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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  “You are perfect.”

  She opens her eyes and gives me a small smile. I start the car as Erin readjusts her dress. We drive over to my place and head inside. I move further into the house, but Erin stays by the door, surveying the room.

  “Is everything okay?” I ask her.

  She stops looking around and turns to me.

  “Your house is really nice.”

  She slides out of her shoes and walks along the hardwood. Her fingers brush against the furniture she touches. Eventually, she reaches me and places both her hands on my chest.

  “Can I see the upstairs?”

  Her hands rub the fabric of my suit and then travel under my jacket. I grab the sides of her face and kiss her, no longer able to contain myself. She keeps her hands inside my jacket, rubbing my nipples through my shirt. I need to get her upstairs before we end up having sex on the floor. There’s a surprise I made up in case the night ended up here.

  “Let’s go upstairs. I have something I want to show you.”

  She nods and I take her hand and guide her to my bedroom door. I usually don’t bring women to my room. It’s nerve wracking to have people I don’t know that well in my space. But I know Erin. I love her.

  I love her . Asher is so fucking right.

  I push the door open and step aside, so that Erin can enter first. I stand in the door frame as she explores my room.

  “What did you want to show me?”

  Nothing’s standing out to her and I watch, amused, as she looks for my surprise. I could watch her for hours, but I also want to get the night going.

  “Check out the bed frame.”

  Erin goes over to the bed and inspects it. She looks for about a minute and then notices the restraints I placed on either side of the bed. She looks back at me, surprise written all over her face.

  “I thought we could do your thing tonight…” I move into the bedroom, closing the door behind me. Erin sat on the bed and I go stand at the edge. “You never even got to finish explaining your fantasy to me. Why don’t you tell me exactly what you want?”

  Erin scoots over to me and kneels on top of the bed. She tangles her fingers in my hair and our lips meet briefly. She moves away from my mouth and trails kisses until she reaches my ear.

  “I want you completely naked,” she whispers.

  Oh. I think I can comply.

  We break apart and I strip for her. She sits back and watches as I reveal myself to her. Once I’m fully naked, I ask,

  “What next?” Erin moves off the bed and comes to stand next to me.

  “Get on the bed.”

  She’s getting a lot bossier and I like it. So far, I’d been the one giving orders, but letting her take control is just as fun. Our roles are switched, and this is something I would only ever do with her. No one else.

  She places my wrists in the restraints. I tug a little and there isn’t much wriggle room. Erin removes her underwear and then gets back on the bed. She lifts her dress and straddles my lap.

  “I think I’m beginning to understand what you want.” She wants to watch me pull against the bindings as she rides me. While she’s clothed and I’m naked. She’s a little minx. “There are condoms in the drawer.”

  She takes one out and rolls it down my shaft. It’s honestly one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I watch as Erin slowly brings herself down on my cock. I’m already struggling against the ties on my wrist. Everything in me wants to touch her. To help her continue her descent. Her pace is excruciatingly slow. I’m breathing through my teeth.

  “This is… you are amazing.”

  She starts to move her hips slowly, creating her own rhythm.

  “Is this okay?” she asks.

  “It’s more than okay.”

  I thrust my pelvis into hers, which is the only real meaningful movement I can make. Her moans reach my ears and I feel rock solid. But I’m afraid I’m going to come right here and now.

  I’ve never been one to come prematurely, but with Erin everything is that much more intense. I watch her bounce up and down on my erection, taking her own pleasure while giving me mine. I love to see her body but it’s so hard for me to not lose control.

  “Fuck, Erin. You’re pussy’s so tight.” I hear her gasp and I can’t tell if it’s from surprise or finding a good angle. We haven’t gotten into much dirty talk and it’s one of the few things I can do in this position, so I continue. “Ride me harder. Ride me until I explode inside of you.”

  “Yes, yes!” She moves her pelvis faster and faster. Her breasts bounce and she throws her head back. “Jameson, I’m- I’m- Oh my god!”

  “Don’t stop, baby. Don’t stop.”

  I can feel her tightening around me and, Lord help me, I’m ready to lose it, but I want to hold on until the end. Erin makes some incomprehensible sounds as her walls quiver around my shaft. I can no longer hold out and I orgasm with her, tugging at my restraints. I might have some light bruising later, but I don’t care.

  This was some of the best sex I’ve ever had, only rivaled by the sex we had in the office, for her very first time. She gets off my lap.

  “Where’s the bathroom?”

  I tell which door it is and she goes to leave.

  “Wait. Aren’t you going to let me out of these?”

  I shake my wrists. She can’t just leave me here, right?

  “I will. Eventually.”

  And with that she leaves the room. I’m left tied up and naked on my bed. Wow.

  Erin isn’t as predictable as I thought. I wait and think about what we’re going to do next. I’d like for her to spend the night. There’s so much more I want to talk to her about. Like our future. And how we’re going to move forward.

  Then I chuckle to myself. I’m tied up, naked on my bed, waiting for the woman I’m falling in love with. This is a situation I didn’t think I’d ever find myself in. I wouldn’t have even been able to conceive this situation.

  A few minutes later, Erin returns to the bedroom and begins to untie me. Once my wrists are unrestrained, I wrap my arms around Erin’s waist and roll over, so that now I’m on top of her. She was not expecting this and starts laughing from surprise.

  “Are you still… up?”

  I wasn’t before, but now that she’s back, I can feel my erection coming back a little. And while I enjoyed the preceding events, I’d really like for Erin to be naked.

  “I’d like you completely naked.”

  “I’d like that, too,” she agrees.

  I move back, so that she can sit up. She wiggles out of her dress and then unclasps her bra. I run my hand along her body. No matter how often I do this, I’ll never get tired of feeling her. I reach her stomach and can’t resist the urge to tickle her. She lets out a giggle and grabs my hands.

  “What are you doing?” she asks.

  “I’m falling in love with you.”

  There. I finally said it. And I feel relieved, fulfilled. The week I spent without her made me realize I never want to be apart like that ever again. My words sink in and Erin’s face becomes more somber.

  I’m worried I may’ve jumped the gun and spoke too soon. Maybe the first time I brought up the subject of love, it would’ve been better if we were clothed. The silence seems to stretch on for ages. She brings her feet into her body and curls into a ball. I don’t know if I’ll survive any longer.

  “I think I’m falling in love with you, too.”

  And there they are. The words I needed to hear. I can feel that I have a big, stupid grin on my face and when Erin looks up, she starts to giggle again and curls out of a ball. And it seems like she can’t stop laughing, not that I want her to.

  Chapter 24


  Something about Erin brings the silly out in me and I blow raspberries on her stomach. This sets her off more and now we’re both laughing uncontrollably. After a couple of minutes, we calm down and we’re lying on our backs on the bed next to one another. We’re looking at each oth
er, a little out of breath.

  “Come here.” I motion for Erin to get closer. She scoots over to me and places her forehead on my chest. Her breath tickles my skin and I settle my face on the top of her head. Soon, she starts to kiss me and I rub my fingers on her back. “Why did you leave?”

  My question startles her and she stops moving. I keep rubbing her back, wanting to keep Erin calm. I need to know what’s scaring her, so we can overcome it together. Then we can be together.

  “You know my family’s pretty religious?”

  I mumble an ‘mmhm’ and wait for her to continue.

  “Well after our first night… together, I felt so conflicted I went to go see my pastor, Pastor Nichols.” Hmm, confession of sorts. I haven’t gone in years. And I was raised Catholic. “He told me that I couldn’t pursue any relationship with you. But things kept getting more and more intense between us and after we had sex and I got home late, my parents made me see him again. Before getting home, I didn’t feel ashamed, but once I saw the disappointment in their faces, I realized I did the one thing I told myself I wouldn’t do. Pastor Nichols told me I had to quit and so I did.”

  I look at her, my blood boiling over this asshole pastor.

  “I didn’t know any other way to atone for my sins,” Erin continues. “I went to go see him again, Pastor Nichols, because I couldn’t stop thinking about you, but he just got really mad at me even though I told him how I felt about you. I tried to talk to my dad, but he told me not to push too hard or I might be excommunicated.”

  At this point she takes her face away from my chest and looks up at me. She looks so vulnerable and even a little frightened. Maybe she still feels bad about what we’re doing and I know we’re at a critical point.

  “But you said you’re falling in love with me and that can’t be bad, right?”

  “Of course not.” I didn’t realize she was dealing with so much guilt. It must’ve been painful having to go between such conflicting feelings. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. As the Bible says, love covers a multitude of sins. At least, that’s how I remember the verse going, back from when I used to go to Mass, eons ago.”

  We both laugh.

  “Anyway, your pastor is probably just jealous,” I tell her. “It’s hard not to love you.”

  This finally breaks her somber mood and I get a weak smile. I kiss the top of her head, but I can feel she’s still thinking.

  “What is it?” I ask her.

  Erin bites her lip, but proceeds with her question.

  “It’s just something you said about Pastor Nichols… That he’s jealous?” She lets out an uncomfortable laugh. “It just sounds ridiculous. I mean, he’s my pastor. He would never…”

  She’s starting to spiral a little and I can tell I’ve hit a chord.

  “I didn’t mean to freak you out so much. It was just a thought, okay?”

  Maybe a thought that holds water. I’ve never met the guy, but the way she’s starting to analyze it makes me think that there are some indicators that support the idea. But now is not the time to go into it. So, instead I suggest a shower.

  “Do you want to go first?” I smile at her naiveté.

  “I was thinking we could take it at the same time.”

  We head over to the bathroom where I make good on my promise to fuck her until she can no longer form coherent sentences. I spin her around so that her ass is in front of me and her hands are up against the tile wall of the shower.

  I spread her ass nice and wide and then I reach for the condom I’d put on the edge of the tub. Finally, I push my cock inside her. It still feels so warm, tight and good. I reach around to play with her nipple with one hand and her clit with the other while I fuck her.

  “Oh, my God, Jameson,” she cries out, her voice being drowned out by the noise of the water. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

  “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

  I take my hard cock out of her and get the handheld shower head. I spray water directly at her clit until she leans her head back on my hard chest and says, “Oh my God, that feels so good.”

  She writhes her hips around on the water that squirts her pussy, while I say, “You’re my bad little girl, fucking the faucet like that.”

  I spank her ass and then grab ahold of her hips as she comes yet again.

  “Yes, Boss,” she calls out. “I’m a bad little girl.”

  Once she’s done coming, I pull her back onto my cock and thrust in and out of her pussy.

  “I’m still your boss, huh?” I ask her. “Good to know.”

  “Well, if you’ll have me back,” she says.

  “Deal. Let’s not tell other people just yet. It’s kind of a precarious time for the firm, and I think Garrett has something going on with Carolina, so, I don’t want to actively condone it, hypocrite that that makes me.”

  “Ha ha,” she says, gasping for breath as I continue to fuck her. “Deal.”

  “Although, I think some people already know. Your friend Katie, for instance.”

  “I wouldn’t put it past her.”

  Then I’m throbbing and pulsing inside her and spanking her ass while I say, “You’re such a naughty girl, willing to be my dirty little secret at work.”

  “And you have to be my dirty little secret at home, too,” she says, as her legs begin to shake. “My parents are still so mad at me.”

  “About that…” I tell her, but my cock is swelling up in her and I realize I’m about to come. “Hold on.”

  I grunt, blowing my wad into the condom as she squeezes my cock with her pussy and thighs and comes along with me.

  “Oh, my God,” she says, her hands making tracks down the side of the shower. “This is amazing.”

  “It sure is.”

  I hold her against me, letting the water hit us and then I grab the soap and begin cleaning her back. When I get to her neck, I knead softly, kissing it for good measure.

  “This is much better than even Carolina’s massages,” she whispers.

  “Good,” I laugh. “And about your parents?”


  She looks behind her and up into my eyes. Her chocolate brown eyes are so gorgeous, I don’t ever want them to stop looking at me.

  “I was thinking you should move in,” I tell her. “It will help give you some distance from your parents, and you’ll be close enough to me that I can fuck you any time I want.”

  “Deal, for sure,” she says, leaning back into my chest and laughing. “They’ll be mad at me, but maybe they’ll realize I’m a big girl now, who can make my own decisions.”

  “That you can,” I tell her, kissing her earlobe. “And I’m sure glad you decided to go to dinner with me.”

  Chapter 25


  Last night was incredible. It threw any doubts from my mind about whether or not I wanted to be with Jameson. Now I know it’s what I want and I’m not going to feel guilty about it any longer. We’re both wearing a white t-shirt and boxers, belonging to Jameson. His clothes envelope me and make me feel warm inside.

  I wake up, curled against Jameson and it feels great. He has a morning erection and I grind my butt along it in an attempt to wake him up. I hear him sleepily ask me what I’m doing and then he grabs my hips and stops me.

  “I could wake up like this every morning,” he whispers into my ear.

  He pushes my shoulder down, so I’m on my back, and he gets on top of me. He nudges the hem of the shirt up and pulls my underwear down. I wrap a leg around his and push his pelvis into mine.

  “Wait, I need to get a condom.” Jameson rolls off of me and sheathes himself. He’s back on top and adjusting his himself before penetrating me. He rests his forehead against mine and says, “I could definitely wake up like this every morning.”

  And then he pushes himself inside me. But he goes in slowly. He keeps a steady, but slow pace, making love to me. It feels amazing. Every ridge on his shaft is rubbing against the walls of my pussy.

/>   “Oh, Jameson.” I put both hands on his shoulders and dig my nails into his back. This is different from the other times, but it feels just as good. I love all the different ways he makes love to me. It’s hard to decide which one has been the most exciting. And I’m looking forward to many more exciting times.

  He said he’s falling in love with me .

  I want to scream it from the rooftops. I feel so happy— elated, really— both physically and emotionally.

  My stomach tightens gradually, my climax approaching at an unhurried pace. Jameson kisses the crook of my neck, once again placing tiny bites as well. “I’m almost there, Jameson.”

  Once I’ve let him know this, he thrusts into me with more vigor, grunting with the exertion. I drag my nails down his back.

  “Come for me Erin. Come for me one more time.”

  And I do. It’s not hard and fast like before, but slow, almost to the point of being excruciating. I feel Jameson finish inside me and then he lays down, putting his weight on me. He rolls us both over, so I’m on top once more.

  I could spend the rest of the day like this, but I know I have some things to take care of. A lot was said last night and if I want to move forward with our relationship I need to start being truthful. I sit up so I’m straddling Jameson and tell him,

  “I should probably get home…” He brings himself up on his elbows and I can tell he thinks I’m running away again. “I’ll be back, I just need to tell my parents and my pastor the truth. I don’t want to hide anymore.”

  He relaxes and I see him thinking.

  “Do you think they’ll tell everyone at work?”

  I consider this. I know it could mess up the firm’s image, if we “come out” as being a couple too soon.

  “I really don’t think they’ll say anything,” I decide. “They’ll be embarrassed that their daughter is shacking— or, living in sin, as they call it— with her much older boss. They might even disown me.”

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