The Ghost Locket

      D. Allen Wright

The Ghost Locket

Kit Collins life is anything but ordinary.

An heirloom gold locket is the catalyst for an incredible human story of tragic loss, first love, and criminal obsession.

Julia Davis has just received the worst news that any wife and mother can; her husband and daughter have been tragically killed in a gruesome car crash, leaving her previously idyllic life, in ruins.

A random encounter with Kit Collins, a teenaged art prodigy, and possibly the greatest undiscovered artistic talent of the last half-century, may be the key to help her deal with her loss and give her life purpose again.

A well-established artist in her own right, Julia, tries to take Kit under her wing, mentoring her, and attempting to unlock her almost limitless potential.

However, Kit's life is far more complex then Julia realizes, and she is hiding shocking secrets of her own. For starters, she has managed to make enemies of the ruthless young leader of a criminal gang, with a personal vendetta and a price on her head; and when Kit's friends and family come under threat, she will do whatever it takes to protect them; even kill!

Add cryptic visits by the ghost of Julia's daughter, and a passionate first love with a young, New York transplanted, Montana cowboy; and you have the ingredients of a romantic adventure/thriller with occult/supernatural elements, all against the backdrop of the dangerous and gritty setting of New York City.

Can a woman struggling with her own demons, provide direction to a troubled teenage girl, coming of age in a violent world, and help her protect her friends and family; while trying to keep her own life from spiraling out of control?

From the Author

To the Reader,

Regarding sample downloads;

It may be expedient to offer the first portion of the book, to give potential readers/purchasers, a sample of your writing.  Amazon doesn't really allow authors the choice of which chapters to include in sample downloads.

The problem with that thinking, is that the first several chapters of the typical novel, for instance, are involved with character introductions, character development, and setting the stage for the drama and action, which typically doesn't take place, until later in the book.

Imagine if movie trailers were the first three, or four minutes of a movie.  No, rather they are composed of the most exciting, enticing, and interest-building content, all carefully crafted to seduce the movie-goer, into paying the $12.00 to go see it.  It's just good marketing! 

I believe that the vast majority of authors feel, as I do, that choosing which chapters to include, would likely result in more sample downloads, being converted into actual sales.

Because that is not an option, at this time, I urge readers to download the full book, and read it in its entirety.  To put it into perspective; for the cost of the average bag of chips, you will own a work, that will feed your soul for days!  How many times have you been able to say that about the last movie you paid $12.00 to see?

Thanks for reading,

The Author

About the Author

D. Allen Wright, (or just plain, Dave,  "I didn't want people to confuse me with the news guy.  Besides, D. Allen Wright, just sounds so, author-ish), lives in the Pacific Northwest, in the garden spot of the Inland Empire; the city of Spokane, Washington, where he has been a long-time resident.

He has plied many trades in his lifetime, among them; helicopter pilot, commercial tuna fisherman, bouncer, videographer, photographer, graphic artist, network administrator, and mostly recently, a writer of fiction. In other words, at age 61, this guy, still does not know what he wants to be, when he grows up. (Or for that matter, if he even wants to).

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, travel, scuba diving, sailing, music, long walks on the beach and hanging out with friends.

Starting in the Navy, he has traveled much of the world. He has visited many of the fifty states, at least once, been to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Costa Rica, The Philippines, Panama, Belize, Mexico, Kiribati, (Christmas Island), Fiji, and lived a year in Western Samoa, but, (amazingly), still thinks he has places he wants to see. Rio & Buenos Aires are high on his list.

He is currently working on his second book, also a novel, and welcomes your comments, but not always, your criticisms.  At this stage in his life, they most likely, won't affect significant change anyway.   Besides, that's what ex-wives are for, isn't it?

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