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Unexpected - Book 1 of 8

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Unexpected - Book 1 of 8

  We lived in a small town called Kitty where we cropped and made our own food, we were one of the few lands not corrupted by all the politics. My name is Beth I am no typical girl I have Hazel Green eyes with Light brown long curly hair, I live with my family with a brother named Ramos, My father John and my loving mother Annabeth, we have our own farm and the cattle count is strong, every now and then we went to town to get things for the house, we do not get out much so when we went we all went along, the education we receive was thought to us by mom and dad and it was mostly based on running the farm. It is the year 19 March 1990 I have just turned 17 and having some sort of birthday I guess, my mom and dad invited their friends to come and enjoy the birthday and as always there children came along, but I was the eldest among them so playing was not in my book of having fun. But as the people started to arrive I looked up and my eyes caught him my mouth fell open, I started to feel warm just by looking at him I never saw him in my life and no one even knew who he was, he was well build not like the farm boys we have here. His black hair nicely cut his eyes Safire blue it’s as if he is looking into my soul, he looked gorgeous his clothes was perfectly fitted to him, then all of a sudden I realised that I am so under dressed for my own party, “what must I do, I did not look like the catch” “if you know what I mean” he walked over to me, took my hand and kissed it “happy birthday Beth I will be waiting for you when you turn 18”. He turned around said goodbye and left.

  I have never seen him and I did not even ask him for his name, but he knew mine. “What is this I will be waiting for you when you turn 18?” Day’s - Weeks - Months passed and there was no sign of him what so ever, I was starting to think it was all a dream and that I will never see my knight in shining armour again. 10 Months have passed and I have forgotten him. I have convinced myself it was all a dream and that my life must go on, on the 19 January 1991 I was busy in my room when my dad called for us and said we must get the money we were going to town, we ran to our rooms, dressed up and got in the car, the town was almost 30 min drive from where we lived.

  When we got to town we saw lots of people running around screaming and shouting my dad jumped out of the car instructing us to stay put, he ran towards the people shouting he tried to find out what was going on, he ran to one of his mates and asked him what all the fuss was about “They are coming, get out of here!” and then he ran away shouting and screaming at the people, I knew something was wrong and that my dad would find out what is going on, then out of nowhere an army of terrorists arrived hitting and shooting people they caught and locked up all of us in the town demanding the bank to pay them ransom money or we all would die. We were held captive in a cell, they did not do us any harm they fed us once a day and we had to drink out of the kettle’s crib.I’s been two months now and the bank refuses to pay these terrorists. Tomorrow is my birthday and this is how I will be spending my 18th Birthday. We went to sleep, I think I slept 3 Hours at the most when I felt someone touch and gently squeezing my shoulder just enough to wake me, I looked up and there he was on one knee he picked me up in his strong arms, he looked me in the eyes and said “Happy birthday Beth I came for you” I leaned on his muscular chest threw my arms around him and squeezed so hard as I could to make sure he won’t leave me again, he stood up with me in his arms looking into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes and asked “do you trust me” he was not finished asking and I already knew what I would say “YES”.

  He told me to close my eyes but I wanted to know how we would get out of this prison “we are locked in”, he looked at me and said “trust me Beth, close your eyes” I did. I felt helpless and secure my knight in shining armour came for me he rescued me, I started to feel sleepy I tried to fight it but I was too tired, we only slept 3 hours a day in the prison I could not fight it anymore and let go, I fell asleep in my knights arms.

  As I woke up I started to look at my surroundings “WOW” I think I slept forever and I must be in heaven, the room walls is so smooth and clean no cracks and no marks, the carpet is white and a thick layer so soft. Lying backwards and enjoying the comfort of the red silky fabric over my body it gave me an arousing feeling everything felt so soft and silky then a teasing feeling, I have never felt something like it in my life, we do not know this kind of fabric and this must be Heaven, I could smell the flowers outside and hear the birds chirp – chirp and singing, the air smelt so fresh, as I was laid back enjoying all this I turned on my side and noticed next to me a gown made out of silky fabric, I wanted to put it on but the feeling would not be the same with all my clothes on so I decided to put it on naked but where would I undress, “o I know under the sheets”, I started to undress my blouse and bra, as I was busy undressing my clothes the linen rubbed against my right breast sliding over my nipple and none too soon it was as hard as it gets the feeling was amazing I wanted more so I quickly undressed my blouse and bra lying under the linen with only my pants on rubbing the linen all over my breasts, neck and shoulders I got goose bumps and the teasing feeling got aroused even more, I started to get curious what if I laid totally naked under the sheets, so I started to slide my pants down followed by my panty I could feel the sensational feeling running in my body, I laid down flat on my back rubbing the linen all over my body with legs wide open sliding it over my virgin vagina, I started to feel hot and wet “what is this feeling” I have never felt this feeling but knew I had to continue and touch it, I softly pushed the linen onto my vagina and rubbed it against my clit it felt good, too good the noises came naturally out of my mouth and that made me wanted to stick my finger in, my vagina was so wet the linen started to get soggy but that did not change the feeling I started to press the linen into my vagina with my finger in and out in and out, this felt astonishingly good, with my other hand I rubbed the sheets over my breasts, squeezing my nipples and sliding the sheets over toughing my neck then it happened the feeling I have never felt before as if my whole body was going to explode with desire and erogenous I shouted as the pleasure passed through my body I could not go on but did not want to stop, I came for the first time an orgasm like no other, I felt out of breath and my body was twitching with pleasure having contractions as the last bit of fluid exited my body it was wet all around me, some of it was cum and other was sensational sweat released by my body.

  As I laid back I started to laugh purely due to fulfilment and the experience I just went through, it was awesome and wanted more and more, then someone knocked on the door, I shot straight up as a bullet and realised I have no clothes on, “where was my clothes” I must have threw them off when I was busy on the bed, so I grabbed the gown and quickly put it on.

  With a somewhat scared voice I said “ok you can come in now”, and then he entered carrying a tray with breakfast, coffee, orange juice and a bright freshly picked red rose. “Good morning Beth you look good in that gown, did you sleep well?” I stood idle and could not get a word out it was no dream I am neither dead nor in heaven. He walked up to me placed the tray next to the bed and took my hand we sat down on the bed “Beth you are the one and thank you for trusting in me”. He stood up kissed my hand and said “when you are finish eating there are clothes in the closet pick something everything is yours and come enjoy me downstairs”.

  As I was sitting I asked myself “did he hear me while I was busy”, o no what was he thinking of me, how will I look him in the eye’s. I felt hungry, we did not really eat anything the past 2 months in prison so I dug into the food, it was delicious some of these food I’ve never even tasted the coffee was a little bit warm but the orange juice did not even have time to touch on the way down, only after I have eaten I saw the knife and fork next to the plate I was so hungry I did not even use them, I drank the coffee
burning my mouth here and there too eager to taste it, the aroma of the coffee was strong and made me feel as if I have energy again. I jumped up after eating and I started to dance and sing out of joy just the knowledge that my knight in shining armour is real, I went straight to the closet opened it “this must be a mistake, I think I am in another room”, a closet this big full of so many clothes of different shapes, sizes and colours it can’t be this must be another room or a clothing store, after an hour I guess, I picked a dress, went to the bathroom “this must also be another room” the bathroom is as big as my room on the farm.

  I opened the warm water and the water was instantaneously warm not like on the farm where you have to boil the water, I made myself a bath full of water and added something called bubble bath “that made a bit of a mess”, the water was enough to swim in I suppose, I saw that the bathroom had allot of mirrors, so as any lady should do is look at herself from all angles. After admiring myself I climbed into the bath the bubbles were up to my chin it
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