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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  Why did he have to ask me what I felt? What I felt and what was right were two different things. Hanson’s face was still so close to mine that I could see the specks of gold in his hazel eyes. I looked into his eyes and fell, deeper and deeper. My body screamed for attention, aching for him to touch me again.

  As if he knew what I was thinking, he made his move. He put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me toward him, kissing me hard. His lips mashed against mine, his tongue snaked into my mouth, and I forgot every argument I’d prepared in my mind.

  Heat washed through my body and pooled between my legs. Hanson stood up, pulling me with him and drawing my body against his.

  I felt his muscles through his clothes. Hanson had a taut body. His muscles were fit and sculpted from years of keeping his body in peak condition. His erection pressed against my hip bone, telling me exactly what he wanted.

  His hand slid down to my breast, and he massaged me through my blouse. My nipples tightened and I gasped. My core clenched, begging, expectant.

  I knew I shouldn’t want this, but I did. I should stop it, but I couldn’t. I felt physically incapable of doing anything but giving into what Hanson wanted— what I wanted.

  Hanson pushed me firmly against the wall. He reached for my thigh and hitched up my one leg so that his erection ground against my crotch as he gyrated his hips. He moved his head to my neck and nibbled the skin, kissing a trail of fire to my collarbones.

  I reached down and fumbled with the hem of his shirt, working it up. Hanson broke the kiss just long enough for me to get the shirt over his head. I dropped it on the floor.

  I could do nothing but stare at his chiseled abs and chest. The tattoos on his chest and arms. His strong biceps and sculpted shoulders. He was even hotter than I thought he had been when I could only see him with his clothes on.

  Hanson dipped his head straight back to my neck. His hand was still on my breast, and his arousal pressed into me, making me ache for him.

  “You’re so fucking hot,” he mumbled into my neck.

  I pushed him away from me enough to reach his jeans, and I unbuttoned and unzipped them. I worked his pants over his hips. He did the same for me, getting rid of my own jeans and then my blouse.

  He didn’t stop at my panties. He wanted them out of the way and so did I. When I was naked, Hanson paused only a second to look at my body.

  “Fucking perfection,” he said.

  He pulled down his boxers, and I looked at him. His cock was big and hard, smooth and veined, erect with lust. Hanson pushed his hand between my legs, and his fingers slipped into my slit. He found my clitoris and drew small circles around it, making me tremble and shiver right there where I was standing.

  “God, you’re so wet,” he said.

  “You did that,” I whispered, feeling stupid the moment I said it.

  But it was too late to take it back. Even though the feeling had been palpable, the admission was now out there between us. I wanted him to fuck me.

  Hanson kissed me again before he spun me around and backed me up toward the table. He laid me on my back, and I gasped. The wood was cold against my bare back. The food we hadn’t eaten was next to me on one half of the table.

  Hanson’s hands eased onto my thighs, which fell open for him. He reached over into the pockets of his pants for a condom. Once he found it, he opened the wrapper and put it on.

  Then he stepped on a chair and balanced himself over my body. His arms and shoulders bulged as he held himself up. His cock moved toward my center like a missile, and he pressed against my entrance. I gasped.

  “I love seeing the head of my big cock up against your wet little pussy,” he told me, whispering into my neck.

  I leaned back into him, my pussy dripping and aching for him. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to take me.

  He pushed into me and I cried out. My pussy stretched to accommodate him. He was large and he filled me completely.

  Hanson didn’t wait for me to adjust to the big size of his cock before he started thrusting it in and out of me. His body arched over mine, his hips bucking as he fucked me as if he had been waiting a lifetime to do it.

  My body moved back and forth on the table, and my breasts jiggled. Having Hanson inside me was pure pleasure, and I cried out as the friction against my g-spot reduced me to a puddle of lust beneath him.

  I orgasmed suddenly, not able to stop it even if I had tried. My body tightened, my toes curled, and I held onto Hanson’s shoulders while I climaxed and my orgasm washed over me. When it finally subsided, I gasped for air.

  “Holy shit,” I breathed.

  “We’re just getting started, baby,” Hanson said.

  He stepped down from the table and wrapped his arms around me. He closed my arms and legs around his body, and he carried me to the bedroom.

  This was it. I was fucking my biggest, career making or breaking client. Or rather, he was fucking me. Hard, fast and strong. And I didn’t want it to stop.

  Chapter 17 – Hanson

  Fucking Lacey was everything I’d imagined it would be and more. I loved looking down at her bare pussy spread open wide for me. I loved feeling myself pulsing inside her warm, tight pussy.

  And the best part was, I could tell she loved it too. She was a wildcat in bed. After I took her to the bedroom, she got on top of me and rode me like there was no tomorrow, orgasming another time before I had even come close to reaching my peak. She gave herself over to the act with reckless abandon, completely comfortable in her own skin and at ease with her sexuality.

  It wasn’t often that I was with women who were as confident about themselves as Lacey was. It was a huge turn on.

  “I don’t want this to ever end,” I found myself saying to her, and then I reminded myself to shut up. Calm down.

  I was so tempted to let myself go with her, just as much as she was letting herself go with me. But I needed to stay strong. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea— that I was weak or that I had feelings for her.

  But she was making me lose my mind and I was thinking thoughts I shouldn’t have been. Her eyes were back in her head and then she was looking deeply into mine as she called out, “Hanson! Hanson! Hanson!”

  “Yeah, Baby,” I told her, plunging myself even deeper into her pussy, pulling her ass cheeks apart and spanking them a bit for good measure. I had to punish her for bringing me to my knees for her. “Take this big cock in your tiny little pussy hole. I know you like it.”

  “I love it,” she called out, on the verge of coming again. I could tell by the way her pussy quivered and her voice changed. I loved owning her, claiming her, taking over all of her senses and making her mine. “It feels so good.”

  I pumped myself in and out of her and then I felt a tug at the base of my balls. She reached around to squeeze them, which hastened my release.

  “I’m coming,” I told her, as I throbbed inside her. “I’m fucking coming right now.”

  My breathing began to match hers once we were done. I’m a world class professional athlete but fucking Lacey was still a work out for me. And I loved it.

  When we were finally done, I got up to throw away the condom. I stared at her as she was lying down in the moonlight that fell through the open window, satiated. She looked at me through hooded eyes, and I’d thought I had died and gone to heaven.

  Fuck . Her body. It was better than I could have imagined. I loved looking at it naked and vulnerable.

  Milky skin that stretched evenly across her toned physique, which she was obviously taking care of. And judging by how well she kept up with me, she was fit, too. Yet she was full of curves and had meat on her bones. She was the perfect combination of soft womanhood and fierce strength.

  This was the kind of woman an athlete like me deserved. I was used to treats every now and then, but Lacey had been a three-course meal.

  “That was amazing,” she said, sighing under her breath as we both indulged in sleepy relaxation next to one another.
br />   “That was…”

  I stopped, not wanting to finish my sentence.

  The best sex I’d ever had. With one of the most fascinating creatures I’d ever met.

  I changed direction, not wanting to give up too much of myself to someone I couldn’t really be with. The fact that I was even wanting to be with her surprised me. This wasn’t the Hanson everyone knew and loved— or hated. I was already changing for her.

  I chuckled at the thought.

  “What’s so funny?” she asked, propping her head on her hand to get a better look at me.

  “Here’s the part where you tell me this was all part of your PR skills, right? All a big scheme you cooked up? Somehow you have converted me into the perfect image of the perfect football player, with the power of your talents in the bedroom?”

  I was laughing but part of me was wondering if it could be true. If so, I didn’t even care. As she joined me in laughter— hers lyrical and sweet whereas mine was more sarcastic-sounding and gruff— I thought we sounded pretty damn good together. We did everything pretty good together.

  “Glad to hear you think I have bedroom talents,” she said, when we had finished laughing.

  “I think you have a lot of things,” I told her.

  “Oh yeah?”


  I decided to let it rest. There was nothing I could say to her right now that wouldn’t be mixing our professional and personal lives. Sex was one thing— a forbidden romp with a colleague or a secret fling after everyone else left the party; those were the stories that people told during drunken trips down memory lane. But none of those relationships ever lasted. They were just built on fantasy.

  I ran my hand down her hair, not wanting the night to end. We weren’t supposed to be doing this but I was so glad we were. I have never been known for following rules and they all went out the window the minute I saw Lacey’s amazing ass, which I now had the pleasure of putting my hands all over.

  My last thoughts before I drifted off were perfect. I had a feeling I would sleep like a baby for the first time in a very long time.

  Chapter 18 – Hanson

  I woke up the next morning, still feeling satisfied. More than satisfied. Happier than I’d been in a long time.

  Lacey had mentioned she’d needed to get up early and do some work. I guess she had decided to let me sleep in a bit.

  I got dressed, feeling like a million bucks, and headed to the training facility. Brian was already in the gym when I arrived.

  “Do you sleep here?” I asked. “You’re always eating up that treadmill when I get here.”

  “It’s a stress release,” Brian said, breathing hard in between words. “Not all of us can fuck women to relax.”

  I shrugged. It was relaxing. “You could if you wanted to.”

  Brian didn’t answer. His feet slamming into the treadmill was the only sound between us for a while, while I stretched out my muscles to warm them up.

  I couldn’t get her off my mind. It kept flashing on Lacey’s face and her body. I didn’t usually think twice about the women I’d slept with. Once we were done, that was it.

  Lacey was different, though. Not just in bed, but intellectually and emotionally. I wanted to see her again.

  Of course, I didn’t have much of a choice in that. She was my PR Manager, and we would still be working together for a while. That made me happier than it should have. The thought of seeing her again was just as satisfying as the sex had been.

  What the fuck has gotten into me?

  When I was done stretching, I hopped onto the leg machine and started my sets. It wouldn’t be long now until I would be back on the field, and I wanted to be ready.

  Brian finally switched off the treadmill and stepped off, breathing hard.

  “Why are you in such a good mood?” he asked.

  I looked at him, pumping my legs to my chest and down again.

  “Who can’t be happy about leg day, right?”

  Brian chuckled. “You got some, didn’t you?”

  I shrugged.

  “You’re an animal,” he said. “And another one bites the dust. Who was it? Or can’t you remember her name again?”

  I didn’t answer him. A part of me didn’t want him to know that I’d slept with Lacey, now that it had gone that far. Maybe it was because I cared about her enough to want to see her again. Maybe it was because I didn’t know what I was feeling about it, yet.

  Or rather, I knew exactly what I was feeling but I didn’t know what all it meant just yet. And I certainly didn’t want to admit that to anyone, not even Brian.

  Maybe I didn’t want him to think she was just another piece of ass. As much as I didn’t understand it, that was how I felt. I had no idea what I felt, but I didn’t feel that she was disposable.

  “Fine, if you don’t want to give me the dirty details, I’ll talk football.”

  I shook my head. “Bite me, Brian,” I said.

  He laughed. “Seriously, though. We need you back on the team. We’re barely pulling through.”

  I nodded. “That last game was a close one, but you still won.”

  “I think it was all because of the injury. On the other team. Otherwise, we would have had our asses handed to us.”

  I nodded. I hadn’t watched the game. And my head hadn’t been in the game lately, since I’d been so focused on Lacey. I’d only caught the highlights, but I knew what he was talking about. The injury had been bad, and it had knocked their team morale down a little.

  “Well, it’s only one more game, and then I’m back in the lineup,” I said. “It will be over in no time at all, and then we can kick some ass again, you and me.”

  Brian nodded. “And with your new image, who knows how much support we’ll have now.”

  I stopped pushing weights and blinked at Brian. He grinned at me.

  “You’re a real dick,” I said.

  “I just want to give the children so much money to say I’m sorry for sleeping around so much,” Brian said in a mocking voice.

  I grabbed my water bottle and threw it in his direction. He laughed, ducking away.

  “Hey, it was a pansy move, in my opinion, but the press ate that shit up. Your mysterious PR girl must have been right about her advice. And I was right to tell you to talk to the reporter. Did you see the article?”

  I shook my head. I had stopped reading the news about myself a long time ago. It was only ever bad.

  “You should. They’re painting you as a hero.”

  Lacey had said they liked heroes, not winners. With her, I had won, though. If the rest of them wanted to see me as a hero, cool. But with Lacey, I’d scored. But the last thing I planned to do was let Brian in on just how much I’d been thinking about her.

  Chapter 19 – Hanson

  “Have you heard from Coach yet?” Brian asked.

  I shook my head. “I didn’t think I would.”

  “At some point, he’s going to bring up this amazing stunt you managed to pull off. That woman you’re working with is good, even if she doesn’t put out.”

  I chuckled. I didn’t mention that putting out was exactly what she’d done.

  “I think she’s good for you,” Brian said.

  I couldn’t argue with that. Brian and I had different opinions about a lot of things. There was a reason I was known as the ass and the irresponsible guy on the team, and Brian quite the opposite.

  But this was something I would agree with him on. Lacey was good for me. I wasn’t sure how good yet. That remained to be seen. But I was excited to find out.

  When we were done, I walked to the locker room and grabbed my bag. A few of the team members were present, and they all looked at me. I half-expected a snide comment or a rude gesture. They hadn’t been very friendly toward me lately, but neither had anyone pulled any tricks like they had the other day.

  No one said anything now though. They all just stared.

  “What?” I asked.

  They turned bac
k to whatever they were doing. I shook my head and walked to the showers. I was a part of the team, but I always felt a little left out, especially now that I’d been suspended for a while. We were loyal to each other on the field, but off it, it wasn’t the same thing.

  When I was done showering, I grabbed my bags and headed to my car. I pulled out my phone and dialed Lacey’s number.

  “How you doing, you sexy thing?” I asked.

  “Please, call me Lacey,” she said tightly.

  Right, she was in the office .

  “Lacey,” I said.

  I preferred to call her by any number of nicknames that came to the top of my head. Baby, beautiful, you sexy thing. But if she wanted to play it this way, okay.

  “I need you to come with me to Jackson Memorial on Friday,” she said. “They want you to come to the children’s wing and spend some time with the kids, hand out some signatures, that kind of thing. After your big donation, they want to do something to thank you.”

  “This Friday?” I asked

  “Yes, it would be good if you do this before you go back to the game.”

  I shrugged. “I guess I can make it. I only had gym on the agenda. I’m making sure I’m staying in shape.”

  “Good,” she said. “If we can go just after lunchtime, that will be great.”

  She ignored the comment about my body. There I was wanting to find out if she was reminiscing about last night as much as I was, but she was all business today, uptight and stiff. It made me want to do something to help her relax, something that had to do with my dick.

  My body throbbed in response to the thoughts of seeing her naked and doing things to her body.

  “It won’t interfere with your training schedule?” she asked.

  “I thought you told me to jump, and I had to ask how high,” I said.

  “That’s not how it works between us, and this isn’t the same thing as the charity event. Our work can’t interfere with your career, but it can, and should, take over your social life. For now, at least.

  “Right,” I said. “Well, speaking of how things work between us. Have you thought about yesterday? Because I’m thinking about yesterday all the time.”

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