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I Heard It All Before

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  “Wait! No, please don’t kill my wife,” Kamari pleaded.

  “Last chance nigga! Give it up or bury your bitch!” the man who had the gun trained on Demi roared.

  It was much more than a threat at that point. He was making promises to end her life, and she believed him. That was exactly why she wanted Kamari to stop doing what he was doing. The risk was too great, no matter how careful he thought he was.

  “Okay, I’ll go get it,” Kamari said, making Demi’s head snap around in his direction.

  She must have been hearing him wrong. He couldn’t possibly be telling them that he had something in their house. That explained why the men were there to begin with. Demi watched as two of the men accompanied her husband to the spare bedroom down the hall. The third man stayed with her, his gun pointed at her the entire time. Demi prayed and asked God to spare her life, especially since she had no knowledge of what was going on. Kamari had lied to her for the last time. She swore that if she made it out alive, she was done with him and she meant it. He didn’t give a damn about her and she saw that for herself.

  “It’s good my nigga,” one of the gunman said as he came from the back carrying three large duffel bags a few minutes later.

  The second man came jogging out holding a fourth bag, but Kamari wasn’t behind him. They instructed Demi to lie on the floor and count to one hundred. They told her that if she got up before she was done counting, they would kill her. She knew that it was an idle threat because they ran out of her house at top speed. Still, Demi stayed on the floor and got to sixty-eight before she found the courage to get up. When she did, she immediately locked her door and reset her alarm. Kamari still hadn’t emerged from the back of the house, and Demi was both frightened and nervous. She tiptoed down the hall to the bedroom that they’d just come out of, hoping that she didn’t walk in on anything that would scar her for life. She exhaled a sigh of relief when she heard Kamari’s muffled voice calling her name. Demi rushed into the room to see where he was. One of the men took the chair that was in the room and jammed it under the closet door, after locking Kamari inside. Demi moved the chair and her husband hurriedly rushed out and up to her.

  “Are you okay baby?” Kamari asked as he looked over at the huge knot on her forehead.

  “No, I’m not okay. I’m calling the police,” Demi said as she grabbed her phone.

  “Baby no, you can’t call the police. That’s not how this works,” Kamari replied, feeling bad about what happened.

  He felt like a punk who couldn’t even defend his own wife. The gun that he’d taken from the car was still on him, but he didn’t want to risk their lives by pulling it out.

  “Exactly how does it work then Kamari? I might need stiches and you don’t want me to get the police involved.”

  “We can get you checked out at the hospital, but we’ll have to make something up about what happened,” Kamari said as he pulled her in for a hug.

  “Don’t touch me!” Demi screamed as she fell to the floor and cried.

  “I’m so sorry baby. I swear, I didn’t mean for this to happen. On God, I’m gonna find out who those niggas were,” Kamari swore.

  “Fuck you, Kamari! You lied to me and put my fucking life in jeopardy. I thought I was gonna die and all you can say is you’re sorry. Fuck your apology,” Demi sobbed as she jumped up from the floor in a fit of rage. She rushed down the hall to their bedroom, with her husband following close behind.

  “You act like I planned this shit or something. My life was in jeopardy, right along with yours. I would never put you in harm’s way and you should know that.”

  “I don’t know anything anymore. You swore that you got rid of everything, but that was an obvious lie. You probably got rid of it all and got some more. Hell, maybe you never got rid of it in the first place. Either way, I’m done,” Demi said as she began to pack a bag.

  “The fuck is that supposed to mean? And where are you going?” Kamari asked her.

  “I hope you didn’t think that I was sleeping in here after what just happened. I’m never sleeping in here again,” Demi said as she sent a text to both her sisters.

  She gave them a brief rundown of what happened and her phone was ringing like crazy a few seconds later. Demi wanted to talk, but she really didn’t have time. She needed to book her a room for a few nights until she came up with a solid plan. It was crazy how she could now hate the man that she had just felt so much love for not too long ago.

  “I can get us a room for a few nights, but this is still our home. Them nigga caught me slippin’ this time, but it’ll never happen again,” Kamari swore.

  “You sound like a damn fool Kamari. You claimed that nobody knew where we lived, but look at what happened. You can have your drugs, this house, and this marriage. I’m done with it all,” Demi said as she grabbed her bag and attempted to leave.

  “I know you’re mad, but stop saying shit that you don’t mean,” Kamari warned.

  “I meant every word I said. You showed me what was more important to you and it damn sure ain’t me,” Demi said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

  “You’re pissed and I get it, but you don’t believe that shit. I fucked up Demi. I’m human and I make mistakes. You’re asking me to just stop doing something overnight that I’ve been doing for over ten years, and the shit ain’t that easy. I tried to do the right thing and I failed. I just need you to understand my position,” Kamari said as he followed her to the front door.

  Demi disarmed the alarm and unlocked the front door. Kamari grabbed her arm before she had a chance to walk out of it.

  “Kamari please, just move. I have a headache and I’m stressed out. I can’t do this no more. You basically told me that you’re gonna do what you want to do, no matter how I feel about it. You put me in the middle of your mess and that’s not fair to me. I didn’t ask for this and I’m not staying around to take it.”

  “So, what are you saying Demi?” Kamari asked, dreading her answer.

  “We need some time apart. I think it’s best if we separate for a while,” Demi replied.

  “Separate! Man, you got me fucked up. Now, if you don’t feel comfortable sleeping here for a while, I understand that. But wherever we go, we’re going as a couple,” Kamari replied.

  “Why, so you can bring your drama there too?” Demi asked.

  “You keep talking like you’re the only one who’s feeling this shit. Do you know how much fucking money I lost? It’s gon’ take me a minute to bounce back from that,” Kamari replied.

  “Wow. Thanks for showing me the real you. I was a damn fool for even believing all that shit you told me. I’ll pass on going anywhere with you. I don’t need none of your problems following me around,” Demi said as she tried to walk around him.

  “Cool, well, you can go put your bags up and get ready for bed. If you’re not going anywhere with me, you’re damn sure not going without me,” Kamari said with finality.

  “You must be crazy if you think I’m staying in here. We could have been killed Kamari. I’ll never feel comfortable in this house again. I’m done with all this shit,” Demi said as she tried to leave once again.

  Demi was both shocked and hurt when Kamari grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back. She fell to the floor hard and fast. Aside from that one time that he grabbed her neck when she followed him, Kamari had never laid a hand on her. She felt like her bundles were being ripped from her scalp, piece by piece. Kamari tried to drag her down the hall to their bedroom, but Demi wasn’t going without a fight. She grabbed on to the leg of their antique leather chair and tried to pull that along with her. Kamari wasn’t trying to hurt his wife, but he didn’t want her to go. Demi was all that he knew. He’d never known stability until she came into his life. Without her, he wouldn’t even have a place to live. He didn’t have legal income when they purchased their home, so they put everything in her name. Even his car and motorcycle belonged to his wife on paper. He paid for it all, but that didn’t even matter. H
e would die and take Demi along with him before he gave her a divorce.

  “Are you crazy Kamari? Let her go!” Isis yelled when she walked into her sister’s house and saw what was going on.

  She and Imani had been trying to call Demi, but they never got an answer. They were worried about her after what she’d told them and they wanted to make sure that she was okay. Imani suggested they go over there, and Isis was on board. They heard Demi’s screams as soon as they got out of their cars, prompting them to rush to her rescue. They were shocked by what they walked in on because Kamari had never been a violent man.

  “Get the fuck up out of my house!” Kamari barked angrily.

  “We’re not going anywhere without our sister,” Isis replied.

  “Fuck all that! Let her go!” Imani yelled as she shoved her brother-in-law with all her strength.

  Kamari stumbled a little, but he didn’t fall. He did release his grip on Demi’s hair, and she was up on her feet in no time. As soon as she got up, she charged at him full speed and started swinging. Her sisters joined in and the three of them beat Kamari down to the floor. He didn’t want to hurt them, so he didn’t even swing back. After a little while, he did push them away and staggered to his feet. He was still spent from being bashed in the head and their attack didn’t help.

  “Y’all hoes jumping people now,” Kamari said as he leaned against the wall for support.

  “Your mammy who gave your ass up at birth is a hoe,” Imani spat angrily.

  “Let’s go y’all,” Demi said as she grabbed her bag and headed for the front door.

  “We need to talk Demi. I’m sorry about my behavior, but leaving is not the answer,” Kamari said, sounding calmer than he did before.

  “She don’t have shit to say to you,” Imani spoke up.

  “Will you please tell that bitch to mind her business?” Kamari yelled angrily.

  “Let’s go Imani,” Demi pleaded with her sister.

  “No, fuck him! Calling me a bitch like I won’t cut his stupid ass!” Imani yelled.

  “Imani, please, let’s just go,” Isis begged.

  “Demi ain’t going nowhere,” Kamari said as he pulled her towards him again.

  And just like before, Demi started swinging and her sisters followed her lead. They were beating Kamari like he wasn’t a grown ass man and he’d had enough. He reached into his waistband and pulled out the gun that he’d had on him the entire time. Demi and Imani were too hyped up to see it, but Isis was paying attention. She jumped up and kicked the gun from Kamari’s hand, causing it to slide under the nearby sofa.

  “Punk ass nigga need a gun for females!” Imani yelled as she pulled Demi off him and prepared to leave.

  Kamari was known for keeping guns in the house, but he would have never hurt them. He really wanted to scare them more than anything. Demi was nervous as she rushed out of the house, followed by her sisters. Imani and Isis both jumped in their cars and waited until Demi got into her car and backed out of the driveway. Kamari was too weak to run after her, but he really wanted to. He needed Demi to know how sorry he was and he had to make things right. Her sisters coming to her rescue only made things worse. He was sure that they were going to be in her ear about leaving him, but he wasn’t having that.

  “Are you going to your mama’s house?” Isis questioned Demi over the phone as they drove behind her, away from her house.

  “No, that’s the first place he’ll look. Besides, I don’t want her to see me like this. She’ll go crazy,” Demi replied.

  “You wanna check into a suite? I can get Steve to put something in his name for you and you can get his employee discount,” Imani said when she grabbed the phone. Her fiancé was a manager at a hotel and they always got good rates whenever they vacationed.

  “You think he’ll be okay with that?” Demi wanted to know.

  “He doesn’t have a choice. Let me call him right now,” Imani replied.

  “Okay, I’m just riding around, so call and let me know where he’s booking it,” Demi said before they disconnected. As soon as she was done with one call, Demi picked up the phone and called Cam.

  Chapter 14

  Cam had just made it home from shooting hoops with Randy and Kobe when he got the call from Demi telling him what happened. It was crazy because she was just out enjoying her day with her husband not too long before. He really felt bad for her because she was crying uncontrollably and he couldn’t make out what she was saying. One of her sisters had to grab the phone to tell him what hotel she had checked into. After showering and putting on clothes, Cam made his way over to her. Asha was playing cards at her mother’s house, so he didn’t have to hear her mouth about him leaving out so late. It took him about fifteen minutes, but Cam pulled up to the hotel and entered through the front door. He took the elevator up and knocked on Demi’s door.

  “Hey, Cam, right?” a lady, who he assumed was Demi’s sister, asked him.

  She favored Demi a little, but her complexion was a shade lighter. She was also taller and thinner, but the resemblance was there.

  “Yeah, I’m Camden. You must be Demi’s sister,” Cam replied.

  “Yeah, I’m Isis; come on in,” she said as she moved to the side.

  Cam walked into the suite and admired the modernly decorated space. The small living area was separated from the other parts of the room. The bedroom had its own door, which was closed now.

  “Is Demi sleeping?” Cam asked.

  “No, let me go get her,” Isis said as she walked into Demi’s room, closing the door behind her.

  “Is that Cam?” Demi asked when her sister walked into the room. She heard someone knock at the door and that was the only person that she was expecting.

  “Girl yes, with his sexy ass,” Isis replied while fanning her face with her hand.

  “I know that ain’t Isis talking like that. It must be serious for her boring ass to comment. Let me go see for myself,” Imani said as she cracked the door.

  “Stop being creepy Imani. Don’t let him see you checking him out. That’s so embarrassing,” Demi fussed.

  “Bitch!! That’s Cam?” Imani asked once she closed the door

  “Yes. What’s the big deal? Y’all act like he’s on display or some shit. Tell him that he can come in Isis,” Demi requested.

  “Wait a minute bitch,” Imani said as she ran to the mirror and started to fix her hair and clothes.

  “Really Imani? Aren’t you about to be a married woman in few months?” Demi questioned.

  “Yeah, but I ain’t married yet. Bitch, I expected Cam to be short and fat with a receding hairline. That’s the kind of niggas that you be besties with. You don’t put niggas like Cam in the friend zone,” Imani schooled.

  “Just let him in and let yourselves out,” Demi instructed.

  “Is he staying the night?” Isis asked with a smirk.

  “No, he lives with his girlfriend and I’m still married. Now, get out!” Demi yelled.

  She cringed when she heard her sister Imani grilling Cam when they walked out of the room. She was asking him about his family and what he did for a living. Cam was always polite, so he answered all her questions with no problem. Demi was happy when she heard the front door close because she knew that they had finally left. The door to her room opened a few seconds later and their stood Cam in all his handsomeness.

  “Damn man, you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital?” Cam asked as he examined the huge knot on Demi’s forehead. He kicked off his shoes and got in the bed and put his back up against the headboard.

  “No, it actually went down a little. I’ve been putting an ice pack on it,” Demi replied.

  “Damn, so it was bigger than that!” Cam exclaimed, once again looking at the big lump.

  “Don’t make me laugh Cam. My head is thumping,” Demi snickered.

  “Them niggas must have followed y’all. Either that or they watched the house all day until y’all came back. Y’all went to a few places, so their ti
ming couldn’t have been that perfect,” Cam noted.

  “I just feel so violated. Like, they were in my house Cam, in my personal space,” Demi said as she started crying again.

  “Don’t cry man. Maybe y’all can sell the house and move to a gated community. Or install some cameras around it or something,” Cam suggested while hugging her.

  “I’m not moving nowhere with his ass. You should have seen the way he manhandled me. Then, the bastard had the nerve to pull out a gun and shit, trying to scare somebody. Where the fuck was his gun at when those niggas ran up in there? He wouldn’t even let me call the police,” Demi sobbed.

  “The police!” Cam yelled. “Nah Demi, that’s not how you handle shit like that.”

  “Do you see my forehead Camden? They tried to bust my shit wide open. Thank God, I have a few days off. I can’t go back to work looking like this,” Demi argued.

  “I know that, but you can’t get the police involved in everything Demi. Sometimes, that just makes shit worse. You’re an attorney. Think of how that would look to your firm,” Cam reminded her.

  “I just feel so lost. I don’t know what to do,” Demi sniffled.

  “You need to figure out what you’re going to do about a place to stay. I got a spare bedroom, but you might have to box it out with Asha every day,” Cam said, trying to make her laugh. He was happy to see her wipe her eyes and smile a little.

  “I wish she wasn’t living there because we would be roommates for real,” Demi noted.

  “Girl, don’t make me go put Asha out,” Cam said, making her laugh harder.

  “Don’t do that but, if things don’t work out, we’re going apartment hunting together,” Demi replied.

  “That’s a bet,” Cam said while bumping fists with her. “But, in the meantime, you need a solid plan.”

  “I know and that’s the hardest part. I don’t wanna go by my mama, but I really don’t have a choice right now. She’s gonna flip out when I tell her what happened. One of her worst fears happened tonight. She was always afraid of somebody doing to me what they did to my daddy,” Demi said.

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