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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  He moves his face close to mine and I see his eyes go dark with lust. I feel the same lust running through me. But it’s wrong to go forward with it. It’s one of the seven deadly sins, for heaven’s sake!

  It feels too late. Almost all reason has left my body. All I want him to do is tear off my clothes and take me right now. Hard and fast and merciless.

  As if he can read my mind, he places a kiss on the edge of my jaw. I close my eyes and sigh. It’s so soft, an unexpected action given the passionate desire I saw in his features earlier. He travels down until he’s nipping at my neck, taking soft bites.

  The localized pricks of pain make me emit small sounds of pain and desire, but mostly desire. I feel one of his hands migrate up my leg and I’m momentarily brought back to reality.


  I grab his wrist and halt his progress. He removes his mouth from my neck and looks at me.

  “What is it?”

  I can see the restraint in his face. Whatever he’s feeling, it’s strong.

  “I don’t— I don’t think this is a good idea.”

  At my words, he backs away from me. Our skin no longer touching, I feel disappointed. I didn’t actually want him to stop, but I know I shouldn’t be doing this.

  “I’ve just never done anything like this before…” I look down, embarrassed by my lack of experience.

  “Had sex on a table? In a conference room? Trust me, most people haven’t—”

  “I’ve never had sex!” That was louder than expected. I think I just shouted at him. A little quieter, I add, “I haven’t really done anything. Ever.”

  I feel my face getting hot. I can’t even look him in the eyes.

  “So, you’re a virgin?”

  I nod, and he says, “Interesting.”

  Sounds like I’ve just brought the night to an end. It’s for the better anyway. I’d have to be a harlot to let a random man do the types of things to me in a conference room that I want him to do to me, if only he could. If only it wouldn’t get us into trouble, both at work, with my parents and church, and not to mention with God…

  I jump off the table.

  “I’ll be leaving now, I guess…”

  “Get back on the table,” he commands.

  His voice is so deep and demeaning, I’m startled. I finally look back up at him, simply because I’m so shocked. But a chill is running down my spine and somehow making its way to a tingly area right in between my legs. I like how he’s telling me what to do.

  “Excuse me?”

  “Do you want to leave?”

  I shake my head.

  “I thought not. Don’t fight what you want. You want this, right?”

  Without even hesitating, I nod my head. It’s as if he’s cast a spell over me and I’m completely under his command.

  “Then do as I say and get back on that table.”

  I do what he says and sit back down.

  Yes, sir , I can’t help but think. I’ll do whatever he says, and even more.

  Chapter 6


  “Now spread your legs,” he demands.

  Oh. This is going places.

  “Are you sure?”

  “Are you?”

  I make no movements or changes in my expression. I want to spread my legs for him but for some reason I want it to be more his choice than mine. I want him to command me to do it, just a little bit stronger.

  “If you want to leave, you can. If you want to stay, spread your legs.”

  That’s enough. Of course I want to stay. The part of me that wants to do something forbidden and naughty does, at least. And that’s the part of me I can’t seem to deny, thanks to this stranger who is telling me what I must do for him.

  So, I push my skirt up slightly and spread my legs. I can feel myself biting down hard on my lip, but the pain is distracting me from my embarrassment.

  I expect him to look down where my hands are grabbing the hem of my skirt, but instead he moves back towards me and positions himself between my legs. He brings his lips down on mine and this time he isn’t gentle.

  “I knew you would do what I told you to do.”

  His voice is still deep and commanding. Yet part of his tone sounds relieved though, as if he wasn’t quite sure. I feel powerful, knowing I can make this strong man weak just by opening my legs.

  His kiss is hungry, unrelenting, and unforgiving. I place my hands behind me, splayed on the table to balance myself. His hand cups my cheek and then travels down my body, lightly going over the dips and curves of my form. Soon he’s at my thigh and I can feel him pushing my skirt up higher. I break the kiss to ask him a question that seems too obvious as soon as it’s out of my mouth.

  “What are you doing?”

  I glance down to catch a peek at his hand and instead get an eyeful of his erection. It’s huge. My eyes go wide and I look back up at him. He sees my surprise and laughs.

  “Don’t worry,” he says. “I’m not taking it out. Unless you want me to.”

  The suggestion draws more frightened looks and he takes the hint.

  “I thought we could start with a finger… or two,” he says, in follow up.

  He takes his hand from my thigh and sticks it in his mouth. After he’s satisfied with the wetness of his digit, he brings it back down, but this time puts his hand up my skirt and finds the edge of my panties.

  He moves them aside and I inhale sharply. He’s watching my face the entire time and when he sticks his finger into my pussy, I make a sound I’ve never made before. It’s wanton and full of abandon.

  I throw my head back and let out a long exhale as he sticks his finger deeper and deeper inside of me. He adds a second and then a third and pumps in and out of me with great speed. He places his thumb on my clit and I shudder when a sudden wave of pleasure rolls over me.

  I shut my eyes at all the overwhelming feelings, but he orders me to look at him and I comply. I feel myself reaching the edge and then he removes his hand.

  “What are you doing?”

  My tone comes out more annoyed this time, since he’s delayed my gratification. Rather than answer, he puts his fingers in his mouth and sucks them dry.

  “I’m going to make you come.”


  He kneels down in front of me and hikes my skirt up all the way, so he can look directly at my most intimate parts.

  “I love how you obey me and show your beautiful body to me,” he says. “And now I want to see your entire, delicious pussy spread open wide for me.”

  I’m beginning to get a picture of what he has planned. He pulls my underwear off and throws it down on the floor, so now there’s nothing between him and my vagina. He’s so close, I can feel his breath on my folds.

  I’m still sensitive from his fingers and I end up fidgeting a little. He grabs my hips to steady me and licks up to my clit and I arch my back.

  “I’m going to hold onto your nice hips while I eat your pussy,” he says, into my folds where his mouth is making itself at home.

  It feels so good, I think I’m about to have an orgasm right then and there, but that would be unfortunate since I’m not ready for this to end. He keeps going, licking, sucking, and fucking me with his tongue.

  It feels amazing to just let go of my inhibitions and let this stranger pleasure me. It’s like we’re in a secret world that isn’t part of the real world, where I not only have permission to do what I want, but I’m actually being commanded to.

  I grab his hair and run my fingers through it. It’s just as soft as I’d thought it’d be. I’m not sure how an older man has such a full head of hair, but I love it.

  His tongue traces circles around my clit while his fingers push in and out of my pussy hole. Every time he brings them out, a long string of my juices follows. He is making me so wet and so crazy with desire that I can’t even believe it.

  “Are you going to come for me?” he asks me, as he continues to finger me while sucking gently on my clit

  I can’t believe this is happening, but I think I’m about to orgasm in front of a guy I just met. On my first day of my new job. On the top floor of the office building where I work.

  Not the best career decision I’ve ever made, but I can’t seem to help myself. My mind has left my body and my body has left the planet. This guy is amazing, whoever he is.

  “Yes. Oh, yes.”

  I can feel my body getting tighter and tighter as I get closer to my release and when he flicks my clit with his tongue one last time, my orgasm washes over me and I come right in his mouth. He does a good job of holding onto my clit with his teeth, nipping it slightly as I finish coming.

  Finally, I fall back on the table, exhausted and spent. As I come down, I start to realize what I’ve just done. I sit up and try to cover myself with my skirt. I get off the table and look for my underwear, but it’s nowhere in sight.

  “Looking for these?”

  He holds up my panties— bikini-style granny panties, how embarrassing— but, it’s not like I expected anyone to see them today, let alone to take them off and eat my pussy— from behind his back and dangles them in front of me.

  “They’re really quite nice,” he says, as if reading my mind. “A little schoolgirl-esque, but still nice.”

  I make a grab for them, but he holds them high enough that I can’t reach.

  “I really need to get home,” I tell him.

  I hope it’s not too late. My parents will kill me if they find out what I’ve just done. I want to hide in a hole and never come out.

  “And you need these to get home?”

  I don’t understand why he’s doing this. He already licked and played with my pussy until I came. Does he want to go even further? Because that is definitely not happening. I’ve crossed enough boundaries for one night.

  “Yes. I need my underwear and then I can leave. Please.”

  I think he’s finally catching on that I’m not in any mood for playfulness. But then he winks and leans over and kisses me.

  “I was just playing,” he says, his breath smelling, tasting like me.

  I return his kiss, deeply and passionately, before falling into a fit of laughter.

  “I’m sorry,” I tell him. “I didn’t mean to be so uptight. It’s nice to… laugh.”

  I was going to say more than that. It’s nice to let go. Let loose and let someone give me a fucking orgasm. All the things I never do.

  But I end with “laugh,” and I don’t say any more, because the rest of it sounds so stupid.

  “I’ve just never done anything like this before,” I explain.

  “I know,” he says, kissing me again. “And I love it.”

  He hands me my under garments, but hesitantly, as if he still wants to tease me more. I’m wishing that we had all the time in the world, so that he could.

  “Thank you.”

  I turn around, so I can put them on. I still can’t believe I let him do all those things to me, even though they felt really good. I turn around and run right into a wall of muscle.

  “Where are you going?” he asks.

  I move back, so I can get a good look at him. His hair’s tussled from me running my hands through it and it’s a good look for him. More relaxed.

  I smile and touch his hair again, moving some of it out of his face. He seems to like it, but we both realize that this gesture is somehow more intimate than what we just did and I stop.

  I look away and tell him, “Like I said, I need to get home.”

  He steps aside, probably uncomfortable with the previous contact, and lets me pass. I’m about to leave, but can’t resist the urge to ask one more question.

  “Who are you? I think I’m ready to know.”

  He looks at me and cocks his head.

  “You really don’t know?”

  I shake my head. Am I supposed to?

  “They really shouldn’t hire people to work for my law firm, who don’t know how to put the name Jameson Reed with a face,” he says, with a chuckle. “But I’ll let this one slide. Because I sure am glad you started working here.”

  From his reaction, a look of horror must’ve just crossed my face.

  “Ah, so you know now to do a little research. That’s fine. A rookie mistake. Well, I’ll be seeing you around the office. Good night.”

  I can’t believe this is the guy Brett said was so good at carrying on covert affairs. Part of me feels used, one notch of many on Jameson’s belt. But part of me feels thrilled that a founding member of the firm said he loves my body and was so happy to eat my pussy. Plus, at least I don’t have to worry about office gossip, since he’s so discreet.

  The facts that he brought me on a tour to this secluded area, and was so fast to get my panties off, are all starting to make a lot more sense now. Before, I was too busy feeling turned on, and then orgasming, to put the puzzle pieces together.

  He’s standing there looking at me as if wondering if I’m going to obey his last instruction. Looks like I’ve been dismissed by him this time, instead of Brett. I shiver, not sure why it makes me feel so good for this powerful man to tell me what to do— even if he’s telling me to leave, and even though I was already the one who had said I had to leave. There is something about his very nature— his stature, his looks, his voice— that makes me want to say, “Yes, Sir.”

  I leave the conference room, shutting the door behind me. I’ve just possibly closed the door on my future. Sleeping with a partner! And according to Brett, the one that makes everything tick around here, as well.

  Including me , I can’t help but think.

  How dumb can I be? I’m going to get fired for letting my baser instincts get the best of me. This is why they say in church not to give into temptation. It has earthly consequences as well as heavenly one. I silently curse myself and rush to the car, hoping my parents aren’t going to crucify me when I get home.

  Chapter 7


  After finding out who I am, Erin got out of here pretty quickly. It may’ve also had something to do with the fact that I was kind of an ass afterwards. She didn’t even tell me her name, but I make it a point to know who works here, so I already knew.

  Surprisingly, I was a little offended she didn't know who I was. But why? The feelings of one woman shouldn’t be of any consequence to me. Maybe it’s because I still have a hard on. My erection is straining against my trousers and it’s quite uncomfortable.

  I know I can pick any of the women downstairs, but I don’t really want to. Odd… That isn’t like me, at all.

  Instead of helping myself to seconds from another young eager lady, like I would normally do when my hard on is still raging like this, I sneak out of the office and head home. I have to keep adjusting myself on the drive back.

  Why isn’t this fucking thing going down? Well, I know. Even though Erin is long gone, I can still smell her on me and I guess that what’s keeping it up. Her pussy smelled so fresh and innocent. I can’t believe my good luck, finding a virgin.

  I arrive home after some minor difficulty and get myself inside. I make a beeline for the shower and turn the water to as cold as I can handle. It doesn’t do much. I place a hand against the shower wall and use the other one to stroke myself.

  My thoughts turn back to Erin and our conference room encounter. Everything about her was so responsive. The shudder of her body when I touched her, kissed her, felt her… It’s burned into my brain. The smoothness of her skin, the hunger in her eyes.

  I think she’s not even aware of her sensuality. I remember her moans and pump my hard cock faster and faster. What it must feel like to be inside her. Thrusting in and out, her walls pulsing around me, having her squirm under me with pleasure, taking everything I have to give. I reach my climax and come violently in the shower.


  Even though my erection is finally gone, I still feel unsatisfied. I’d rather have had this orgasm inside of Erin. I finish showering and get dressed for be

  Sleep does not come easily. My thoughts keep returning to her . To Erin. Why is my mind so wrapped up in her?

  I admit, I was surprised when she told me she was a virgin. That no one has ever touched her in that way. No one with the exception of me. I need to stop thinking about her. If I don’t, I’m going to get another hard on and that would be inconvenient. I finally get to sleep and it’s dreamless.

  The next morning, I wake up, sad I didn’t get to envision the angel I’d met yesterday turning into a naughty girl in my dreams. I want her down on her knees, paying me back for how good I’d obviously made her feel yesterday while I was sucking on that sweet juicy pussy of hers.

  I loved how her wetness gushed out into my mouth and my hand. Just the thought of it makes me hard all over again, wanting more. I want her to lick the head of my cock and then take it all the way inside her mouth. I need to come in that perfect little pouty mouth of hers.

  All in due time , I remind myself. She’ll be yours in real life, which is even better than in dreams.

  Chapter 8


  I go into work and have a meeting with the other partners. It’s just the four of us, so it’s more relaxed than our typical board meetings. The ones held in the conference room where I pleasured Erin. I don’t know if I’d even be able to concentrate if we were in there. I’d just keep picturing her body laid out on the table.

  I wish I’d seen her face as she had her orgasm. It was probably beautiful. It had sounded like it.

  Nope. Not now.

  I need to concentrate on the task at hand. Our company is having an image problem and we’re trying to figure out ways to combat this. In this day and age, people almost automatically have a bad image of large financial institutions and that’s what we are.

  We’ve all put our names on this company and we want to keep it afloat. Asher Marks, Cameron— whom most of us call Ron— Sanchez, and me, whom most call Jim. It’s an old nickname left over from college, since my dad is also named Jameson but goes by James, and having two James around got confusing.

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