy, and then he shoves two fingers inside of me. It doesn’t hurt this time, but he’s doing his best to pound them into me as hard as he can.

  Each thrust lifts my hips up, and I hear myself begging for more. He curls his fingers against my G-spot, and I scream until my throat hurts.

  My body falls limp on the table, and everything is a blur. I feel him remove his fingers, and he presses a kiss to my inner thigh.

  “Fuck, I can’t stop thinking about how good it will feel when you come on my cock. Your tight innocent little pussy gripping it like a vice. What do you think about that? Creaming on Daddy’s dick like a little slut as I fill you with my cum?”

  I wince at the term, but my pussy clenches at the thought. I’m on the pill, but he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t need to know that.

  I’m too weak to respond when he kisses me again. I let him do what he wants, but he groans in frustration and pulls away.

  “If you’re not going to kiss me back, then I’ll put your mouth to better use,” he growls and pulls me off the table. My legs are too shaky to hold my weight, so I sink to the floor.

  His hand fists my hair and tug it slightly. A moan escapes my lips again, and I’m eager for what’s next.

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