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Vampire Lust

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  The two Es’ laughter enters the basement before they do. They advance on the girl from two sides in an encircling moment. Their eyes eat her up. Jason stays back, impassive. The girl is made to feel like a wildebeest in the sights of a lion pack; there’s no room for escape.

  Electra paws the girl’s Marilyn Manson T-shirt at the waist. Her stare in the direction of the girl’s undies is lecherous. She tugs at the elastic. Evilyn, grinding her boot heel in the ground, grabs the T-shirt arm, looking at it like she can’t believe how distasteful its existence is.

  “Her clothes,” Evilyn bats her eyelashes at Jason, reproachful, “they must be removed, surely.”

  “Course they oughta,” Electra replies, already pulling the T-shirt up before Jason nods. “Stinky, stinky,” she says in her version of a little girl’s voice, on one knee for a moment as she yanks the girl’s panties down. Rolling them past the ankles, looking between the girl’s legs all the while, Electra flings the coiled undies in a corner. Amazingly the leather straps stay in position around Electra’s ass and crotch as she inelegantly pushes herself up.

  The two Es grope the girl’s ass and boobs; at the same time making drawn-out Mmmm noises.

  “What a nice piece of arse,” Electra enthuses, wide-eyed, a butt-cheek cupped in her hand. The sneering tone to her voice is prevalent much of the time. “Whaddya say, E, wouldn’t you love to sink your teeth in and have a bite?”

  Evilyn bawls a laugh. She pinches one of the girl’s under developed bosoms. For a female her age the girl really ought to have lost all traces of her chunkiness and become more bosomy by now. Through her awkward miscarried mid-teens the girl’s development had been arrested: anorexia nervosa; that came with the slashed wrists.

  Thumbing the girl’s nipple Evilyn throws Jason a laidback glance, meant to lure him into a state of ease. “It’s her tittie I wanna chomp. Jace, can we feed?”

  His face is unreadable, his penis hard; he doesn’t take his eyes off the women. “No, she’s mine,” he says, without emphasis.

  “Are you gonna make her one of us?”

  “One of us, one of us, one of us,” Electra croons tonelessly: the song of the circus sideshow freaks in the horror film, The Freaks, gladly taken up as their own by all kinds of people who see themselves as oddballs detached from society.

  “If she proves herself.”

  Evilyn slams her fist into the girl’s stomach; the hard punch – and the shock of it - drops the girl to her knees. She wheezes, trying to breathe.

  “Bow before your master,” Evilyn says deeply; she erupts into shrill laughter. “You’re here to serve him, that’s your only function,” she remarks in a sarcastic undertone, as though she is sending up the script in a particularly cringe-inspiring movie.

  “Oooooh, Jace is no fun. I was thinking we’re gonna have fun; I was thinking, we’re gonna have fun,” Electra trills childishly, bobbing up on her toes.

  “Can’t we punish the girl for you?” Evilyn asks, poking her boot toe at the girl’s breast. Kicks the left boob so hard the girl yelps.

  “Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s punish the girl.” Electra’s eyes light up; she grins at the Witches’ Chair. “What about the torture chair, can’t we put her on there?”

  Jason shows his teeth, in no way is it a smile. “That’s only for special occasions, you know that. Another time maybe.”

  “Boring,” Electra responds, dragging the word out in her sing-song voice. “Where d’you keep the toys, Jace, where’s the toys?”

  “Look on or in the tools cabinet,” Jason says matter-of-factly, “I’m sure you’ll find something nice there.”

  “Super! C’mon, E, let’s go to the cabinet,” Electra implores, skipping. “Ooooooh my God, look at this!” She swipes empty space with an old-fashioned tawse. She skips back to the girl in a few hops. “Get up, lazybones,” prodding the girl with a toe, “I wanna get you on the bum.”

  “Hold on a sec, E,” Evilyn interrupts at the tools cabinet, fastidiously fingering item by item; her tone shrill enough to get the other E’s attention. “You still don’t have much of a selection here, Jace. You should get a human harness with a leather band that goes vertical against the spine,” she quickly glances at Jason, and smiles unpleasantly. “What you can do then is clip leather hand restraints to her back. Perfect,” she says with a long hiss. “Hands high on her back, her arms wouldn’t be able to budge more than a millimetre.”

  “I don’t need much of that kinda thing. What’s the point of restraints? She does everything I command; she doesn’t whinge or resist.”

  “That’s a shame, I love it when they struggle. And seeing ‘em shackled is a big turn-on, anyway.”

  “There’s chains and a St. Andrew’s cross you can use, if you want them.”

  “All that takes time to set up and I see E’s getting a little too impatient,” Evilyn replies, registering Electra’s grouchy expression as what she says it is. “Oh well, that’s why I always bring my own,” Evilyn says, striding imperiously to the girl with a brisk clack of boot.

  A sardonic grin on her lips she cheerily hefts a naked mammary then gives it a hard squeeze. Both the girl’s nipples are hardening, the same way they do whenever she is sexually aroused. Evilyn pinches a pink nub, closely checks the girl’s face for her reaction.

  “Hmmm,” Evilyn mumbles. Disappointment shows on her face. Then she removes a metal clip a couple of inches long from a pocket and her mood lightens up as she waves her little instrument in the girl’s face. Still nothing from the girl, but Evilyn thinks, that won’t last long.

  The girl’s sensitive bud in finger and thumb, Evilyn elongates the nipple and, taking her time, she levers on the narrow metal clip. From two sides the steel jaws gnaw into the girl’s soft skin. The pain is sudden and the girl yelps. Her grin now wider Evilyn yanks on the other nipple and releases the full grip of the second steel vice right on the button. The girl gasps again.

  “You think that’s bad,” Evilyn mouths in the girl’s face, smiling psychotically during a short pause, “well just wait a few seconds more.”

  Getting down on one knee Evilyn prises the girl’s legs apart at the knee. Taking one sex lip, slightly hidden by the girl’s shaggy pubes, she stretches it out. With her other hand she deftly separates one side of a metal jaw from the other, and brings the tensioned vice over the labium, clamping on the tender skin. The girl’s stolid mask collapses: the exacting pain is all too apparent on her features. She looks on in terror as Evilyn fumbles in her jacket pocket for an additional clip.

  Evilyn pulls back the other flap a good way to one side, holding it in place away from the opposite one for a few seconds. Then slots the metal clip in, takes her fingers out so the vice snaps with a clank, up against the blunt end of the adjacent one.

  “Whatever,” Electra remarks. Dismissive, glaring. Like she is put out by Evilyn stealing the show. “You finished already? I wanna get started.” Twisting her head round sharply, Electra’s short black hair, at the ends where they curl toward her mouth, swings from the right side and clips her on the nose. The girl’s bare, marked ass is within her sights. An assortment of reddish intersections to aim for. “Lean a little forward, hands on the wall; spread ‘em,” Electra says evenly, in the fashion of a cop.

  The girl takes this as an order to pull her legs apart and does so. From her rheumy eyes the first tears start to roll.

  It doesn’t take long for anyone looking on to grasp what Electra’s doing: the fingers of the tawse – a blurry flash through the air – slap on the freshest wounds on the girl’s discoloured ass. Electra curls the leather fingers so they snap at a weal where the skin has split. The tawse is used again and again, forcing a groan out of the girl on nearly every blow on her naked butt-cheeks. Evilyn curls her toes in anticipation; it’s clear within a short time Electra’s well directed strikes are going to b
loody the girl’s ass, open a cut, inflame it to incite the blood flow inhibited by the steel clips.

  Tipping back her fascistic cap just a bit Evilyn stalks right up to the girl, swiftly but with her hips swinging decorously. Her big jack-booted heels clack across the solid ground. The places where Jason has fed are plain; cuts made by a blade on the girl’s arms and high on the back by the shoulder blades. Leaning in close, sniffing, Evilyn savours the girl. Salty sweat, a faint fish-like whiff, natural bodily smells that aren’t disguised. She feels the rush of air the tawse leaves in its trail, and sighs, eyes half closed. Not for the first time the girl’s ass cheeks clench; the floppy leather fingers crack again on her well-marked upper swell of her right buttock. The girl emits a muted shriek, interrupting the quiet sobs brought on by the agony of the clips on her labia.

  “You see it?”

  “Me first, me first.”

  Quickly dropping to her knees, Evilyn pulls off her cap and gets her face up against the girl’s right butt-cheek.

  “That’s not fair!” the other E hollers, Evilyn’s lips over the reopened horizontal cut, her mouth making sucking noises. “C’mon, move over.”

  Licking around the small wound Evilyn wipes it clean. Her narrow tongue tip runs over her upper lip. “I was only making sure it didn’t get wasted,” she glances up innocuously at Electra, without any hint of shame. Her tongue is still swiping at her lips. “It was only a tiny little drop. It would’ve ended up on the floor otherwise.”

  “Yeah? So how come you were there so long?” Before Electra finishes asking her question the leather fingers are coming round fast. Her teeth grit as she smacks Evilyn across the side of her face.

  Her hand flying to her right cheek, Evilyn cries, “E, I can’t believe it! How dare you?” a flush appearing very crimson on her white skin.

  “If it was going to the floor, you oughta have lapped it up there, you fucking bitch!”

  From a crouch Evilyn gets up in one jerk of her spine, which erects it in an instant. She charges forward, holding herself back an arm’s length away from Electra. Baring her teeth, a venomous look comes with her vicious snarl.

  “Don’t call me a bitch!” Evilyn jabbing her finger over and over in the other E’s chest. “I’m warning you!”

  Electra laughs contemptuously. Flaunts her sneer in Evilyn’s face. Then both are on the floor, Evilyn writhing about on top, her left taloned hand clawing, the right holding Electra down.

  “Enough!” Jason’s stern voice stops the slap that’s about to strike the side of Evilyn’s head, Electra slowing down her hand and re-directing it harmlessly into empty space. The booming voice seems to have the authority and power to stop and hold everything in the room. The two Es’ heads rotating in his direction, Jason gives them a wild, fixed stare. With waves over waves of immaculately straight hair way past his collar and far down his back, a frilly shirt half open down his front, and tight velvety hipsters, he has a Romany look going on, the effect ruined somewhat by his Nordic skin. “You’re supposed to be high priestesses and you’re both acting like animals.”

  “Grrrrrr!” Electra retorts, her head on the ground. “And it’s not like vamps are supposed to be so judgmental.”

  Still straddling, Evilyn throws her head back, ends of her hair swinging across the base of her back. She sticks out her lower lip. Her knuckles remain white, her left hand gripping Electra by the wrist. “She started it!”

  “Balls!” Electra glares up into the face over her. “You sucked out all the blood!”

  “I don’t believe you sometimes,” Evilyn cries. Her grip on Electra’s wrist loosens. “Duh! Another few strokes and there’ll be more.”

  “I suppose,” Electra says sheepishly, looking to her side, “but, you know, the principle and everything.”

  Evilyn laughs amiably. “That’s sweet,” she says affectionately. “No harm done. Now why don’t you find something that’ll really do some damage – limited as our choice is, by Jace’s poor collection.”

  “Okay,” Electra says cheerily, springing up eagerly once the other E is on her feet.

  Her eyes widen, grinning with a long whippy cane in her hand. Exactly what Evilyn was suggesting. She takes a long swing, aiming at nothing, the type of controlled sideways move that when landing on an ass, gets it right across the cheeks with a crack. Swiping the air once again, Electra glimpses the girl’s marked ass, the girl still in position, bare feet planted, butt-cheeks spread slightly, bowed head by the wall. Electra paces rapidly, exchanging a brisk sleazy glance with the other E just before she pokes a fingertip in the girl’s tight asshole.

  “The tawse and the cane,” Evilyn remarks flatly. “E, I always did see you as an old-fashioned girl at heart.”

  “And you look just like Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS,” Electra ripostes caustically – referring to the character of the eponymous Nazi concentration camp genre movie famous for the female inmates getting excruciatingly painful electric-current vibrators stuffed in their vaginas and electrodes being connected to their clits and nipples and then with its flagellation, sex, nudity, forced castrations and an all-body scalding in a tank full of boiling water, the film is a legendry cult classic the two Es passionately adore. “Now can it.” Electra turns to the girl and smiles cruelly. “A time comes when the black widow will come for you. That time is now.”

  She gives the girl a few fast strokes inside her rectum using the full length of her finger, all the time gazing at the collection of wounds on her ass with interest. The girl certainly isn’t hygienically clean inside; Electra works her long extended finger in and out at speed.

  The girl emits a gasp; Electra knocks the cane on the bone of the girl’s hip and steps back; holds her long finger up to her nostrils, looks at the digit quizzically over a few seconds and then wipes it on a leather strip. Moving around the bare ass she flicks the hair on the girl’s shoulder with the tip of the cane, touches her tearful cheek. The girl turns her face, her lips grazing the bamboo tip.

  Evilyn slurps air between her teeth. “Are we going to start already?” she comments sourly.

  Straight off Electra straightens up to full height and snaps, “Alrighty.” The cane falls horizontally on a ridged spot thought to have potential, noted while Electra finger-fucked the girl. A punishing stroke that instantly stings and brings from the girl a shriek. She swallows hard. About midway on the left cheek the skin splits; a thin, dark line appears. Electra follows up quickly with the same type of lethal swing: in a deadly arc, landing on the girl’s bottom with a loud crack. Two strokes are all it takes.

  Evilyn comes in, elbows swinging. Shoving Evilyn’s head back Electra gets down first, her mouth open. A small cut; blood drips lazily. The tip of Electra’s tongue catches the flow at the end of its trail, and works up. Electra savours the trickle, dipping her sharp point leisurely up and down the girl’s butt-cheek, taking the blood onto the roof of her mouth. Her tongue runs slowly over the freshly reopened wound, swabbing it clean.

  “You greedy pig,” Evilyn hisses, watching Electra’s tongue and the girl’s ass attentively. “You gone and finished her off!”

  “Hardly.” Electra’s nose nuzzles on the upper curve of the girl’s ass cheek. She puts her lips over the wound, and chomps. Blood bursts in her mouth and splats from it, down her chin. “C’mon, if you want some,” Electra purrs, getting up and turning to face Evilyn.

  Evilyn rushes in eagerly, her dense hair caught on a rush of air over her lower back. Her taloned hands on Electra’s diminutive shoulder and on her chest, Evilyn’s large red nails dig into the exposed skin by Electra’s almost flat left bosom.

  She puts her lips around Electra’s, brushing the top with hers, then takes Electra’s lower lip in her mouth and gently sucks on it. Both the Es’ eyes are shut; red nail tips scratch steadily down Electra’s pale arm. Electra’s hands cup Evilyn’s ass, firm in N
azi uniform breeches.

  Evilyn’s tongue rims Electra’s mouth, flutters, and traces the thin line of the lower lip. A series of fingernail marks linger in Electra’s arm. Evilyn switches to the thick blood in a stream coming from Electra’s mouth, and starts to lick up and up.

  The other E squeezes a generous butt-cheek and lets out a pant: Evilyn’s tongue gently lapping on her chin feels so good. But she knows it can be topped. She wants the feel of Evilyn’s delicate, flapping tongue once more and the taste of blood playing inside her mouth.

  She forces her mouth on Evilyn, pressing it firmly against wet parted lips. A sharp fingernail burrows into the skin of her erect nipple. She shudders with delight. The buzz, suddenly coming on strong, ignites a closely related network of pleasurable sensations deep in her body; electric tingles working their way along the full length of the insides of her sex lining; she grunts, Evilyn’s narrow tongue tip poking and glancing the insides of her mouth.

  Every delicious sensation, every fire lit-up, the warmness she feels, the moistness in her orifices, all of it comes from her sense of taste: the coppery traces of blood she distinguishes on her palate. No recreational drug, nothing else, comes close. Evilyn’s tongue wriggles atop of hers – the flavour is faint now, but she knows there’s a dash of red life that Evilyn is passing on – and the addict’s need for more almost makes her want to scream.

  “Jace,” Electra pants, rolling her eyes, “Jace, can I feed?” She is visibly swooning from the effect the blood is having on her; the girl tasted delicious. “I so want some want.”

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