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I Heard It All Before

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  “Ms. Dixon, how’s it going?” Asha’s doctor asked when he walked into the room.

  “Fine,” Asha replied with a phony smile.

  “I hear that your pressure is not too good. What have you been eating lately?” he asked her.

  “Nothing really, but I told you how much I crave boiled seafood,” Asha said as she rolled her eyes at the snitching nurse.

  “That is one of the worst things for you in your condition,” he clarified as he washed his hands and slipped on a pair of gloves.

  Cam watched as he moved the probe all around Asha’s stomach and looked up at the monitor. He whispered something to the nurse, and she walked out of the room. She came back a few minutes later with another machine that another female nurse helped her roll in. They hooked that machine up on the other side of Asha and the baby popped up on the other screen.

  “Have you been feeling the baby move lately?” the doctor questioned Asha.

  “Yes. I felt him move all yesterday. What’s going on?” Asha questioned.

  “We’re not detecting a heartbeat,” the doctor admitted.

  “What does that mean?” Cam questioned.

  “Ms. Dixon has been suffering with preeclampsia throughout her pregnancy. That’s one of the main causes of stillborn births,” the doctor noted.

  “Are you trying to say that I’m carrying around a dead baby? He was just moving around yesterday,” Asha screamed as tears poured from her eyes.

  “I need to get you up to labor and delivery. I’m gonna induce labor as soon as possible,” the doctor noted, still not answering Asha’s questions.

  “Is my baby okay? Please tell me that my baby is okay,” Asha cried.

  Cam didn’t really know how to feel and he was still shocked by it all. They had only come for a visit and everything was going wrong. The doctor had never confirmed the baby’s death, so there had to be some hope. He tried to put on a brave front for Asha, who was losing her mind, but he was scared as hell. Things were happening so fast and all he could think to do was call her mother and his. Asha was rushed to labor and delivery, and they started inducing her as soon as they had her situated in a room. They kept trying to find the baby heartbeat but, sadly, there was none.

  “I can’t lose our baby Cam. I just can’t,” Asha said as she cried and prayed for God to spare their son’s life.

  Cam did some praying too and he hoped that God heard him. He didn’t want Asha as a baby mama, but his son was innocent in it all. He remembered his grandmother always telling him that God always had the final say and He didn’t make mistakes. That gave him a little peace in knowing that whatever happened was for the best.

  “Your mama and Kelly are on their way over here. My mama and my auntie are coming too,” Cam said as he held Asha’s hand.

  “I hope you didn’t call your girlfriend. I don’t want her here Cam. This is a family matter and she’s not family,” Asha said, still being the same bitch that she’d always been.

  Cam let her hand go and sat in the chair next to her bed. His mother and aunt Nadine were the first ones to arrive. Asha ignored them and didn’t open her mouth until her mother and sister-in-law got there. It took a while, but Asha was starting to feel light cramps. By five that afternoon, she was in full-blown labor and ready to deliver. Asha wanted everyone out of the room except for Cam, and they respected her wishes. Cam was sure that the entire hospital and the surrounding areas heard Asha’s screams when she gave birth to a five-pound stillborn baby boy. Cam was heartbroken, but not more than Asha. She wanted Cam to stay, but she refused to see anyone else. Demi dropped some clothes off to the hospital for him, but she wished she could have consoled her man. As much as she hated Asha, she felt bad for her too. No mother should have had to experience that kind of pain, even an evil bitch like Asha. Demi still hated her, but she had a heart.


  Two days had passed and Asha was still in the hospital. The doctor wanted her pressure to go down some more and he needed her to eat. Asha fell into a state of depression. Besides her immediate family and Cam, she was refusing to see anyone else. Cam visited her, but they didn’t really say much to each other. Asha was questioning God, and Cam tried his best to console her. The hospital arranged for them to have a private service for the baby in the chapel later that day, but Asha didn’t want to go. He knew that he was wrong for how he felt, but Cam was ready to get it all over with. After that day, he didn’t have any plans to see or talk to Asha ever again. He had no reason to.

  “I need to go home and put on something decent for the service. You want me to get you something from the cafeteria before I go?” Cam asked her.

  “No,” Asha mumbled.

  “The doctor said that you need to eat something Asha. I’ll get you some fruit and a bottle of water. Just try to eat a little,” he said before walking out of the room.

  It was early, but the cafeteria was crowded with staff members and visitors. Cam grabbed a small container of fruit, yogurt, and a bottle of water for Asha and stood in line.

  “Hey Cam, I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your baby,” someone said, making Cam spin around to see who it was.

  He didn’t feel any kind of emotion when he looked into his cousin Laila’s face. He forgot all about Laila working in the hospital’s cafeteria. Cam hadn’t seen her in a while and he really didn’t miss her. Laila was a snake and that was the worst kind of person to be around. She took Cam by surprise with her actions because he was always so close with his cousins. Lacey was pissed with her too, but their mother intervened in that. They were her only two kids and she made sure that they got along. Nadine wasn’t feeling her daughters not speaking to each other, so she put a stop to it. She still went off on Laila about what she did though. Laila had moved back home with her mother, but Lacey still didn’t fuck with her like she used to.

  “Thanks,” Cam said, void of any emotions.

  “How is Asha?” Laila asked.

  “She’s upstairs, go see her,” Cam replied.

  “I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but I’m sorry for everything that I did Cam. I’m not trying to make excuses for my actions or nothing because I was wrong,” Laila admitted.

  “Honestly Laila, I got too much on my plate right to even care about that dumb shit. What’s done is done and I’m over it.” Cam shrugged.

  “I understand Cam. I just felt like I owed you that much. What’s Asha’s room number? I’m gonna go up and see her,” Laila said.

  “She’s is room three-twenty,” Cam replied.

  “Okay. Is any of this for her? I can bring it up if you have to go. You don’t have to pay for it,” Laila commented.

  “Yeah, all of it is for her,” Cam said as he handed everything to his cousin and got out of the long line.

  Once Cam was gone, Laila took the items that he had given her and headed to the elevator. When she got in front of Asha’s door, she knocked softly before letting herself in. Asha had her back to the door, but she turned around thinking that Cam had returned. She smiled when she saw Laila, but the gesture was not returned. Asha really missed being around her, but Laila didn’t feel the same way.

  “Where the hell have you been? Quincy went to your house one day and you had up and moved,” Asha said as she sat straight up in the bed.

  “I don’t know what he came to my house for. Shouldn’t he be home with his wife and kids?” Laila asked.

  “Oh okay, now I see why you up and disappeared like you did. You were feeling a little salty because my brother got married,” Asha smirked.

  She dropped the grieving mother act real quick since Cam was gone. She was going to play that role until the show ended to keep Cam by her side as long as she could. Asha was sad about losing her baby, but she was sadder about losing her connection to Cam. Her disregard for the doctor’s orders was what sealed her fate. Her pressure was extremely high and her son just couldn’t survive it.

  “I’m never salty boo. Just like your karma is ca
tching up with you, his will catch up to him too,” Laila replied.

  “Why are you mad, though? You knew my brother didn’t want you from day one. You threw yourself on him and offered your house as a place for him to hustle. He would have been a fool to pass that up. You were the dummy who wanted more than what was offered,” Asha laughed.

  “Laugh now, but let’s see how funny it is when Lo catches up with you and your brothers for robbing him,” Laila said, wiping the smile from Asha’s face.

  “Bitch,” Asha said before Laila cut her off.

  “Now, who’s mad? It was your idea for your brothers to rob him, wasn’t it? It’s because of you that Randy is dead too. You prey on the weak and use it to your advantage. I’m sorry that my cousin’s baby died, but I’m happy that he doesn’t have to deal with you for the rest of his life. He probably would have been a single father anyway. You and your brothers are dead once Lo catches up with you,” Laila smirked.

  “All that because my brother doesn’t want you,” Asha said, shaking her head.

  “Why would he want an annoying bitch who lives in the trap house? That is what you said to your sister-in-law, right?” Laila asked as she sat Asha’s fruit and yogurt next to her bed and walked out.

  “Shit!” Asha hissed as she grabbed her phone to call her brother, Quincy. She needed to let him know what was going on so that he could watch himself. Asha was happy that she and her mother were moving and she wasn’t telling anybody where they were moving to. She didn’t know what made her trust Laila’s unstable ass, but that was a mistake that was about to cost her a lot.

  Chapter 34

  Kamari walked out of prison feeling like a million bucks. He hadn’t been locked up long but, being that he’d never been to jail before, it felt like a lifetime. His only friend and right-hand man, Lawrence, was right there waiting for him. Kamari wasn’t out of the woods yet with his charges, but he was confident that he would get off with little to no time. He would much rather fight his charges on the streets versus being caged up like an animal. Kamari didn’t know what he had done to have so much good fortune, but he wasn’t going to question it. The lawyer who’d come to see him had to be sent from heaven, and Kamari appreciated the blessing. The terms of the deal were something that would benefit all who were involved and Kamari was happy to help.

  “What’s good fam?” Lawrence asked as he gave Kamari a one-armed hug.

  “Not a damn thing. I’m just happy to be free,” Kamari replied.

  “I got all your shit at the house if you wanna go shower and change clothes,” Lawrence said.

  Kamari knew that he didn’t mean to, but Lawrence had changed his happy demeanor in a matter of seconds. He’d unintentionally reminded Kamari that he no longer had a wife or a home to go back to. Kamari was shocked when Demi paid him a visit while he was still in jail. Kamari got excited about the possibility of her having a change of heart. They were divorced, but he would have gladly downgraded and became her boyfriend. The minute Demi opened her mouth and told him the reason for her visit, he knew that it was wishful thinking. Demi broke his heart when she told him that someone wanted to buy their house. She thought that she was doing something by telling him that she was giving him half of the money from the sale, but he didn’t care about that. For the first time since he’d met, married, and divorced her, Kamari cursed Demi out like a dog and sent her on her way. He didn’t give fuck about the money; he wanted her. He told her to keep the money and shove it. He didn’t want anything from her, including her pity.

  “Yeah, that’s cool. Did you ever find out anything about that bitch Asha and her brothers?” Kamari asked.

  “I heard that two of her brothers got locked up not too long ago. Then, I heard that her baby died,” Lawrence replied.

  “What baby? I didn’t even know that the bitch had kids,” Kamari replied.

  “She was pregnant with that nigga Cam’s baby,” Lawrence revealed.

  “That’s good for Demi’s stupid ass. Bitch played me for that nigga and look at how he played her,” Kamari frowned.

  “Man, I don’t know what’s going on now because the bitch must have moved. I got her address from a reliable source and crept around there one night. That shit was empty with a rental sign out front,” Lawrence replied.

  “It’s all good. She’s a hood rat, so she won’t stay away from the hood too long. I want that bitch and I want her bad,” Kamari fumed.

  “You’ll get her. Just be patient,” Lawrence replied as he pulled up to his house.

  After showering and getting fresh, Kamari hopped in his car and headed to his destination. He was so happy that his car and bike were in Demi’s name because the police probably would have confiscated it thinking that it was purchased with drug money. Kamari smiled wickedly when he pulled up to the elegant building and killed his engine. He reminisced for a few seconds before he got out of the car and walked inside. He paused when he walked into the lobby and saw Cam’s smiling face staring back at him. He was on a huge portrait that was hung up in the lobby, catching him by surprise. Kamari had been to that building several times and that was the first time he’d seen it.

  “Can I help you with something?” the security guard asked when he saw him just standing there.

  “Yeah, I’m here to see...” Kamari said before he was cut off.

  “Kamari? Wh... what are you doing here?” Demi stuttered.

  “What’s up wife? I mean ex-wife,” he said with a devious smirk.

  Demi was sexy as hell with her white fitted skirt and matching jacket clinging to her smooth chocolate skin. Black was beautiful and Demi was living proof of that. She was thicker than he’d remembered, but that was probably because she was happy. Cam being the one to make her that way just didn’t sit right with him.

  “What are you doing here? Demi asked him again.

  Kamari hated the look of fear that she now owed whenever she looked at him. It was never like that before, but that all changed the night that he took a shot at her and Cam. He knew without a doubt that Demi would have called the police on him, but Cam was a street nigga. He knew how the game was played because he was one of the players.

  “I guess that’s how you got this job, huh. Your new nigga is connected to these crackers,” Kamari said while pointing to the picture of Cam posing with a white man.

  “Not that’s it’s any of your business, but I didn’t know that Mr. Blaire was Camden’s father. I didn’t even know Camden when I first started working here,” Demi defended.

  “His father!” Kamari screeched.

  He knew that Cam was mixed with something, but he never knew what. He had never met his mother or father, so he wouldn’t have known anyway. Demi wanted him to believe that she hadn’t known Cam that long, but her story was sounding more and more like a lie. Kamari had a lot of questions and he wanted some answers.

  “So, you want me to believe that you haven’t been knowing Cam that long, yet you work for his pops. You might not have known that we did business, but that’s the only part of your story that I believe,” Kamari said.

  “As if I give a fuck what you believe. Get out of my place of business before I have you arrested. I don’t know who in their right mind let you out in the first place,” Demi snapped.

  “What are you looking so scared for Demi? You know I would never hurt you,” Kamari assured her.

  “Yeah right, says the nigga who took a few shots at me not too long ago,” Demi reminded him like she had to do once before.

  “Oh yeah. Damn, I almost forgot about that,” Kamari smirked.

  “Just leave Kamari,” Demi said, slightly raising her voice.

  “Are you okay Ms. Harrison?” the security guard asked Demi.

  “Damn! How you just dropped a nigga name like that?” Kamari said, slightly offended by the guard calling Demi by her maiden name.

  “I dropped you. Why the hell would I keep your name?” Demi asked, like it was a no brainer.

  “Bet. Well, you have
a good day Ms. Harrison,” Kamari said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

  Demi and the security guard stood by the door and watched until he pulled out of the parking lot.

  “Let me know when you’re ready to go. I’ll walk you out to your car,” the guard said to Demi.

  “I’m ready right now. I was about to leave until I saw his ass,” Demi replied as she followed him out.

  She was like the exorcist, the way she turned her neck to make sure that Kamari wasn’t lurking around waiting for her. She would have never thought in a million years that the man that she once loved and took vows with would one day be the man that she now feared. Kamari was not the same man that she’d fallen in love with in college and married soon after. It didn’t seem as if she was dealing with Kamari at all. For the first time ever, Demi was seeing Lo.


  “I’m telling y’all, he was not the same Kamari that I was married to. He creeped me out with the way he talked and looked at me.” Demi shuddered as she walked down the aisles of the grocery store with her sisters.

  She was telling them about the run in that she’d had with Kamari a few days prior. Demi was scared to death, and Cam had to start bringing her and picking her up. He told his grandfather what was going on and he hired extra security for the building and the parking lot.

  “You need to be careful Demi. Between him and Cam’s ex-girlfriend, I’m kind of worried about you and Camden,” Isis replied.

  “And that crazy bitch is another story altogether. Cam can hardly grieve the loss of his son because she’s always on some bullshit. Can you believe that she still wants Cam to pay half of the rent for her and her mama? She claimed that they had already budgeted with his help and they can’t afford to do it alone,” Demi fussed.

  “That bitch must be insane!” Imani yelled.

  “She has to be,” Isis agreed.

  “But, that’s not all. Look at what Ms. Nora sent to me. You know she’s friends with Asha on Facebook,” Demi said as she showed her sisters something on her phone.


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