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Worship me, p.5

Worship Me, page 5

 part  #7 of  Men of Inked Series


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  I guess he didn’t force her since he’d asked. But I wondered how many of the women around me ever voiced their disapproval? I knew that, in the lifestyle, no Master was supposed to force any sub to do anything. The relationship was about trust most of all, but it still gave me pause. Because let’s face it, in all walks of life there are assholes, and that meant that even a percentage of Masters are dickheads too.

  How many of the woman, and male slaves, for that matter, were as vocal and feisty as I was with James? Probably not very many. I knew when I broke into my “I’m going to be a cunt today because fuck it…I want to” mode that James would pay me back with some cock and a spanking. Both things I loved. So it was a win-win for me. I think James just wanted to fuck the asshole attitude right out of me, and it always seemed to work.

  Neither Aria nor Cat moved, waiting for their orders and permission like any good sub would under the circumstances. Rider stood first, moving away from the couch he and Anders sat on.

  “Move onto the couch and lie down,” Rider told Aria, pulling her to her feet. “I want to watch Cat eat that beautiful, sweet pussy. No coming unless I say. Understand, li’l one?”

  Men…such assholes.

  That was bullshit. Seriously.

  Like, who can hold off an orgasm when someone’s sucking on your clit and ramming their fingers in your cunt? I mean, let’s get real. Ain’t nobody got that ability. Nobody. I don’t care if you’ve done enough Kegels to make your twat the most muscular and controlled pussy in the world…you can’t stop from coming when someone’s latched on to your body like they’re drinking the best damn milk shake in the world, sucking and slurping the most sensitive part of your body.

  Anders followed Rider to a set of empty chairs on the side of James as Cat and Aria crawled onto the couch. Looked like we were going to get an up close and personal show while the guys chitchatted.

  I hadn’t gotten a good look at either of the women since they’d had their heads down since the moment I joined them. But I could see them fully now…every inch of their naked bodies. They were stunning.

  Aria lay down, pulling her body so her ass was on the cushions, and Cat nestled between Aria’s legs while kneeling on the washable vinyl couch.

  Thank God for fake leather. Times like these made me grateful to be on the floor and not sitting on something that’d probably had more come on it than any street-corner hooker.

  “Cat,” Anders said as she started to move her face closer to Aria’s bare pussy. “Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

  Cat nodded with a small smirk before pushing Aria’s legs farther apart and burying her face. Aria let out a loud moan, pushing her back deeper into the cushions and her pussy into Cat’s face.

  James shifted in his chair, and I dug my fingernails into his skin, reminding him I was still there. It was like watching a porno but having it close enough that you could almost smell the arousal coming off the two women in waves.

  I was a little bit jealous, if I were being completely honest. I knew James was turned on by what was happening right in front of us. I mean, he was a man. There was no way he could stop himself from being horny from it, any more than Aria could control her orgasm. I had to remind myself of that repeatedly as I sat there with the girl-on-girl action happening only a few feet away while the guys talked.

  After they ogled the women on the couch for five minutes, Rider finally asked the one question I’d been waiting for. “What brings you back to Taboo, James?”


  I paused for a moment and glanced down at Izzy. She clung to my leg, eyeing the girls and the stage area, even though she was pretending to stare at the ground. She never could follow orders, but I knew Anders and Rider weren’t paying attention to her anyway. If I hadn’t known Izzy better, I would’ve thought she was staring at the ground too. But she’s Izzy and never has followed directions. It was why we had so much fun together.

  There were very few people that I trusted. The guys at ALFA PI and anyone I called family I trusted with my life and Izzy’s too. But at Taboo, with so many new faces and over a decade since I’d stepped foot through the doors, I wasn’t sure who still had my back except for the two men who sat next to me and maybe Hagan. They’d mentored me from the moment I became an official member at Taboo and never fucked over another person as far as I remembered.

  Rider had an iffy past, much like Bear, but I knew he was rock-solid and trustworthy. I had Thomas run a criminal search on him before I arrived, just to be sure he was still on the up-and-up. If someone at Taboo had been pulling some shit, I assumed he’d know because trouble tended to follow him.

  Anders was a lawyer by trade and seemed to know everyone at the club, taking on more than a few of them as clients in the past. He and I kept in touch over the years, getting together outside of the club for a beer anytime I made it back to Miami.

  Even though we were friends, I wasn’t sure they’d willingly hand over information about another member. It wasn’t something that was typically done, no matter how much they may have disliked the person. What happened at Taboo stayed in Taboo, and no one wanted to get into each other’s business. But since I knew these men, and Matías was such a motherfucker, I hoped they’d help.

  “I’m here looking for information on someone.”

  This wasn’t the sort of place I was used to conducting business. Sex clubs were where I went to have fun and unwind, not question someone about the whereabouts of a criminal. But here we were, sitting in front of two girls going at it with Izzy kneeling at my leg as I started the questions.

  “We were told that he spent time at Taboo, and I figured I’d come here to see if I could get any leads.”

  Anders and Rider glanced at each other, but Rider spoke first. “If you’re looking for him, then he’s bad news. You know we vet every member very carefully.”

  “What’s his name?” Anders asked, glancing at Aria and Cat.

  They were going at it, and struggling, suffering Aria was biting her lip and slithering around the couch, trying to avoid Cat’s lips.

  Poor girl. None of us was even paying attention to them anymore, and I knew Rider wasn’t going to give Aria permission to come anytime soon.


  Anders rubbed his chin and furrowed his brow as he pondered the name. “I don’t remember a Matías. Was he here lately?”

  “Yeah. About a month back.”

  Rider leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, his expression matching Anders’s. “You got a picture of him? Because the name doesn’t ring a bell.”

  I figured Matías, being high-profile and one of the top wanted men in the country, wouldn’t use his real name. But then again, there were stupid criminals everywhere…just not Matías. The man had evaded some of the best minds in the FBI, and they’d only caught a whiff of him after he’d already vanished.

  I reached into my pocket before unlocking my phone and pulling up a photo of him. I handed it off to Anders, and Rider leaned in to take a look.

  “Ahh,” Rider said and nodded. “I remember this asshole.”

  “Me too. Complete dick.” Anders handed the phone back to me and shook his head. “He left because Hagan and I threw his ass out. What’s he wanted for?”

  “Human trafficking.” In our community, that was a hard limit, and I didn’t want their subs to overhear.

  Anders and Rider rocked back in their chairs like I’d punched them in the gut. It was something that could never be forgiven. Everyone in this club was here under their own free will to have fun and live out their every fantasy.

  “Son of a bitch,” Anders muttered and scrubbed his hand down his face. “He was so rough with a few of the girls too.”

  “Didn’t…what’s her name disappear?” Rider turned toward Anders and snapped his fingers.

  “Victoria?” Anders answered quickly. “She did.”

  “You think he had something to do with it?” Rider asked.

  “Come on. Girl
s stop coming to the club all the time. It’s probably nothing,” Anders told Rider.

  “I don’t know, but I’ll find out,” I told them, adding a visit to Victoria’s to my agenda before we headed back to the other coast.

  If she was truly missing, Matías would be my number one suspect. “When did she stop coming around?”

  “A few days ago,” Rider replied.

  “No cops came by?”

  “None.” Anders shook his head quickly.

  “That’s a good sign,” I told them.

  “We’ll see what else we can find out and let you know.” Anders stood up and stretched. “I think I should put her out of her misery.”

  Rider laughed, smacking his leg, and followed Anders toward the ladies. “Ask Hagan on your way out. He handles all applications and might have something useful.”

  “Will do.” I tipped my head and looked down at Izzy.

  Anders grabbed Cat by the hair, pulling her lips off Aria. “That’s enough, girl. I have something better for you to fill your mouth with.” She climbed off the couch gracefully, still held by the hair, and followed him as he walked her toward the private room.

  Rider stared down at Aria, still lying there with her legs wide open and gasping for air. “Did you come, li’l one?”

  She licked her lips with her eyes glazed over as she gazed up at him. “No, Master.”

  “Up you go. Let’s get you taken care of.” Rider had a devilish smirk on his face as he helped Aria off the couch.

  “They’re hard-core,” Izzy whispered.

  She was right. I used to be the same way, but time and Izzy changed me. It wasn’t a bad thing. Hell, I still tried to control her to this day. It was my nature. I was made that way.

  “I know, doll. It’s a good thing you’re with me,” I told her, touching her chin and pulling her lips toward mine as I bent over. “It’s a good thing you have me.”

  She laughed right in my face. “Babe, let’s be honest…it’s a good thing you have me.”

  Thankfully, no one was around to see her display of arrogance. “Mind your place,” I reminded her, sealing my lips over hers and swallowing what I assumed was going to be another smartass comment.

  They’d take my man card if they knew half the shit I’d put up with over the years from Izzy. But I loved the woman, and I’d do anything to keep her happy… Well, almost anything. She pushed my buttons as much as I pushed hers.

  Her hand slid up my legs and came to a rest against my stiff cock. “You turned on by that?” she murmured against my lips. “By the girls?”

  “I’m turned on by only one thing…” I wrapped my fingers around her chin and held her gaze. “By my wife.”

  She tilted her head and gazed up at me. “Good answer.”

  I moved quickly, wrapping my arms around Izzy’s waist and hoisting her over my shoulder as I stood. She grunted and wiggled against me until I swatted her ass hard enough that she yelped and finally stilled. “I think it’s time for me to remind you who owns you.”

  “I’ll be good,” she said, but I knew Izzy didn’t understand the meaning of that word.

  The woman would fight me if I told her the sky was blue, just because she wanted to be a thorn in my side and she loved to argue about everything.

  I stalked toward the private rooms with Izzy over my shoulder and my hand over her backside, making sure no one got a peek of her beautiful ass along the way.

  Even at our club back home, I never let her be naked in front of anyone. We mainly went there because I didn’t want to risk having a room set up at home and the kids wandering in there and catching a glimpse of all the contraptions. I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining any of it to them, and I knew Izzy would be at a loss too.

  Hagan stood near the hallway with a big grin. “Your room is ready. Third one on the right,” he said.

  “Is it the same as it was before?”

  He nodded, and I kept walking because I had a feisty woman who needed a lesson and a raging hard-on that needed a hole… I wasn’t picky either. Depending on her fight, I’d use them all if she wasn’t careful.

  When I kicked the door closed, Izzy lurched her head up and gasped. “I’ll be good,” she said, squirming out of my arms. “Come on.”

  When Hagan had confirmed that the room hadn’t changed, I’d almost skipped down the hallway, filled with such happiness. This was the torture room, looking every bit like a medieval dungeon, and it usually scared the hell out of the subs. I had no plans to torture my wife, but it was funny as hell to watch her backtrack her smartass comments. But there were a few things in the room that were useful.

  She slid down my body until her feet touched the floor. She reached up, caressing my face with her slender fingers and blinking slowly, feigning innocence. “Make love to me,” she whispered.

  Oh, she was good. But her bullshit good-girl act wasn’t enough to get me off track.

  “Doll,” I said, rubbing her shoulders and backing her up toward the punishment bench. “I’m going to show you just how much I love you.”

  “Yeah?” she asked with a smile, but it quickly faded when she glanced over her shoulder and saw exactly what I was moving her toward. “You want me on that?”

  “What did you make me promise?”

  She licked her lips, and her eyes flashed with hunger. “You said you’d fuck me until I begged you to stop.”

  I nodded and smiled as my cock hardened even more. “Now get undressed, climb up there, and assume the position.”

  If I could pick one piece of equipment to put in our house, it would be a punishment bench. It sounded so much more sinister than it really was, at least in my hands. It was a metal, bench-like structure that had an adjustable horizontal bar for the sub’s stomach to comfortably rest upon as their ass was up and head down. It left every hole open and easily accessible for their partner to do with as he wished. It was perfect, and the cuffs for the wrists and ankles made the entire package complete.

  “You promise you’re going to be nice?” She quirked an eyebrow at me, knowing she’d been naughty.

  “Cross my heart.”

  “You putting that—” Her eyes dipped down as I started to undress and my cock sprang free from my pants “—in my ass?”

  “Don’t test my patience,” I warned her with a stern look.

  “This place better have a lot of lube,” she muttered as she climbed out of her skirt and panties before tossing them onto the bench near the doorway.

  She hadn’t stopped squabbling since I brought her in here, and she knew that it just meant more time. I swear she did it on purpose to get a rise out of me. Sometimes she’d tell me that she liked normal, everyday lovemaking, but I knew she was lying. Izzy couldn’t verbally admit she liked to be dominated because it would’ve made her appear weak, but the wetness between her legs told me the truth.

  I closed the space between us and stuck my hand between her legs. “You’re wet, doll.” She squeezed her eyes shut, shivering against my hand. “You want this more than you’re willing to admit. Save your breath. Get up there, and show me that pussy.”

  When I finished speaking, her eyes opened, but they were different. The fight was gone, replaced by lust and need. I knew my wife better than I knew anyone in the world, and she was a horny beast.

  I watched with my arms crossed and my cock jumping with anticipation as she slowly finished undressing before climbing onto the bench. When she finally found a comfortable spot for her forearms and legs on the padded spots, she stilled.

  I should’ve strapped her in right away, but I couldn’t resist touching her before I did. I moved behind her, taking in the sight of her beautiful pussy and tight little ass spread out before me. Placing my hands on her cheeks, I kneaded them softly.

  “You want my cock?” I asked, letting my thumbs almost touch her pussy.

  “Yes,” she said, breathy and wanton.

  “You want me to fuck this beautiful cunt?”

bottom moved as if she were chasing my fingers and wanting more than I offered. “Yes, Sir.”

  I slid my hands between her legs, running my fingertips over her clit before dragging them back through her wetness and pressing two into her warmth. Her hands wrapped around the armrests, and her head fell forward with a sigh.

  “You love when I fuck your greedy pussy, don’t you?”

  She nodded, not able to form words as I stroked her G-spot. I raised my hand, letting it come down hard on her round ass, with the fingers of my other hand still buried deep inside her.

  “Speak,” I reminded her. “I need your words, doll.”

  “Fucker,” she muttered, but her pussy clenched against me, and I knew I had her, that she wanted this just as much as I did.

  “Your disobedience calls for the restraints and a blindfold.”

  God. Fucking with Izzy’s head was such a high. I think it was mostly because of her smart mouth that it turned me on so much. Stunning her to silence was such a victory and an achievement so major that I should get a medal because it was damn near impossible sometimes.

  “You wouldn’t,” she dared me, turning her head so she could see my face.

  “I will, and if you’re not good, I’ll get the ball gag too.” Her eyes widened as she gritted her teeth to swallow down the words she so badly wanted to say.

  She bowed her head, relaxing against the stomach bar, and waited for me to strap her down. I worked quickly, excitement coursing through my veins with every click of the lock.

  Tonight, I was going to use my wife as my own personal fuck toy and enjoy every goddamn second of it.


  I could barely move when I finally opened my eyes. I lay there, groaning through the pain as I untangled myself from James’s body and collapsed onto my back.

  I didn’t even know what time we finally made it back to his parents’ house because I passed out in the car. My legs barely functioned after being strapped to that fucking bench for hours while James forced me to orgasm.

  Forced was the wrong word.

  I wanted them…every single fucking one of them too. But, whoa. It had been years since James fucked me like that. He used me, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

  I thought once the kids were older that it would be easier to get our kink on, but it seemed the problems had grown with them, along with the time span between our “workouts.”

  At least, that’s what we told the boys we were doing when we left the house dressed in our tracksuits to hide our real clothes underneath and a duffel bag filled with so many sex toys I couldn’t even carry the damn thing.

  “Izzy,” James’s mother said, tapping lightly on the door. “Are you awake?”

  James stretched, hogging the bed and nearly knocking me off the edge with his long, thick limbs. “Yeah, Mama.”

  “Can I come in?” she asked.

  “One second,” I yelled out, yanking the sheets and comforter over our naked bodies and his delicious morning wood.

  James glanced at me with a soft, sweet smile. “Morning, sweetheart.”

  “Hey, tiger.” I winked, feeling playful and achy.

  Although I hated the drive and leaving my tiny bubble, the weekend had turned out amazing so far with the food, family, and fucking. They were the three most important Fs in life and the very things I couldn’t live without.

  The door creaked open, and his mother padded into the room so quietly I wouldn’t have heard her if she hadn’t knocked. She was so damn cute like my ma, only a little rounder and loved wearing muumuus, which I’d never believed people actually wore in real life until I met her. Her brown hair with gray highlights was pulled back in a bunch and held in place with a yellow pencil.

  “Are you hungry?” she asked and looked toward the wall and not directly at us.

  “We’re covered.” James laughed and stretched again at my side.

  She glanced our way with a small smile. “I figured you two were hungry, so I made a big lunch. I didn’t want everything to get cold.”

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