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Vampire Lust

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  Staring at the women, their lips glued together, Electra’s fingers pawing Evilyn’s ass, a sudden rush of revulsion twists Jason’s mouth. The open display of two women being intimate doesn’t disturb him – the two Es have been in his cult for years and their inclinations are hardly a revelation to him – it’s the thought that others think they can feed from his slave-girl, now that’s the biggest insult to the master of the flock.

  “You’re both had your fun,” Jason says firmly. He looks at Electra’s piqued expression impassively. A half smile: he knows what he is about to say will infuriate her even more. “Girl, get away from the wall. Come here now, bring the knife with you. And take those clips off.”

  “Why spoil the fun, Jacey?” Evilyn trills.

  “Yeah, Jacey!”

  “I want the girl to feel nothing but the blade,” Jason says dryly. “Do as I say, girl.”

  Believing if any of the others see the contorted agony twisting her features, that would encourage more of the same cruelty, the girl struggles to keep her face neutral. But the pain is so great immediately the girl gets away from the wall her first action is to put her hand to her gasping mouth in an effort to suppress a scream. Then quickly, as gently as she can, she slips off the clips, beginning with those at her sex folds. Instant relief comes as blood begins to circulate between her legs for the first time in a while. On her way to the tools cabinet she discreetly wipes her cheeks dry with her fingertips and hardens her face. A stray thought comes to her. How much harder it would be to be the slave of these sisters of darkness than to be a principal servant to the master.

  The steel blade glimmers uninterruptedly the whole time it takes for the girl to reach Jason at the other end of the cellar. The dazzling glint of steel makes Electra squint: she can’t keep her gaze off the knife. Both the Es creep closer, their nostrils flaring, sniffing. Expressionless, carefully, the girl hands the knife over: the features of a zombie, no will of her own and an inability to feel. Then her nervous system betrays her, her lowered eyes attracted by the glare, she shudders.

  Knowing he has the two Es’ all-out attention, Jason grins, high on a heady state of self-importance. He doesn’t acknowledge their absorbed stares with his eyes, but by rotating his wrist, causing the light on the blade to flicker. Stretching out a moment where nothing much seems to be happening, Jason looks like he is enjoying the light show the knife and his wrist action is creating: his gaze follows bright speckles dancing across walls and on the ceiling.

  Electra twiddles fingers of her right hand on her left upper arm, chewing on her lower lip. She looks at the naked girl – a glimpse of bosom, flat stomach, pubes – at the shiny knife, at Jason twirling it in his hand. His expression is so like that of a boy who’s found a new enthralling toy to play with. An idiotic grin that is getting on her nerves.

  “I don’t know about you,” Evilyn says, conversationally to Electra – they exchange conniving glances, “but all this over-the-top foreplay is beginning to rattle my cage. What d’you say, E?”

  “That is so totally true! E,” Electra says, narrowing her eyes and extending a leg in a pose that makes it clear she is smouldering, meaning in a little while she is going to ignite, if not explode, unless things start to change, and quickly, “it’s at moments like this, I know for sure, you can read my mind.”

  Jason looks the girl up and down speculatively, taking in the cuts on her thighs and arms where he has fed before. Lifting the blade he holds it up close to his face, looking beyond it to a part of the girl’s slender left upper arm. He begins to move in.

  “You know what I’d like to do with that knife, E?” Electra asks, stepping in closer to the girl.

  “Hmmm.” Evilyn gives her respond a few seconds thought, shutting her eyes for part of the time. “Cut off one of her nipples? Or both?”

  Electra takes the tip of her tongue across her upper lip. “Reading my mind again?”

  He presses the blade edge against the girl’s arm. A quick downward slash and blood immediately surfaces through: bleeding in a surge. An expression of anguish and greed fixes on Electra’s face. Jason seems in no hurry to feed. The flow is racing down the girl’s arm, wastefully dripping off her fingers. The two Es charge for the girl, open-mouthed. Jason grabs them by a collar and a leather strap and hauls them back. Lifting them off their feet, he shoves them hard toward the far end of the cellar. The Es end up on their backsides.

  From the mattress Evilyn watches the disheartening sight of crimson drops gathering momentum on their way down to the ground. It brings up the whites in her knuckles. “How can you torment us like this? It’s a crime, that’s what it is!” she hisses.

  “Look at that red juice flow, E,” Electra yammers, picking herself up from the ground. “This is so decadent!” She flashes Jason a bug-eyed livid stare. “Are you going to keep on standing there like an idiot and let it all go to waste?”

  Jason shows them his teeth. “Erm, I might do.” He turns back to the girl, takes a languid step. One foot slowly comes after the other. It seems like he is moving in slow-mo. “Will I or won’t I?” he speculates drearily, the sight of blood trickling down the girl’s arm bringing on a cheeky smile.

  He puts a fist under his chin, hunches his shoulders and puckers his face: the pose his sarcastic representation of the Thinker, together with a dreamy stare into space. “I’m not really sure, you know,” he says, gazing hard at the girl’s bleeding wound for a moment. “Well …maybe it won’t do any harm at this time of the day. Girl, hold out your arm.”

  Placing the bloodied knife in the girl’s hand he grabs her wrist and drops his head forward. He puts his mouth over the bleeding cut, covering it where the blood flow is at its strongest, and suckles; a crimson deluge hits the back of his mouth. He gulps down everything that comes for his throat. As he works his lips and sucks hard, warm juice oozes from the gash. Watching Jason feed, Evilyn undoes her fly and slips a hand inside her fascistic breeches. She strokes between her legs, four fingers rubbing her sex lips slow, quick, slow, slow, quick, slow. The long red fingernails extend far into her vagina. The smell of her musky come fills the cellar, together with the other odours given off by the other women. Having dipped deep, Evilyn removes her hand and places a long finger into her mouth, savouring her sex juices.

  The girl feels searing pain originating from the split skin, going along the full length of her arm. Light-headed and feeling weaker with each gulp of blood her master takes, she wonders, not for the first time, if he is sucking her dry. She senses her vital juices pumping from her arteries, coursing through her veins to her wound: a sensation she gets because she can feel a throbbing pulse in her arm. Her eyes shut tight, clutching the knife by its handle, the girl moans. None of the sensations are unpleasant to her. His probing tongue and suckling mouth are remarkably soft and soothing. The only dread she has is he won’t do what a vampire needs to do in time before she dies in order to transform her.

  Lowering her arm a little and working down from the cut, Jason licks off the stray red lines yet to turn crusty. He takes his time, twisting her arm over and making sure he doesn’t miss a speck. Electra gets a glimpse of the sliced open skin and glowers. The wound and the area around it are swabbed clean, even the clot.

  Taking hold of the knife again Jason sucks her fingers to the bone, flips her hand checking once more to be sure there is no more blood and drops her arm. He turns to the Es and smacks his lips appreciatively. Behind him, the girl collapses to the ground.

  The Es, up on their feet and moving in and Jason stares at the girl. She is out cold.

  “Some people,” Electra says in a whiny voice. “Faints at the sight of blood. Good vamp she’d make.”

  “I know,” Evilyn bitches, in her best putdown tone. “Putting her in the chair will soon wake her up,” she says, eyeing the Witches’ Chair. “A spike up the ass has a tendency of doing that. What do
you say, Jason?”

  “You’re kidding, right?” Looking at her straight return expression he quickly realises she isn’t. “I told you already,” he complains irritably, “not this time.”

  “Why don’t you piss on her?” one E suggests to the other. “Soon wake her up.”

  “I can’t,” Evilyn whines. She glances down at her knee-high militaristic boots. “You know how long it takes me to get out of these.”

  “There’s always an excuse,” Electra fumes. “And what about me?”

  The Es glance over the leather dress that is a few straps of leather. Evilyn walks over and around.

  She starts tugging a strap: the rasp of Velcro. “See, it ain’t that hard.”

  The breast strap starts to uncoil. Evilyn rapidly finds another Velcro fastened strip and cheerfully pulls it back. The dress is quickly unravelling.

  “You bitch!” Electra cries, the now slack leather frame slipping down her hips. “Who says I’m even bursting for a pee?”

  “But I can tell you are,” Evilyn replies, grinning cruelly. Another strap ripped free the leather mesh hurtles to the ground. Apart from her shoes, Electra is naked. With a giggle Evilyn slaps her ass. “Go for it, girl.”

  “Yeah, go on, Electra, piss on her, why don’t you,” Jason snarls.

  Kicking off her shoes Electra shakes her butt in Jason’s direction. Her cheeks are toned firm and don’t shake about. “Fuck my ass, fool,” she says - her impression of a street hoodlum straight out of a Blaxploitation movie. She does a few dance moves, spins on her bare heels, does a back flip and ends up by the girl’s head. “Give it up for the bitch, baby. Respect.” She plants her feet each side of the girl’s head and prods it with a big toe.

  The girl begins to stir: mumbling, she rolls her head to one side.

  Electra crouches low and looks down at the girl’s face. The long jet hits the girl on the nose. There is a slight adjustment of feet and hips; a toe pushes the girl’s head around till it is face-up. A globule of piss bounces off the girl’s tongue. Urine exits in a series of streams from her mouth and slops down her chin and on to her neck, shoulders and breasts. Becoming more and more aware of what is happening, the girl starts to turn her head: a boot toe presses down into the side of her face and brings the girl’s mouth back in line with the trail of warm pee. Drops ricochet off her teeth. Whatever is rushing down the back of her throat, it sure doesn’t taste like Evian.

  The flow turns into a drip. A light trickle slips down the girl’s arm like sweat. Electra shakes off the last drops with a wiggle of her ass and steps back. Evilyn is staring at Electra’s bare chest, her boot sole propped up on the girl’s head. Droplets stand out on the leather, gleaming as though Evilyn’s commandeered a whole army platoon for boot duty to give her jackboots their immaculate shine.

  Evilyn, gazing at a nipple, says, “Did you have a good pee? Why stop there? Do you fancy a quick dump?”

  “Funny you should say that,” Electra says absently, digging a few fingernails of one hand into the side of her tiny left bosom. Like she’s got an itch. “I had this really suspect curry last night; it’s been giving me the runs all day.”

  “Well there you go,” Evilyn remarks, glancing down to the girl at the end of her militaristic boot with a psychotic passion; then she is suddenly distracted by the thumb tracing around the relief of Electra’s nipple. “Why go to the toilet when you can do it here? C’mon, don’t be shy among friends. Why don’t you shit all over the girl?”

  “You’re totally disgusting!” Electra puts a face. Then looks at the naked girl spread-eagled on the ground and smiles fiendishly. “I can think of better things to do.”

  “Yeah, yeah, like what exactly?” Evilyn taunts.

  “Like this for starters,” she crouches in position over the girl’s head so quickly Evilyn springs back in alarm, thinking Electra has changed her mind and is going to defecate after all.

  Getting down low Electra watches the girl between her legs, her young body exposed and vulnerable. Blood is already clotted solid on the upper arm wound; there isn’t anything to set it apart from the other cuts Jason has made. The thought comes to her: We can get her to do anything. She is the type of donor vampires dream about.

  “You got a beautiful bottom lip,” Electra says casually, glancing down. “Be a good girl and open your mouth: I wanna see your tongue poking up.”

  Using one hand to spread out an ass cheek, Electra lowers herself on the girl’s face. She judges it exactly, the tip of the tongue sliding into her butt crack. A tingling pulse goes down her back; the wet slippery feeling in her ass brings out a little pant. Her skin is aching. Only the tiniest part of the girl’s tongue in her asshole and it feels so good.

  “Work it, baby, work it,” Electra murmurs, pulling her butt-cheeks apart so the girl can get in deep. “Faster, faster.”

  The sharp end of the tongue flicks rapidly, entering and leaving Electra’s asshole at speed. Quick thrusts that stab up like a penis. Electra relaxes her bowels and lets out a groan. The girl puckers her nose in disgust: the stink is redolent of a virulent vidaloo. Electra sniggers, clenching her butt-cheeks as the tongue keeps on rimming; she is happy to stay in place for a while longer. Then straightens out and walks away.

  She rubs a nipple with the side of her hand, causing the tiny bosom to jut, and strolls over to Jason. Her spine is totally erect; there is nothing in her posture to suggest she isn’t one hundred percent confident about her own body. There certainly isn’t any hint of shame.

  A hand on her slender hip she says matter-of-factly, “That sure opened up my anus.”

  Her labia are poking out from her thick pubic patch, normally straight black hairs kinked by the sap brought up by her whipped up passions. She gives Jason a sidelong dreamy stare. Her fingers at the end of her extended arm smooth down his pink ruffled shirt. Through the flimsy silk she feels no reaction to her faint touch: the beat doesn’t jump or falter. Coyly, she peers at his face from hooded eyes. A steely gaze, crimson full lips, a strong jaw line, long hair – much longer and heavier than her short, layered cut – untangled, undamaged strands over the collar and down to his shoulder blades. The urge to grab him by the shirt and tie him up in her arms is getting unbearable. His penetrating dark eyes make her go all aquiver. She knows he can easily pick up the lust firing her up but, frustratingly, he does nothing.

  Sharp fingernails scrape down his chest, onto his flat stomach. As Electra’s fingertips reach Jason’s crotch, immediately before the point when he would expect her to cup his balls, she takes her hand away.

  “Because I’ve been runny I do feel really loosened up there. Right now it’d really slip easy if you fucked my arse.”

  Evilyn titters. “Dearie me, isn’t that the best pickup line of the year.”

  “Lay off me, bitch!” Electra snarls.

  “Yeah, like I want to go down on you right now?”

  Jason’s gaze flicks to the mattress. “Well?” looking at Electra significantly.

  “What about her?” Electra asks gruffly, nodding her head violently in the other E’s direction. “Her, always staying on the sidelines and acting all high and almighty. Like she’s ooh so much more superior. Stuck-up cow.”

  Evilyn responds by throwing her head back and laughing so hard it can only be taken disparagingly.

  “Oh,” Jason says with a supercilious smile, staring directly at Evilyn, “I think she’s not going to feel left out of it this time. You know what Evilyn’s gonna be doing while I fuck your arse? She’s gonna be playing with my balls.”

  “And licking ‘em?” Electra says enthusiastically.

  “Yeah, licking ‘em, when she isn’t rimming my arse with her tongue.”

  “Oooh yes,” Electra says cheerfully, skipping over to the mattress. She flops down onto her front. “How do you want me?”
r />   “The usual,” Jason replies without enthusiasm in his voice. Without taking off his shoes he undoes the tops of his trousers, looking down at a rear view of Electra, getting up on her hands and knees. He goes over to the tools cabinet to find lube, the head of his erect penis bobbing gently out of his fly.

  “You don’t need anything,” Electra says, glancing back over her shoulder. “I wasn’t joking about my loose arsehole. You’ll get a good two-thirds of it in straight away, no problem.”

  “Tell me something new,” Evilyn mutters dryly, glancing into space.

  “What’s that?” the other E snaps, aimed in Evilyn’s direction. “You causing grief? Again?”

  Evilyn mimes a Who me? face. Then registering Electra isn’t in a position to see it, says, “Of course not, my dear.”

  Jason sidles to the mattress and pulls on his trouser band and briefs. Gets them down to his ankles and spits in his hand anyway, regardless of what Electra says and wipes it along his long piece of hard meat. He comes in behind Electra, a hand on her shoulder and his other round her right arm. Skin pulling away from his purple head he presses it in her hole. She didn’t lie: there is little resistance on entry.

  “I need you, I need to feel you inside me,” Electra mumbles.

  He slips most of his manhood in her asshole and stays in place without moving. Her ass folds and muscles grip him tight. He barely breathes, it is a light warmth she feels on the back of her neck. Then he starts his pelvic thrusts, short stabbing movements of his member, withdrawing by no more than two inches then coming back inside.

  “Stronger, harder, faster, faster!” Electra cries with her hands balled in fists. “Aaaah, hurt me!”

  Jason yanks her arm behind her with animal force. He starts his attack with his body over hers. She shifts a little. His penis goes in and out violently, at a speed at which Electra’s ass lips seem as though they’re soon going to end up with friction burns.

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