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I Heard It All Before

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  Three hours later and the long, drawn out service was finally coming to an end. Cam felt like he was at a graduation ceremony, with so many people getting up to speak about his father. The church was filled and there were hundreds of people standing against the walls and some had to be turned away. Cam learned things about his father that he had never known before. It turned out that his love of cars came from his father, as well as the terrible migraines that he sometimes suffered with. He found out from his grandmother that the funeral programs were put together by his father only a few weeks before he passed. That explained the small tribute to him that was inside.

  When it was time for the final viewing, Cam was already over it all. He’d seen all that he needed to see and he was starving. His grandparents invited him back to their house for dinner, but he graciously declined. He did exchange numbers with them, but he didn’t expect anyone to actually use them. Cam was just ready to go and he was happy that the service was at its final stage. They had about two more groups of people coming up to view and that was it. Cam watched in boredom as everyone walked by, looking down on a man who they loved and respected.

  When the last group of people walked by, he was shocked to see the woman who’d paid for his meal at IHOP in the crowd. She looked even better up close with her black fitted skirt and matching jacket. Her skin looked smooth like melted chocolate, and Cam couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He watched her the entire time until she was out of his line of vision. He wondered what her connection was to his father or who she was there with. He wanted to follow her out to ask some questions, but the timing just wasn’t right. Once Cam and his grandparents did the final viewing, they left the church and went to the gravesite. That part of the service didn’t take very long and Cam was happy.

  “If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to call us. It doesn’t matter what it is, we’ll be happy to help,” Cam’s grandfather said as his grandmother nodded in agreement.

  Cam was getting ready to leave when they pulled him to the side. His mother and Courtney had already left, but Asha was right there by his side. His father’s wife was there too, but she didn’t look too pleased with the conversation.

  “Don’t be a stranger Camden. You have our number, so keep in touch,” his grandmother said right before he and Asha walked away.

  “Did you hear what they said baby? If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask,” Asha said excitedly when they got into the car.

  “I’m good. I don’t want or need nothing from them. This is probably my last time seeing them and I’m cool with that too,” Cam replied.

  “You need to put your pride to the side and stop being so stubborn. You need a lot of things, including a house and some money in the bank. Your father was a damn millionaire and you’re his only child. Do you know how much money he probably left you?” Asha yelled.

  “Did you see that bitch that he was married to Asha? Do you honestly think that she would let him give me a dime? She was probably the reason why he stayed away all my life. That bitch hates the ground that I walk on and she’s made that clear more than once. That man dying don’t change a damn thing for me or my finances!” Cam yelled, shooting down Asha’s ideas of becoming rich overnight.

  The thought of his father’s wife stepping in or blocking their financial blessings never once crossed her mind. Asha was feeling good a moment ago, but that didn’t last very long. It was at those times that she wished she didn’t love Cam so much. She would have been gone if she didn’t. Cam was just so perfect, and she couldn’t have asked for anything more. He was beyond handsome, he dressed better than any male model and, at one time, he was paid out the ass. Everything else was still the same, but he just needed to get his money back up. Asha would have never even entertained the idea of another man if Cam would get his mind right. She messed around with a few people when he got locked up, but that was only to satisfy her sexual needs while he was away. She felt like she was cheating for survival now because he was slacking.

  “What happened with Lo? Did you talk to him yet?” Asha asked after being silent for a while.

  When Cam turned the music up and ignored her, she already knew what that meant. He thought it was a game, but she was done playing with him. Her boo wasn’t very knowledgeable of the drug game, but at least he was trying, which was more than she could say for Cam. He seemed content with the struggle and Asha just couldn’t get with that. It was a tough decision, but it was one that she had to make. As soon as her boo got to the point where Cam was once at, she was leaving him and not looking back. She loved Cam to death, but she loved herself even more.

  Chapter 8

  “Baby, that concert and that food don’t owe me nothing,” Savoy said as they made their way back to their hotel room.

  They had a two-bedroom suite with two beds in each one. Isis was the calmest of the bunch and Savoy preferred her over her sisters. Imani and Demi were reckless with their words, while Isis was the quieter one. Imani was the worst of them all, with Demi coming in second. There was no doubt about who Savoy was rooming with because she probably would be fighting with the other two.

  “Girl yes, my boo did his thing. They could have let him do the entire show by himself,” Demi said, referring to Avant.

  “I don’t see what you love about his crossed-eyed ass,” Savoy said with a frown.

  “Probably the same thing that you love about Mike’s midget ass,” Demi replied, referring to her cousin’s husband who was way shorter than she was.

  “Looking like her third child,” Imani laughed as she called her fiancé’s phone to check on him and their daughter.

  “Steve still didn’t answer?” Isis asked, referring to Imani’s fiancé.

  “No and I’m going crazy,” Imani replied. She’d been trying to call him since before they went to the concert and he hadn’t answered yet. She was sorry that she rode with Isis and didn’t take her own car. She would have been on her way home if she had. Demi drove alone, but Isis and Savoy left their cars at home.

  “Keep trying him,” Demi said, right as Imani’s phone started to ring. Imani got excited when she saw that her man was calling her back.

  “Hey baby. Are y’all okay?” Imani asked as she answered on the speakerphone. She was removing her jewelry, preparing to take a shower.

  “Yeah, we are now,” he replied.

  “What happened?” Imani asked, sounding concerned.

  “Some jackass hit my car when we were coming back from the park and tore the back of my shit up. We’re just leaving the hospital and my mama had my phone.”

  “What! And she didn’t think to call me? I know she saw how many times I called you. Just wait until I see her ass. Are you and Sasha okay?” she asked.

  “Yeah, but the air bag fucked my arm up and she’s been complaining of a headache,” Steve said, speaking of their five-year-old daughter.

  “Oh, my God, baby. I’m coming back home right now. I should have never left,” Imani said in a panic.

  “You didn’t know that this was going to happen baby. Just come back tomorrow like you planned to. We’ll be fine. I’m about to bathe her and put her to bed.”

  “Okay, well, I’ll see you in a little while. I’ll let you know when I get close,” Imani said before she hung up. She didn’t care what Steve had to say. She was going home to check on her baby.

  “So, we have to leave? Y’all do know that this room is paid for and we can’t get our money back,” Savoy spoke.

  “Who gives a fuck Savoy? That’s her daughter that we’re talking about,” Demi spoke up.

  “That insensitive bitch better shut up before y’all be pulling me off her,” Imani warned.

  “Y’all can stay Demi. I’ll bring you home Imani,” Isis offered.

  “You must be trying to get me disbarred. You know damn well I ain’t staying here by myself all night with Savoy. Get your stuff and let’s go Imani,” Demi replied.

  She and Imani grabbed their duffle bags and head
ed to the parking garage. The drive back was about an hour long, and Savoy was the topic of the conversation for most of the ride. Demi and Imani were sick of her and her mouth. They didn’t care that she was their first cousin. They were ready to lay hands on her disgusting ass.

  “Steve said she’s sleeping now. My poor baby,” Imani said after she hung up the phone with her fiancé.

  “Honey, just wait, she’s gonna have an earful for you tomorrow. You know how much she likes to talk,” Demi laughed.

  “Sorry that I ruined your night sis, but I’ll make it up to you,” Imani promised.

  “Girl please, you didn’t ruin my night. I was missing my hubby anyway. I need to pick him up, so I don’t have to ride back by myself this late,” Demi replied.

  “Call him and see if he’s still up. As long as I know that my baby is alright, I’m fine,” Imani replied.

  “His ass is up. He’s like a black vampire,” Demi laughed as she headed towards her house.

  “Tell him to bring me something to drink when he comes out,” Imani requested when they got close.

  Demi dialed her husband’s number from the device on her steering wheel, right as she turned the corner. Her house was at the end of the block, but she saw Kamari’s car backing out of their driveway as soon as she did. That wasn’t uncommon though. Kamari would leave out any time of the day or night if he was hungry enough.

  “What’s up baby? I was just about to call you,” Kamari said when he answered the phone.

  “You must be missing me. What are you doing?” Demi asked, even though she already knew. She was all smiles until her husband replied.

  “Nothing, just watching a movie,” Kamari answered, not knowing that she was right behind him.

  Demi’s smile faded as her sister looked over at her in shock. She had never known Kamari to do her sister dirty, but she didn’t put anything pass anybody.

  “Really? What are you watching?” Demi asked, already knowing that his answer was going to be another lie.

  “Nothing good, but what’s up with you? Did you have fun?” Kamari asked.

  “Follow his ass,” Imani whispered angrily.

  She didn’t have to tell Demi twice because she was already in pursuit. She kept up with the small talk with her husband until he pulled up into the driveway of an unfamiliar house a few minutes later. Demi parked between two cars up the block and watched to see what he was going to do.

  “Baby, let me call you back. I need to run to the bathroom right quick,” Kamari said.

  Demi and Imani watched as he got out of the car and went to the trunk. He pulled out an overnight bag that Demi recognized as the one he sometimes used when they went out of town.

  “This muthafucker is planning to sleep out!” Demi yelled angrily.

  “I can’t believe Kamari. That’s not even like him,” Imani said as they watched him walk up on the porch.

  He rang the doorbell and, a minute or so later, he was being let it. They couldn’t tell who opened the door, but Demi just knew that it was a woman. There was no other reason that he would lie to her if he was being faithful.

  “He got me fucked up,” Demi fumed as she hopped out of the car.

  “Demi, wait!” Imani yelled. “You can’t just go barging up to people’s houses like that. You know the law better than anybody and you know about trespassing. You better think about your career.”

  “Fuck that Imani. I know that I’m a lawyer, but I’m a woman first. This nigga got me fucked all the way up. It’s almost midnight and he’s creepin’ out of the house and lying about what he’s doing.”

  “I understand that sis, but you can’t go running up in people’s houses like that,” Imani noted.

  “I’m not going to him. His ass is gonna come to me,” Demi said as she walked up on the porch, followed by her sister.

  “What do you mean?” Imani asked.

  Her question was answered when Demi pulled her keys from her pocket and found Kamari’s car key. Imani wanted to run and get back in the car when Demi set off her husband’s car alarm. She had to have her sister’s back, so she kicked off her heels and waited for the action. When the door flew open a few seconds later, Kamari ran outside thinking that someone was tampering with his car. He paused when he saw his wife and sister-in-law standing there instead.

  “Lying muthafucker!” Demi yelled as she started swinging on him.

  “Baby, calm down and let me explain,” Kamari said while trying to grab her arm.

  “There’s nothing to explain. You thought I was staying at the hotel, so you decided to come lay-up with the next bitch. Fuck you, Kamari. I’m so done with your sad ass. I want a divorce,” Demi cried as she moved away from him.

  “What?” her husband yelled as he walked up on her and wrapped his hands around her neck. “You better not ever mention divorce to me again in your fucking life!”

  “Nigga, you got me fucked up! Don’t put your hands on my damn sister!” Imani yelled as she pushed him, knocking him off balance.

  Demi didn’t know if she was more hurt by him cheating on her or the fact that he’d put his hands on her. Kamari was the sweetest man that she’d ever met and he’d never laid a figure on her before that night. He treated Demi like fine china, but she was reduced to paper products since he was in front of his bitch’s house.

  “Baby, I’m sorry. You know that’s not even me. Why would you even say some shit like that about divorce though?” Kamari asked her.

  Demi was done talking and she was ready to go at that point. She was seeing a side of her husband that she’d never seen before. Needless to say, she didn’t like what she was seeing.

  “Let’s go Imani. That hoe can have him. I’ve never shared a man a day in my life and I’m not about to start,” Demi said as she made her way down the steps.

  “You really think I would cheat on you, Demi. I love the fucking ground you walk on and that’s how you see me?” Kamari asked, sounding like he was hurt.

  “Fuck you, Kamari. I can spot a liar in and out of the courtroom,” Demi said as she powerwalked to her car, with her sister running behind her. She got in the car and sped away right, as Kamari ran back into the house.

  “Fuck!” Kamari yelled out in anger. He wanted nothing more than to go after his wife, but he needed to wrap up a few things up before he did.

  “You good Lo?” Asha asked when she saw how upset he was.

  “Man, hurry up with that shit, so I can go. My fucking wife is going crazy,” Kamari noted.

  “Wife? I didn’t know that you were married,” Asha replied.

  Kamari Logan was one of the most secretive men that she’d ever met. Cam had dealt with him for years and they didn’t know anything more than his nickname. His best friend and right-hand man, Lawrence, was the one who’d told them his real name. They never knew what Lo stood for until he told them that it was the first two letters of his last name. Asha had never seen Lo with a woman, so she was surprised to hear that he had a wife. She had to be one lucky bitch because Lo was paid out the ass.

  “That’s because it wasn’t your business,” Kamari snapped.

  His life as Lo and his life as Kamari were two worlds apart, and he wanted to keep it that way. Nobody needed to know about Demi because if something ever went wrong, he didn’t want his wife in the middle of it. Demi didn’t need to know about some of the things he did and he swore that she never would. He felt like shit for manhandling her the way he did, but the thought of divorce was not something that he was prepared for. His wife was all that he knew, especially since he didn’t have a family of his own. He had never cheated on Demi a day in his life and he wasn’t trying to start. He was under the impression that she was staying out with her sisters and cousin until the following day, but she had surprised him.

  Kamari was at home relaxing until Asha and her lame ass nigga hit him up about doing some business. Kamari liked Cam a lot, but Asha was as foul as they came. If Cam knew half of the shit that she was doing, he would
drop her and not think twice about it. The nigga that she was cheating on him with didn’t know the first thing about hustling, but he let Asha send him out there anyway. She was calling all the shots, and he sat there and listened like the lame he was. Kamari didn’t care one way or the other, as long as he got paid.

  He tried his best to be the man that his wife wanted him to be, but the streets were all that he knew. He started out slow, making sales here and there but, after a while, the excitement of it all had pulled him all the way back in. He tried to be as discreet as possible for Demi’s sake, but he was going to have to come clean. He usually handled his business while she was at work, but he’d slipped up. Shit was all bad, but he had to be honest. Demi was gonna be pissed either way, but he didn’t want his wife thinking that he was doing her dirty like that. Another woman couldn’t compare to her and she needed to know that.

  “Here you go,” Asha said as she finished counting Kamari’s money out to him.

  He snatched the money from her hand and damn near ran to his car. He needed to get home to his wife as soon as possible. He hated the look that he saw in Demi’s eyes and he had to make things right. Things in their marriage would be so much better if she just tried to understand his logic. He was there for her whenever she needed him, and he needed the same thing from her. Right or wrong, he needed his wife to have his back.

  Chapter 9

  After being away for three days, Demi finally gave in and went back home. Kamari and her mother had been calling her like crazy, but she didn’t feel like talking to either one of them. Aside from her sisters, Demi didn’t talk to anyone. She worked from the hotel that she was staying in and she was happy that she didn’t have any cases that needed her immediate attention. As she drove towards her house, Demi called her mother and braced herself for the tongue lashing that was sure to come.

  “You better have a damn good excuse for scaring me and your husband to death, Demi Logan,” her mother, Diane, said as soon as she answered the phone.


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