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I Heard It All Before

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  He never would have imagined that, when the police arrested him at the hotel, they’d had such a strong case against him. Thanks to Randy’s punk ass, they had more than enough for a trial and conviction. Randy did the world a favor by killing himself. Kamari was going to do it for him if he hadn’t. It turned out that they started watching him the same day that he shot at Demi and Cam. Thankfully, they started their surveillance after that incident took place. That would have been another charge that he had to fight. When Kamari went home to get clothes, they were outside of his house and had been following him around since then. He told Lawrence that he felt as if somebody was watching him, but Lawrence thought that he was just being paranoid.

  “Look who’s talking,” Demi said after a long pause.

  “Ain’t no hoe in my blood and you know that better than anybody,” Kamari replied.

  “Says the hoe ass nigga who shot at me,” Demi snapped.

  “I wasn’t shooting at you. I was shooting at your punk ass boyfriend,” Kamari admitted.

  “I was in the car with him and you knew that. We were in my damn car. I know you felt played when he knocked you out, but it wasn’t that serious. Besides, you hit him first,” Demi noted.

  “Are you seriously sitting here defending this nigga Demi?” Kamari asked through clenched teeth.

  “I sure am,” Demi admitted.

  “Yeah, well, you should know that it was his bitch who set the shit up for us to be robbed. That nigga probably had something to do with it too,” Kamari said.

  “Stop reaching Kamari. And we didn’t get robbed, you did. I didn’t know that my life was in jeopardy because you had drugs in the house,” Demi corrected.

  “But, was it that serious for you to file for divorce Demi? I was a damn good husband to you and you know that. I loved the ground you walked on and I was never unfaithful. It’s like you forgot about all of that and just said fuck me,” Kamari said angrily.

  “Being faithful is not all that a marriage is about Kamari. I couldn’t trust you and that was a huge problem. You never took my feelings into consideration. Not to mention, you started putting your hands on me. I would have been a fool to stay and put up with that. I gave you chances and I almost lost my life behind it,” Demi rambled.

  “So, that gave you a pass to fuck one of my customers?” Kamari asked.

  “You sound like a damn fool. I didn’t even know that you were still selling drugs. How would I have known that Cam was your customer? He didn’t even know that you were my husband,” Demi answered.

  “And you’re still defending this nigga like he’s God or something,” Kamari chuckled sarcastically.

  “Go back to your table and talk to your lawyer,” Demi instructed. The Blaire Firm had lots of attorneys, so she wasn’t familiar with the man who was representing him.

  “He’s good. That nigga gets paid by the hour,” Kamari said, referring to the lawyer that Lawrence had hired to represent him.

  “I still want you to leave me alone,” Demi noted.

  “You love that nigga, Demi?” Kamari asked.

  “I sure do,” Demi answered honestly.

  “Damn. I’m sorry that my aim was off that night. Don’t worry, I won’t miss next time.” Kamari winked as he got up and went back to the table with his lawyer.

  Amy got an earful, but Demi didn’t care. She started shaking when Kamari said what he said and she was ready to go. She quickly scribbled some info on a piece of paper and told the guard to pass it to her client. Demi powerwalked out of the office and pulled her phone from her purse. She didn’t know how long Kamari was going to be in jail, but she needed to make a few moves before he was released. She was cool with a few senior attorneys at the firm and she wanted to inquire about getting a speedy divorce. Since Kamari was locked up, it would be much easier to do.


  Kamari chuckled as he laid in his bunk and read over the mail that he’d just received. Demi played no games and she proved that. Two weeks after he saw her at the jailhouse, he got papers letting him know that their divorce had been finalized. Demi had obviously pulled some strings at her job to get it done faster, but there was nothing that he could do about it. He was officially single and that shit depressed him more than being where he was. Demi was supposed to be the mother of his kids. They were supposed to grow old together. Things went all the way left and it was all his fault. He had no problem admitting it, but he still didn’t like the outcome. In his eyes, Demi was now the enemy, just like Asha, her brothers, and Cam.

  “Logan!” the guard yelled. “You have an attorney’s visit.”

  “I just saw my attorney yesterday. He’s not coming back until next week,” Kamari replied.

  “I’m just doing my job. Let’s go!” the guard barked.

  Kamari was confused, but he got up and followed him anyway. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was curious. He waited outside the attorney’s conference room with the deputy until he was escorted in. Kamari looked at all the tables, but there was only one attorney sitting there. He didn’t recognize the man, but he’d obviously recognized him.

  “Mr. Logan, have a seat please,” the man said with a bright smile.

  “I think you have the wrong person. I already have an attorney,” Kamari replied as he turned to walk away.

  “Kamari Logan?” the man asked.

  “Yeah, that’s me,” Kamari replied.

  “You’re the person who I’ve been sent to come see. Have a seat Mr. Logan. I have an offer for you that I’m sure you won’t refuse. If all goes well, I’ll have you out of here sooner than you think,” the man said, getting Kamari’s undivided attention.

  “How is that possible, when I don’t even have a bond?” Kamari questioned.

  “You just leave that to me. You scratch my back and I’ll be happy to scratch yours,” the man replied.

  “I’m listening,” Kamari assured him and listened to what he had to say. He was on board with whatever if it guaranteed his freedom. He didn’t know what his unknown visitor had in mind, but he was ready to find out.

  Chapter 31

  Cam looked around the room and he felt sorry for his son already. They had two tables set up in the rear of the room, both being occupied by card players. A man, who he’d never seen before, was in and out of the hall carrying the pans of seafood that he was out back boiling. The entire scene looked like a low budget rap video, right on down to the Gucci baby shower theme that Asha had chosen. The paid security officer had already broken up two fights because Asha’s messy ass invited her brother’s girlfriends and their side chicks. Asha just wanted lots of gifts. She didn’t care that she was creating drama in the process. Asha loved attention and she was the center of it, thanks to her shower. She had Cam walk in with her like they were a couple, but he didn’t call her out on it. He could have died when he saw all the fake Gucci decorations, but the picture backdrop sealed the deal. The cake was shaped like a Gucci diaper bag, with the baby shoes and bottle to match. Even the candy table was a hot ass mess, with the imitation Gucci cupcakes and candy wrappers. Cam knew that Demi wouldn’t believe him, so he sent her pictures and a video of it all. They would have a lot to talk about that night and he couldn’t wait.

  “What time is this shit over with? And why the fuck is you still eating that shit?” Cam asked as he looked over at Asha.

  She had a platter full of boiled seafood, even though the doctor told her to stay away from the salt. Asha’s feet were so swollen that slippers were the only thing that felt comfortable to her. She was seven months pregnant and looked like she was ready to pop. She was full of fluid because she never did what was required of her. She was just released from the hospital three days before her shower because her pressure was through the roof. Cam had never heard of preeclampsia before, but he knew all about it now since Asha had been pregnant.

  “He didn’t say I couldn’t have it. He said don’t eat too much of it,” Asha replied.

  “Common sense woul
d tell you to stay away from the shit if you keep being admitted into the hospital,” Cam argued.

  “I can’t help it if this is what your son has me craving,” Asha defended.

  “Whatever Asha. What time is this shit over with?” Cam asked again.

  “Why are you in such a hurry? That bitch ain’t going nowhere,” Asha snapped.

  “This don’t have shit to do with Demi and I already know she ain’t going nowhere. We’ve been here for four hours and nothing is happening. I’ve seen two fights, card games, twerking contests, and all kinds of other shit that shouldn’t be taking place at a baby shower,” Cam fussed.

  “I haven’t even opened up my gifts yet,” Asha replied, pointing to the two tables that were covered in gifts.

  That was all that she cared about anyway. Most people were only invited for that reason alone. Asha didn’t have many friends and her family was as dysfunctional as they came. Most of her cousins were jealous of her and they had every reason to be. Asha always had more than the average girl her age, and her brothers made sure of it. Now that she was having Cam’s first son, she was sure that a lot of bitches were gonna be even sicker. His family hated her, but that was too damn bad. They were stuck with her now. Cam’s mother and her sisters were there, but Asha ignored them all. Asha and Laila always got along, but she had been acting distant a lot lately. Laila had even stopped answering the phone for Quincy. He tried popping up at her house one day, only to discover that she had moved. Asha didn’t know what was up with her and she honestly didn’t care. Her brother had him another side chick and another spot to make his money. His new girl, Kenya, was Asha’s friend as well, so Laila wasn’t missed.

  “Come on man. You need to get the ball rolling. Hop on the mic and tell them that you’re about to open your gifts. This ain’t no damn club and I’m not trying to stay here all night,” Cam noted.

  “You do know that I’ll need some help bringing all this shit home,” Asha informed him.

  “I know. Kobe and two of the dudes from the shop are gonna come help me bring it all to your house,” Cam replied.

  “Why can’t they bring some of it to your house? What, Demi got a problem with your son having stuff there?” Asha questioned.

  “You’re trying to pick an argument with the wrong nigga and you already know that,” Cam replied.

  Asha knew that he would only ignore her if she picked a fuss, so she let it go. Cam was nothing like Randy and that was what Asha would miss about him the most. Randy let her have her way, but Cam wasn’t having it. Asha hated what happened to Randy, but that further proved her point about how weak he was. She couldn’t believe that she wore his ring on her finger at one time. Word quickly got around about how he’d set Lo up, so he did the right thing by killing himself.

  Asha got her mother’s attention and told her that she was ready to open her gifts. She had so much to open and she wasn’t sure that she could finish it all. Cam and his mother could have filled a table all by themselves. They had purchased mostly everything that she had. Asha was happy for the gift cards, especially the Visa ones. Some of them would be used on her, since she knew that Cam would have their son covered.

  “What do you want me to keep at my house Asha?” Cam asked, once his boys showed up to help him take the gifts away.

  “I don’t know yet. I’m keeping the cuter stuff with me,” Asha replied.

  “Just bring it all to my house and she can decide later,” Asha’s mother instructed.

  Cam and his boys carried everything out to their cars, as Asha and her mother said goodbye to her guests. Asha enjoyed spending time with him, so she wasn’t in a hurry for him to go. Demi had him all the time and she only got him for doctor’s appointments and baby shopping. Asha was jealous and she never tried to hide it. She was being good now, but she was gonna make Demi regret the day that she ever decided to get with Camden Davis.

  “Can you take me home baby daddy?” Asha asked Cam.

  “I don’t have no room. You should have said that before I put all that stuff in the front seat. I can ask my mama to bring you,” Cam offered.

  “I’ll pass. My mama can bring me,” Asha replied. She didn’t really need a ride, but she wanted to be under Cam just a little while longer.

  “I have room to bring you, but you just proved my point. Your ass didn’t need a ride home in the first place,” Cam said, calling Asha out on her bullshit.

  She got into the car with her mother, while Cam and his crew followed them home. When Asha’s mother turned on their street, the entire block was surrounded by police cars and nosey neighbors standing outside. Asha and her mother couldn’t go any further, so they parked on the corner and got out. It wasn’t until they started walking that Gina noticed that it was her house that was the center of the commotion. Her front door was completely torn down, as officers roamed in and out of her house freely.

  “Oh no!” Gina yelled as she took off running towards her house.

  Asha tried to run behind her, but Cam grabbed her before she could get too far away. “Let me go Cam! Something probably happened to my brothers,” Asha panicked.

  “Calm down Asha. You can’t be doing all that stressing and shit. That’s not good for the baby. Just wait right here and see what’s up,” Cam suggested.

  Asha’s older brother, Quincy, was the only one who didn’t live with Gina. The two younger ones were the worst, in Cam’s opinion, and they still lived at home. They were reckless, and Cam wouldn’t be surprised if they had done something or if something had been done to them.

  “What the hell is going on?” Asha cried when she saw her two brothers being led outside in handcuffs.

  One of them had on a bloodied white t-shirt and the other didn’t have on a shirt at all. Asha’s mother was jumping up and down screaming like a fool when her sons were placed in the back of the patrol car. Gina knew that her kids weren’t right, but she acted like they wore a halo. Cam walked Asha up a little closer and stood right next to her mother. Gina was hysterical, as the cars pulled off and the officers began to leave. She was yelling at them, asking what happened, but they all ignored her.

  “Wait a little while and go down there to the station. They’ll let you know what they’re being charged with,” one of the elderly neighbors said before he went back inside.

  Cam instructed Kobe and the other two dudes to unload the cars and put everything inside. Once they were done, Kobe hung around to see if Cam needed his help. Asha and her mother were both crying when they saw the condition of the house. Everything else was intact, but the living room was a mess. Nothing appeared to be broken, but the furniture had been flipped all over the place. Cam and Kobe helped Gina get everything together before they got some boards and secured the door. Gina was a renter, but her landlord didn’t answer when she called him. Asha and her mother were afraid to sleep in there with the door like it was, so Cam offered to put them up in a room for a night. It was sad that neither of them had money without Asha’s brothers and they never even tried.


  “Girl, they might have to do some serious time,” Kelly said as she and Asha walked around in Target.

  “I know and my mama is going crazy. You know they used to pay all the bills, so she’s really panicking,” Asha replied, referring to her two incarcerated brothers.

  An entire week had passed since Asha’s brothers were locked up and it didn’t seem like they were getting out any time soon. They were wanted in connection with a string of robberies and one of them was facing a murder charge. The detective told Gina that they had surveillance photos and witnesses who were ready to testify. Quincy wanted to get them an attorney, but he couldn’t afford to do it by himself.

  “That’s exactly why I refused to quit my job when Quincy asked me to. I need to know that me and my kids will be okay with or without him. I be saving my ass off because that drug money can only last for so long,” Kelly reasoned.

  “Me and CJ will be okay, but I can’t expect Cam to t
ake care of my mama too,” Asha said while rubbing her stomach.

  “Honestly Asha, you can’t expect him to take care of you either. His son is his only responsibility,” Kelly noted.

  “Cam still loves me, girl. He’s in his feelings about me messing with Randy, but we’ll be back together once CJ gets here,” Asha replied.

  “Did he tell you that?” Kelly questioned.

  “He doesn’t have to tell me, he shows me. Every time I’m in the hospital, he’s right there by my side. When my brothers went to jail, he helped us get the house together and even put us up in a room. A nigga who didn’t love me wouldn’t have done half as much,” Asha speculated.

  “He’s doing all that because you’re having his baby, Asha. Cam is a good dude, but I don’t want you to get that confused with him still wanting to be with you,” Kelly reasoned.

  Asha had told her that Cam was dating a lawyer. Kelly couldn’t see him giving up a woman with a career to be back with Asha, who had nothing to offer him but a son.

  “I’m about to start making my own money too. I’m just waiting for my shipment to get here. Thanks to Sheena, I’ll be slanging bundles all over New Orleans,” Asha said, referring to her hair stylist.

  Sheena’s husband was in the military and he was being stationed in Germany for two years. Sheena was the plug when it came to hair and she agreed to give Asha her connections. Asha used some of the cash and gift cards from her baby shower and put in a huge order that was guaranteed to triple in profits.

  “Now, that’s what’s up. The money is really about to start pouring in,” Kelly replied.

  “I hope so because my mama wants to move. She doesn’t feel comfortable being in that house no more after what happened,” Asha said as she turned the aisle and collided with another basket.

  “I’m sorry,” Demi said as she looked up into Asha’s scowling face. She was out shopping with Imani when she literally ran into Asha. Demi wasn’t in the mood to deal with Asha’s ignorant ass, so she was prepared to walk away.


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