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I Am The Boss: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance

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I Am The Boss: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter 6

  Chapter 7






  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter 6

  Chapter 7


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  This is a work of fiction. While, as in all fiction , the literary perceptions and insights are based on life experiences and conclusions drawn from research, all names, characters, places and specific instances are products of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously. No actual reference to any real person, living or dead, is intended or inferred.

  I Am The Boss: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance

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  “I can get any girl I want with just a flash of a smile… But lately, I’ve been finding myself smiling at the same girl.”

  Just like my name, Hunter, I hunt for prey every night.

  Seeking out a young lady to accompany me to bed.

  If you’re thinking about naughty stuff, then you’re so right.

  Those are the things I would do to the women squirming beneath me.

  As they moan my name.

  By morning, they’ll be gone and ties will be cut.

  It was easier that way.

  I couldn’t afford to have any weaknesses.

  No woman can bring me to my knees.

  And I tend to keep it that way.

  But who knew that a Bambi like girl with innocent eyes could drive me out of wits and curb my desires for other women?

  Innocently, she gets under my skin.

  I knew then that I had to have her.

  She’s innocent and I don’t deserve her.

  But I’m greedy and selfish.

  I’m the CEO. The boss here.

  Who knew that a little lady could bring me to my knees and become my kryptonite?



  Chapter 1


  It wasn’t a surprise by the time I entered the room, all eyes were on me. From women to men, straight to bisexual, the old and the restless, elites to plebeians, and most of all from the sexiest people to the okay people.

  I will not deny that people do find me attractive. Even without my fame or fortune I was known for being a smoldering bachelor. Even the women whom I have taken to bed has only praises about me, not one single complaint. I was a CEO of my own company and I was only in my late twenties.

  Life for me was absolutely perfect.

  My company was raising money for charity. So all the elites were here in my building and socializing. They introduced me into the room and like always, the room was filled with awe and applause. I said a few words to them and started making my way to the bar.

  Just like my name, Hunter, I was on the hunt for my prey tonight. All the women eyed me hungrily, and all I needed to do was flash a dashing smile towards them and they’ll be on their knees, literally.

  “Who’s the lucky lady tonight?” My best friend, Cody, asked. Cody was not only my best friend but also the COO of my company as well. I smiled as I took a sip of my scotch. “Still deciding,” I told him. My eyes were on a certain blonde wearing a sparkly green dress. She eyed me as she bit her lower lip but before I could send a smile towards her, Cody placed a hand on my shoulder snapping me out of my hunting trance.

  “Look over there man…” he pointed towards the corner of the room. And once my eyes landed on the person he was pointing at, I felt breathless. She was stunningly beautiful. The young brunette doesn’t look a day older than 25. She had beautiful curves that were wrapped in a short red silky dress. She looked uncomfortable wearing the dress just by her hands pulling down the hem of her dress to keep it from riding up her white creamy thighs. Her hair was pinned up with her bangs shaping her lovely heart shaped face.

  With a cute button nose and luscious pink plump lips that are just begging me to kiss. She looked innocent with rosy red cheeks but that’s what made her even sexier. Her baby blue eyes scanned the room like a lost puppy. A smirk slowly made its way on my face by just staring at the innocent young woman. “She’s a new employee of yours… rumors have it that she has a huge crush on you,” Cody gossiped and just by the thought of this young vixen having a little crush on me made my groin stir in excitement.

  “What department?” I asked him without taking my eyes off my prey. “She’s in marketing,” he replied. Not only innocent beauty but brains as well. This only made me want her more. I downed the rest of my scotch as I started making my way towards her.

  Once her gaze landed on me, her eyes widen like a deer caught in the headlights. She looked even more innocent with her wide eyes, almost Bambi like. I was almost knocked off of my feet once her intoxicating smell hit me. She smelt of blueberries and roses. I stood in front of her as she fidgeted with her fingers.

  “What’s a beautiful girl like you standing alone?” I asked her and I couldn’t help but clench my fists as she blushed. I had to stop myself from ravaging her this instance, but I was slowly undressing her with my eyes.

  “Hello,” was her timid reply. Her voice sounded angelic and graceful, it stirred something deep within me making me groan in content.

  “May I buy you a drink?” I asked her. She bit her lower lip as if she was thinking about what to answer. I shut my eyes to calm myself. I lost myself because of the little things she would do, and I can only imagine what I would feel like when she starts taking off her clothes.

  She gave a simple nod and I slowly guided her towards the bar. I ordered another scotch for myself while she had a margarita. I turned towards her and said “My name is Hunter Maxwell, what’s yours pretty one?”

  She took a small sip of her drink and said “I know… I mean everyone should know because you’re the boss,” she rambled quickly. I could tell she was shy because she blushed at almost everything I had to say and this information made me go mentally insane.

  She bit her lower lip again but this time I ran my fingers across her lips and said “Please don’t do that, you tempt me too much,” This time her whole face was red. “My name is Katie Simmons, I’m in the mar—” I cut her off. “Marketing department. I know,” I think that I had too much to drink because when she smiled I felt a flutter of some sort in my chest.

  The night was filled with small talk and laughs. I couldn’t focus on the women around me scowling at my interaction with Katie nor the envious looks coming from the men. In this moment, there was only Katie and I. And I plan to keep it that way for the whole night.

  Katie refused another drink while I kept drinking and for the first time in a long time, I was drunk. I
didn’t notice that I drank too much because I was too focused on the beautiful little Katie in front of me whose attention was only on me. And I enjoyed every bit of it.

  I could already imagine her beneath me, moaning and squirming. Just the thought of it made my pants tightened. Usually, I got hard when women start taking off their clothes but for Katie, she could just bite her lower lip and I would get hard for her.

  It was a good thing I had my driver with me because I was too drunk to even walk. But I kept my arm around Katie’s shoulders, staking my claim.

  I didn’t know how but I suddenly found myself in my penthouse, alone with Katie. And the fun has only started.

  Chapter 2


  I couldn’t believe that the Hunter Maxwell thought I was beautiful. I, the simple Katie Simmons, who usually never gets noticed has grabbed the attention of the infamous CEO. Hunter has been my crush for a very long time, and I was in complete bliss when the Maxwell Industries hired me into their marketing department.

  The first time I saw Hunter Maxwell was during a seminar back when I was in NYU. He was a speaker and I hung to every word he had to say about business. He was passionate about business as much as I am, and not to mention he’s the complete definition of Adonis. I couldn’t only say easy on the eyes because I just couldn’t get enough of him.

  He had dark luscious brown hair that tumbled sexily across his forehead. A strong defined face almost as if he was sculpted by the Greek Gods. With amazing green eyes that pierces ones soul with each stare. His eyes held passion and a distant look with a hint of gentleness. I was in complete awe with the man standing on the stage. You can tell by his strong neck and broad shoulders that he had ripped body underneath his suit. And his plumped kissable lips made it hard to resist not to blurt out the word hot.

  When he offered to buy me a drink and not to mention he touched my lips, I felt my heart falling and soaring all at the same time. He asked me questions as if he was truly interested in me. And I enjoyed talking to him. He seemed interested in every word I said. I even noticed the nasty glares I was given by the women around me but at the moment, I couldn’t give a damn.

  I knew Hunter had a reputation of bedding women and dropping them after he sleeps with them. And as much as I want to say be different, I knew I was like every other girl for him. Even if he had the idea of bedding me tonight, I wouldn’t let myself. I’m a virgin and haven’t even had my first kiss so you know why I’m reluctant to even go to bed with a man who doesn’t want anything but sex.

  It seemed as though fate had different ideas for me. I found myself stumbling into Hunter’s penthouse with a drunk Hunter. His strong arm was around my shoulders as I carried half of his weight all the way to his bed. He laughed as I groaned in relief and released him onto his bed.

  Even in his drunken state, he thought I was still going to bed with him. He drank almost five glasses of scotch and God only knows how many more he had before we started talking.

  “Pretty Katie, why don’t you come rest beside me? Maybe I’ll give you a massage,” he said as he patted the empty space on his bed and giving me a wink. I blushed at his words. It’s truly frustrating how I can still have feelings for such a man whore.

  Even if he’s slurred and drunk he still looks breathtakingly handsome.

  “Hunter…” “God! I love it when you say my name,” he moaned out, this only made me blush even more. It’s scary how he has such an effect on me.

  “Hunter, I’m a virgin. And as much as I like you, I won’t sleep with you.” I slowly told him but it’s as if he didn’t hear me because he was laughing. I hoped that he wouldn’t remember any of this.

  I sighed to myself and started taking off his shoes. I then loosened his neck-tie and got his jacket off to make him more comfortable while he sleeps. And as I sat on his soft bed, as creepy as it sounds, I stared lovingly at his face. My heart was bursting with flutters just being this near to him. It only seems like a dream, I would wake up tomorrow and Hunter wouldn’t even know I exist.

  My eyes then drifted around his penthouse. Black, white, and silver were the main colors of his home. It looked modern and expensive, and as much as it looked amazing, it didn’t have the homey vibe that every house should have. My eyes then drifted back to the man on the bed who was sound asleep.

  How did I ever get this lucky to be near such a handsome man?

  I bit my lower lip and gave out a girly squeal as I realized I was in his penthouse. Suddenly a groaning noise came from Hunter as his face was scrunched up into a frown and he started squirming on the bed. My whole face paled as he unconsciously took off his belt along with his pants. Revealing his black boxers. I quickly averted my gaze trying not to stare at what could lie between his strong legs.

  I’ve never been on a man’s bed before nor have I ever been on a bed with a half-naked man. Only one thing was left to take off of him, his shirt. My hands trembled as I started unbuttoning his white shirt. My hands were slow but the simple gesture seemed extremely erotic to me.

  Since when did I ever have the guts to do such a thing?

  I mean I practically change my younger siblings to their pajamas while they’re sleeping. But to change a grown man? And not mention, my ultimate crush. I was torn between feeling euphoria or complete embarrassment.

  Once I unbuttoned all of his buttons and parted the way of his shirt revealing his chest and stomach I couldn’t help but widening my eyes. I felt nauseous but I couldn’t remove my eyes from his strong built body. His six-pack only made me want to faint exaggeratingly.

  I fanned myself with my hand as I felt myself getting hot by just staring at him. I couldn’t remove his arms from his sleeves since he was too heavy and I was just a small weakling. But I could put up a fight if needed to.

  Knowing how hangovers are like, I decided to make him some soup when he wakes up. I might overstep the line by touching his kitchen but even though he ended up drunk, I still had a great time with him. I wanted to repay him.

  I made him some chicken noodle soup from scratch. I also made him a berry shake filled with banana, berries, and a hint of cinnamon. I was good in making shakes for all sorts of feelings and needs in life. I put the soup in a bowl, the shake in the fridge, and took two aspirins from my bag and left them on the table. I wrote a letter for him.

  Hunter. Thanks for the great time! I’ve made some soup and a berry shake is in the fridge. Here are some aspirins for your hangover. Hope you get well! –Katie

  With one look at a sleeping Hunter, I left his penthouse.

  Chapter 3


  A loud knock echoed throughout the room. Disturbing my well needed sleep. Not only a loud pounding was coming from the door but my head as well was pounding with waves of pain.

  I hardly remembered what happened last night. I knew I shouldn’t have drank too much but sometimes I forget that scotch isn’t water. Scotch often helps me forget how alone I am or how a girl could act so clingy. Scotch helped me through a lot but it definitely doesn’t help me during mornings.

  My hands roamed my bed in search for a woman’s body only to feel the emptiness of my bed. I frowned as I peeked through my eyes to see her in the bathroom or kitchen but only to find out that I was alone. This wasn’t normal.

  I noticed I was only in my boxers and my shirt was unbuttoned but for some reason my groin felt like it didn’t get any action last night. This is definitely not normal.

  The knock on my door was getting impatient and I winced a bit at my throbbing head as I made my way towards the door. “What?” I greeted as I swung the door open. “Hey! How’s the lucky man?” Cody greeted me as he walked into the apartment like he owned the place. “What are you talking about?” I asked.

  “You came home last night with Katie,” he said. Cody’s smile suddenly disappeared as he grabbed what seemed to be a paper from my kitchen counter. Cody gave out a whistle and said “Lucky man,” I frowned as I made way towards him and snatched the
paper out from his hands.

  Thanks for the great time!

  Great time? How could she have a great time when nothing happened? Is this some sort of trick? I got the shake from the fridge and took the aspirins with it. My eyes widen as my taste buds was suddenly attacked by the sweetness of the shake. It’s like I couldn’t get enough of the shake. It tasted like heaven.

  I reheated the soup in the microwave and devoured it once it’s done. One thing I’m sure about Katie is that she can make a heavenly shake and one mean chicken noodle soup.

  “Damn man! Where can I get a girl who can sleep with me and make me breakfast and hangover cures?” Cody sat at the counter. Impressed by Katie’s gesture. “That’s the problem man… I didn’t sleep with her,” I mumbled the last part. “What?” he didn’t hear me.

  “I didn’t sleep with Katie,” I was disappointed in myself. Cody and I sat there in silence before I came to a conclusion. “I think something’s wrong with Katie. I mean… this hasn’t happened before. Katie must’ve been into girls or married,” Because come on! Who can’t resist me?

  “Dude, you know that Katie isn’t like other girls?”

  “What do you mean by other girls?” I asked.

  “Girls who usually find you attractive will throw themselves at you at the first chance they got. Katie on the other hand, admired you from the distance. For all we know, Katie could be a virgin or nun for all we know,” he explained.

  The day passed slowly and all my thoughts were consumed by a certain brunette. Not only did she make the most heavenly shake and soup but she also changed me and even bathed my body with rag. Who knew the simplest of things could be so erotic? And only Katie has made me feel such things.

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