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I Heard It All Before

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  “What man?” the other attorney who was there asked.

  “I don’t know. My son went to jail and I didn’t have the money to get him out. I was outside of the prison crying when this man offered to help me. He said that he could help me if I helped him get his friend out of jail. I told him that I didn’t have any money and he said that he would take care of it. He took me to get a cashier’s check in my name for his friend and my son,” Maria replied.

  “Who is he? What’s his name?” Carrington asked.

  “I don’t want to get into any trouble. He told me that my son would go back to jail if I told anybody,” Maria said as she began to cry.

  “Listen, we’re both attorneys. I can assure you that you and your son will be safe,” Carrington promised her.

  Maria nodded her head and walked away. She returned a short time later with a worn plastic folder that was busting at the seams with paperwork. She reached inside and took something out of it.

  “This is the card that he gave to my son. He told him to call if he had any more trouble with the law,” Maria said while handing him the card.

  Carrington and his employee looked at the card and then at each other. They both knew the man whose name was on the card very well. What they didn’t know was what his connection was to Cam or Kamari. Maria was just used as a pawn and she had no connection to anyone who was involved.

  “Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. And here’s my card. Give me a call and let’s talk about getting you and your kids a better place to stay,” Carrington said as he handed her the card and walked away.

  He called Cam as soon as he got into the car to ask him if he knew the man who’d used Maria to bail Kamari out of jail. Cam assured him that he didn’t and his grandfather believed him. Carrington had lots of questions and he wasn’t going to rest until he got answers. Maria was a big help in pointing him in the right direction. He instructed his driver to take them to another destination and he was sure that it would prove to be beneficial.


  Amy was dog tired, but she had lots of work to do. She barely got any sleep the night before because she was working on a big case. She had just walked into the building and she was sure that she would be there until later that night. She wanted to get there no later than ten, but it was almost noon already.

  “Good morning Mrs. Blaire,” the security guard said when he saw her.

  “Morning,” Amy said as she rushed onto the elevator and up to the fourth floor.

  After grabbing a cup of black coffee, Amy walked to her office but stopped when she got close. She heard music coming from inside and she never left her radio on. Besides that, Amy never listened to rap music, so something had to be wrong. She started to call security but decided to investigate for herself. Amy slowly opened her office door and almost died when she saw Cam sitting in her oversized swivel chair with his feet propped up on her desk.

  “What’s up step mommy?” Cam smiled as he looked at her.

  “Are you out of your fucking mind? What the fuck are you doing in my office?” Amy asked through clenched teeth.

  “Damn, I thought we were family,” Cam smirked as he held his chest like he was hurt.

  “Turn that shit off and get the fuck out!” Amy yelled.

  “You don’t like that new Jay-Z? That shit go hard,” Cam said as he nodded his head to the beat.

  “Get your feet off my desk and get the fuck out,” Amy fumed as she pushed Cam’s feet off her desk, making them drop to the floor.

  “Touch me again and I’m knocking you the fuck out. Try me if you think it’s a game,” Cam said as he put his feet back up and got comfortable.

  “I’m calling security,” Amy threatened.

  “Call him. He can try to play captain save a white hoe if he wants to. He can get these hands just like you,” Cam replied.

  “What is it that you want? Why are you here?” Amy questioned.

  “You really do hate me, don’t you?” Cam smirked.

  “Yes, I hate everything about you,” Amy said without flinching.

  “Damn, I probably would be hurt if I gave a fuck,” Cam replied.

  “Last time Camden, what do you want?” Amy asked again.

  “To see your ugly ass get fired,” Cam replied.

  “Fired? You must be crazy. My husband started this company from the ground up with me by his side,” Amy said, laughing at his comment.

  “Yeah, but he still didn’t make you a partner. I always wondered why you were still working, when you had a millionaire for a husband. Even after he died, I was surprised that you still worked, even though you more than likely didn’t have to. I never realized how smart my pops really was until my grandparents ran a few things down to me. Putting things in my grandparents’ name just so you couldn’t get access to it. Making you sign a prenup to ensure that you didn’t get anything that you didn’t come into the marriage with. That’s why you stayed after he made a baby on you. Your ass was broke, with nowhere else to go. You were so hung up on him cheating and you were doing your thing the entire time too. Now, you and your man can be in the unemployment line together.” Cam smiled.

  “What the hell are you talking about?” Amy questioned.

  “I’m talking about you and your boy toy setting me up to go to jail. I knew you were a dirty bitch, but that was low, even for you. I must admit, y’all were smart as hell though. Getting some unknown woman to post the bond and using my enemy to do the deed. I’m guessing you were the anonymous tipster who called the police and told them that I had drugs in my car. Had me fucked up for a while too, until shit started to unravel,” Cam smirked.

  It took him a few days, but his grandfather had figured it all out. Preston Lewis, the man who had offered to get Maria’s son out of jail, was a lawyer at The Blaire Firm. He was also the man who Amy was rumored to be having an affair with for years. He was young and Amy took him under her wing. He was too scared to tell her no when she approached him for sex, for fear of losing his job. According to Preston, it was Amy who came up with the plan to set Cam up. When she saw Kamari and Demi arguing at the prison that day, she knew that Kamari was the right man for the job. She didn’t want to be seen, so she sent Preston to do all the dirty work for her. Now, Cam knew why Kamari had come to Demi’s job that day. It wasn’t to see her; it was to see Preston and Amy, the people who were responsible for him being free and Cam being locked up

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Going to prison is just what you do. You don’t need any help from me to do that,” Amy chuckled nervously.

  “Tell it to the judge. You better hope they don’t make a mistake and put you in the men’s prison,” Cam laughed as he looked over her manly-built body in her two-piece pants suit.

  “Fuck you,” Amy snapped.

  “Fuck you too, bitch.” Cam smiled.

  “Get out of my office. Unlike you, who was handed his riches, I have to work for a living.” Amy frowned.

  “I know you do, with your broke ass. You tried to stop me from getting my father’s money and I was entitled to it more than you were,” Cam replied.

  “I’ve wasted enough time on you and your foolishness. See yourself out, so I can finish my work,” Amy said as she pointed to the door.

  “Bitch, are you retarded? You’re fired. You don’t have no work to do!” Cam yelled.

  “What’s going on in here?” Carrington asked when he walked into the office.

  “That’s what I’d like to know. Your grandson seems to be having a mental meltdown or something,” Amy replied.

  “I keep trying to tell step mommy that she’s fired. She doesn’t seem to believe me. Maybe she’ll listen to you. Tell her that she’s fired, so she can be on her way,” Cam said, right as two police officers walked in and looked at Amy.

  “The very sight of you disgusts me. Now, I see why my son protected his investments and kept you out of his financial affairs. And Camden is right, you’re fired,” Carrington said, doing
as his grandson had requested.

  “Told your stupid ass. And you’re going to jail,” Cam replied, like he was too happy to deliver the bad news.

  Amy looked out in the hallway and saw Preston standing there handcuffed, with two more officers standing with him. She already knew what was up and she didn’t offer any resistance as she was read her rights and cuffed as well.

  “My only regret is not ordering your murder, instead of your arrest,” Amy said with venom dripping from her voice.

  “And my only regret was not doing this sooner,” Cam said as he cleared his throat and spit in her face.

  “You bastard!” Amy yelled as she was led away, along with her lover.

  They could hear her yelling and screaming all throughout the office, making other employees step out of their offices to see what was going on. Amy knew the law well enough to know that she was in a world of trouble. Not only was she going to have a criminal record, but she was sure to be disbarred once the word got out. Her hate for her dead husband’s outside child had drove her to insanity. She was willing to do anything to see Cam in jail or worse.

  “Are you okay, Cam? I’m sorry that you had to go through all of this,” his grandfather said as he touched his shoulder.

  “I’m better than ever,” Cam replied with a smile.

  “Yeah, me too. I’ll be even better when my great-grandson gets here,” Carrington replied as they walked out of the office.

  “You won’t have to wait for long. One more week and my family will be complete,” Cam replied as he followed him out.

  Demi was due any day, but they gave her one more week to do it naturally. If not, they were going to induce her labor. Cam didn’t care what they did, just as long as his son got there and was healthy. Unlike Asha, Demi was in perfect health and she ate well throughout her pregnancy. She exercised and did whatever the doctors told her to do. There was no doubt in his mind that she was going to be a great mother. After all, she had been a great girlfriend to him. Everybody told Cam that Demi was the one and he couldn’t agree with them more.

  Chapter 42

  “Lord Jesus! Just take me now!” Demi cried as another labor pain hit her.

  Her mother told her that labor was no joke, but she wasn’t expecting that kind of pain. It felt like her son was tap dancing on her insides with spikes on his dance shoes. Demi’s water had broken over five hours ago, and her son was still refusing to come out. She had an epidural, but the medicine must have worn off.

  “It’s almost over baby. You’re right at eight centimeters,” Cam said as he wiped the sweat from her forehead.

  “It’ll all be worth it once you hold your baby for the first time,” her mother said as she recorded everything that was happening.

  “Ain’t no dick or baby worth all this damn pain,” Demi panted.

  “You better watch your filthy mouth. I don’t care how much pain you’re in,” Diane warned sternly.

  “Mama please, get that camera out of my face!” Demi yelled.

  “I can’t wait until we sit down and watch this video a few years from now,” Nora laughed.

  Cam was talking about having a few more kids, but Demi wasn’t feeling that at all. They were both their mother’s only children and, now, she knew why. No one deserved to feel that kind of pain.

  “Can they give me some more medicine or something? Please! I need something,” Demi begged.

  “You can’t get any more medicine. Just relax Demi. Two more centimeters to go and I get to meet my grandson,” Diane said excitedly.

  Cam felt bad about what she was going through, but there was nothing that he could do to help. Demi was crying and in pain, and he wanted to cry with her. She tried deep breathing whenever a contraction came, but that did little to ease the pain.

  “I love you, baby. I swear, if I could endure the pain for you, I would,” Cam said as he sat next to her and held her hand.

  “I love you too, but we’re never having sex again,” Demi replied.

  “Damn. No more upside-down orgasms,” Cam whispered while shaking his head.

  “I didn’t say that. I said no more sex,” Demi hurriedly corrected.

  “Nasty ass,” Cam laughed.

  “Being nasty is what got me in all this pain right now,” Demi replied.

  “I can’t wait to see my baby,” Cam said excitedly.

  “I just want him to come out of me,” Demi replied.

  As if on cue, a nurse walked into the room, followed by the doctor. Demi knew that he wanted to check her again and she was dreading that more than pushing her son out. Once the doctor sanitized and slipped on his gloves, Demi grabbed and squeezed Cam’s hand as he checked her to see how dilated she was.

  “I think our little fellow is ready to meet his mommy and daddy,” the doctor said with a pleasant smile. He, along with the nurse, started prepping everything right before they put Demi in position to deliver.

  “It’s almost time to push Demi,” her mother informed her.

  “Yes, that time is right now. On the count of three, I want you to give me a big push Demi,” the doctor instructed.

  Demi nodded her understanding, as Cam grabbed her hand. He tried to coach her to push as the doctor counted from one to three.

  “Oh God! He’s gonna rip me wide open!” Demi screamed out in agony.

  When she was instructed to push again, Demi yelled out in pain.

  “Just push baby. That’s the only way to get him out,” Cam coerced.

  “Fuck this baby! He don’t ever have to come out!” Demi yelled.

  “Please baby, just push for me one more time,” Cam begged.

  “Fuck you too, Cam. I can’t believe that you did this to me,” Demi cried.

  “You want this or not,” Cam said as he pulled out a black leather ring box and showed her a huge engagement ring.

  He was supposed to propose to Demi at her baby shower, but he got cold feet and changed his mind. He and Demi talked about marriage a few times and she even hinted at wanting to do it again. He knew that things moved fast with them, but it just felt so right. After having a long talk with Kobe about everything, Cam decided that he was ready to settle down and have a family. That was something that he’d never experienced as a child and he looked forward to it. He was raised in a single-parent home and he didn’t want that for his son. He wanted him to have both parents under the same roof and he was ready to make it happen. Demi was his soulmate and he was happy that he found her when he did. She was the missing piece to his puzzle and she made him feel whole.

  “Stop playing Camden,” Demi replied as she looked at the ring.

  “You give me my son and I’ll give you your ring,” Cam promised.

  “Okay, I’m ready to push. Start counting again doc,” Demi instructed.

  The doctor counted two more times and Camden Jr. finally made his grand entrance. He had a set of lungs and he demonstrated that by the way he screamed. He weighed in at eight pounds even and his skin was just as pale as his fathers.

  “I’m in love already,” Nora said as she watched Cam cut the baby’s cord.

  They wrapped the baby up in a blanket and laid him on Demi’s chest. Cam’s grandparents were in the waiting area, so Nora left to go tell them the good news. Diane followed behind her to go make a few phone calls. She was finally a grandmother and she couldn’t contain her excitement.

  “That’s all me right there. I must have put in mad work for that lil nigga to come out looking just like me,” Cam said as he smiled at his son.

  “Whatever nigga. You got your son, now give me my ring,” Demi said as she held out her hand and wiggled her ring finger.

  “I thought I was supposed to get down on one knee or some shit like that,” Cam replied.

  “I don’t need all that. I accept your proposal, so slip my ring on my finger,” Demi ordered.

  “Don’t get to switching up on me and shit Demi. I’ll divorce your ass with the quickness,” Cam threatened.

iously Camden?” Demi questioned with raised brows.

  “Nah baby, I’m just fucking with you. But, seriously, once I put this ring on your finger, you better go to your grave with this bitch on,” Cam said as he slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her lips.

  Demi admired her new piece of jewelry and smiled down at her son. She thought back to when she first graduated from law school and applied for a job at The Blaire Law Firm. She was a nervous wreck during her interview and even more nervous for her first day on the job. Never in a million years would she have imagined that she would be engaged to Camden Blaire’s only child and the mother of his only grandson. Mr. Blaire was gone, but she was happy to have helped keep his memory alive.

  “I’m starving.” Demi yawned.

  “Can you eat anything?” Cam asked.

  “I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out,” Demi said, as Cam took the baby from her.

  He could see that she was tired and she needed to get some rest. Demi didn’t remember much of anything after that. She drifted off to a much-needed peaceful sleep.


  Two weeks later, Demi and Cam were taking CJ for his first checkup. Being that they were both first-time parents, they were trying to adjust to having a newborn in the house. Like all babies, CJ’s sleeping and eating patterns were at all hours of the day and night. They did everything as a team and it was working perfectly so far. Cam went to the shop for a few hours in the mornings, but Demi was on leave.

  “I feel big as a house,” Demi complained when they got out of the car.

  “You just had a baby two weeks ago Demi. Stop expecting shit to snap back in place the next day. This ain’t like those books you be reading. This is real life,” Cam explained.

  “Shut up Camden. You’re not the one who’s walking around with a kangaroo pouch and leaking milk everywhere,” Demi fussed.

  “You’re fine as hell to me and that’s all that matters,” Cam said, making her blush.

  He carried the car seat, while Demi carried the small diaper bag and walked into the building. The office was on the first floor and Demi was happy to see that it wasn’t crowded. As soon as they walked inside, she paused momentarily when she saw a familiar face, but she played it off and kept walking. Demi grabbed Cam’s free hand, silently begging him to be good.

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