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I Heard It All Before

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  “Are you okay honey?” Nora asked Demi as she drove to their destination. Demi was staring out of the passenger’s side window, just like she’d been doing since Nora picked her up from her sister’s house that morning.

  “Yeah, I’m fine,” Demi replied as she mustered up a weak smile.

  She barely got any sleep the night before because Cam was on her mind all night. Demi half expected him to call and apologize, but that call never came. It was one thing for Cam to be locked up and ignore her, but she wouldn’t be able to take it now that he was home. Demi felt physically sick over it all and she felt herself getting depressed again.

  “Don’t worry about Cam. He’s a stubborn lil bastard and he’s been that way since he was little. He was my only baby, so his ass was spoiled,” Nora admitted.

  “I tried and that’s the best that I can do. I love Cam, but I’m not kissing his ass to be with me,” Demi replied.

  “I know that’s right,” Nora said as she found a place to park and turned off her car.

  She and Demi entered the building and walked down the long hall to the last door on the right. When they walked into the office, Demi paused, shocked to see that Cam was already sitting in there.

  “Your ass had better already been here,” Nora said when he stood up and kissed her cheek.

  “I told you that I would,” he replied as he touched Demi’s tiny baby bump.

  He was happy as hell when he and his mother talked the night before and she told him that Demi was pregnant. The romantic weekend that she had planned for them was when he was supposed to find out. Cam felt bad as hell for ignoring her all that time and, now, she was in her fourth month of pregnancy. She was already nine weeks when he went to jail and he stayed there for seven more weeks. Cam was excited to be a father and he prayed that the outcome was different that time.

  “Don’t touch me!” Demi snapped while slapping his hand away.

  “I’ll sign you in Demi,” Nora chuckled as she walked away and left the two of them alone.

  “Why didn’t you tell me?” Cam asked as he tried to touch her stomach again.

  “How? How did you expect me to tell you anything when you wouldn’t even talk to me?” Demi asked.

  “I’m sorry Demi, but I was fucked up by how you handled everything. I’ve never lied to you about anything and I’m not trying to start. I thought we were better than that,” Cam replied.

  “I apologized to you a million times, but you have a problem forgiving. What else did you want me to do?” Demi questioned.

  “I do forgive you. I love you too much not to,” Cam replied.

  “Fuck that Cam. I’m not Asha. This baby will not be the reason that we stay together. You wouldn’t even open the door for me yesterday, but now you love me so much,” Demi fumed.

  “I do love you and it has nothing to do with our baby. I loved you before you got pregnant and nothing has changed. I admit that I did handle things wrong, but I was hurt. I know that I hurt you too and, for that, I apologize. I don’t want you to leave though. I want us to work this out and raise our baby under the same roof,” Cam said as he kissed her lips.

  He expected Demi to pull away, but he was happy that she didn’t. Nora smiled when she saw the two of them holding hands and whispering back and forth. Nora had tried to be there for Demi as much as she could, but she was happy that she and Cam seemed to be okay. Demi was a sweetheart and Nora thought she was a good fit for her son.

  “Well, it looks like my work is done, so I’m leaving. Call me later Demi,” Nora said as she waved and walked away.

  As soon as she left, Demi’s name was called and she was led to the back. Cam was happy to hear that the baby’s heartbeat was strong and all seemed to be well. He was going to make sure that Demi took care of herself, especially since they were under the same roof. She had a decent diet already and he was gonna make sure that it stayed that way.

  “When do we find out the sex of the baby?” Cam asked.

  “She’s sixteen weeks in, so we might be able to see now,” the doctor replied.

  “What do you want it to be?” Demi asked him.

  “Healthy,” Cam replied honestly.

  After what happened with his first son, a healthy baby was all that he hoped and prayed for.

  Chapter 39

  Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months without Asha seeing or hearing from Cam. She had a few niggas that broke her off whenever she needed something, so she let him make it for a while. Even when she saw on his mother’s Facebook post that Demi was pregnant with his son, she remained calm. She was hurt, but there was nothing that she could do about it. The final straw for Asha was when she looked on Nora’s page a few minutes ago and saw Demi’s baby shower that had taken place the day before.

  “I hate this bitch. That hoe wants to be like me so bad, with this ugly ass baby shower,” Asha fumed as she sat in her brother, Quincy’s, kitchen with him and her friend Kenya.

  Although Kenya and Quincy messed around, she was always over there with Asha. Kelly didn’t know and they never acted differently around here. To Kelly, Kenya was just Asha’s friend and nothing more.

  “That shit is ugly as fuck,” Kenya replied as she turned her nose up at the metallic gold and royal blue little prince décor. She actually thought it was cute, but she didn’t want to disagree with her friend.

  “I can’t believe Cam. He’s letting her name her baby Camden Jr., like that’s not our baby’s name,” Asha fumed.

  “The fuck you mean her baby? That’s his baby too. And real talk Asha, y’all baby passed away. That man got a right to name his living son after him,” Quincy defended. His first son was named after him, so he knew how important that was to some men.

  “Fuck that bitch. She can have as many babies as she wants, I’ll still always be the first baby mama. Dead or alive, I gave him his first son. There is only one Camden Marquis Davis Jr., and he’s in the ground,” Asha replied.

  “You should comment and put that under the picture,” Kenya instigated.

  “Yes bitch, that’s exactly what I’m about to do,” Asha laughed.

  “That’s fucked up. Why y’all being messy and shit?” Quincy said, shaking his head.

  “Fuck them. I want Nora to call and check me. Her old ass can get it too. Bitch better unfriend me if she wants me to keep quiet,” Asha said as she typed away on her phone.

  “Leave them people alone Asha. You got mad niggas that you fuck with. Stop acting like you’re obsessed with Cam,” Quincy said as he rubbed up and down Kenya’s toned legs.

  His wife was at work and his sons were upstairs playing their game. He was hoping to get a quickie in with Kenya, but he needed Asha to look out like she usually did. His sons talked too much and he didn’t need them to see him sneaking off to the bathroom with their auntie’s friend. They would tell Kelly and there would be hell to pay if they did.

  “Fuck Cam and fuck Demi. Bitch better be happy for all that security at her job. I would have gone there and flipped her stupid ass for playing with me when I was pregnant,” Asha swore.

  She had stalked Demi on the internet and found out everything that she needed to know about her. She knew that Demi was an attorney, but she didn’t know that she worked at Cam’s family’s law firm. Asha had never been formerly introduced to Cam’s family, but Demi was in deep.

  “Man, fuck all that. You trying to look out for a nigga or what?” Quincy asked as he slipped his hand under Kenya’s tight dress.

  “Yeah, I got you,” Asha replied, right before they snuck off to the downstairs bathroom and closed the door.

  Asha didn’t care what they did and she never took her eyes off her phone. She was waiting for Nora to say something because she was ready to curse her ass out. Asha went under every picture and left a comment or the middle finger emoji. There were over fifty pictures, but she had lots of time on her hands. When her phone rang and Cam’s number popped up, she smiled, happy that her litt
le stunt had gained some attention.

  “Yes Camden,” Asha answered in her sweetest voice.

  “What’s up Asha? You obviously need some attention, so what’s good?” Cam asked in his usual nonchalant tone.

  His mother called him, livid about some of the comments that Asha had left under her pictures on Facebook. Nora lived on Facebook and Asha knew that. She knew that as soon as she left a comment, Nora was going to see it. He and Demi had been living drama free, but he knew that it wouldn’t last forever.

  “What’s up is you and that bitch naming that ugly ass baby that she’s pregnant with after our dead son,” Asha screeched.

  “Damn,” Cam laughed. “Why my baby gotta be ugly?”

  “I don’t find nothing funny Cam. That bitch wanna be me so bad. She could have named him anything that starts with a C. She’s just doing that shit to be petty,” Asha fumed.

  “First off, it was my idea to name my son after me. I don’t know what you thought Asha, but nobody is sitting around thinking about your ratchet ass. And despite what you say, you are not my baby’s mother. We do not have a living child together and I don’t owe you shit. You need to get out of your feelings and grow the fuck up. Unlike you, I can call and say what I have to say. I don’t have time to put on for people on Facebook,” Cam scolded.

  “Fuck you, Cam!” Asha yelled, but it was too late; he had already hung up the phone.

  She couldn’t call him back because she was blocked. She jumped up and grabbed her brother’s cordless house phone and started calling him like crazy. He answered the first time but, as soon as he heard her voice, he hung up and blocked that number too. Asha grabbed her phone, prepared to leave a nasty message on Nora’s page that she knew would get back to him. That idea was quickly abandoned when she saw that Nora had blocked her too.

  “Ughhh!” Asha screamed out in frustration.

  “What the hell is wrong with you?” Kelly asked as she seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

  Asha jumped when she heard her voice, especially since she never heard when Kelly came into the house.

  “What are you doing here?” Asha asked as her heart dropped.

  Her brother was in the bathroom fucking her friend and his wife had just walked through the door.

  “I live here bitch,” Kelly laughed.

  “You know what I mean. Quincy said that you were working overtime,” Asha replied.

  “Girl, it was slow as hell. They asked who wanted to go home and I was the first one to volunteer. Where is everybody?” Kelly asked.

  “The kids are upstairs on the game,” Asha replied nervously.

  “Where’s my husband?” Kelly asked.

  Her question was answered when Kenya came walking out of the hallway bathroom, pulling her dress down. Quincy followed soon after, tugging at the zipper of his jeans.

  “Baby. What are you doing home?” Quincy asked, his voice giving away his guilt.

  “You can’t be serious right now! In our fucking house! With our children right upstairs!” Kelly screamed as she charged straight at him.

  Quincy blocked her licks, but he never once tried to hit her back. He was wrong and he had to take what she was giving. Kelly had ripped his shirt from his body and was clawing at his face like an angry cat. Kenya tried to ease by the commotion, but Kelly snatched her back before she could get too far. Kelly boxed her up like a professional fighter who was trying to win a belt.

  “Don’t do that girl like that. Be mad with your husband,” Asha said as she tried to separate the two women. Kelly was like the Incredible Hulk the way she picked Asha up and body slammed her to the floor.

  “You coming over here with that bitch knowing that she was fucking my husband!” Kelly yelled as she wailed on Asha, who was on the floor squirming in pain.

  “Baby, chill out. I’m sorry okay,” Quincy said as he pulled his wife up and put her in a bear hug.

  That gave Asha enough time to get on her feet and charge at her sister-in-law. Quincy was in between them, absorbing most of the licks when his sister and his wife started swinging on each other. Asha felt played and she wanted Kelly in the worst way.

  “Get the fuck out of my house!” Kelly yelled as tears poured from her eyes.

  “Bitch, this is my brother’s house!” Asha yelled back.

  “Chill out Asha. Don’t talk to my wife like that,” Quincy defended.

  “Fuck you, nigga! I don’t need you taking up for me. You can follow those hoes right out the front door!” Kelly replied.

  “Can we talk baby? Just let me explain,” Quincy pleaded.

  “Explain to your sons why you won’t be living under the same roof with them anymore,” Kelly cried.

  “This is our home Kelly. Just let me talk to you,” Quincy begged.

  “You didn’t give a fuck about this being our home when you did God knows what with that bitch under our roof! Get the fuck out and don’t think about coming back!” Kelly yelled.

  “Don’t beg that hoe, Quincy; let’s go,” Asha replied as she walked away.

  Kenya had already limped out the front door and Asha wasn’t too far behind. Quincy was still begging and pleading, but it fell on deaf ears. Kelly was done with him and his trifling ass sister. Kelly was always getting on Asha for doing other people wrong. She never imagined that she would be one of the people who she did it to. After being ignored long enough, Quincy finally joined his sister and Kenya in Asha’s car and drove away. They were too busy talking about what just happened to notice that they were being followed.


  “Man, I’m following them bitches right now!” Kamari yelled in excitement.

  He was both shocked and pleasantly surprised when he saw Asha and another woman rushing out of a house and getting into her car. A man, who he assumed was her brother, came rushing out soon after. Kamari had just finished pumping gas at the station across the street, but he hopped in his car and followed behind them. He never even bothered to go back inside to get his change.

  Kamari had been inside for months since learning that there was a warrant out for his arrest. His lawyer was vague on the details of the warrant, but he figured it was because he’d missed his court date. Kamari’s lawyer had been trying to get him to turn himself in, but he wasn’t having it. He had been shacking up with the same chick that he was with when he saw Demi at the restaurant with her sisters a while ago. She was a friend of Lawrence’s girlfriend and she was cool. She cooked and fucked Kamari just about every day, making him feel like a king. Unlike Demi, she was even okay with his occupation, since she had dated several dope boys before. He was tired of being inside all the time, so he went to the gas station for cigars and gas. Kamari had his car parked in her garage for months and that was his first time driving it in a while.

  “Aye, don’t do nothing stupid bruh. It’s still daylight and I know a lot of people are outside,” Lawrence reasoned.

  “Fuck all that bruh. I’m already facing time. I’ll be a damn fool to let them get away. I don’t know who the other bitch is that’s with them, but today is not her lucky day,” Kamari replied.

  “If you saw the house that they came out of, you can go back at any time. Don’t do it bruh. The timing is all wrong,” Lawrence pleaded.

  “The timing is perfect for me,” Kamari replied.

  “You shouldn’t even be outside knowing that you have a warrant out for you. The fuck you left out of the house with a gun for anyway?” Lawrence questioned.

  “Because I don’t trust these niggas out here, that’s why,” Kamari noted.

  “Bruh, just chill out and let me help you. You always jump in shit head first and make it worse,” Lawrence fussed.

  Kamari was too busy trying to keep up with Asha to worry about what his friend was saying. Asha was speeding and Kamari was going just as fast. She seemed to be deep in conversation, not paying attention to him following her. Kamari had the gun on his lap, ready to aim and shoot. That was, until he heard sirens starting to blare behi
nd him. He looked out of his rearview mirror and frowned at the police car that was following him.

  “Fuck!” Kamari barked in anger.

  “What happened?” Lawrence questioned.

  “Man, call that punk ass lawyer and tell him to get to work. My stupid ass is about to go back to jail,” Kamari replied.

  He pulled to the side and got out of the car like he was commanded to. He didn’t have shit to say as he was read his rights, cuffed, and placed into the back of the police car. Asha and her people were some lucky muthafuckers. They didn’t know just how close they were to death, but they wouldn’t be able to cheat it forever.

  Chapter 40

  “How much do you need?” Asha asked her potential customer over the phone.

  She was making a killing selling her bundles and she enjoyed having her own money. The chick that she was on the phone with had a hair salon and she always spent hundreds when she placed an order. She purchased hair from Asha and marked it up for her own customers. Asha made a grip off her and she didn’t care what she did.

  “Shit, the hair business is just like the dope game,” Quincy laughed.

  He had been staying with Asha and his mother since Kelly didn’t want him back at their house. Quincy didn’t have a legal income, so everything that he owned was in Kelly’s name. They both had a car, but she refused to let him take his. He was reduced to riding his old motorcycle that had a broken gas needle. He tried to keep gas in it all the time because he never knew when he was low. Even when Quincy went to get his clothes, Kelly had the police there to escort him in and out.

  He was sick without his wife and he prayed that his marriage didn’t end. Kelly had accused him of cheating many times before, but she never actually had proof. Quincy had fucked Kenya several times in and out of their house and he’d never gotten caught before. Kelly crept up on Asha so fast that she didn’t even have time to warn them. Kenya was alright for sex, but she wasn’t worth losing his wife. Kelly wouldn’t even let him come to the house to for his boys. He had to go to her mother’s house to see them or pick them up.

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