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I Heard It All Before

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  “So, if I say no, I lose you as a friend too?” Demi inquired.

  “Never that. I want us to be more, but I’ll take you any way I can get you,” Cam said as he grabbed her hand.

  “Can we just see what happens Cam? I don’t want us to make each other promises that we’re not sure that we can keep. I already feel like I’m cheating and I haven’t done anything wrong,” Demi pointed out.

  “I understand Demi. No pressure over this way, I promise,” Cam replied.

  “Okay.” Demi smiled. “Now, let’s talk about our living arrangements.”

  “What about it?” Cam asked.

  “Where are we gonna go? I mean, if you’ve changed your mind, I understand. I’ll just go to my mom’s house until I figure something out. I’ll probably do that anyway. I hate hotels and I don’t wanna be there too long,” Demi rambled.

  “No, I didn’t change my mind,” Cam assured her.

  “Okay, so what do you have in mind?” Demi asked.

  “What about English Turn?” Cam asked, almost making her choke on her coffee.

  “Are you crazy Camden! Do you know how much it would cost to rent a house there? Some of the lawyers at my firm live in that area and it is not cheap,” Demi informed him.

  “Just let me worry about that. I might have a hookup. All we’ll have to do is furnish the place and move in,” Cam replied.

  “Are you serious?” Demi asked.

  “Dead ass,” Cam replied as he handed the waitress his card to pay the bill.

  “Did you see the place yet? How big is it?” Demi questioned.

  “Five bedrooms, four baths,” Cam answered.

  “What! How much are they asking for rent? We have to make sure we can afford that Cam. I don’t want us to go broke trying to furnish and rent a house that will never belong to us,” Demi noted.

  Cam only smiled at her concerns, but he had it all covered. It was crazy how different Asha and Demi were. Asha wouldn’t have cared if he went broke, just as long as she got whatever she wanted. Demi was always concerned with him and his finances, and he appreciated that.

  “What are you smiling for Cam? I’m serious. We need to sit down and come up with a budget,” Demi advised.

  “We can do that,” Cam agreed.

  “Okay, well, I have to get going. I’m going to my mother’s job. I need to talk to her about what’s going on and I’m not looking forward to it. And I have to get the rest of my stuff from my house. This is gonna be a rough day,” Demi sighed.

  “Who’s gonna help you? I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go by yourself,” Cam said as they stood up and headed for the door.

  “I’m not going alone. I might ask my cousins to come with me. I should get the police to escort me, just in case he wants to act a fool,” Demi replied.

  “Leave the police out of it Demi. Me and my boys can help if you need us to,” Cam offered.

  “No, I don’t want nobody else in the middle of my mess. I’ll figure something out,” Demi said, as he walked her to her car.

  “Aside from your clothes and stuff, is there anything important that you have to get?” Cam questioned.

  “No, not that I can think of. My laptop was in the trunk of my car. That’s the most important thing because all my work is on it. Why?” Demi asked.

  “Maybe you need to give it a few more days. Let him calm down a little before you try to go get your stuff,” Cam suggested.

  “That’s what Isis said too. Maybe I will, but I’ll have to go get my work clothes soon,” Demi replied.

  “Call me if you need me,” Cam said.

  “What are you getting into when you leave from here?” Demi asked.

  “I don’t know. Why? What’s up?” Cam questioned.

  “Nothing, just asking,” Demi replied as she turned away.

  Cam knew that she had something to say. She always turned away from him whenever she felt uncomfortable about what she wanted to say. Demi was shy in her own way, but Cam was learning her ways.

  “What’s up Demi? I know you have something to say,” Cam stated.

  “Can you come to the room for a little while tonight? You don’t have to stay all night. Just until I fall asleep,” Demi said.

  “I can stay. It’s not like I have nothing to rush home to,” Cam replied with a shrug.

  “Okay, I’ll let you know when I get back,” Demi said excitedly.

  She went to give Cam a peck on his cheek, but he had other plans. When his soft, full lips connected with hers, Demi was pleasantly surprised. Cam expected her to pull away, but she stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. They were in the open parking lot, but they didn’t care. It wasn’t until someone blew their horn for them to move, did Demi break their connection.

  “Yeah, you make sure you call me as soon as you get to the room,” Cam said right before he walked away.

  Demi promised that she would, right before she got into her car and pulled off. Neither one of them knew that they were being watched the entire time.

  Chapter 17

  “You ain’t telling me shit, bruh. Who is the nigga that she saw her with?” Kamari asked as he paced his living room floor.

  His boy, Lawrence, was over there filling him in on some info that he’d heard about Demi. Apparently, she was spotted outside of a restaurant kissing some nigga who she was in there with. Kamari didn’t want to believe that it was true, but it had been a while and Demi hadn’t come back home yet. She wasn’t even answering any of his calls. Kamari and Lawrence had sat outside of her mother’s house for hours at a time, and Demi hadn’t shown up once. She couldn’t lie and say that was where she was staying because he knew the truth. Talking to her sisters was out of the question because they probably hated him by now. He couldn’t go to her job because the building was crawling with lawyers and other professional people. Kamari didn’t need that kind of trouble. He had a squeaky-clean record and he needed it to stay that way. Kamari was stressing and he hadn’t been back to work since Demi left. He never called them either, so he was sure that he was fired by now. That was something else that was going to piss her off, but she would get over it.

  “Calm down man. She don’t know the nigga and she said she’s never seen him before,” Lawrence replied.

  “I didn’t even know you were still fucking with her ratchet ass,” Kamari replied.

  “I haven’t talked to that bitch in months, but she called me to put you down on what was up,” Lawrence replied.

  “That hoe fake as fuck. She got my number. If she wanted me to know, why didn’t she call me?” Kamari questioned.

  “That scandalous bitch was trying to get some dick. She wouldn’t even tell me where she saw them at. She wants me to hook up with her before she tells me anything else. I hate that hoe,” Lawrence complained.

  “Nigga, you better do that shit. My fucking marriage is on the line,” Kamari complained.

  “I got you, fam. It’s only because of you that I’m doing this shit,” Lawrence informed him.

  “Man, you just don’t know how much I appreciate that shit. I’m stressed the fuck out. I still don’t know who ran up in here in the first place and that shit is getting to me,” Kamari sighed as he continued to pace.

  “I got my ears to the streets, but I have heard nothing yet. You need to fall back and focus on your home life. Your head ain’t really in the game right now to be dealing with nothing else. I know we took a big hit, but at least they didn’t get the bulk of our money. We can use that to get straight again,” Lawrence said.

  “Yeah, I already thought about that too. I need to find somewhere to keep everything though. I can’t keep shit in here no more at all. Demi gon’ be like feds up in this bitch. She’s not having it,” Kamari noted.

  “Shit, you gotta get her to come back first. Ole girl made it seem like she’s already moved on,” Lawrence noted.

  “If she’s fucking with another nigga already, then she’s been fucking with him. She ain’t
even been gone that long. I love my wife, but I’ll bury her and that nigga before I let him have her,” Kamari swore.

  “Well, I told ole girl that I would hook up with her this weekend. Hopefully, she’ll get the dick and give up some more info.”

  “I just need to talk to Demi, man. I know we can work this shit out if she stops being so stubborn. That’s the only thing I hate about not marrying a street chick. Demi don’t understand a lot of shit about this way of life. Her pops was a street nigga, but he sheltered her and her mama from a lot of shit.”

  “You got a good wife, man. You just gotta get better at hiding what you do. I don’t understand that shit though, bruh. You’ve been flying under the radar for years. How the fuck did them niggas get that lucky to catch you slippin’ like that? Some shit just ain’t adding up. Then, the niggas caught you the day after you got your shit,” Lawrence noted.

  “That’s the part that’s fucking with me so hard. I don’t talk my business to nobody like that. That shit didn’t happen by pure luck. Some shady shit is going on. Crazy thing is, I can’t even focus on it long enough to figure it out. Demi been on my mind too hard,” Kamari admitted.

  “No worries fam, I got you. Just worry about making shit right with your wife. I’ll keep you posted on everything else,” Lawrence promised as he got up to leave.

  Kamari walked his boy out and went back inside to sulk. That seemed to be all that he did since Demi left him. He was wrong and he never tried to deny that. He just needed her to give him another chance to make things right. He grabbed his phone and decided to call his wife once again, praying that she would pick up and talk to him. He wasn’t surprised when he got her voicemail, but he didn’t leave a message. When the phone started ringing in his hand soon after, Kamari got excited when he saw his mother-in-law’s number. He figured that Demi was calling him back, but he was surprised to hear her mother’s voice on the line instead.

  “Hey Ms. Diane,” Kamari said when he answered for the feisty older woman.

  “Open your door Kamari, I’m outside,” Diane replied before she hung up.

  Kamari jumped up from the sofa and rushed to open the door for her. He wanted to slam it right back in her face when he saw Diane and two of her sisters standing there scowling at him. Her boyfriend was outside in his pickup truck and he looked just as angry.

  “What’s up?” Kamari asked while blocking them from entering his home.

  “I’m coming to get my daughter’s stuff is what’s up. I hope we don’t have no problems because I’m prepared to call the police if we do,” Diane threatened.

  “With all due respect, Ms. Diane, Demi and I are married. If she wants to get her stuff, she can come and get it,” Kamari replied.

  “Why, so you can put your hands on her again?” Diane asked.

  “I would never hurt my wife and she knows that,” Kamari replied in anger.

  “Look, I just came to get my baby’s stuff, so she can have clothes for work. It’s crazy for her to keep spending money, when she has everything that she needs here,” Diane said.

  “Just call the police and let them handle it Diane. They might find some more dope up in here while they’re at it,” one of her sisters said, making Kamari look at her with a frown.

  He hated that Demi had put her entire family in their business, but there was nothing that he could do about it. He was sure that she told her mother and Diane’s messy ass probably took the news and ran with it. They were gonna make it hard for them to get back together, but Kamari didn’t give a damn. He was married to Demi, not her family. Still, he wanted to be as peaceful as he could and try not to make matters worse. Demi was an only child and he didn’t want to be at odds with her mother. Although he didn’t want to, Kamari moved to the side and let the women enter his home. He felt like they were taking a little piece of his heart away with every item of Demi’s that was removed from their home. He needed Lawrence to get some info as soon as possible. He had to hurry up and get his wife back home where she belonged.


  “Man, your mama is a gangster,” Cam laughed as he and Demi pulled up to her hotel room.

  “I can’t believe she did that, but I’m happy that she did. I needed my stuff, but I was dreading having to go get it,” Demi replied.

  “What did you think about the properties?” Cam asked her.

  “Oh, my God, Cam! That house is everything and so is your new shop,” Demi said when they walked back into her hotel room.

  She had accompanied Cam and Lacey to both places, and she was in awe. The warehouse that Cam’s father had left for him looked brand new and unused. All he had to do was decorate the inside, and Lacey had him covered on that. Demi took an immediate liking to Cam’s cousin. Lacey was cool and kept her laughing the entire time they were together.

  “I’m happy you like it, especially the house,” Cam replied as he kicked off his shoes and fell back on the bed.

  He had been staying at the hotel with Demi for the past week and he didn’t want to leave. She was happy for the company, so she didn’t mind.

  “How did you get the keys to get inside?” Demi asked.

  “I told you, I got the hook up.” Cam smiled.

  He still hadn’t told Demi about him owning the house. He wanted to see how she liked it before he revealed that information. Aside from his mother, Lacey was the only other person who knew what was up. Cam knew that she wasn’t going to say anything. He hadn’t been to work all week, so he hadn’t had a chance to tell Randy or Kobe yet either. He knew that his boys were going to be happy for him, but sad that he was leaving too.

  “Demi, listen, I might need your help,” Cam said after a long pause.

  “Okay, what’s up?” she asked.

  “I don’t really know the first thing about owning my own business. I have to hire people, promote, and all that other stuff. I was thinking that I could put some vending machines in the waiting area too,” Cam replied.

  “Okay, so you need money or something?” she asked.

  “Maybe,” Cam said, just to see what she was going to say. That wasn’t what he wanted but, since she mentioned it, he wanted to see how far it would go.

  “Well, my husband and I still share a bank account, but I have a nice chunk of change in my personal savings account. That’s where my paychecks and bonuses get deposited. It just depends on how much you need,” Demi replied.

  Cam didn’t even respond; he just pulled Demi close to him and pressed his lips against hers. Demi’s heart was beating fast, but she didn’t stop him. She returned the kiss with just as much passion as he was giving. She didn’t even try to protest when Cam’s hand found their way under her dress and massaged her womanhood. Demi thrust her body upwards to match his hand movements as she moaned into his mouth. When Cam removed her underwear and tossed them to the floor, Demi did the same with his shirt. She ran her hands across his tattooed chest before she initiated the kiss once again. It only took a few more minutes for both of them to be standing in the middle of the floor naked.

  “Are you sure about this Demi?” Cam asked. “I won’t be mad if you want to wait.”

  Demi didn’t answer with words. She grabbed Cam’s erection and stroked him gently before dropping down to her knees in front of him. Cam wasn’t expecting that and he was a little surprised by her forwardness. Her movements were smooth, as she took Cam down her throat with ease. He was a lot to take in, but Demi relaxed her throat muscles and went to work. Cam’s moans of pleasure bounded off the walls of the room as he threw his head back in pleasure. Cam gripped the back of her head and made love to her face until her cheeks ached. Demi stood to her feet with a smile on face, as if she’d accomplished a mission. In Cam’s eyes, she had because not many women could handle oral sex with him, given his size. Asha was a pro, but Courtney always choked and gagged. Cam wanted to return the favor, but he had something else in mind. He and Demi shared another passionate kiss before Cam picked her up and flipped her upside down.

/>   “Cam!” Demi screamed as she grabbed on to his legs.

  Cam cradled her in his arms upside down, her hair swaying, touching the bottom of his feet. Demi felt like she was dying a slow death, as Cam put his tongue deep inside her wetness. She was moaning, cumming, and talking to a higher being all at the same time. Cam licked and sucked, as Demi’s blood rushed to her head at a rapid pace. She was singing a song that only she knew the lyrics to as she tightened her legs around Cam’s neck. Her entire being shuddered as she came again and felt the entire room spinning around her. Cam eased her trembling body down on the bed, as the aftershocks from her orgasm tried to subside.

  “You good?” Cam asked as he licked her juices from his lips.

  Demi tasted better than chocolate to him and she was now his favorite item on the menu. If her insides felt as good as they tasted, Cam was already in love. When Demi nodded her head saying that she was okay, that was the green light that Cam needed. He flipped her over on her stomach and slid inside what he could only describe as paradise. Demi was super wet, but she was tighter than he thought she’d be. He had to take his time and stretch her out a little before he went in too deep.

  “Ugh,” Demi moaned. “I think you’re too big for me.”

  “You’ll get used to it,” Cam assured her.

  Cam kept his strokes slow and steady until he felt Demi backing up against him. He was slowly massaging her inside with his erection, but Demi wanted more. She squeezed and released her vaginal walls around his erection while continuously moving against him. She was issuing a silent challenge and Cam happily accepted. He got a firm grip on her hips and pounded into her like she was pavement.

  “Ahh! Shit!” Demi yelled out in bliss as she gripped the sheets.

  She was trying to run away from the beating that she was getting, but Cam was determined to chastise her. They were both moaning and groaning, letting the other know that it was as good as they wanted it to be. Demi lost count of how many times she came, but her body was leaking like a faucet. Her legs were weak and she was losing her voice, but Cam wasn’t done. He pulled out for a minute, just to flip her over on her back before he reentered her. He picked Demi up from the bed and walked her around the room, never once breaking their connection. They changed positions and made it all over the room and bathroom before Cam finally came and collapsed on top on her. They were on the floor, but he scooped Demi’s limp body up in his arms and carried her to the bed.

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