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Maddy's Floor

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  "Damn it Stefan…you did it again. You warned that things are going to get worse but gave no details."

  He chuckled. "You know I have no control over that. If I get more information, I'll pass it on. In the meantime, say hello to Drew and tell him if he hurts you, he'll have me to deal with."

  She laughed lightly. "I'm so not going to tell him that."

  "Actually, I heard just fine," Drew spoke into the phone. "Hurting Maddy is not in my plans, Stefan. No worries there."

  "Forewarned and all that." Stefan hung up, leaving Maddy gasping. Stefan shut off his phone and headed to his living room. He couldn't wait to see this woman.

  Ten minutes later, he settled comfortably in his chair, and slipped free of his body. Stretching at the wonderful sense of freedom, he thought himself to The Haven. According to Maddy, this woman was a floor below hers, in bed 232. He found himself at her bedside instantly.

  And stopped. Pink scalp showing through thinning hair, her skin translucent with age, she slept, the covers pulled tightly up to her chin.

  This is the person who'd caused such havoc upstairs? He frowned. Surely not. Searching for her cord, he found her spirit inside her body, also resting. Not walking the ethers as he'd expected. Nothing about this scenario made sense. Still, asleep was good for him. He set a protective marker that would alert him if she left her space. There was no way she'd get out without him knowing.

  Casting a final glance back at the old, frail-looking woman in the bed, he shook his head and left.

  Surely not.


  Maddy protested the highhandedness of the males in her life, but accepted Drew's lead as he placed his hands on her shoulders and nudged her forward to the stairwell.

  She stumbled in the hallway. "Okay, maybe I am tired."

  "You need food and rest. Believe me, stress is more exhausting than anything else."

  The stairwell was deserted as always. Maddy yawned. "Sounds good. Even better, a pepperoni pizza dripping with double cheese…but in a minute. I'm not going to rest until I check on your aunt's state myself."

  Surprise lit his face. He followed willingly enough though, keeping a warm supportive hand on her back as they walked. She loved that protectiveness in him. The caring. That innate strength.

  At the door to the landing he stepped forward and held it open. "Are you sure you're up for this?"

  Striding through, her back straighter than it had been coming down the stairs, she nodded. "I won't sleep if I don't. Stefan will keep an eye on her, but if I can see her energy, scan her system, it will ease my mind."

  By focusing on her destination, Maddy hoped to keep the fatigue at bay long enough to reach Doris's bedside. Drew called out, "Aunt Doris." He strolled closer. Doris was curled up in a ball, sleeping soundly.

  Maddy stood at the end of the bed. It was so hard to see this tiny aged woman as a killer. That she was close enough in appearance to the woman she recalled seeing in the hallway outside Eric's ward only confirmed her suspicions and underlined her dismay.

  Drew stood beside her.

  There was no sign of the killer in her energy that lay close to her body, shimmering as in a deep sleep. Her cord was snuggled up peacefully inside her aura. She wasn't walking the ethers. She slept like a normal person.

  Wrapping an arm around Maddy's shoulders, Drew tugged her closer. "Well?"

  Maddy closed her eyes briefly. "She's calm, quiet. And she so doesn't look like a killer. Nor does her energy."

  He squeezed her shoulders in a quick hug. "You're telling me." He dropped a lingering kiss on her temple, before dropping his arm to turn her toward him. He searched her eyes. "Is it safe to leave? Are you ready to leave this here and go home to get some rest?"

  She rubbed her eyes then glanced up at him with a quick smile. Warmth lit her gaze. "With the bubble strengthened, and Stefan looking after John and Doris, yes, it's safe. It's time to go home to that pizza." Her gaze deepened. "I have to admit to being very hungry."

  Drew raised one brow at her. A hint of heat warming his gaze. "No problem," he whispered softly. "Shall I order it now, so it's there for us when we get to your place?"

  "What, you have a pizza place on speed dial?" Maddy led the way to the elevators, their hands entwined.

  Drew lifted her hand to press a kiss to the back of her wrist. "Of course. I'm a single male and a cop to boot. Pizza is a major food group."

  She giggled. "Right, except don't forget, I'm a doctor, and I know what's good for you."

  There was a pregnant pause.

  Maddy caught his hesitation as she entered the elevator. She turned to face him, instantly caught by the possessive look in his eye. The air becoming still and hot. Her gaze caught. Her pulse raced. Her mind stalled at the look in his eyes.

  Electricity flashed.

  "I'm counting on that, Doctor... That you really do know what's good for me," he murmured, his voice deep and dark, "because I have high hopes of getting it."

  Maddy gazed into Drew's eyes – they'd gone dark with emotion. Heat pooled in her lower belly, her breasts tingling in response. Her breath caught in her throat as heat arced between them.

  Drew's jaw firmed and his cheeks hollowed out. "I suggest we go straight home."

  Swallowing hard, Maddy didn't dare try for words. She just nodded.

  The elevator dinged at the correct floor, opening its cage doors.

  Maddy pulled herself together, threw off her lethargy and forced her gaze away from the promise in his. She didn't know how long it would take to get home, only that it would be too long. She shuddered and headed for the exit.

  "My truck's over here."

  Mutely, she fell into step beside him. Her entire being pulsed with tension. Christ, she couldn't believe how badly she wanted him. Here. Now.

  Looking around the interior of his truck, she reached for control. She so didn't want to have their first time together as a mad grapple in the front seat like sex-starved teenagers.

  The drive seemed interminable, yet probably lasted less than five minutes. Drew threw the vehicle into park and unlocked the doors. Maddy, still silent, gripped by a fever she'd never experienced before, exited the truck and ran to her front door.

  Drew stayed close behind.

  "Christ," she whispered as she pounded on the button to call the elevator.

  "Here. Let's take this one," Drew said beside her. The doors opened and both bolted inside, careful not to touch.

  Maddy shuddered. Drew held out a hand. She took a step back. "No, don't," she whispered. "Not here."

  His jaw clenched and he closed his eyes briefly, his outstretched hand dropping to his side, closing into a tight fist.

  If he touched her, she'd be lost. Here in an elevator, with her apartment only seconds away. This wasn't the time for that kind of sex. She wanted to make it home. She needed this heat – scorching, driving flames to spread throughout her body, setting fire to her nerve endings.

  The elevator was taking too long.

  She whimpered.

  Drew sucked in his breath, tension radiating from his body. He whispered, like a prayer, "Almost there."

  The elevator dinged and opened its doors.

  They exploded from the interior and sped past the two doors to her apartment. Maddy fumbled for her keys, swearing under her breath as the lock refused to cooperate. Finally, she pushed the door open.

  Drew gave her a gentle shove inside, following her in and slamming the door behind them. Locked it.

  They both stopped to look at the other.

  Drew opened his arms.

  Maddy raced into them.

  Their mouths met in a ravenous kiss that provided as much relief as promise. She snuggled up tight and close, molding herself to the hard ridge between them. Maddy moaned again.

  "Shhh." Drew took a deep breath and pulled back slightly, dropping his forehead against hers. "Take it easy. We have all night."

  A broken laugh escaped, despite her best efforts. "Doe
sn't feel like it," she whispered. "It feels like it has to be now or I'm going to die."

  A groan wrenched from deep in his chest, his gaze a gentle caress. "Me, too. Let's go to your bedroom."

  Maddy blinked, and then glanced around, realizing they were jammed against the front closet. "Oh my God." Desperately trying to collect her thoughts, she said, "I can't believe this. I'm never like this."

  "Oh?" The light in his eyes deepened and he bent his head once more.

  Maddy evaded his touch. "Beat you there," she called behind her, leaving Drew standing startled in the hallway…but not for long. She'd barely reached her doorway when strong arms slid around her from behind, scooping her into his arms and moving forward in the same motion.

  She shrieked and laughed as he tossed her onto her huge bed with such force the mound of comforter poofed up around her. He dropped on top of her.

  Her laughter died as flames ignited inside. She kicked off her high heels, wrapped her silk-stockinged legs around his hips and levered tight against him.


  His rigid penis rested against her pelvis.

  She moaned.

  He groaned.

  She rocked her hips experimentally.

  "Witch," he gasped against her lips as shudders wracked the long length of him. Frantic, he reared back and grabbed her shirt, tugging it up and over her head. Her arms were pulled up and back with the clothing when he stopped.

  "What? What's wrong," she gasped, finally popping her head free.

  Drew stared down at her, lust in every line of his face, his eyes filled with desire.

  Maddy followed his gaze and smiled.

  She arched her back, and winked at him. "Like that, do you?"

  He flicked his gaze up to hers in disbelief before dropping back down again. "Christ, you are something else, you know that? There's got to be a law against that."

  She giggled. "I guess that means you don't like it."

  "I love it," he said reverently, "but what is it?"

  "A bustier." And one of her favorites, with its black fishnet lacings across the front red lace panels that barely covered her ample breasts.


  "I can take it off if you'd prefer," she whispered.

  He reared back. "No! Never take it off. Good God." As if unable to contain himself, he bent over and traced the skin between the laces, tasting, teasing and touching.

  Maddy cried out as pleasure screamed across her skin. Her nipples pressed hard against the fabric, almost popping free as she arched her back higher, begging and pleading for more. Drew slid his tongue across the lace edge of the bra and shuddered when he found the hardened points peeking out. Using his chin to drag the material lower, he took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked hard.

  "Drew," she cried, her pelvis grinding up against him as tiny explosions began deep inside.

  "Yes, let go. Fly, I'll be here when you come down."

  Shudders rippled across her skin. She closed her eyes, arching higher.

  "Let go," he whispered again, taking the right nipple deep inside his mouth and sucking hard.

  Maddy cried out as the orgasm slammed through her.

  Everything ceased to exist but this moment, this man and, oh God, that mouth. Only he didn't let her rest. He moved up to ravage her mouth, his own need rising to a frenzy.

  "Yes," she whispered against his lips. "Oh, yes." Her fingers worked on his shirt buttons, popping the last one as she ripped it open, sliding the material partway down his arms. Taunt muscles flexed and rippled under her questing hands as she found his belt buckle, loosening it before attacking the button on his pants.

  "Shit." Drew shrugged out of his shirt. With an extraordinary effort, he rolled to the side. He brushed her hands away and stripped off his pants and underwear, even snagged his socks in the process. Within seconds, he peeled her skirt down and came to another sudden halt.

  "Christ, woman, you're going to kill me."

  He stroked her leg from one slim foot to the top of her thigh where the stockings ended. Her underwear? Only a tiny thong nestled at the top with thin ribbons rising high on her hips. He shuddered, dropped his head, and kissed her in the center of the thong.

  Maddy cried out as her need for him once again picked up, threatening to consume her. She reached to slide her thong off, but he stopped her.

  "I want you with me this time," she pleaded.

  "Oh, I will be." He dropped one more kiss to the heart on the surface of the material and slid a finger under the edge, to stroke the plump moist skin underneath.

  She moaned, twisting against him, crying when he removed his hand to slide the material off. Maddy surged up. She couldn't wait. She needed him now. She grabbed his head and tugged his mouth to hers, devouring his lips, nibbling at them, and then kissing them better.

  Lowering himself until he rested over her, he held his weight on his forearms, his erection gently nudging against her. Maddy wrapped her legs around him, rubbing against him.

  Drew plunged downward until he'd seated himself deep in her center. He dropped his head against her temple and swore.

  She smoothed her hands down his back to the hollow at the base of his spine and teased the indent at the top of his muscled cheeks. Tremors rippled down her body. God, she needed this. She needed him.

  He lifted his head, locked his gaze with hers and started to move. His hips thrust deeper and deeper. He slowed once, to reach under her backside to open her more, then plunged repeatedly. Increasing the tempo to a frenzied pace, Drew drove them back to the breaking point. Taking her mouth in a ravishing kiss, he withdrew almost all the way.

  She cried out in protest.

  Drew plunged deep, crushing his hips against hers.

  Once again, Maddy's cries soared free as Drew sent her flying off the chasm. With a loud groan, he followed. Collapsing, he shifted his weight to his forearms again and rested his forehead against hers until his breath calmed. Shifting gently, he fell to the side and pulled her close.

  Still trembling, Maddy curled into his arms and closed her eyes. With the rapid beat of his heart pounding under her ear, she smiled. Exhausted and exultant, she let the night take her under and she slept.


  When Maddy opened her eyes the next morning, early rays of sunshine were already peeking through her curtains. She lay there for a long moment, enjoying the sensation of being held as if she were the most precious thing in the world.

  "I wondered when you'd wake up." Tucked behind her, Drew's warm breath bathed the side of her face. "I wasn't sure what time you needed to go to work."

  From the circle of his arms, she saw the clock register seven in the morning. "This is fine." She murmured. "This is better than fine. This is wonderful."

  He cuddled her closer. Maddy snuggled in, loving the full naked-body embrace. She closed her eyes for a brief second.

  "Maddy?" Her shoulders were being gently shaken.

  She moaned, and tried to burrow deeper into the blankets.

  "Come on, sweetheart. We fell back asleep. It's 8:30 am. Time to get moving."

  Her eyes blinked open and she sat upright in shock. "What?" She stared at the clock. "Okay, now I'm late."

  She threw back the covers and stood, wincing at the unaccustomed achiness. She'd been well loved last night. After making love for the first time, they'd followed with a second, gentler session that had ended up with the rest of her clothing taken off. After that, they decided other hungers needed to be appeased and they'd ordered pizza. That and a bottle of wine had led to yet another session of wild lovemaking lasting well into the night. No wonder they'd slept in.

  Ten minutes later, showered and wrapped in a towel, she stood in front of her bedroom closet.

  Drew, bare-chested with his shirt in his hand, walked over to her. He dropped a kiss on her temple. "Are you okay?" Warm, loving concern followed his gaze from her to the tossed room.

  She smiled. "Yes. I'm more than okay, but I do h
ave to get moving." Bending down, she collected the lingerie and one stocking on the floor at her feet, and dropped them in the hamper.

  "I hope I didn't destroy those last night."

  She turned with a silk stocking draped across her arm. "What, these?" She added the stocking to the rest of the items. "They are hardy. Besides," she said with a wicked grin, "I have more."

  "Be still my beating heart."

  She smirked. She placed one hand on either side of his face and kissed him, long, lovingly and with enough heat to send her pulse skyrocketing. Pulling back, she stared at his flushed skin and the glazed look in his eyes. "Now it's a good morning."

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