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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  I assume that it’s a condom, but inside, I see a tiny little blue box.

  “Whitney Reid,” he says, getting down on one knee and holding open the box, which shows a very shiny diamond. “Will you marry me? For real this time?”

  “Yes!” I say, falling into his arms while he hugs me and twirls me around again. “I’m so glad you’re finally asking me for real.”

  “Are you kidding?” he says. “Who wouldn’t want to marry a doctor? And this SEAL wants his real fiancée flashing a shiny real diamond while he’s deployed, so everyone knows exactly who she belongs to.”

  I hold it up, and it glistens in the near darkness.

  “It’s gorgeous,” I tell him, leaning down to kiss him. “It really is. Thank you.”

  “Thank you ,” he says, holding me tight.

  “And now,” I tell him, “there’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.”

  “What’s that?” he asks, perplexed. “Something more than getting real engaged?”

  “Yep,” I say. “Now lay down.”

  He lays down and I smear cocoa butter all over his abs. I look at his amazing tattoos and run my hands all over him as I lather him up.

  Then I climb on the bed next to him.

  “Okay, I tell him. I’m going to use you, if you don’t mind.”

  He laughs, and says, “Go right ahead. Use me however you need.”

  “Good,” I tell him, “I’m going to use you as my slip and slide SEAL?”

  “Oh yeah?” he asks, his interest piqued.

  “Oh yeah.”

  I turn around and squat over him with my ass facing him and I lower myself onto his chest. It feels so slippery, just as I wanted it to.

  “Oh yeah ,” he says, and I look back at him and smile.

  I grind my pussy up against his chest and I instantly feel like I could come.

  “Oh, my God,” I say.

  After grinding around I slide slightly down, along each rib cage of the body I know so well from working with it so much during physical therapy sessions. And each time I’m a little closer to the edge of climax.

  “Wow, Whitney, this is so hot,” he says, as I slide down to the next one.

  Bump .

  Now I’m on his hard, six pack abs and I keep sliding.

  Bump, bump, bump.

  Each time, I’m closer to orgasm until finally I’m coming on his stomach.

  “Harlow, I’m coming,” I cry out, unable to keep myself from shouting.

  “Come on me,” he says, grabbing my ass cheeks and sliding me around in place while I come all over him.

  He pulls me back so I start at the top again and with each bump, bump, bump on my way down, my orgasm intensifies.

  “Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh my God,” I call out.

  He holds onto my waist and slides me all over his body, while I finish coming. Then he holds onto my clit and rubs it while he pulls my long, flowing hair and continues to make me slide all over his wet, hard body.

  “I can’t stop coming,” I call out, feeling as if I could die of ecstasy. “This feels so good. This feels amazing.”

  “Keep coming on me, Whitney,” he commands. “I’ll be your slip and slide SEAL forever, now that you’re my real fiancée.”

  And with that I explode into what feels like a tiny thousand orgasms mixing into one giant one. He plays with my nipples and moves me up and down on him while I finish coming.

  “Now turn around,” he says. “Your slip and slide SEAL wants to fuck you.”


  I can’t get over what Whitney just did. It was so amazing and hot. I turn her around and set her back on top of me. Her legs are spread open in front of me but for a moment I look into her eyes and say, “Thank you.”

  She laughs and says, “Thank you .”

  Then I look down at her pussy, wet with the lotion and also with her juices. I spread her lips open wide so I can see all of her. Then I push her back and forth, up and down, so she’s sliding all over my chest and abs, down to my hard cock and back up again. The whole time, I’m rubbing her clit, because I want to see her come. And soon, my mission is accomplished.

  “Oh my God, Harlow,” she calls out, her face full of ecstasy and her pussy dripping its juices down onto my chest, in full view for me to see. “Ever since you made me come that first time, I can never stop coming with you.”

  “Sit on my cock now, Baby,” I tell her. “I’m your real fiancé, and I want to fuck you without a condom.”

  She looks down at me, with a slight smile. “You know I could get…”

  “Pregnant,” I tell her. “Yes. Don’t you want to have my baby?”

  “I do,” she says, smiling and looking excited. “I sure do.”

  “Then get down there and let’s make this happen,” I tell her, with a wink.

  She slides down my stomach one last time, bump bump bump , until she hits my cock with her curvy and bouncy yet somehow still firm ass. I love that fucking ass. Then she lifts herself up a bit and lowers herself down onto my cock, slowly but surely.

  “That’s my good girl,” I tell her. “That’s my real fiancée.”

  I’m all the way in her now, filling up her naked pussy with my bare cock, just like I’ve always wanted to do. We’re so slippery and she grabs her pussy muscles around my cock and squeezes it, to hang on tight, which feels great.

  I thrust myself up and into her while she leans over and holds onto my shoulders. She rides me like a horse and I fuck her like a stallion in heat.

  “This feels so amazing,” she says, her head thrown back and her eyes wild with pleasure.

  I play with her tits, her clit, her ass while she comes over and over again. I have so much stamina, wanting to fuck her as much as I can— make her have as many orgasms as possible— before I have to leave.

  “I’m going to miss you so fucking much,” I tell her, burying my cock in her pussy as she continues to ride me.

  She leans down and our lips meet. I kiss her deeply, sensually, as I fuck her without any protection. She’s completely mine now. For real, for always.

  I feel pressure at the base of my balls and I tell her, “I’m going to come in you, Whitney. For the first time ever.”

  “I’m ready,” she gasps, obviously on the verge of coming again herself. “Come in me.”

  “I’m shooting my cum into your pussy,” I tell her, as I feel myself throbbing and pulsing inside of her.

  She holds on tight to my shoulders while I thrust in and up a couple more times while blowing my entire load into her, filling her up with my cum.

  “Mmmm,” she moans, “I’m coming too.”

  She’s panting, out of breath, and I can tell she’s completely spent and exhausted, just like I am.

  But as she gets off my cock, she sits back down on my chest and spreads her legs open wide for me. I see my cum dripping out of her like a sweet dessert. I pull it out with my fingers and then stick it in her mouth for her lick off.

  She licks up and down my fingers as she slides around some more on my chest. I rub my cum down her throat, her perfect tits, her stomach, before landing one more time on her pussy so I can play with her amazing clit while she comes one more time for me.

  “You give me the best orgasms ever,” she says, laying down on my chest, which is covered in both of our juices and cum, mixed together with the lotion. “I’m so glad you’ll be mine forever.”

  “Me too,” I tell her, petting her hair and getting some of my cum in that, too. “I’m your real fiancé and soon I’ll be your real husband, and perhaps the father of your children too, I hope.”

  “You gave me my first orgasm and you’ll always be the only one to make me come,” she agrees.

  “Get ready to have orgasms for the rest of your life,” I tell her, with a grin. “Because thanks to you, this SEAL’s back in fighting shape. And when I’m not falling from the sky, saving our country, I’ll be here falling even more and more in love with you, a
nd making you come more times then you’ll ever be able to count.”

  “I love you,” she says, snuggling up against my bicep and kissing my cheek.

  “I love you too, my very real fiancée.”

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  First Comes Love : A Navy SEAL Secret Baby Romance (Ramsey’s Story)

  Copyright 2017 by Juliana Conners; All Rights Reserved.

  Published by Swann Song Books.


  To Matt, for the consistent love and support and for fathering our not so secret babies.

  And to women serving or who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

  You are all one hell of an inspiration.


  Cover Design by 11 Online

  Models: Kirk and Weston


  This book is a work of fiction and any similarities to real places, people or events are entirely coincidental. This book may not be reproduced or distributed in any format except for short quotes for review purposes, without the express written consent of the author.

  Some content herein was previously published as Ramsey . This updated version has extended plot lines and additional steamy scenes.

  Ramsey & Monica’s “Just for One Weekend”

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  Motorcycle Drive By – Third Eye Blind

  Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

  Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan

  Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

  Closer – Nine Inch Nails

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  Sweet Child o Mine – Guns N’ Roses

  Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli

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  Chapter 1 - Ramsey

  It’s my first day of special mission training, but it’s about the tenth time I’ve been through one of these training sessions. I’m glad my two brothers, Jensen and Harlow, are going through it with me. Misery loves company, I suppose— or at least some drinking buddies to celebrate with once the misery ends.

  “Welcome to joint training, gentlemen,” our commander, Colonel Jim Marshall says, which is always how he begins his little speeches for these things. “The next three days will be a grueling, competitive session designed to train the current joint SEAL and pararescue unit operation for its upcoming mission while on deployment, and they will cumulate the final test for the new recruits to the unit.”

  “Boring,” whispers Harlow, while Jensen pretends to snore.

  “After 48 hours of intense field simulation, if you can pass the upcoming close air support training test, you will be accepted as a member of the United States Air Force Special Operations team, in the pararescue division of the Control and Command unit, and will be assisting the Navy SEALs and the Air Force fighter pilots in this special mission,” Colonel Marshall continues.

  He’s been using the megaphone so that everyone in our large group can hear him. He acts like we’ve never been to one of these trainings, or heard these tough- sounding instructions before. They’re mostly to scare the newbies. But we still have to listen to them every time there’s a joint training.

  I look around at everyone gathered on Johnson Field, the largest open training area on Kirtland Air Force Base. I’m glad to be surrounded not only by my two actual brothers, but also my many figurative brothers, fellow members of my SEALs unit, as we work to help train the Air Force recruits for the joint mission.

  We only have about a month left before Harlow and I ship off with the rest of our SEALs unit and the Air Force pararescue unit that makes the cut to join us. Although the upcoming training is no joke, it’s a breeze compared to being deployed. The calm before the storm, so to speak.

  I’m so glad Harlow is coming with us, as it didn’t look like he would be at first. After suffering catastrophic injuries when our helicopter went down over enemy territory, he underwent facial reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. He’s back with us, and good as new.

  Harlow is my youngest brother— I practically raised him— and I was really worried about him for a while. But now he looks to be doing well, and even has a girlfriend: Whitney is a physical therapist who helped him get back to active duty status, although now she’s headed to medical school to become a doctor.

  Jensen isn’t being deployed with us, because he’s no longer a SEAL. He works for a private contractor who trains the Air Force’s new pararescue recruits to do the same things we’ve done in the SEAL unit, although the stuff that we did was a lot harder.

  Jensen’s men are being put to the test today— hopefully they all make it through, since they’ve already been weeded down significantly since their first day of training. One of them, though, whom everyone calls Pipsqueak, might not make it. I’m not even sure how he got this far, but I assume Jensen has his reasons for passing him through.

  Jensen, man. He’s right smack in the middle of us Bradford brothers. And he’s worried me recently almost as much as Harlow worried me after the helicopter accident. Jensen did some punk ass shit— in his defense, though, it was all for the good of our mother— and got himself into trouble.

  His lawyer, Riley, helped him fight the charges and he was so appreciative he fucking fell in love with her and married her. He seems to be in a better place now, and I’m happy to see that both of my little brothers have figured out their shit, even if it did mean breaking The Pact.

  Now it’s just down to me. The last man standing. We’d all promised each other not to fall for the bullshit that is love, marriage, commitment. Our mom left our dad when we were young— for some no good loser addict and then a string of men just like him throughout the years.

  It killed our dad, literally. He died young of undiagnosed cardiac hypertension. None of us understood why he would hang on for a love that was never returned to him. We were determined not to let it happen to us.

  And yet, first Jensen and then Harlow fell. It’s almost like it’s contagious or something. But not me. I’m only interested in casual flings.

  I like to take home a random woman and fuck her brains out, until she’s moaning, “Oh Ramsey, don’t stop, keep making me feel this good with your big cock, over and over and over.” I usually give into her request for the night, but by the next morning, I’m bored and already ready to start the hunt for my next conquest.

  I don’t have time for anything serious anyway. I’m too busy looking after my brothers, and our mom.

  And fighting for my country. Not to mention some side interests I’ve recently picked up. Some people think they should go see a shrink about their problems. Me, I’d rather play my guitar or learn martial arts. My schedule is packed these days. There’s no room in my head— or heart— for anything or anyone else.

  “As some of you may know,” Colonel Marshall continues, “We’re teaming up with the Air Force fighter pilots, as well as with the Navy SEALs, for this close air support training. I’d like to introduce our latest fighter plane, the F-35 Lightning II jet.”

  As if on cue, a plane begins descending from the sky, and as it gets closer, everyone’s faces express more and more awe. The F-35 is an impressive beast, from its expansive bi
rd-like wings to its pointed bird-like tip.

  Once the plane lands, we all gather closer to get a better look. But as the door swings open, we have a new sight to behold.

  “It’s a fucking woman ,” someone beside me mutters, under his breath.

  I turn slightly to see Jerry, a fellow PJ.

  “Holy shit ,” Harlow exclaims.

  “I’d also like to introduce Lieutenant Colonel Monica Carrington of the 33 rd Fighter Wing,” Colonel Marshall announces. “She is the first woman to fly the Lightning II jet. Prior to doing so, she has had extensive experience flying combat missions in the F-15 Strike Eagle plane in Afghanistan. She fulfills an important role in her unit, which is charged with training pilots, maintenance and support crews for the F-35 in all its variants. As part of her job duties, she has come here to help train all of you in this mission.”

  “Yeah right,” Jerry laughs. “Like this girl could teach us anything.”

  “The Air Force and all other branches of the military need battle-tested pilots to help put the F-35A through its paces and ensure we have a trained and ready force of F-35 pilots to feed into our combat air forces,” Colonel Marshall continues. “Therefore, everyone here is grateful for Lieutenant Colonel Carrington, and glad that she’s able to join us for this joint training session.”

  “Speak for yourself,” someone yells from the back.

  I look over at him but don’t recognize him— must be a newbie, one of Jensen’s trainees.

  I glare at Jensen, disapprovingly, wanting him to get his man under control, but he has a slight smirk on his face, and says nothing. He seems rather shell shocked that a woman is flying this impressive beast. Although I can’t blame him— it is surprising— I do expect him to keep his troops in order and impress upon them the need to respect this pilot.

  Monica steps down from the plane, and she’s immediately greeted by hoots and hollers and whistles from among the crowd. I feel embarrassed to be part of this drooling circus crowd, but I have to admit that she’s super fucking hot .

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