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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  “Much older, huh?” he asks, with a grin. “I guess there’s a reason they call it Sugar Daddy Central.”

  I lovingly swat him on the chest. “You know what I mean.”

  “Well, I hope they don’t disown you,” he says, growing somber now. “And I really can’t wait until it’s safe to tell people at work. So we can be official.”


  “Officially together.”

  That makes me smile. We’ll be together. Out in the open, eventually. Just like all the other couples at work. But for now, I’m happy enough that we’re together unofficially.

  We get out of bed and get dressed. Jameson drives me back to my car. We decided that today we are both going to tell people the truth. We say goodbye and I go to my car. I brought clothes to change into and make the switch in the car. My parents don’t need to know the exact nature of what happened last night.

  During the drive home, I try and practice what I’ll say to my parents. Nothing sounds right. I need to get out of my head. It shouldn’t be this hard. I’ll just be straightforward and hopefully I don’t get disowned.

  I go inside and find my parents eating dinner. I’d lied and told them I was spending the night with Monique. They’d met and liked her and approved. They were impressed that the office manager and I were friends.

  And she and I really have hit it off. There’s a new colleague of Damien’s that comes into the office sometimes, and who she can’t help but ogle. I’ve noticed that it’s mutual, although she denies it. She also claims to be “married to her work,” but I don’t believe it. I remain thoroughly convinced that everyone deep down wants and needs love— even a workaholic like her. And even a former playboy like Jameson.

  Speaking of Jameson, I’m not looking forward to this conversation with my parents. I won’t tell them all the dirty details, just that I’ve met someone and I want to be with him. I sit down at the table.

  “How was your night, honey?”

  I mumble out a “fine” to answer my mom’s question and then get right into the meat of the conversation.

  “I want to tell you guys something and please don’t get mad, but I’ve met someone and we want to be together, and even live together, but I don’t want to lie to you guys anymore,” I spit all this out at them and wait anxiously for their replies.

  They’ve stopped eating and are just looking at me.

  “Please say something.”

  “Is this what you were asking me about the other day? When you were talking about Pastor Nichols?” my dad asks.

  I nod. I didn’t tell my dad any specifics, instead letting him know Pastor Nichols was extremely mad at me and wouldn’t listen to me.

  “Listen Erin, we never want you to feel like you can’t talk to us. I know sometimes we’re a bit overbearing, but we mean well.” My mom places her hands on mine and squeezes. “I’m not happy to hear you’ll be living with him, and I would recommend you take things more slowly. But, I’ve realized lately that you’re going to do what you’re going to do regardless of what I say.”

  Wow. I really wasn’t expecting this pleasant of a reaction. I guess my mom picked up on more than I had thought.

  “We want you to be happy,” my dad says. “We hope we’ve raised you right until now and you’re on your own, kiddo. Just don’t shut us out. That’s what we’re most afraid of. Ever since you started this job, we’ve known something was up, but we didn’t know what… and that’s a scary place to be.”

  I breathe a sigh of relief.

  “Okay, Dad. I’m sorry.”

  I’d never tried talking to my parents like this. Maybe if I had, we could’ve been more open. Communication is a two way street and I should’ve met them halfway. At least now it seems like things are changing. I hug both of them and go to my next stop: the church.

  I get there before anyone arrives for Sunday service and find Pastor Nichols in his office. Before going in, I turn the recorder on my phone on, just in case. I knock and the pastor tells me to enter. This time he’s pacing around, preparing for the service, going over his notes. When I open the door, he turns to me and smiles.

  “Erin! Lovely to see you. I don’t have much time; I need to get ready for the Sunday service.” He motions for me to take a seat and he takes his on the other side of his desk. “How may I help you today?”

  All I need to do is be brave. Everything worked out with my parents and it’ll work out here.

  “I came to tell you, I’m in love with Jameson and I’m going to be with him.” As soon as the words are out of my mouth, a dark cloud passes over Pastor Nichols’ face. He looks frightening. I’ve never seen him so mad.

  “What are you doing Erin? I told you, you couldn’t be with that man. He’s dangerous for your soul.”

  “Like I said, I love him and I refuse to feel bad about it any longer.”

  Pastor Nichols stands up suddenly, knocking over his chair and I jump in my seat.

  “I don’t care! You can’t be with him; you can’t love him. You can only be with me and love me. We are meant to be together and if you can’t see that, I’ll have you thrown out of the church and branded a whore!”

  How have I never seen this before? Jameson was right. Pastor Nichols is jealous. More than jealous. He’s insane. I stand up and get right back in his face.

  “You can do that, but just know that I’ve been recording you and I will expose you for the manipulator you are if you don’t leave me alone.”

  He falls back, surprised by my boldness and I know I’ve won. I will never have to worry about him again. He doesn’t say anything as I leave, not that I would listen. I rush to my car and head for the office. I can’t wait to see Jameson, the man that I love.



  It’s been five months since I’ve moved in with Jameson, but things have only gotten better between us. This morning, he wakes up with morning wood, as usual, and I climb on top of him, ready to go, like always.

  “Hell, yes,” he says, as I slide myself down onto his cock.

  I’ve gone on the Pill, so now he can fuck me bareback.

  I look down at his big cock going in and out of me, and remember what it was like the very first time he took my virginity. It was out of this world awesome, and it still is.

  “This feels so good,” I tell him, as I bounce up and down on his big dick.

  He holds onto my hips, moving me up and down on him, until I’m coming and screaming out his name.

  “Oh, Jameson, that feels so good. I love you so much!”

  “I love you too,” he says, and then picks me up and swings us both out of bed.

  He stands up beside the bed and continues to fuck me in a completely vertical position. My legs are wrapped around his while he thrusts in and out of me and makes me come again.

  Then, he sets me gently down on the bed on all fours.

  “I’m going to fuck you doggy style,” he says.


  He spanks my ass and says, “Now what do you say?”

  “Take me, Boss,” I tell him, panting. “Take me doggy style.”

  “I still love when you do what I want,” he says, spreading my pussy wide open and then plunging his cock into me.

  It no longer hurts; it just feels so good. He grabs ahold of my ass cheeks while he fucks me, and then he reaches around and plays with my clit while thrusting in and out of me.

  “I’m going to come again,” I say, drawing in a deep breath.

  “Me too,” he agrees, and I can feel his cock throbbing and pulsing inside me.

  As I come, he shoots his load into me, filling me with his juicy stickiness.

  “Hell, yeah,” he says, playing with my asshole as we both finish coming.

  Then he takes his cock out and spreads me wide again.

  “I love to see this creampie I left in you.”

  His cum drips out of me as he brings me a towel. As I wipe myself up, I don’t even notice that he’s down on
the floor. He must have dropped something.

  “Erin?” he says, and then I see he’s down on one knee. I also see him holding up an incredibly sparkling diamond. “Will you marry me?”

  “Yes!” I call out, jumping into his arms again. “Yes, yes, yes!”

  “Good,” he says, “Because I couldn’t wait any longer to make us official at work. I need to tell everyone how much you mean to me.”

  Once I get to the office, I can’t wait to tell Claude and Carolina and Monique and all the others the good news.

  “Oh, my God!” shouts Carolina, giving a little hop even though she has a baby bump. “I was wondering if it could be you that Jameson was with.”

  “You little devil,” Claude says, shaking his finger at me and saying, “tsk, tsk, tsk.” “Dishing up all the office gossip except your own.”

  “I can’t believe you always gave me so much advice, without ever telling me your situation,” Monique says.

  “Why?” Claude says, turning to look at her. “What’s going on with you?”

  “Oh, nothing,” Monique says, blushing. I wink at her.

  Soon Madilyn, Ruby and Katie are at the receptionist lobby and everyone is congratulating me.

  “I’m so happy for you, Erin,” Madilyn says, giving me a hug.

  I beam at her. If only she knew what an influence she’s had on me. But I’m too shy to tell her.

  Brett walks by, looking left out and annoyed like he often does.

  “What’s going on here?” he asks.

  “None of your concern,” Claude says, winking at me as he shoos him away. “Go on, don’t you have work to do?”

  I laugh, remembering that fated day that Brett tried to pick me up, but instead, Jameson did. Thank goodness.

  “So are you still going to work here, after you marry Mr. Money Bags?” Katie asks.

  I smile.

  “I think so. At least part-time. I’ve decided to go to college.”

  “That’s awesome!” Marilyn exclaims.

  “Yeah, Ruby’s been showing me how to make webpages in my spare time, so I think maybe I’ll become a graphic designer.”

  “Hell yeah!” Ruby declares, giving me five.

  I smile, excited to have found an area of career interest finally, as well as true love. I guess I just needed to spread my wings and fly. And I’m so glad I have so many great people by my side as I do.


  Once I get to work, I’m not as excited as I was at home. Sure, I’m anxious to tell the partners about Erin and me, but, I have a feeling that they won’t be as happy for us as I am. They have called a special meeting and I know they suspect something between Erin and me.

  I’ve begun to wonder why I’ve even bothered to keep it a secret. Asher has known all along. Katie has undoubtedly told Damien. That just leaves Garrett, who has had issues of his own due to having knocked up his secretary Carolina, and Cameron, and I don’t know why I’ve been so afraid of him. I see how he is with Ruby, and he should understand that I’m in love.

  I can’t get the thought of this morning’s hot sex off my mind. I love to fuck Erin without a condom and see my cum inside her. I’ve been thinking I need to put a baby in her, just like Garrett did Carolina. Why should he get to have all the fun?

  But first, I know I need to marry her or her parents will never forgive me. It’s not that I don’t want to marry her, because I do; it’s just that they’re a lot more old fashioned about this stuff than I am. And they’ve been remarkably understanding about our whole situation, so the least I can do is follow the order of things in the way that they’d prefer. Plus, it will probably be awhile until we can have a baby, since Erin wants to go to college.

  When I get to work, all the partners are once again seated in our meeting room. Ron actually called this meeting, so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to tell them all about Erin and me. Garrett is the last to arrive. He always looks like he’s lost in his own world these days, undoubtedly thinking about how he’s about to become a father. Once we’re all seated, Ron bolts out of his seat and goes to the front of the room to make his announcement.

  “As you all know, we’re in an image crisis currently. And anything that threatens our image needs to be squashed immediately. First, Garrett went and knocked up his assistant, but at least that situation is being handled now. We need to protect this firm we built together—”

  “Can you get to the point, Ron,” Asher says, chiding his best friend since childhood. “All of us have a lot of work to do. There’s no use protecting a firm that isn’t making money due to all of its named partners sitting around talking about protecting the firm.”

  “Of course, of course. I’ve called you all here today to tell you about my deep suspicions that Jim has been sleeping with one of our employees, nineteen year old Erin Richardson. As you all probably remember, Erin quit earlier this year, but since then she’s back and I’m not sure if she’s blackmailing him or he’s made sleeping with him a condition of her employment, but either one would be very bad and I have noticed how much time they spend together in his office. Now if this were to get out, it would look very bad.”

  It takes him a minute to realize that Asher and I are chuckling.

  “What?” he demands. “What is so fucking funny? I thought we had all agreed to work on our firm’s image problem but I bring up this serious issue and you guys are laughing?”

  “Well, for your information Ron, Erin and I are in a serious relationship. In fact, we live together, and I’ve just proposed.”

  “Woah, buddy!” Asher exclaims, giving me a high five. “Congratulations. I did not know about that development.”

  “It just happened this morning,” I tell him.

  “What?” Ron demands. “You knew, and didn’t tell me?”

  “Oh, come on, Ron,” Asher says. “It wasn’t my secret to tell. I think that Jameson did a great job of hiding it, compared to how it was for you and me. I think you should be giving him kudos for keeping it under wraps until it was stable enough to announce to everyone. And, really, our image problem isn’t much of a problem, if all of us are happily coupled.”

  Ron shakes his head at first, but he seems unable to stop himself from smiling.

  “I guess you’re right.”

  He clears his throat, looking a bit sheepish.

  “I forgot how it was for us at first. I’m glad that you found something similar, Jim. And that it didn’t hurt the firm’s reputation.”

  “There you go,” Garrett says, slowly clapping. “The best friends all made up. Now we can get back to work.”

  “That we can,” I say, standing up. Even though I know that Garrett is only anxious to get back to seeing Carolina. I know the feeling. “If we’re done here, I’d like to go see my bride.”

  They all stand up and come over to me. Ron gives me a pat on the back and I get a handshake from Garrett.

  I can’t help but hurry down the hall. I head down to my office and find Erin sitting on my desk. A huge smile breaks across her face as I enter and I know things went well for her too. I close the door behind me and she jumps down once I reach her.

  “It would seem we were both successful in our goal to deliver our good news.”

  She wraps her hands around my neck and we share a kiss.

  We break apart and she takes my hand and leads me to my chair.

  “Why don’t you sit down?”

  She says it suggestively and I wonder what she has in mind. I take my seat. Erin kneels in front of me, her body slightly under my desk. She unzips my pants and takes my cock out.

  “And what are you doing?”

  “Well, I always love to taste you and now seems like the perfect time.”

  “As good as any time,” I tell her.

  And before I can say anything more, she wraps her mouth around the head of my penis and, my God, it feels glorious. I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite things that she does. She sucks on my big cock and I have to gr
ip the edge of my chair to keep from losing control. She licks up my shaft, when there is a knock at the door. She stills and I can hear a feminine voice on the other side.

  “Jim!” It’s Katie, who opens the door without waiting for a reply. Erin is hiding under my desk. The thrill of almost getting caught is quite exhilarating, even if she and I are official now. “I just wanted to tell you I heard the good news, and I’m glad you took my advice.”

  I glance down at Erin and see she has a mischievous look on her face. This might not end well. She takes her thumb and starts to rub my tip with it. My hands grip my seat tighter.

  “Thank you, Katie, I appreciate your advice.”

  I can barely concentrate on talking right now. Erin has begun to play with my balls and I’m afraid I’m going to come right then and there.

  “No worries, no worries. I just wanted to say congrats!”

  I just need her to leave. I’m about to explode.

  “Thanks, Katie.”

  Now, please go.

  “You’re welcome, Jim. Any time. I’m very happy for you and Erin.”

  I just look at her until she finally takes the hint and leaves my office. Once he’s gone, I grab the back of Erin’s head and turn it up towards me.

  “And what were you doing?”

  Trying to get us caught, no doubt.

  “I was having fun…” I let go of her hair and she puts her lips back on my cock and brings it back and forth in her mouth. Her tongue swirls on my tip and I can feel that I’m on the edge.

  “Dear God, Erin. I’m going to come.” She moves her mouth faster and I think she intends to swallow. My semen pours out of me and into her mouth and she sucks me dry, swallowing every last drop.

  “Fuck!” I exclaim. It feels so good when she sucks me off like that.

  When I’m done, she places my cock back in my pants and zips me up. Then she stands up and gives me kiss, so I can taste myself in her mouth.

  “Am I still good?” she asks.

  “You were amazing.” She smiles and sits in my lap. “Why don’t I take you home, so we can have a little more fun.”

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