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Taken by Her Coworker: Reluctant Rough First Time (Men in Power Book 1)

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Taken by Her Coworker: Reluctant Rough First Time (Men in Power Book 1)

  Taken by Her Coworker: Reluctant Rough First Time

  (Men in Power Series: Book 1)

  By Dana Kenzi

  Book 1 of 3 in the standalone series: Men in Power

  “Let go of me!” she demanded, and then his lips descended on hers. She tried to pull away, but he trapped her in his embrace. Her body came alive with desire at the rough treatment, and Lori couldn’t deny that she didn’t occasionally fantasize about fooling around him with at work. He was very handsome after all.”

  Lori has worked hard at a publishing company for years, and now she’s a prime candidate for the chief editor position. Her handsome and married coworker, Eric, is a privileged but powerful man who also wants the promotion.

  One night as they work on their proposals for the position, tempers flare and Eric decides to roughly take Lori’s innocence with no protection. He thinks he will hurt her chances of promotion, but Lori’s not going down without a fight.

  Copyright © 2016 Dana Kenzi.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.

  All rights reserved. Including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof, in any form. No part of this text may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the author.

  No matter how handsome and intimidating her coworker was, Lori was determined to get that promotion. She was ten years younger but worked twice as hard and fast. She deserved the promotion that came with a huge pay raise and shiny window office.

  She was only twenty-five, but she wasn’t going to settle for the bare minimum. She had too many goals and aspirations to achieve, and at some point she wanted a house and a nice retirement fund. From the moment she graduated university, she did everything she could to prove what an asset she was to the company.

  Eric, on the other hand, was pretty much handed everything he got. From whispers around the office, Lori learned that his father and the CEO were buddies, so that’s how he landed himself a nice six-figure salary with great benefits.

  Lori scoffed as she watched him work from his office. She started off as intern and was hired as a full-time employee in less than three months. Countless hours researching the market, schmoozing clientele, forgoing any notion of a social life, and it was all down to this last project.

  All Lori had to do was write a proposal on how she would best benefit the company as a chief editor, and the promotion was hers. Eric had to write one too, just to make it “fair” on everyone when the decision was made. Lori snorted. It wasn’t fair at all. Eric did nothing but collect a paycheck while she put in all the work. There was one at every company, but this time she wasn’t going to stay quiet about it. She cared too much about the company to let it suffer if Eric was made chief editor.

  Friendly competition was not a term to describe her and Eric’s work relationship. From Lori’s first day, Eric treated her like an errand girl, and it’s something she never forgot even as she quickly moved up the career ladder. Now she was the prime candidate for a position he had his eye on.

  Lori knew there was no real competition when it came to skill, but he was the one who had connections to steal that promotion from her. It kept her alert enough to do her best on this last assignment. Being cocky about it wasn’t going to win her the position if her proposal didn’t represent the hard work that she was known for.

  There was an office pool about it, she was sure of it. From what she heard, most of the office bet on Eric because it was a safe bet. There was no way the CEO was going to let some young fresh blood take golden boy’s inheritance away. It didn’t deter her at all, but she anticipated some dirty looks if she won.

  “You know, you could sign the next J.K. Rowling, and you still won’t be a serious contender for the Chief Editor position,” Eric said as he stepped into her office.

  Lori bit back a reply and focused on her proposal. The idiot was just trying to psych her out because he feared that he was going to lose. Truthfully, Lori wasn’t sure how it would go. There were too many factors to consider.

  “I hope you finished your proposal,” she replied evenly. “It’s what the CEO and the Board are going to look at when they decide who to promote.”

  “I finished hours ago,” he said with a shrug and sat down in front of her desk.

  “Then you should have left hours ago,” Lori mumbled as she began to edit her proposal. A paragraph added there, some word refinement over there, and it was shaping up to one of the best things she’d written in her life.

  “Hmm, I thought it would be more fun to stay and watch you work,” he said with a smile. Lori rolled her eyes.

  “Your wife has twin girls at home. Shouldn’t you be there helping her?” she responded and glanced up at him.

  He shrugged. “I needed a break. Damn kids won’t let me out of their sight the moment I enter the house. And my wife knows how important this promotion is.”

  “Can’t you take your break in your own office? I’m trying to concentrate,” Lori said. She made some more corrections in the text, and then the computer screen went blank.

  She stared at it in shock until she realized that Eric was holding a power cable in his hand.

  “I thought I’d take my break with you. You are so much better looking than my wife.”

  Lori crossed her arms. “That is an incredibly sexist and awful thing to say about the woman who willingly let you climb on top of her and gave you two kids.”

  Eric shrugged. “It’s the truth. I get it, she’s tired from spending all day with the kids, but that’s not it. You have this youthful glow and hunger for success that outshines pretty much every woman I’ve known.”

  Lori narrowed her eyes even though butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Was that a compliment?

  Eric’s arrogant smirk vanished and was replaced by one of appreciation. “You’re smart, Lori, and you crave work more than is probably healthy. While you won’t get this promotion, you will be successful in some manner or other.”

  The devilish grin was back, and Lori wanted to smack it off his face. She resisted and found a better approach.

  She softened her eyes, lowered her voice, and leaned in towards him. “Eric, if you want that promotion, you need to take this task seriously. Go back to your office and put in some real work. I know you’re not used to it, but it really will help.”

  It took him a moment to feel the effects of the back-handed advice, but when she saw fire in his eyes, she knew he finally got it.

  “Really? You think hard work is what got you here? You were only offered a chance because you looked pretty. Hell, when you were an intern, half the men in the office were tempted to bend you over their desk. With tits and ass your size, no one thought you would promote based on your work skills. I lost a bet about you getting hired full-time because I thought your legs were easy to spread.”

  That hurt more than Lori expected it too. Yeah, she was prettier than average with dark blonde hair and light brown eyes, but damn, to know that’s what her coworkers thought of her. It nearly made her sick to her stomach, but then she realized that she proved everyone wrong. Just as her confidence was back in place, she realized that Eric wasn’t done.

  “Then people started to notice that you had no significant other and wondered if you ever had sex at all. And by the way you’re turning red right now, means I won this bet,” he continued.

  Lori lost i
t. She grabbed the closest thing, a stapler, and threw it at him. He put his arms up in time to block it, but he didn’t have time to dodge the water bottle she hurled at him.

  “You fucking bet on my virginity?! You are a piece of shit!” she screamed and blinked back the tears that threatened to spill.

  “I’m a human being! All I’ve done since I got here is work hard and try to fit in with everyone. I don’t deserve this!” she yelled, and Eric’s eyes were wide in fear.

  She glared menacingly at him. “I’m going to win that promotion. Good looks are only going to get you so far, but I actually have the skill to back the image I’m selling. The CEO might have been your father’s fraternity brother, but he’d be stupid to let a privileged asswipe be chief editor when you haven’t contributed anything worthwhile to this company!”

  She leaned over the desk. “So get your entitled ass back to your office and give me a real reason to be threatened by you. I refuse to win by a landslide because of your incompetence.”

  Eric was out of his chair so fast, and before she knew it, he grabbed her arm.

  “Let go of me!” she demanded, and then his lips descended on hers. She tried to pull away, but he trapped her in his embrace. Her body came alive with desire at the rough treatment, and Lori couldn’t deny that she didn’t occasionally fantasize about fooling around him with at work. He was very handsome after all.

  His tongue parted her lips, and she regrettably moaned. He was an asshole, but his body felt good pressed against hers.

  A hand roughly grabbed her breast and squeezed, and she bit down on his lip. It was hard enough to startle him, but it didn’t break the skin. He pulled back from the kiss and smiled.

  “Well, your lips are useful for more than just talking,” he muttered and slipped a hand up her shirt. He massaged her breast over her bra, and Lori bit her lip trying not to think about how much she liked it.

  He pulled her breast out and pinched her nipple hard.

  “Oh,” she gasped, and her body pressed against him. His growing bulge touched her thigh, and she felt how big he was. Her clit throbbed when she wondered how he would feel inside her.

  “You like that, huh? Not much to say now.” His lips claimed hers again, and she didn’t even fight back. The effect of sacrificing anything resembling a love life for so many years bore down on her. Lori couldn’t even remember the last time she touched herself.

  His hand left her breast and undid her pants. With a tug, they slid down to the floor, and his hand caressed her between her legs.

  “No sexy underwear? You’re all work and no play?” he asked and slid his fingers up and down her black cotton underwear. Lori couldn’t reply because her body was more focused on the way his fingers felt pressed against her core.

  “I can feel you getting wet. Is me dominating you turning you on? Do you want to be taken right here on your desk?”

  “No,” she said even though her body screamed “yes!”. He chuckled and pushed her underwear aside to feel her fully.

  “Fuck, you’re soaking my fingers,” Eric said the moment he touched the patch of curls between her legs. She whimpered when his fingers parted her puffy lips and found her clit.

  He slowly spread her wetness around until she squirmed in his grasp. She was getting more worked up, but then she remembered that they were still at work. Sure, it was nighttime, and everyone had left. However, security was still doing the usual rounds, and she didn’t want to get it.

  “Please, stop,” she requested. If anyone found out that her coworker was keeping her captive in her own office, and she would be mortified.

  “I think not,” he said, but removed his fingers. He sucked her juices off his hand. “I’d rather see you writhe under my tongue.”


  In one smooth move, he grabbed her and lifted her onto her desk. He forced her into lying on her back, and then pulled her thighs apart.

  “What are you doing?” she asked, and then felt a sting against her skin as he ripped her panties off.

  “I want to taste you,” he growled and started lapping at her clit.

  Her hands instantly went to his head to pull him away, but the pleasure was too good for her to keep it up. His tongue was demanding and harsh, but fuck, it felt like he was finding all the spots that made her body come alive.

  When he saw that she relaxed a bit, he took her clit into his mouth and gently sucked it. Her hips bucked into his mouth, and then she felt something pressed against her entrance.

  She wiggled in discomfort as he forced one of his fingers inside her. It stretched her slightly, but she forgot the discomfort as he kept flicking her clit with his tongue.

  His finger curled inside her, and it sent delicious sensations throughout her body. Fingering herself had never felt this good.

  He started to pump his finger in and out of her, and combined with his attention on her clit, she was on the verge of having the best orgasm of her life.

  “I’m going to come,” she whispered, not sure if he could even hear her.

  He sped up his pace, and then she soared. Her muscles clamped down on his finger as her orgasm rolled through her.

  Lori couldn’t handle it all as the euphoria overwhelmed her. As much as she moved around, Eric kept his grip on her.

  Just as she came down from it, she felt a searing pain between her legs. Her eyes flew open, and she saw Eric pushing his cock into her.

  Tears streamed down her eyes as the most wonderful orgasm was stolen from her just to be replaced by this awful pain.

  “Stop,” she begged. “It hurts.” His cock was huge, and it felt like it was tearing her apart. Her muscles clamped down on him to push him out, but he just moaned.

  Eric shook his head. “You felt so tight around my finger that I couldn’t wait any longer. And I see that you were a virgin.”

  “You bastard!” she accused, and he adjusted his grip on her thighs and forced himself deeper in her. She tried to escape the assault on her pussy, but there was nowhere for her to go. She just had to take it and hope for it to be over soon.

  It felt like he was splitting her in two, and his cock stretched her so much. She took in a couple of deep breaths, hoping that it would ease the pain.

  She whimpered when he thrust forward so that he was fully embedded in her. His pelvis pressed against her ass, and the base of his cock rested against her clit.

  “Wow, look at that. You took my entire length. Not even my wife can do that. It’s like your body was made for mine.” He looked down to see her tears, and he wiped them away.

  “Don’t worry. I’m going to make you feel so good. The pain will pass, and soon you’ll be begging me to fuck you hard,” he said and leaned down to kiss her. It made him shift in her, and the angle was not too unpleasant.

  She accepted his kiss because she was desperate for anything to take the pain away.

  “Good girl,” he mumbled against her lips. “You’re going to come so hard.”

  He pulled out a little and pushed back in. Lori winced at the sting of it. He did it again, but more forcefully, and Lori closed her eyes to block it all out.

  “No, none of that,” he said and grabbed her chin. “Look at me.”

  Lori opened her eyes, and Eric grinned at her.

  “There we go. No taking your mind elsewhere. I want you to feel me deflowering your pussy and pushing you to your limits,” he said.

  Lori forced herself to look down where they were connected and saw his huge cock disappearing into her pussy. Desire rushed through her as she saw how her body accepted all of him. She was taking it all, with some effort on Eric’s part.

  He started thrusting in and out of her faster, and her nails dug into her desk to cope with the lingering pain.

  Eric pressed his thumb to her clit, and pleasure started to fade out the ache. He rubbed her while he continued to force himself on her, and the pain slowly ebbed away.

  When he couldn’t see the discomfort on her face anymore, he
released her clit and grabbed her hips. He brutally fucked her on her desk, holding her by the hips so she couldn’t squirm away, not that she wanted to.

  The dull ache combined with the pleasure of his cock rubbing against her clit made her wetter, and it became easier for her to take his punishing thrusts.

  “Fuck, you feel so good. I almost wanted to come as soon as I entered you, but I’m a gentleman, and I’ll wait for you to get yours.” He lifted her hips a bit and slammed into her.

  Her hands grabbed his face and pulled him down so she could kiss him hard.

  “Yes, like that!” she panted as he hit a spot deep inside her. Her head swam in pleasure, and she willingly fucked him back.

  He gave her more sharp and angled thrusts, and her nails raked down his back. Her climax was building with an intensity she never thought possible.

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