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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  “No thank you,” he says. “Wait for Larson. Woof woof. Big dog.”

  He points his finger at a St. Bernard on the screen.

  Just then Larson finally walks through the door.


  Caleb runs up to him as if he has been gone for a year. And in a way, it kind of feels as if he has.

  “Is everything okay?” I ask him.


  He ruffles Caleb’s hair as Caleb hugs his legs.

  “Let your mommy and I have some grown up time in the kitchen,” he tells Caleb.

  “I want pie,” Caleb demands.

  I’m about to say, “Just a little longer and then you can have some.”

  But Larson says, “Mind your manners. Please wait in the living room with Riley and Mommy and I will bring you some pie when we’re done talking.”


  Caleb nods his head.

  “Yes, sir,” says Larson.

  “Yes, sir.”

  Caleb obediently heads into the living room and takes Riley’s hand.

  I hadn’t noticed until now how much I baby Caleb. And how he could benefit from a stern but loving male figure in his life.

  Larson and I go into the kitchen and he grabs me and says, “We’re finally alone.”

  He wraps his arms around me and holds me close.

  “Where have you been?”

  I’m excited to finally be with him again, but I also want to know what he found out about the clowns.

  “You ask so many questions,” he says, and catches my lips with his.

  He parts my lips with his tongue and kisses me deeply and passionately.

  I return the kiss but say, “You taste like alcohol.”

  He chuckles deeply, more of a grunt than a laugh, as he kisses me again.

  “Seriously. I mean, I know there’s wine and champagne here but you taste like…”

  “Whiskey?” he asks.


  I pull away and look at him.

  “Did you just go to a bar? What the hell is going on?”

  “Yeah I did,” he answers me, which surprises me, even though I had asked the question. He kisses me again. “Do you want to know what it’s really like to be with me?”

  “I… yes,” I answer, as he moves my legs apart with his own leg.

  I was going to say I’m not sure, but I have no idea how to turn down such a good kisser. And I can feel his cock getting hard up against me. It’s all I can do not to pull him into Riley and Jensen’s bedroom right here, right now. If Caleb weren’t right in the living room— out of view from where we are but certainly able to see if we walked across the house— I would really want to do it.

  “Good,” he says. “Because I’ve been wanting to stuff your turkey all day long.”

  I laugh, trying to keep quiet.

  “Is that what they’re calling it these days?” I ask him.

  “It’s one of those dirty things you can only say on Thanksgiving,” he says.

  “Well that’s good, because I saw that you still had something on your chin earlier. Must have been from the last time you enjoyed having me for dessert.”

  I suck on his chin seductively, and he grabs my ass, sending chills down my spine.

  “That’s funny because I’ve been waiting to dip my finger into your pie,” he says, and he does indeed dip his finger into the apple pie on the counter.

  Then he puts his finger in my mouth and I suck on it gently yet firmly.

  “I want you so bad,” he says. “I mean, pass some of that over here my way.”

  “You two kids better knock it off because there are actual kids here in the house,” Jensen says, as he walks into the kitchen and causes me to jump.

  Larson just laughs.

  “Good, they know that the adults in their life are thankful for love and passion.”

  I arch my eyebrows at him.

  Love, huh.

  “So what happened with the clown sighting?” Jensen asks.

  Harlow, Whitney, Ramsey and Monica gather into the kitchen as well.

  “Yeah, what happened?” I ask, keeping my voice down low and peeking my head out to where Caleb is watching the dog show with Riley and the other kids.

  “Couldn’t find him,” Larson says, shrugging as if it’s no big deal. But his eyes betray him. They look worried— a bit frantic even. “No one knows anything either. Chad says there have been no more clown sightings since Halloween.”

  “Oh good,” Whitney says. “I guess Caleb just overheard something and let his imagination run wild.”

  “Poor kid,” Harlow agrees, nodding his head. “I’d be scared too, at that age. Being back in this house again.”

  “Hey!” Jensen protests. “There’s nothing wrong with this house.”

  Everyone goes back to joking and relaxing, but I’m still worked up. I don’t like that they’re dismissing what I know Caleb saw. It scares me that a clown was looking through the window. And I can tell that it scares Larson too.

  He puts his arms around my waist and says, “I’m glad everyone is safe and sound.”

  “Yeah,” I agree. “The clown probably took one look in here and saw that you’re around and skedaddled.”

  “He doesn’t feel like being knocked the fuck out today,” Ramsey jokes.

  Everyone laughs, although Monica says, “Watch your language.”

  I turn around to see Riley at the entrance to the kitchen, holding Drew on her hip.

  “Caleb is really wanting a slice of that pie,” Riley says.

  “Oh yeah, I should bring it out to him,” I tell her, reluctantly moving out of Larson’s grasp to get a plate.

  “It’s Cool Whip time,” Larson says with a grin.

  “You two are disgusting,” Whitney laughs.

  “Yeah, I don’t know if Caleb should be eating that pie,” Larson says. “After all we’ve done to defile it in both words and action.”

  “If you two love birds want to spend the night together, I’ll watch Caleb,” Riley volunteers.

  “Really?” I look out to the living room where Caleb is playing on a toy cash register with James.

  I feel bad leaving him here but it would also be great to reunite with Larson in a more intimate way. We still have to officially make up.

  Riley was right earlier. I’d been holding out on Larson while expecting him to be completely honest with me. Something has got to change on both of our ends in order for this to work.

  “Sure,” Riley says. “He’ll have a great time with Drew and James.”

  “I’m still worried about the clowns,” I whisper, out of Caleb’s earshot.

  “It’s fine,” Jensen says. “I’ll be here all night and Harlow and Ramsey will be here most of the night too. Not sure about Blaze and Cassidy but they’re welcome as well of course. I’m sure if there’s any trouble, we’ll know how to handle it. If not, we’ll call our favorite clown repellent Larson.”

  “You do that,” Larson says, looking a lot more serious than Jensen was as he was joking about it.

  At first I think he’s dismissing the fact that Caleb saw a clown just like everyone else seems to be.

  But then he says, “I don’t think the clowns will give us any more trouble tonight. They know I’m here. But definitely let me know if anything comes up and I’ll be right over.”

  I’m happy that he believes Caleb. And happy to have his protection.

  “Come on,” he says. “My bike is waiting for a pretty lady to jump on it and go for a ride.”

  “Is that the only thing that’s waiting for that?” I ask him.

  “No it’s not,” he says. “I need to be ridden too. And I still need Thanksgiving dessert.”

  Chapter 42 – Brynn

  I walk into the living room, afraid that Caleb is going to be upset that I’m leaving him on Thanksgiving. I feel a bit guilty, but I have to work tomorrow at the new Albuquerque office and then head back to New York City so I don’t have
a lot of time to see Larson.

  I want to make every second count. And I also want to make sure that I don’t let anything get in the way this time.

  “Caleb, Mommy and Larson are going to go out on a date, okay?”

  He barely takes his head away from the doggy show to look at me.

  “Bye bye,” he says. “Woof woof.”

  He points at the screen.

  I laugh and bend down to kiss him on his head. His hair is soft and it smells like cinnamon.

  “Good night little man,” Larson says, prompting Caleb to jump up and throw his arms around Larson’s legs.

  “Don’t go. Stay here!”

  “You got more of a reaction out of him by saying you’re leaving than I did,” I tell Larson, slightly pouting.

  “It’s just because I’m not around as much,” he says, patting me on the shoulder to comfort me.

  We’ve got to change that , I think.

  “I’ll probably see you tomorrow,” Larson tells Caleb. “You be good for Miss Riley, okay?”

  Caleb nods while wiping a tear from his eye.

  “Good boy.”

  Larson hugs him and then takes my hand. We say goodbye to everyone and he leads me out his bike parked in front of the house.

  “Where to?” he asks.

  “Umm… your house?” I suggest, not really knowing where else we would go or why he would even ask that question.


  He looks around as if someone might be lurking in the shadows. Then he shakes his head and hands me a helmet.

  “Why not?” I ask him.

  I’m getting suspicious. And a little scared of whatever he might be looking for.

  “You ask too many questions,” he says.

  “They’re reasonable questions!” I protest. “You don’t let me in on much.”

  “I could say the same,” he says quietly.

  I sigh.

  I don’t want to fight with him but this is getting ridiculous.

  “I don’t even know where you live,” I tell him. “What your life is like. What you do for a living. Why you always seem to disappear and never stay in one place for long.”

  “Maybe the answers to those questions are all connected,” he says, as he pats the seat of his bike.

  I jump up despite my reluctance to go with him now. My head says no but my body— or at least certain parts of it— say yes. And that’s the part of me that can’t be denied.

  “Will you tell me the answers?” I ask him. “If I tell you what I’ve been trying to tell you for weeks now about my own answers to the questions you probably have?”

  He nods.

  “Fair enough.”

  I feel something wet hit my cheek, and look up to see falling snowflakes.

  “It’s snowing!” I cry out.

  “First snow of the season,” Larson says. “On Thanksgiving.”

  “It never snows this early here.”

  The gently falling, beautifully white snow seems a touching way to top off our day. I lean back against Larson as he revs the motor and pulls away from Jensen’s and Riley’s house.

  I don’t know where we’re going. And I don’t even care. As long as I get the answers to the questions I’ve been wondering about. And some long overdue sex while I’m at it as well.

  Chapter 43 – Larson

  I take Brynn back to the same hotel where we first made love. It only seems fitting.

  I’ve been wanting to fuck her for far too long. I can barely wait.

  I want to carry her off my bike and into the hotel but I know we have to stop at the front desk and book a room. I’m so fucking antsy to get into her pants.

  She’d better wait until we make love to ask her billion questions. First things fucking first.

  Once we’re in our room she puts her purse down in the corner and says, “Okay, I’ve put my phone on silent so that there are no work interruptions this time…”

  But that’s as far as she gets. Because I pick her up and kiss her and carry her over to the bed like I’ve been wanting to do since laying eyes on her earlier today. Or well before that of course.

  I kiss her and she stops trying to talk. She’s already moaning and saying my name, and not in the “I have a billion fucking questions to ask you” type of way. It’s more in the “keep doing what you’re doing” type of way.

  I lay her down on the bed. I take off her pants as fast as I can and her silk panties too. She smells like a mixture of fumes from my bike, the windy cold outdoors, and the warm aroma of food baking in Jensen’s kitchen.

  “I can tell by your panties and waxed pussy that you were hoping to see me today,” I tell her. “I love to know how much you want me.”

  I spread her legs open wide and stare at her gorgeous, naked pussy. I put my hands on it and spread its lips apart. Then I get down on my knees so I can suck the juice that’s already dripping out for me.

  “Look how wet you are for me.”

  I stroke her pussy hole with my finger while alternating my tongue in its place. Licking and stroking. Licking and stroking.

  “Oh my God, Larson, that feels so good.”

  She leans back on the bed and lets me go to town on her pussy, my lips and tongue working all around it and in it and on it.

  Finally she’s squirming and moaning in that way that I love, gripping the sheets and yelling, “Larson! I’m coming!”

  “Come for me baby,” I tell her. “Come in my mouth.”

  I catch the liquid pouring out of her with my tongue and suck it down deep into my throat as she wiggles around on the bed, panting and groaning before collapsing onto the pillow.

  “That was amazing,” she says. “I really think it’s the best time ever.”

  I lay down beside her and wipe a strand of hair away from her eyes.

  “Good things come to those who wait?”

  She laughs and nods.

  “I guess it’s really true.”

  Then she stares into my eyes.

  “Why didn’t you answer my calls? I thought we were over.”

  Her bottom lip trembles and I just want to wrap her up in my arms. So I do. She nestles her head into my neck and I can feel her breath, still coming faster and harder than usual due to the fucking fantastic orgasm I just gave her with my tongue.

  “I thought we were over too,” I tell her. “But we’re not. I mean, unless you want to be. Because I don’t want to be.”

  She shakes her head adamantly, like I can only imagine she does when negotiating a deal at work. My strong Brynn, full of fiery passion. I love it.

  “I don’t want to be either,” she insists. “I know I left without explanation when you were in town, and I feel horrible.”

  “I thought it showed your priorities,” I tell her. “I thought you were just stringing me along. And I’m not the type to be strung along.”

  “I know,” she says. “I didn’t mean to do that at all. It was the craziest thing. I had taken off of work that weekend, but then I got a call from my boss that we all had to come in for a firm meeting.”

  She sighs, obviously annoyed at this boss at hers. As am I, for ruining our otherwise fucking amazing time together.

  “I assumed it would be a quick meeting. He mentioned a firm-wide announcement. I thought, well if they’re calling in the entire staff and all the lawyers, it can’t last that long. They know people have families to get back to on the weekend. At least I thought so anyway.”

  “You really think bigwig partners give two shits about your family time?” I ask her, trying without success to suppress a smile.

  She half laughs, half sighs.

  “I guess you’re smarter than me, for figuring that out way sooner than I did.”

  There’s a pause and then she continues.

  “I mean, I guess up until that second— or maybe even until right now— part of me still had hope that I can juggle it all. But it’s impossible. And you’re right. They don’t care. It’s not their job to car
e. It’s my job to be their billable hour slave.”

  I run my fingers through her hair, not sure of what to say.

  “But anyway,” she continues, looking up at me. “When they called us in, Clay Tucker was there and he wanted me to open this Albuquerque office.”

  “I heard about that,” I tell her. “From the Bradfords. That’s awesome. He must really like your work.”

  She shrugs.

  “It was… is… so damn creepy. I think he just wants an excuse to be near me. Because he said he had to take me to breakfast and talk to me one on one.”

  I think about how I saw them in the diner and then I feel compelled to say something.

  “I have a confession to make,” I tell her. “I… came to the diner.”

  “You did?” She looks shocked. “Why?”

  “I was just going to eat breakfast and wait for you to get back,” I admit. “But then I saw you and Clay and…”

  I trail off. I don’t have the fucking words to express how disgusted it made me feel to see them together.

  “…I lost my appetite,” I conclude.

  “Wow, so no wonder you haven’t been wanting to talk to me.”

  “It was childish,” I confess. “I should have just talked it out with you. I wanted to believe there was a good explanation.”

  “I understand why you need your space,” she says. “It must have looked… very different from what it was.”

  “So you really only had breakfast?”

  I hate how fucking jealous I sound. How pathetic and weak. The power she has over me, to make me feel this way.

  “I love it when you get possessive,” she says, scooching her hot ass closer to my cock.

  It was already still half hard, but now it rises to the occasion.

  I guess she doesn’t take my vulnerability as weakness. So that’s good news for me. And my cock.

  “But yeah,” she continues. “We just had breakfast. We went back and he presented this plan to have me head up a new branch office. We’ve been working on it ever since. That’s why I’m back in town. Well, in addition to hoping to see you, of course.”

  “You hoped to see me, huh?” I smile. “Did you hope to see this?”

  I run my cock along the ample curve of her ass, teasing her. She looks down at it and smiles.

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