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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  “Of course,” Clay says. “The password is juggle.”

  “Juggle?” I almost want to laugh. “Seriously? That’s so fucking pathetic.”

  Jensen says, “Thank God. I’m on it,” as he disappears to the basement.

  Clay shrugs, looking sheepish again. He thought he was so clever but he’s just a stupid rich boy.

  “Second, you’re going to make the family of the guy I got write out a confession, saying they’re the ones that did this,” I tell him.

  “Okay,” he says. “Fine. And it’s true. They are the ones who did this.”

  “With your help though,” I clarify. “You are the one who made it possible for them be able to do this.”

  “Sure,” Clay shrugs. “But I’m not going to be signing any confession.”

  “No,” I tell him. “You’re going to be signing an agreement on behalf of your company.”


  “Brynn is going to type it up as soon as she’s reunited with her son,” I inform him. “It says that she will be running the Albuquerque legal aspect of your businesses, but she won’t be having any interaction with you. Just the board of your company.”

  Clay frowns and shrugs. He’s not happy about this, but obviously has no choice.

  “Sure, fine,” he says. “If that’s what you need.”

  “It is,” I tell him. “The agreement will say that she is getting a raise. She will be the head counsel of your companies’ legal operations in Albuquerque and will lead the in-house legal department. Which is only fair, considering that she’s worked for you this long without much thanks— as well as for her prior law firm, which she will be leaving, right honey?”

  “Most definitely,” she says. “I can’t wait.”

  “And as head counsel she can do what she wants and set her own hours.”

  “They’re going to be ten to four most days,” she says. “With Thursdays off. I hear that the Bookworks store has story time on Thursdays and I can’t wait until we can take Caleb.”

  “She will definitely give herself ample vacation time and benefits as well of course. All to be paid for by your companies’ money,” I continue.

  “Of course. Yes,” Clay says. “Anything you want.”

  “That’s what I want,” I tell him. “That’s what we want. And what Brynn and I want, we fucking get.”

  Chapter 49 – Brynn

  “Mommy!” Caleb runs into my arms and I hug him as if I thought I’d never see him again. Because that’s basically true.

  “Are you okay?” I look him up and down for scratches, bruises or marks and find none, thank goodness.

  “In basement with Riley,” he says, smiling, as if he had a ton of fun down there. “And Drew and James.”

  I press him close to me.

  “I’m so glad you’re okay,” I tell him.

  “Larson!” Caleb says, and starts to run to him.

  But I pull his hand and gently hold him back, because Larson is with Clay and I don’t want Caleb anywhere near Clay ever again.

  “Okay Brynn,” Larson says. “I don’t mean to mess up your happy reunion but we have a limited window until the cops get here so please get me that agreement.”

  Since Larson and I had concocted this plan in advance— we really can do anything when we put our heads, and body parts, together— I’ve already got the document but I make it look like I’m typing something up.

  “Where’s your printer?” I ask Clay.

  “The study is down the second hall and to the left,” he says.

  “Just email it to me and I’ll go print it,” Whitney says. “You can stay here with Caleb.”

  “What did you do in the basement?” I ask Caleb, hoping he isn’t scared.

  He shrugs.

  “Bite Cheerios,” he says with a smile.

  “You fed him cereal?” I ask Clay.

  “I instructed everyone down there with him to take good care of him,” Clay answers. “All of them. I wouldn’t really hurt them. You know that.”

  Whitney returns with the printed agreement and Larson says, “Shut up and sign that.”

  Clay does, just in time, because the cops have arrived.

  “I don’t even have to run away anymore when the po-po show up,” Larson jokes.

  “Is everything okay here?” one of the officers asks.

  “It is now,” Larson says. “I have the signed confessions of three of the main people responsible for this. A bunch of literal clowns who helped them do it, tied up in the basement. Photos of them having captured innocent children and their caretaker for Clay Tucker’s personal enjoyment and gain.”

  “Hey!” Clay protests. “I didn’t do anything. We made a deal, Larson.”

  “I never said I was letting you off,” Larson says. “This deal was all about me.”

  “I’m sorry, but I’m confused,” the officer says. “You were telling me about all the evidence you’ve gathered?”

  “Yes,” Larson says. “And I’ve also gathered this. Monica?”

  Monica hands her phone to the officer.

  “It’s videotaped evidence of everything that’s transpired with Clay Tucker since we arrived,” she says. “Including his confession about his involvement with this.”

  “Brynn!” Clay cries, as the officer begins handcuffing him. “You can’t let them do this to me. We were supposed to be together. And I’m the reason you have a job.”

  “Nope,” I tell him, looking down at the agreement where he, as principal of his businesses, assigned me as lead in-house counsel for them. “Now Larson and I are the reasons I have a job with your companies, which I guess you can hear about if any of your board members come to visit you in prison.”

  “You guys are awesome,” Harlow says. “I tip my hat to you. You don’t put up with any… crap,” he says, looking down at the kids who are near.

  “No capola!” Caleb says, jumping up and down. “Woo hoo!”

  “Cute kid you’ve got there,” the cop says. “Good job protecting him, Larson.”

  I see Larson’s face light up with love, and pride, as it should. He’s restored his good name and is finally seeing himself as the American hero he’s never stopped being. He’s done well by Caleb and me, and he’s officially the love of my life.

  Chapter 50 – Larson

  “So this is where you want to live now that you’re here to stay, huh?” I ask Brynn, as we walk into the modest- looking house in Nob Hill that she signed rental papers on yesterday.

  “Yeah,” she says. “The school district is good for Caleb. Esmeralda has agreed to move from New York to take care of him. Her daughter just left for college so nothing is really keeping her there, and she’s happy to be able to come care for Caleb still. And this is just temporary. Had to get something fast since we didn’t really have anything set up.”

  “Well you got it in time to come on the Santa Ride with me,” I say, hoping she’ll say yes to that.

  “Of course,” she says. “I’ve been looking forward to it since you first mentioned it. Whitney said she could keep Caleb for us while we go, and now we don’t have to worry about those stupid clowns anymore.”

  “Clay Tucker is such an idiot,” I tell her, picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. “Trying to steal my girlfriend. Instead, I’m christening the bed in her new rental house with her.”

  “It could be your rental house too,” she says. “You’re welcome to live here with me. Now that you can stay in one spot and have an actual address, that is.”

  We both laugh.

  “I’d like that a lot,” I tell her. “In fact, there are a lot of things I’d like.”

  I sit her on the bed and kneel down on the floor. There’s something else I’m hoping she’ll say yes to.

  “And what is that?” she says. “To start off the christening by giving me oral sex while you’re down there? Yes please.”

  “I certainly will do that,” I tell her. “But first I’d like to know if you’ll m
arry me.”

  I reach into my boot and pull out the diamond ring I had put in there this morning. I hold it up to her as tears form in her eyes. I’m trying my best not to keep from crying with her.

  “Oh my God, yes!” she says, reaching down and throwing her arms around me. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

  I scoop her into my arms and hold her.

  “Now listen,” I tell her. “If you don’t like this idea, we can go shopping and get you another ring. This was…”

  I trail off, a vision of her and my little boy running through my mind. Wherever they’re at now, I hope they’re at peace. And I can still feel them with me, propelling me to live a good life for myself, and Brynn, and Caleb.

  “Your wife’s?” Brynn asks, squeezing my arm.

  “Yes,” I tell her. “The only other woman I’ve ever loved. I never thought I’d love again. Never wanted to. But you changed all of that for me. So I would be honored if you would like to wear it. But if not, if you want to start fresh with one of your own, I understand that as well.”

  “I would love to wear it,” she says. “And I’m so glad we’re getting married. There’s nothing I’d like more.”

  “Well, there’s one thing I’d like more,” I tell her.

  She looks at me, curious.

  “What did you and Steven ever decide to do about Caleb’s custody and support situation?” I ask her. “With everything going on, we haven’t had time to talk about that very much.”

  “I haven’t talked to him either,” she says. “I’ve had more important things to worry about. It’s clear that he just wants to walk out of Caleb’s life or fight me in court to reduce his support as much as possible, even if that means dragging Caleb into it and claiming he will spend time with him. I can’t do that to poor Caleb. I think I’m just done with Steven and that whole situation.”

  “Good,” I tell her. “Because I would like to talk to him and ask him how he feels of course, but I’ve been thinking I would love to adopt him.”

  “You’d adopt him?” she says. “Really?”

  “I’d love to,” I tell him. “There is nothing else I’d want more in the world than to be both your husband and Caleb’s father. I would be so proud to call him ours.”

  She’s full-on crying now, and so am I. I never thought my life would turn out to be good again. All it took was meeting the fancy lawyer in the cheerleading costume.

  “When can we tell him?” she says, wiping tears from her eyes.

  “I suppose we should make sure Steven will really sign away his rights first,” I tell her. “So we don’t get his hopes up just to crash them.”

  “I’m sure that piece of shit will be happy to sign away his rights since it means he won’t have to pay child support,” she says. “He said as much himself. But you’re right. We’ll have that done officially first, and then tell Caleb. Maybe it can be his Christmas present.”

  “Yes,” I agree. “After the Santa Ride, we’ll tell him. And there’s something else we need to do first.”

  “What’s that?”

  I lift up her skirt and move my mouth down to her panties. I move them over to the side and lick her sweet pussy up and down.

  “I like that plan,” she says. “Let’s definitely do this first.”

  She lays back on the bed as I move my tongue around inside her and all around her clit until she begins coming for me.

  “Oh my God. Larson,” she moans, holding onto my hair and saying my name over and over and over. “Larson. Larson. Larson. I love you.”

  “I love you too.”

  I take off my pants and get on top of her. My favorite position.

  “What do you think the maternity policy is at your new job?” I ask her.

  “Anything I want it to be,” she says. “Why do you ask?”

  “I was thinking maybe Caleb would like a little brother or sister.”

  She smiles and I kiss her on her forehead.

  “I think that’s a great idea.”

  I enter her, without a condom for the first time ever, and I love the way my bare cock feels inside her pussy.

  “This is perfect,” I tell her, as I slide it in and out, while playing with and then kissing her nipples.

  “As perfect as things could possibly be,” she says. “And I have you to thank.”

  “We have each other to thank,” I tell her.

  She lifts her hips up to get closer to me and I thrust inside her again and again. I let go of any inhibitions and let myself feel pleasure like none I’ve ever felt before. I’m not longer afraid of losing control with her. I give my all to her, and I know she gives her all to me.

  We make tender love until I feel her pussy being to quiver at the same time as my cock is pulsing.

  “We’re going to come together,” she says. “I can feel it.”

  “I want to shoot my cum into your pussy,” I tell her. “To mark you as my little cheerleader slut, forever and ever.”

  “Amen,” she says, as I explode into her.

  “Larson,” she groans, as both of us come together.

  I feel my cum shooting into her as her own wetness leaks out. We mix our minds, bodies, hearts and souls together as only two people who have found true love can do.

  We have saved each other. And what we have is fucking awesome.

  Epilogue – Brynn

  Four Months Later

  Signs of Spring have just started to appear all around us. It’s fitting, because Larson and I are starting our new life together, as a family, with Caleb a happy and willing member.

  We’re getting married in Cedar Crest, in the East Mountains. Of course Larson drove us here on his bike, with members of the Desert Dogs proudly riding with him.

  “Dearly beloved,” the officiant begins. “We are gathered here together to witness the union of Brynn Elliot and Larson Campbell.”

  I look around at everyone gathered here with us, grateful to be surrounded by family and friends. It’s hard to believe that just about six months ago I was bemoaning the fact that I felt alone. Now, I see that’s not the case. Not only do I have Larson but I have the entire Bradford brothers family to support us as well.

  Riley and Jensen are here, of course, and little Drew, and Whitney and Harlow and Ramsey and Monica and James. Whitney is sporting a little baby bump, which is so cute.

  Even Blaze is here, and I’ve had fun getting to know him ever since the Thanksgiving dinner. Cassidy is on his arm, his wedding date— they’ve been getting along very well since then.

  They’d even come with us on the Santa Ride, where we’d delivered gifts to the kids together. Talk about a good way for friends to bond over a great cause.

  And of course our Caleb is here with us. I’m reminded of this fact— as if I could forget, when the officiant says, “And now it’s time to exchange rings.”

  Caleb, our ring bearer, proudly brings them up to Larson, declaring, “For my mo-to-cycle daddy!” This causes everyone to laugh, and a tear to spring to my eyes.

  We decided to marry quickly to speed up his adoption. I can’t wait until our little family is complete, and this is just the first official step. Larson’s also been talking a lot more about making a little brother or sister for Caleb, which is fine by me, if it ever happens. We haven’t been trying for that long and I know these things take time. Still, I get impatient.

  But as Larson places the ring on my finger and vows to be my husband, my partner, my protector— our protector, Caleb’s and mine— forever, I know that things will be great no matter what. As the officiant pronounces us man and wife and says he can kiss his bride— and he does, as deeply and passionately as the very first night we met, on Halloween— I’m grateful that everyone I have ever wanted or needed is right here with me today.

  Once the ceremony is over, Larson dismisses everyone. They’re headed to Louie’s for a drink and then they’re coming over for a small reception. He says we’ll see them soon; Riley takes Caleb for us.

; Then Larson takes me to a secluded spot in the woods. He says he can’t wait to start our honeymoon. And, he says he wants to fuck me on his bike, to celebrate our official union. He receives no objection from me.

  He starts to roughly rip off my wedding dress and I say, “Hey, honey, watch it. This dress was expensive, and plus, I have nothing else to wear!”

  “What’s wrong with being naked?” he jokes, but he’s more gentle in taking off my dress.

  There’s nowhere to lay it except in some leaves, but I don’t even care. I suddenly want him just as much as the first night I met him. I can’t believe the hot biker is now my husband.

  I rip off his suit— yes, he actually wore a suit to our wedding, joking that this is just one more thing I’ve managed to get him to wear that he never thought he would— and try to place it nicely on top of my dress but he’s impatient, pawing at my breasts and my ass, and I can’t say I mind one bit.

  He sits on his bike and then pulls me up onto his lap so that I’m straddling him. He starts to rub my clit and finger my pussy.

  “Oh, my God, you’re so wet,” he announces.

  “Well, my husband is fucking me for the very first time,” I tell him. “What do you expect?”

  “You’re fucking gorgeous,” he says, looking at my pussy that’s on display for him as he touches and fingers it, and then staring up and down at my body. “Don’t ever change.”

  “Deal,” I say, laughing. “You either.”

  Up here in the mountains, it’s rather cold and I feel chilly, but I don’t really care. I feel warm and protected by Larson. But he must like the effect that the air has on my already erect nipples.

  He leans forward and takes one into his mouth. Then he reaches a hand around and spanks the top of my ass.

  “You naughty girl,” he says. “Letting me fuck you on my bike, out here in public.”

  “I’m still your dirty little slut,” I tell him. “Even though I’m your wife now.”

  “You’re my old lady, and my little slut,” he agrees, pulling my hair to get me closer to him.

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