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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  She nods and we leave the office. Everything has fallen into place and I couldn’t be happier.

  “I guess I am that lucky,” Erin mumbles.

  “What?” She turns to me with a tiny smile.

  “It’s just, I feel like everything is going well.”

  I take her hand and give it a squeeze. Life is good indeed.

  “Where do you think we should get married?” she asks me.

  I shrug, and think about the church we’ve been going to. It’s a new-fangled liberal one, with no Pastor Nichols in sight, thank goodness. In fact, it has a female pastor—Jan Tarrington, who talks about how even though human beings are imperfect, God loves us and makes us whole. It’s kind of nice, doing wholesome things like attending church with Erin and her parents… even though it’s even better to get down and dirty with her later on.

  “I don’t know,” I tell her. “But I think as long as Pastor Jan is officiating instead of Pastor Nichols, we’ll be off to a good start.”


  She laughs that sweet, innocent yet hearty laughter that I love, the one that blends with mine so well.

  “I love you, Erin Richardson.”

  “I love you too, Jameson. And by the way, make that soon to be Erin Reed .”

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  Chapter 1 – Hanson

  There were so many hot women up in here. From the sad-eyed, impatient-looking chicks who had to wait in line because they didn’t have a connection to let them in ahead of all the rest of the poor saps, to the cocktail waitresses dancing on the bar to the bachelorette party attenders shaking their asses on the dance floor in celebration of their BFF’s final night of freedom, I couldn’t even keep up with the number of amazingly stunning women all around me. This was my perfect idea of a Friday night.

  The White Room was the kind of night club the who’s who of Miami went to. Situated in Mid-Beach, the glamorous club was part of the Fontainebleau Hotel and a hot spot for famous folk and VIP regulars. I went there all the time. If I was going to get wasted, I was going to do it in style.

  Did it cost a lot of money? Hell yeah. But as the Safety for the Florida Sharks Football team— at least, when my ass wasn’t suspended— I had enough cash to get fucked-off-my-face drunk without blinking at my bill at the end of the night.

  The venue, the service, and the music was the shit, and that’s why hot women from all over came to the club. If there was anything that made me a happy man, it was a woman in a dress that left very little to the imagination.

  Tonight, the club was packed. It consisted of a huge dance floor with banquet booths on the bottom floor, stairs that descended from the doors so you could scope out whoever came in, and sky boxes on the second floor that looked out over the dance floor. Sky boxes were reserved for VIPs like us, so that’s where we were hanging out tonight, just like all the other nights we came here.

  I leaned on the chrome railing and looked out over the crowd with a glass of expensive whiskey in my hand. The music throbbed like a racing pulse, and bodies writhed to the beat. The air smelled of sweat and lust, an intoxicating combination.

  “Man, it’s good to kick back,” Brian said, splayed out on one of the white leather couches. “I swear that last game fucked me up. I’m aching all over.”

  “Is your face hurting?” I couldn’t help the smirk lifting my lip. I loved dicking around with Brian. He was too easy sometimes.

  “Fuck you too.” He rolled his eyes and chuckled. “My face is not hurting, and it’s not killing you. All these women around here are looking at me, idiot. You know this.”

  I shrugged and sipped my whiskey. He was an idiot, but I would keep him around. I turned a little as my back ached. He was bent over thanks to the last game; I was just sore from a shitty night of sleep.

  Getting hurt in the game was an occupational hazard. Brian McMurry was the Running Back for the Sharks. He was good at what he did and a fan favorite. He was also my best friend. We had played for the Hurricanes together before we’d been selected for the team, and if there was anyone I would turn to in a crisis, it was Brian.

  “How long until you’re back in action?” Brian asked. “You must be losing your shit not playing for so long.”

  I nodded. “Losing my shit” was an accurate description. Not playing drove me crazy, but I had to deal with it. Life was all about the choices you made.

  “Two more games,” I said, rolling my shoulders. “Then I’m back.”

  I turned toward Brian and sat down, too. Brian sipped a glass of soda water like a teetotaler. He had training in the morning. The Sharks started at six, and we had to “Focus-Listen-Learn,” as the signage above the door to the training facility reminded us. It was hard to do that when you had so much alcohol in your system the world spun when you stood still.

  I would know. While I was off, though, I could drink as much as I wanted to, but that wasn’t much of a benefit, considering the serious trouble I was in with the team.

  Being suspended wasn’t a joke. I would rather play and be sober most of the time than wasted and watching my team on television.

  “Thanks for saving my ass,” Brian said. “You know, for taking the fall.”

  I waved my hand dismissively. “Don’t sweat it. Really.”

  Brian nodded, but I could see the tightness in his shoulders. He didn’t want anyone doing anything for him. We were the same in that way.

  “You’re talking to Coach on Wednesday?” he asked.

  I nodded. Wednesday was the day Coach had asked me to come in to talk about my public image. My suspension for driving under the influence had been tacked on to the bottom of a whole list of infractions, mostly to do with women. I had to clean my act up a little if I wanted to show my face in public again.

  I wasn’t looking forward to it. I understood my suspension. I made my choice on that, and I would live with the consequences. But I didn’t want to give up the women. Being with whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted, didn’t affect my game. In fact, I had a theory that the more sexually satisfied I was, the better I played. It was an opinion that Coach didn’t share.

  Coach Rudi Thompson was the kind of man that put everything into his players. The game was as important to us as it was to him. He lived vicariously through us, being unable to play anymore himself.

  “When you talk to Coach, remember where he’s coming from,” Brian said.

  His mind had evidently been on the same train of thought as mine.

  I shook my head. “I know what you’re going to say, and I don’t want to hear it,” I said. “It’s not Wednesday yet, and we’re here to have fun. Remember? Quit thinking about football for a minute. I’m going to go down there and find us each a girl.”

  Brian chuckled. “I’m not going to stick around long enough for that.”

  I shook my head. “Don’t be a dick. I know you want to get some tonight. It’s the best remedy for aching bones.”

  Brian shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a proven medical fact.”

  I laughed and left the sky box, making my way to the dance floor. I shimmied up against a couple of girls, lean
ing in close so they could hear me over the music. Scantily clad bodies rubbed up against me, the music pulsed in my veins, and I wanted to get good and horizontal with one of them tonight.

  Even if we stayed vertical, like up against a wall or something, it would do.

  Two women were eager to come back with me. I only had to mention the words “sky box” and “single friend,” and they were good to go. They knew I looked familiar. Most girls didn’t really do football. But those magic words were enough for them.

  “Brian,” I said, walking into the box with my find. “This is Carina and Sacha. Ladies, meet my friend, Brian.”

  I sat down, and the brunette, Carina, joined me. Sacha was a platinum blonde and parked herself next to Brian.

  “Evening, ladies,” Brian said, glancing at me with a grin. I knew what he was thinking: I knew just how to pick them, and not in a bad way.

  The women were eager. Carina pressed herself up against me so I felt her body, slender with huge tits that couldn’t be real. I preferred natural breasts and some meat on their bones but Carina was hot and I wouldn't throw her out of bed— or off the wall, or wherever it was we'd end up having sex tonight.

  Brian’s hot date was doing something similar, pressing herself so close to him that she couldn’t get any closer, short of climbing onto his lap. I put my hand on Carina’s bare leg. Her skirt was so short it was more like a long shirt.

  “What do you say we go to a room?” I asked Carina. Her mouth was on my neck, riling me up. I looked toward Brian, who was still just talking to Sacha. “I’m sure there’s a room next door you can use, Brian.”

  Brian shook his head and leaned forward to put down his glass. He peeled himself away from Sacha.

  “I’m sorry to disappoint, guys, but I have to get going. I have training in the morning.” He got up and lifted his hands to the air, forcing the girl back further.

  “Can’t you stay just a little longer?” Sacha asked. She scissored her legs together and leaned back, pushing out her chest. She wanted it bad.

  I got up and ran my hand over my chest as I eyeballed her. She was something to look at, but most of the women who hung out around us were. Too bad they were female players just like we were male players.

  In fact, judging from the eager way they came with me and took me up on my threesome offer, I was pretty sure they played the field just as much as I did. Not that I was complaining. I wasn’t looking to take a knee for proposal reasons, or hand out a ring, anytime soon.

  “Come on,” I said to Brian. “You’re going to leave me when it really counts? Some teammate you are.”

  The girls laughed.

  “I’m sure you can handle it,” Brian said and winked at me. “I’ll talk to you later.”

  I gave Brian a look.

  “You’re a swell friend, you know that?” I was being sarcastic, not that he couldn’t tell by the tone of my voice. Asshat.

  Brian laughed and clapped me on the shoulder before he left the box, shaking his head. I sighed and turned to the women. Sacha was pouting on the couch.

  “Do you still want to go to that room?” Carina asked in a seductive voice, sashaying toward me.

  I nodded, putting my hand on the small of her back and sliding it down to her ass.

  Then a thought crossed my mind. I wasn't sure either one of them would go for it, but that's never stopped me from asking. I'd always been a risk taker. And, as the old sports phrase goes, you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't try.

  “Come with us, Sacha,” I said, smiling. “No reason for you to stay alone here and miss out on the fun.”

  She glanced at her friend, lips parted, eyes questioning. She knew what I was suggesting. Carina put her arm around my neck, pressing the length of her body against mine.

  “Yeah, join us,” she said.

  Score .

  That was why it never hurt to go after what you wanted in life. And I had always been a man who lived by that philosophy.

  Chapter 2 – Hanson

  Sacha got up, smiling. She walked towards my free arm, and I pulled her close to me, running my hand down her side. We left the box and crossed the hotel to a room I had booked for the night, earlier that evening. It was always good to be prepared.

  I couldn't say that being prepared was a philosophy I lived by in general. I was more a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy. But when it came to sex, I was always ready and willing.

  I closed the door behind us and turned to face the women. My cock throbbed in my pants with anticipation and lust. The women knew exactly why we were here. I ached for a release. Alcohol always did that to me.

  The women looked at each other, smiling. Carina pressed herself against me again, her hips grinding against mine. I lifted my hand and placed it on her breast, giving it a firm squeeze. Her tongue slid into my mouth, and she moaned.

  I was aware of Sacha moving around us, slowing stripping. Her dress fell on the floor. When I glanced over at her, she was naked.

  Holy fuck. Her body was tan all over. It looked like artificial color, and her tits were fake, but I didn’t mind one bit right now. She looked like she’d escaped from a porno. I had a feeling she knew how to fuck like a porn star, too.

  I slid my hand down Carina’s body from her left tit, over her stomach, and to the hem of her dress. I pulled it up. Her perfect pussy greeted me, waiting for me to be in it. So, she wasn’t wearing underwear.

  They had come here with one thing in mind. Good. We were on the same page, then.

  My fingers found Carina's slit. She was wet and ready for me. I slipped my fingers into her and she moaned. Her breathing sped up, becoming shallow and erratic.

  Sacha walked toward us, her hips swinging from side to side. She stopped behind Carina and reached for her dress. Slowly, she started pulling it up, peeling it off her body. I let go of Carina and did the same, helping Sacha. In no time at all, Carina’s dress joined Sacha’s on the floor.

  Together, they undressed me. I let them. When I was naked, they led me to the bed, each of them holding a hand. Carina lay back on the bed, her thighs falling open.

  This was my idea of heaven.

  I crawled over Carina and dipped my head between her legs. I closed my mouth around her and sucked on her, tasting her, licking her delicious little clit. She squirmed and moaned beneath me.

  My tongue traced her slit and circled her clit. Meanwhile Sacha started running her hand up and down my shaft, playing with my cock, jerking me off.

  I didn’t have what it took to hold out very long. My cock was hard as a rock. I wanted in, and I always got what I wanted. I moved up her body, planting kisses all the way up. I sucked on her nipple while putting on a condom. Then I placed my cock at her entrance of her pussy.

  When I pushed into her, Carina gasped. She was so warm and tight. I was close to orgasm already. I started bucking my hips against Carina’s, fucking her. She wanted this. They both did.

  Sacha leaned forward and pressed her lips against mine. I balanced myself on one hand and reached for Sacha’s breast. She kissed me like she meant it, sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth.

  I wanted to last if I could, but it wasn’t easy with these two gorgeous women eager to please me. I fucked Carina until I couldn’t hold it anymore and she was limp and moaning beneath me. Her breasts jiggled as I pumped into her. She orgasmed twice before I did. When I released in her, she shivered at the way my cock throbbed.

  I pulled out and gasped. I got off the bed and walked over to the trash can to dispose of the condom. Then I headed to the armchair, sitting down.

  “Fuck,” I said.

  I was spent. I wanted more, though. I just needed to recover first.

  The two women lay on the bed, writhing together. They kissed, slowly and sensually, while their hands explored each other’s bodies. The sight was something I didn’t often see, but it was enough to get me riled up again.

  When I was ready for round two, Sacha turned around so her a
ss was pointed at me. She wiggled her hips and looked over her shoulder.

  That was it. It was time for another condom.

  I put my hands on her ass, holding her still, and pressed myself into her from behind. She moaned, and I started bucking my hips, hammering into her the same way I had done with Carina.

  Speaking of Carina, she had slipped her head underneath us and started sucking on my balls while I fucked Sacha doggy style. Sacha started moaning and groaning, calling out "Baby, that feels so good, you're making me come."

  I realized she probably didn't remember my name but I didn't even care. My cock felt so good jammed all the way up in her pussy while Carina was playing with and sucking my balls. It didn’t take long for me to come again.

  When we were finally done, we got dressed and headed back to the club. Carina clung onto me, kissing me. Sacha’s hands slid down my body, feeling me, touching me all over.

  “Ladies, didn’t I give you enough?” I joked.

  "No," one of them answered, while the other one said, "We want more. When can we see you again?"

  That would violate my rule about never seeing one night stands again. I'd made that mistake in the past and sometimes the women would get super clingy, thinking it meant we were in a relationship or something. But I don't do relationships. Not even menage ones.

  A camera flash blinked at me for a second. When I looked up, a guy scurried away.

  I looked at Carina, plastered against me and Sacha with her hands all over my body. That had all been caught on camera.

  Fuck .

  Chapter 3 – Lacey

  The offices of Storm Marketing and Public Relations were a couple of blocks in from the sea front in Downtown Miami. I didn’t miss the view of the ocean that everyone else complained about since we’d moved to the new building a bit more inland. I was too busy actually living my life to stare out a window and dream.

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