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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  “I’m in the office,” she said.

  “That’s okay. I can imagine a few ways to put that desk of yours to good use.”

  She sighed, sounding a bit torn. I guess I was tempting her a bit too much; I should ease up on the teasing.

  “I can’t even respond to that, Hanson,” she said. “I have to go. I have a lot to do today.”

  “Don’t go yet,” I said. “Why are you so uptight about this? You don’t want to talk about it?”

  “Not in the office, no. And the last time I tried to talk about it, it didn’t go exactly as planned.”

  I smiled. It had gone exactly as I had planned. When Lacey had invited me to lunch, sounding so serious about the talk she wanted to have, I had known exactly what she’d wanted to say. The truth was, I hadn’t wanted her to say it. I had just wanted her.

  When she’d started talking to me, her body had told me everything her mouth wasn’t telling me. I’d kissed her because she’d wanted more. Because I’d wanted more.

  God, every time I thought about her, I wanted more, all over again.

  “So, do you want to come over, and we can talk about it later?” I asked.

  “I’m not your booty call,” she said, almost in a whisper.

  I smiled. I liked the sound of it, but it wasn’t exactly how I saw her. No, a booty call was someone who made it easy to fuck them. Lacey was increasingly difficult and very unpredictable. She was the furthest thing from a booty call.

  “I’m not going to be able to see you until Friday, at the hospital,” she said.

  “Oh, come on. You can’t make a small space for me, not even after work?”

  Why was she so different when we weren’t together?

  I supposed that when it was her and me, she could let loose and be herself. But at work she had a certain image to maintain, just like she was always telling me to do.

  I imagined her shaking her head, her lips pursed together, and her face serious. I could get her to relax and get the serious mask to slip. I knew what those lips looked like, rounded in a silent scream when she orgasmed. I knew what they tasted like, too.

  “I’m sorry, Hanson,” she said. “I’ll see you on Friday. Double check your schedule, and let me know if the afternoon suits you. If it gets in the way of your training, I will see what I can do to move it with the hospital.”

  “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “The afternoon works for me. If I don’t manage to fit in my training, I can always think of another way you and I can get in some exercise.”

  The line went dead. She’d hung up on me. I chuckled and pocketed my phone.

  I knew she’d only hung up on me because she had wanted to keep talking to me all day long. She was fighting off feelings for me, but in the end, her most basic desires would win out.

  Holy shit, her stubborn attitude and her hard-to-get ways got me hot under the collar. When she was like this, it just made me want her more. The more she pushed against me, the more I wanted her. And then things happened like the dining room table being repurposed and the limousine becoming somewhere I would consider having sex.

  We hadn’t done it there. It had been nothing more than a kiss. But I could arrange for that to change.

  I wanted her anywhere I could have her.

  Friday, we would go to the hospital, and I would play hero again. And then, afterward, I would take her to my place and show her my super powers. I was eager to be inside of her again. My cock throbbed in anticipation.

  Man, it was going to be a long week.

  Chapter 20 – Lacey

  On the last Wednesday of every month, Kina and I went out. Sometimes life got so busy that if we didn’t have a standing arrangement, we wouldn’t see each other for weeks on end. So we made sure to keep this routine unless something really urgent or important came up.

  We always met at Jada Cole’s, where they had cocktails and live music, and a very unassuming atmosphere. Unlike some of the hang outs in this city, you didn’t have to act pretentious to be there. After spending all day every day teaching people to pretend, coming here was always a nice break away from the rat race.

  Jada Cole’s had wooden panel walls and tiled floors with a bar along the one side, a stage on the other, and wooden tables and chairs in the middle. Kina and I sat at the bar. It was easier and quicker to get our hands on alcohol that way, and the bartender knew us well enough to make anyone who bothered us go away.

  Not only did we have a regular meeting spot and a regular meet up date, but we also had regular drinks. We always kicked the night off with mojitos. Tonight, we talked about work, ranted about stupid bosses, and drank another round of mojitos before we ordered tequila. After that, we always got serious.

  “So, are you still flying solo, or have you decided on your new fling, yet?” Kina asked. “It’s been awhile since Luke now.”

  I shook my head. “Not long enough.” I thought about Hanson, but he didn’t count. What I’d done with him, although fantastic, had been a mistake.

  “Just casual one-night stands for now,” I said.

  “Yeah, me too,” Kina said. I ordered a Cosmo. Kina raised her eyebrows. “You’re mixing a lot, tonight. This is going to get you fucked.”

  I shrugged. “Sometimes it’s good to let loose, right?”

  The Cosmo arrived. Kina had ordered another mojito. She was being careful.

  “I guess so,” she said. “I think it depends on how far you go.”

  “Like sleeping with Hanson?” I asked.

  Kina blinked at me.

  “You slept with Hanson?” she asked.

  I shrugged. I sucked on the little straw that came with the cocktail. My head spun slowly, my veins were on fire, and I couldn’t feel my legs. The latter was because of the tequila. I also had an urgent need for sex. That would be the alcohol in general.

  “Are you being serious?” Kina asked. “I thought you said—”

  “I know, I know,” I said, interrupting her. “But he was hot as hell, and he kissed me, and I couldn’t help it. He’s fucking good, too.”

  Kina raised her eyebrows. “The way you’re sucking on that straw as if you’re trying not to burst while you tell me all of this, it has to be more than just good sex.”

  I frowned. “What do you mean?”

  Kina shook her head. “Nothing. It just seems dangerous. Doesn’t it? Won’t that screw up your business relationship with him? Or even your business in general? You know the reputation he has.”

  I shook my head. “You know I can hide this shit, right?” I spoke with the straw clenched between my teeth in the corner of my mouth. “This is what I do for a living. Besides, it’s not like it’s going to happen again.”

  I didn’t know if I believed myself. I didn’t get the feeling Kina believed me, either.

  “I’ve heard this before,” she said.

  “When?” I asked.

  “On Saturday, when you’d told me you wouldn’t sleep with him the first time.”

  Oh. Right. I shook my head.

  “I mean it,” I said.

  Kina sipped her cocktail a lot slower than I drank mine.

  “What was he like?” she asked after a beat.

  I grinned. I’d known she would ask. She was curious. It was the famous Hanson Bell we were talking about, after all.

  “Big. He knew what he was doing. A little rough, but in a nice way.”

  Kina shook her head, smiling. “He would be good at it. He’s been with a lot of women, Lacey. Doesn’t that bother you?”

  I shook my head. “I’ve been with enough men of my own. Casual sex has a way of increasing one’s numbers, and you know that the only kind of sex I have is casual.”

  Kina laughed, but I couldn’t help correcting myself in my head, to the past tense.

  The only kind of sex I used to have was casual .

  Of course, I wasn’t going to say that out loud. If Kina was already this disapproving, she’d never want to hear how far I’d let a fantasy play o
ut in my mind.

  “So, who am I to judge?” I asked her, keeping the conversation on surface things.

  It wasn’t like I loved the guy or anything. What he did with his life had nothing to do with me.

  Even as I thought it, I knew it was just something I was telling myself. Kina was right. I was in too deep. I was fucked.

  “I can’t believe you slept with one of the Florida Sharks’ players,” Kina said.

  I shook my head. “Technically, I didn’t, because he’s suspended.”

  Kina rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that makes all the difference.”

  I chuckled.

  When we finally left, I was a lot drunker than I’d meant to be. When I stood, I felt all the alcohol. My balance was questionable, and my skin burned.

  “I got you,” Kina said when she saw me stumble. She put her arm around my waist, and we walked outside together. She hailed a cab and helped me in.

  “You’re not coming?” I asked.

  She shook her head. I nodded, not trying to argue or ask why not. She gave the driver my address and closed the door, shutting me in.

  “Be safe!” she called through the window.

  I waved at her when the cab pulled away. There was barely any traffic, and we slid through the streets. I was hot and bothered. I was horny. Alcohol made me think about sex, and Hanson was on my mind.

  I scissored my legs and touched my collarbone. I needed attention. I needed to be touched, and not by myself when I got home.

  “Change of destination,” I said to the driver.

  I gave him Hanson’s address, which I was ashamed to say I had memorized from his file, and he turned around, heading in the other direction. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. But drunk Lacey’s brain was taking over and doing what normal Lacey’s body wanted.

  And what normal Lacey’s body wanted was more Hanson Bell inside of it.

  Chapter 21 – Lacey

  When the cab driver dropped me off, I stood in front of a tall building in Miami Beach. It was a tower of luxury apartments.

  I told the doorman who I was looking for, and he phoned up. I waited until he told me I could go up.

  My luck, he’ll have a girl here , I thought, as I rode the elevator to nearly the top of the building.

  Part of me told myself that would be a good thing—it would pop the fantasy bubble I’d been living in. But another part of me—and probably the more realistic part—told myself that would be a very bad thing. A thing that was more devastating than it probably should be, considering that Hanson and I had only slept together once.

  So far .

  Okay, I definitely didn’t want him to be with another girl. I needed him to be available to make me feel good.

  When I stepped out of the elevator, Hanson’s front door was open, and he stood there in his boxers. I looked him up and down. Every inch of his body was sculpted and muscular, and his hair was tousled like he’d been pushing his hands into it.

  “You naughty girl. It’s late,” he said.

  “I know.”

  I tried to nod very somberly, but I couldn’t help but laugh. Then he did too.

  I walked toward him, focusing on putting one foot straight in front of the other. When I stood in front of him, Hanson looked at me very closely.

  “Are you drunk?” he asked.

  I didn’t know why I shook my head. I smiled at him, feeling like a teenager who had been up to no good.

  Hanson’s eyes rested on mine. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. I stepped closer to him, brushing my hands against his cock through his boxers and kissing him lightly on the lips.

  “I thought you said we shouldn’t do this,” he said.

  He was saying no to me? But his pupils were dilated, and when I glanced down, his erection strained against his boxers.

  “Since when have you listened to me, or anyone for that matter?” I asked him.

  I stood on my toes and pressed my lips against his again, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing the length of my body against his.

  “Good point. That was supposed to be my line. But you knock me off my game.”

  From that point on, he didn’t hesitate. He wrapped one arm around me and dragged me into his apartment, shutting the door behind me. He kissed me hard, his hands in my hair and his hips pressing against mine.

  “God, Lacey,” he mumbled against my lips.

  “Take me,” I whispered.

  He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I didn’t have a lot of time or the mind to look at my surroundings. I was aware of a lot of square feet and expensive furniture.

  In the bedroom, Hanson turned and kissed me again. I pulled off my shirt and took off my jeans, stripping off my clothes to offer myself to Hanson.

  “I thought you were only seeing me on Friday,” he said when I pulled down his boxers.

  His cock sprang free, and I wrapped my fingers around him. I had been missing it. I needed it. He groaned.

  “Shut up, Bell,” I said, and moved my hand up and down, mimicking sex. “I need something from you. I need this.”

  I couldn’t do it for very long before he pressed himself against me, making it hard for me to move my hand. He moved forward until my back hit the wall. I shivered, the cold concrete against my back giving me goosebumps. I didn’t think about it for long.

  Hanson hiked up my leg again the way he had before. This time, I was naked. He put on a condom while I waited impatiently.

  Finally, he bent his knees a little and pushed his cock right into me. I cried out. He had me pinned against the wall, a little off balance with just one foot touching the ground, and he started pumping into me. The sex was rough and fast and about nothing more than getting off.

  It was exactly what I needed.

  He played with my clit while his cock fucked me. His fingernails gripped into my ass cheeks, desperately, frantically. An orgasm built up in me hard and fast, and before I knew it, I was tumbling into climax, gasping and crying out, clawing at his shoulders.

  I was barely done when he swung me around, pulling out long enough to get me on the bed before he was on top of me, pushing into me again. I wrapped my legs around his hips, absorbing his movements as he pumped into me.

  “I love to look down at your hot little pussy,” he said, and both of us watched him go in and out of me.

  “I love watching your big cock fuck me,” I told him.

  I orgasmed again, falling apart beneath him, trusting that he would pick up the pieces. Finally, he orgasmed, too, his body jerking inside me, emptying himself out. He groaned in my ear, and his body was taut. His muscles flexed as his body spasmed.

  When he was done, he shuddered before he rolled off me, slipping out and then taking his condom off. He lay next to me and traced my body with his fingertips. He ran his fingers over my nipples, which responded by tightening up. He traced my ribs, slid his hand to my navel, and then to my hip bone before he moved back up again to repeat the pattern.

  I looked at him. His eyes met mine, and we looked at each other without saying anything for a while. I moved closer, kissing him again.

  We made out like teenagers, doing nothing other than tasting each other, our tongues rolling around and around. Slowly, I felt him harden against my body, getting ready for round two.

  And I was right there with him. He rolled onto his back, and I got on top of him, straddling him. He handed me a condom and I rolled it onto his cock. Then I lowered myself so that I was on his cock, but he wasn’t inside me.

  I kissed his chest, moving my body, teasing him. I slid up and down, rubbing myself against him. I listened to his breathing. It became shallow and quick. He was rock hard beneath me again.

  I reached between our bodies and held him, positioning him before I sat down on him. I groaned when he entered me. My body was sensitive after round one, but I wanted more. I moved back and forth slowly, picking up the pace. I moved my hips back and forth, rocking my body and working up an appetite fo
r another orgasm.

  Hanson’s eyes were on my breasts. I leaned forward so they swung back and forth while I bucked my hips. He stared at them like he was hypnotized. There was something powerful about being on top of a man, being in control.

  I found a rhythm and something primal took over. I rocked harder and faster. My knees rubbed on the sheet, the skin getting sensitive. I didn’t care. I was going to see this through.

  The orgasm built, slowly this time. My clit rubbed against Hanson’s pubic bone, and it pushed everything into a new gear.

  Waves of ecstasy washed over me, and I struggled to keep myself up. My core clenched, and the orgasm took over. I curled into a ball on Hanson’s chest. He put his hands on my hips and bucked beneath me, pumping into me.

  I cried out. The sudden speed kicked my orgasm up to new heights. Hanson let out a cry and exploded inside of me, with the condom forming a protective barrier as his body was jerking and spasming beneath mine while we came together.

  I collapsed onto his chest, and Hanson’s arms wrapped around me, holding me there. Fatigue overwhelmed me, and I rolled off Hanson, lying in a ball next to him. He nudged me so that I rolled over.

  Then he pulled me against him so that my back was against his chest. He pulled the sheets over us. I closed my eyes. He took off the condom.

  The alcohol and orgasm had taken over, and I was spent. I let sleep engulf me.

  Chapter 22 – Hanson

  I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I guess I should say a billion since I already have millions.

  I stretched underneath the sheets, and the satisfaction of the previous night’s great sex flickered through my body. I was hard and throbbing again, too. I turned my head and smiled.

  Lacey lay next to me, still asleep. She had tucked the sheets to her chest, and she lay curled on her side. Her eyes were closed, long lashes against her cheeks, and her dark short hair was a beautiful mess, in a look only sex could give a woman.

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