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Heartbreak And Past Mistakes

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Heartbreak And Past Mistakes




  Copyright © 2018 Chenell Parker

  Published by Chenell Parker

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior written consent of the publisher, except in brief quotes used in reviews.

  This is a work of fiction. Any references or similarities to actual events, real people, living or dead, or to the real locals are intended to give the novel a sense of reality. Any similarity in other names, characters, places, and incidents are entirely coincidental.


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  PARTS 1-3




  PARTS 1-3









  “I’m so jealous. Here I am just going into my second year of college and you’ve already graduated. This sucks,” Jena said as she talked on the phone with her best friend Lyric.

  If ever there was a person who seemed to have it all, Lyric was it. She was an only child to middle class parents and she never had to want for anything. Jena was the fifth child of eight, so she learned to get by at an early age. Meeting Lyric at the private school that financial aid paid for her to go to was a blessing. Jena was a new face entering a private school with kids who had more money than she’d ever seen in her life. Lyric wasn’t like most of the uppity girls who attended the school though. She was down to earth and always easy to talk to. When she saw Jena sitting by herself in the cafeteria one day, she made it a point to leave her friends and go sit with her. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that both of them cherished.

  Even though Lyric went to college right after high school, Jena wasn’t so lucky. Even with scholarships to help pay her tuition, she still couldn’t afford to go. Her mother was barely making ends meet and everyone had to pitch in just to keep the bills paid. A bunch of failed marriages and relationships left her mother, Patricia, financially strapped and in lots of debt. None of their fathers were around to help, so Jena and her siblings had to pick up the slack.

  As soon as things started to look up a little, Jena enrolled in their local community college and was hoping that she could transfer to a university afterwards. Lyric had just graduated from Dillard University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. At only twenty-one years old, both their lives had taken a different turn, but Lyric never made her friend feel bad about it.

  “Don’t feel like that Jena. You did what you had to do, but it’s never too late to go to college. I had classes with people who were older than my parents,” Lyric pointed put.

  “Girl please. Lenard and Melody aren’t even that old,” Jena laughed while referring to Lyric’s mother and father.

  “You know what I mean girl. That’s still kind of old to be a first-time college student. Besides, my mama doesn’t know what the word old is,” Lyric chuckled.

  “I wish my mama was half as fun as Melody is,” Jena said.

  Jena loved everything about Lyric’s mother, including the way she dressed. She was always up to date on the latest fashions and she made sure that Lyric was too. Even their names were adorable and the musical significance was genius. Melody was outspoken and feisty, and Lyric was the exact same way.

  “By fun, you must mean extra,” Lyric replied.

  “Say what you want, but I love her extra ass. My mama acts just like a grandma,” Jena complained.

  “That’s because she is a grandma, Jena. My mama is only thirty five years old, so you can’t compare her to yours,” Lyric pointed out.

  Melody had Lyric when she was fourteen and she vowed to never have another one. Lenard was only sixteen at the time, but he was by her side every step of the way. They got married when Melody turned eighteen and neither of them wanted anymore kids. Lyric’s parents were separated now, but her father refused to give her mother a divorce. He always said that she just needed time to get her mind right, but years had passed and nothing had changed. Lenard had a girlfriend that he lived with, but that didn’t stop him and Melody from still hooking up. Lyric wanted them to grow up and get back together, and they always promised her that they would.

  Jena’s mother had her when she was in her thirties and she was in her fifties now. Lyric hated when she compared their mothers, especially since they were over twenty years apart in age. Patricia was a home body who liked to sew and knit. Melody was the life of every party and she spent her weekends off partying and enjoying life. Besides being a real estate agent, Melody and Lenard ran a very successful business helping others clean up their credit. Lyric had perfect credit when she was fresh out of high school and it was even better now. Her father was a commercial real estate developer and he provided well for his family.

  “What are you about to get into for the rest of the day?” Jena asked her.

  “You mean the rest of the night,” Lyric corrected since it was after eight and dark outside.

  “Oh yeah. I’ve slept most of my day away.” Jena yawned.

  “I just came back from the mall,” Lyric said.

  “What’s new? That’s all you do is shop,” Jena said as she rolled her eyes up to the sky.

  “Kierra’s party is in two weeks and I had to find something nice to wear. You’re still coming right?” Lyric asked her.

  “I forgot all about that. I don’t know Lyric,” Jena replied.

  She didn’t have anything to wear and her hair was a mess. Jena didn’t have any money and she was tired of depending on Lyric for everything.

  “I know why you’re saying that, but I got you, friend. You know Kierra is my favorite cousin. I can’t miss her party and I can’t go without my best friend,” Lyric replied.

  Melody had two sisters and two brothers and they all had kids. Kierra was her auntie Marilyn’s daughter and she was her favorite cousin. She was turning twenty-one and her mother was throwing her a huge birthday party. Lyric wasn’t missing it for nothing and she wanted her girl to be right by her side.

  “I guess. I need a rich man to sweep me off my feet and take me away from all this mess. I hate being poor,” Jena sighed in disgust.

  “Stop being so damn dramatic Jena. You are not poor and you shouldn’t speak that on your life. You have a roof over your head and you’re not starving. And stop thinking that a man with money is the answer to all your problems,” Lyric fussed.

  “It’s funny you say that, when Bradley had money and got you whatever you wanted,” Jena said, speaking of Lyric’s ex-boyfriend of three years. He was Lyric’s first everything and, sadly, he ended up being her first heartbreak.

  “Girl, fuck Brad. He didn’t have shit. Whatever he did for me came straight from his parents. I hope that ain’t the kind of man you want. He was a dog who always threw his daddy’s money in people’s faces. I wasn’t the only girl that he was taking care of. He was fucking one of my friends for a whole year before I found out about it,” Lyric reminded her.

  “I wouldn’t have cared who else he was taking care of or fucking. As long as I got mine, I would have been good,” Jena noted.

  “Whatever Jena. We jumped to a
whole different subject. I’ll make you an appointment with me at the hair salon and don’t worry about the money.”

  “Okay, but I think I’m getting a relaxer this time,” Jena replied.

  “Why? We’ve been natural for almost five years now,” Lyric pointed out.

  “This natural thing ain’t working out for me no more. I don’t have the same hair texture as you. Your shit looks healthy and curly, and mine looks nappy and dry. It looks like it’s falling out since I don’t have money to go to the salon to keep it maintained,” Jena argued right as Lyric’s phone beeped, indicating another caller.

  “I understand friend. Just get whatever you want done and I got you. But, I’ll call you later. My mama is calling me,” Lyric said.

  “Okay girl,” Jena said right before she hung up the phone.

  “Hey ma,” Lyric said when she switched over.

  “Hey mommy’s baby. What are you doing?” Melody asked, sounding cheerful as always.

  “Nothing much. I just found me something to wear for Kierra’s party,” Lyric replied.

  “What did you get? I know your fine ass got something sexy,” Melody said.

  “I got a bandage dress and some accessories,” Lyric replied, like she didn’t just spend over two thousand dollars of her father’s money on the outfit. He was going to flip when he got his credit card statement. She wasn’t worried because her mother always knew just how to shut him up.

  “Baby, you are my daughter, so I know it’s nice as fuck. Send me a picture,” Melody requested.

  “I can’t right now, I’m driving,” Lyric said, right as she stopped at a red light.

  While she waited, Lyric saw something a few feet ahead in the grassy area right to the side of the street. It almost looked like a large animal but, on closer inspection, she saw that it was even worse. Lyric thought she was tripping when she saw a woman try to stand up and fall back down to the ground. She appeared to have blood all over her light colored clothing and she looked hurt.

  “Did you hear me, baby?” Melody said, but Lyric had tuned her mother out.

  When the light turned green, she slowly drove up to where the woman was and the sight was even worse up close.

  “Oh, my God,” Lyric said as she covered her mouth.

  “What’s wrong Lyric? Are you okay?” Melody asked her.

  “There’s a lady on the side of the road and she’s bleeding. She needs help,” Lyric replied as she put her car in park.

  “Don’t you get out of that car Lyric. Lock your doors and call the police,” Melody ordered.

  “But, she’s hurt mama. She’s trying to stand up, but she can’t. Oh, my God. She keeps falling down,” Lyric replied sympathetically.

  “Lyric Dior Carter! You better not get your ass out of that car! Where are you? I’ll send the police there myself?” Melody fussed.

  “Hold on ma,” Lyric replied.

  “Your ass always have been hardhead. Do you have your gun?” Melody asked.

  “I do now,” Lyric said as she reached under her seat and grabbed her pink and stainless steel protection.

  The gun range and the gym were two places that Melody and Lyric went to religiously. They were both certified to carry and they always did.

  “Lord Jesus, please protect my baby,” Melody said, being dramatic as usual.

  Lyric looked around the area before she slowly got out of her car. She walked closer to the woman in need until she was right up on her. Lyric gasped when she saw how bad off she was, but that wasn’t all. Upon closer inspection, she saw that the girl was young and appeared to be around her age.

  “Help me, please,” the girl begged as soon as she looked up from the ground and saw Lyric.

  She had a huge gash on her forehead that was bleeding profusely. Her arm looked like it was almost disfigured and Lyric saw why she was having trouble standing. She couldn’t even lift herself up from the ground.

  “I’m gonna call an ambulance for you. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get you some help,” Lyric promised her.

  “No, please don’t leave me,” the girl said in a panic.

  “I won’t leave you,” Lyric swore.

  “I don’t want to be alone. What if they come back?” she asked as she tried to stand again.

  Lyric extended her arm and helped her stand to her feet. Hearing her say that someone might be coming back had her panicking too and she was ready to leave. Thinking quickly, Lyric slowly walked her over to her car and opened the door for her to get in. She was too afraid to wait for an ambulance, so she was about to break every speed limit in New Orleans to get her to a hospital. She didn’t care that the other woman was bleeding all over her seats. They were leather and cleaning them would be no problem.

  “What’s your name?” Lyric asked as she drove away.

  Melody was on the phone asking a million questions, but Lyric ignored her.

  “Paisley,” the girl answered as she winced in pain.

  “Okay Paisley, I’m Lyric and I’m gonna bring you to the hospital,” Lyric said as she sped to her destination.

  Tulane Medical Center was the closest hospital to where they were and that was where Lyric was heading.

  “Thank you so much,” Paisley cried, feeling relieved that someone had stopped to help her.

  She had been out there for almost an hour and no one even bothered to stop. She’d lost a lot of blood and she was feeling lightheaded. She was so thankful to Lyric and she would do anything that she could to repay her.

  “Is there anyone that I can call for you? Maybe you can call your parents or siblings to let them know what’s going on,” Lyric suggested.

  “I don’t have any siblings and my parents are on a cruise for the next three days. I can’t even call them because I don’t have a phone,” Paisley cried, making Lyric want to cry with her.

  “It’s okay, I’ll let you use mine once we get you checked out,” Lyric replied.

  She didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the night and there was no way that she was leaving her all alone. When they got to the hospital, Paisley was complaining about feeling weak. Once she parked, Lyric rushed inside and grabbed her a wheelchair. She didn’t know how to answer any of the questions that the staff was asking her because she didn’t know anything about Paisley. Lyric just wanted them to help her and they wasted no time whisking her off to the back. Lyric sat in the waiting room talking on the phone with her mother for about an hour before they came back out to give her an update. Her heart broke when they told her that Paisley had suffered a broken arm and a long list of other injuries. Thankfully, she was expected to make a full recovery and Lyric was allowed to go to her room once she was admitted into one.

  “How do you feel?” Lyric asked when she walked into the room and grabbed Paisley’s hand.

  “Much better, thanks to you.” Paisley smiled.

  Now that her face wasn’t covered in blood, Lyric was able to really see her features. Paisley had a medium brown complexion with slanted eyes and thin lips. She was a beautiful girl who Lyric learned was only eighteen years old and in her first year of college. Paisley had been traveling on the isolated road all alone when she stopped at the red light in her brand new BMW. It only took a few seconds of being there before two men broke her window and pulled her out of the car. She made the mistake of trying to fight back and that explained how she got so banged up. They ended up taking her car with her purse and phone inside, leaving her on the side of the road like a wounded animal. She had just gotten the car as a high school graduation present and she hadn’t driven it many times before that night. The doctors had called the police to the hospital and Paisley had to make a report. She would probably be in the hospital for a day or two because she was in such bad shape.

  “Are you hungry? I can get my mother to bring you something to eat. She’s bringing me some clothes,” Lyric said once the police had left.

  “Clothes?” Paisley asked as she looked at her in confusion.

I can’t leave you here all by yourself. I’m gonna stay with you until you’re released or until your parents come home,” Lyric replied.

  “Thank you so much Lyric. My dad is well connected around New Orleans. He’s gonna repay you for everything that you’re doing for me,” Paisley promised her.

  “I don’t need to be repaid. I just want you to be okay,” Lyric replied with a sincere smile.

  Melody came over later that night with clothes and food. She stayed and talked with Paisley and her daughter for a while before she left to go back home. Paisley was released from the hospital the following day and went straight to Lyric’s apartment with her. She didn’t have her keys to get inside, but she was thankful that she was able to speak with her parents. They were going crazy since they weren’t able to be there for her, but she assured them that she was in good hands with Lyric. She had a two-bedroom townhouse and Paisley felt comfortable being there. Being out of the hospital wasn’t the only good thing that had happened for her either. The day after she was released, the police had caught and arrested the two men who had attacked her. They used Paisley’s debit card at a gas station and the cameras caught them in the act. When Paisley’s parents got off the boat, Lyric’s house was the first place that they went to.

  “Baby! Oh, my God! Look at what they did to you!” Paisley’s mother, Chelsea, cried as soon as she walked in.

  The bruises were still clearly visible and her arm was in a cast. Her father walked in right behind her mother and he looked just as concerned. He looked so familiar to Lyric, but she couldn’t place where she’d seen him before. He looked around Lyric’s apartment and nodded like he was giving his approval. The place was actually one of her parents’ rental properties that they let her move into her senior year of college.

  “I’m going down to the police station as soon as we get you settled in at home. I want to make sure they deal with the bastards who did this to you accordingly,” her father fumed.

  “Lyric, thank you so much. I don’t know what we can ever do to repay you,” Chelsea said as she walked over and gave Lyric a tight hug.

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