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Worship Me, page 4

 part  #7 of  Men of Inked Series


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  “What are you complaining about, anciano?” Samara’s husband, Che, asked as he walked into the room and threw his arm around her shoulder.

  Being with the Caldos was no different than being at home with my family. They teased each other mercilessly, but it was backed by so much love that no one seemed to care what anyone said.

  “Izzy was feeling my breasts when he walked in. So he’s having a moment.”

  “Poor guy,” Che said, but he brushed off the statement.


  Maybe they weren’t entirely like the Gallos.

  My dad always kept his hands to himself, so this family was a wee bit different, but I was down with it. There was too much to love, and to each their own. It’s not like he was feeling up his own relative, though it seemed that people who married into the family weren’t always off-limits.

  I didn’t recall ever touching any of my brothers’ wives’ tits before. We hugged, sure. But that was as far as touching went except for maybe a poke of cleavage every once in a while. Here, I’d full on fondled Samara just like I was one of the family.

  I shrugged it off and took a bigger sip of wine because my stomach hadn’t stopped growling since the moment I walked in, and I was starving.

  When driving through the Everglades, there wasn’t a place to stop for a meal unless you wanted Willy’s roadside shack that sold pieces of alligator which he’d kept stored in his cooler since the last hunting season. No fucking thank you. I didn’t care how many times someone told me it tasted like chicken, that was a bullshit lie. The only thing that tasted like chicken was actually chicken. Alligator was a bit more rubbery and left a funk in my mouth that lasted too long and didn’t wash away even with the strongest liquor.

  “So, Izzy. How long are you two staying?” Che asked.

  I was just about to answer when James sauntered into the room, rescuing me from the question. “Just a few days,” he told Che.

  “Damn. I was hoping we could hang out like old times.” Che punched James’s shoulder, barely moving him. “You look like you need to unwind a little.”

  “We might be free tomorrow,” James said and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, mimicking Che with Samara.

  “Yeah.” I wanted to spend an evening with Samara and Che, my two most favorite people in his family, next to his parents, of course.

  “We’ll make time for you, cousin.”

  The doorbell rang again, and it sounded like a stampede was happening in the foyer as the house filled with cousins, aunts and uncles, and other assorted family members.

  I heard my name being called like I was a rock star about to take the stage. A girl like me could get used to this kind of love. Not that I was an attention whore, but it was good to feel welcomed by his family just as much as mine welcomed him.

  The Caldos would always be my family. No matter what, they were my peeps just as much as they were James’s.

  I ate it up.

  Soaked in their love, I reveled in it all until it was almost time to get down to business. I was stuffed to the gills with so much Cuban food I didn’t know how I’d fit into the tiny outfit I knew James was going to make me wear. I wondered how the night would end.

  To be honest, I looked forward to a little excitement with a dash of danger and couldn’t wait to see what kind of trouble James and I would get into.


  “Remember your training and what I told you.”

  It had been so long since we’d been to a club that I wanted to cover all the rules and regulations with her before we entered. I couldn’t have anything go wrong, or we’d be in a world of trouble.

  The Doms here didn’t play.

  This was their life, and many of them lived the lifestyle 24/7. They’d probably have a coronary if they knew I gave my wife free rein over everything in her life and only played from time to time because of our kids.

  I’d dressed Izzy before we left, taking my time to make sure her outfit and makeup were perfect. The slinky black miniskirt covered just enough of her body but gave a hint of ass without revealing too much to be acceptable at Taboo. The bustier she wore pushed her tits up nicely, but it hid her nipples well. The collar around her neck was freshly polished and glittered in the overhead lights of the parking lot as she walked next to me, staring at the ground.

  I pushed her against the building and slid my hand up her thigh and under her skirt. “This is mine, and no one else will see it or touch it. Understand?” I murmured against her lips as I cupped her mound, pressing her back into the brick wall.

  “Yes, Sir.” She smiled and bit down on her lip, taunting me.

  “I need you to listen tonight and pay attention to your surroundings for any information about Matías.”

  She nodded quickly and glanced down at the ground when she remembered her place, in case someone was watching. “Yes, Sir.”

  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that her calling me Sir made me hard as fucking granite. It was a high when a woman surrendered herself fully, but hearing the words come from Izzy’s mouth meant more because she didn’t easily hand over the reins of power.

  “Good, girl.” I yanked the chain, pulling her lips to mine and crashing my mouth over hers. I dipped my fingers inside her panties, finding her wet and ready.

  She loved the power exchange. It turned her on and always had. I remembered the first time I ever took her to a club after we’d played at the house; she’d nearly lost her mind with lust. I’d never heard Izzy beg before, but I could still hear her sweet moans of pleasure to this day.

  I rubbed my finger over her clit, pushing her legs apart with my arm. “You want to come, doll?” I asked, but I wasn’t going to give her what she wanted.

  “Yes, Sir,” she murmured against my lips and blew out a shaky breath as I plunged my fingers back inside of her.

  My thumb grazed her clit, and her head tipped back, exposing her neck as I slid my fingers in and out of her without remorse. “You want me to fuck you?”

  “Please,” she begged as her pussy clamped down on my fingers, sucking them deeper.

  She licked her lips, just as turned on by the idea as I was.

  God, I missed this.

  I missed us.

  The way we used to be before shit got so complicated. I needed to change that and bring us back to our center, keeping our relationship rock-solid and worshiping my wife the way she deserved.

  “Later, if you’ve been a good girl—” I smiled against her skin, licking a trail up to her ear “—I’ll let you come.” I pulled my hand from under her skirt, licking her wetness from my fingers and groaning as her taste exploded across my tongue. Tonight would test my restraint just as much as it would test her ability to submit.

  Izzy didn’t speak, just stared down at the ground with a hint of a smile on her lips. Wrapping the chain around my hand, I pulled her forward and toward the door. Her Jimmy Choo heels clicked against the cement with every step as she kept pace with me.

  A small part of me regretted not being able to walk inside the club with my wife tucked under my arm. Although I was a Dom and there was no denying that, I was a man in love, and I was proud of the feisty little Italian spitfire I called mine.

  The lobby of Taboo hadn’t changed much, with its dark walls, faint sound of music, and the smell of sex. A man, one I knew well, stood behind the waist-high desk, flipping through a book. He looked up as soon as the door closed behind us.

  “James?” Hagan narrowed his eyes. “Is that you?”

  “It is,” I said, stepping forward to shake his hand. “Good to see you, Hagan.”

  He looked exactly the same as he had the last time I saw him, almost twenty years ago. The only thing different was the amount of gray that framed his face and a few lines around his eyes.

  “I didn’t know you were coming back.” He smiled, shaking my hand and almost breaking my fingers in his vise-like grip.

  Hagan was one of the oldest and most establ
ished Masters at Taboo. He was also a sadistic motherfucker who liked to toy with his submissives and push them right up to their breaking point. But that never stopped them from lining up to feel the lash of his whip. They begged him for his brand of punishment, craving the pain he’d inflict. I’d never fucking understood it.

  I could never be like him. I wasn’t into the pain. I never got off on hurting others, even if the goal was to bring pleasure for all parties involved. Thank God pain wasn’t Izzy’s thing. I couldn’t deal with hurting her even in the act of sex.

  Deprivation was an entirely different matter.

  That was my thing.

  I enjoyed bringing her right to the edge of orgasm and ripping it away. Then doing it all over again. She liked it too. Sure, she whined and begged, but she always asked for more.

  “Just for a night. I was in town and wanted to play with my girl, so I figured I’d come here.”

  His eyes drifted to Izzy, slowly raking up her body. “You always picked the lookers.”

  I cringed, because I knew Izzy was going to chew my ear off later for that comment. She’d grill me about the “lookers” and exactly how many there must have been for it to leave a lasting impression on Hagan.

  “Hagan, she’s my wife,” I warned.

  “Ah.” His tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth. “I need to get a better look.” The dirty old bastard rounded the desk and stopped next to me, clasping a hand on my shoulder while he looked down at Izzy. “May I?” he asked, needing permission to speak to her, and I nodded.

  Izzy hadn’t looked up, but the corner of her jaw ticked, probably still mulling over the comment about women I’d been with before I met her. Even when she was angry, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world, and I rethought my genius idea of bringing her here.

  “It’s nice to meet you, pet,” Hagan said.

  “Eyes, doll.”

  I knew he wanted to see her face. Hagan appreciated beauty as much as the next guy, but I knew what he’d see when he looked in her eyes. There was a fire that burned deep down in Izzy, and there was nothing she could do to hide it. It was that slow burn under the surface that made her so alluring to me when I met her…that and her smart mouth.

  Izzy lifted her head and gazed up at Hagan, but she didn’t speak.

  “You have your hands full with this little one, don’t you, James?” Hagan laughed softly and took a step forward, but he still maintained an acceptable distance for me not to put my body between them as a shield.

  “That’s what I love most about her.”

  Izzy chewed on the inside of her cheek and swallowed the words I knew she was dying to say. Probably something along the lines of “go fuck yourself” sat on the edge of her tongue, ready to put us in our place.

  “Is she your only submissive, or do you have a more open arrangement?”

  The moment I met Izzy, I knew I’d never share her. She had it…that quality that made me want to be a one-woman man, devoting my time, attention, and love to only her and no one else.

  “I’m not into sharing this one, Hagan. I give her my full attention.”

  Hagan wasn’t a one-woman type of guy. Although he had a devout submissive, he usually had a few slaves too. The man was more virile than most teenagers, wanting to conquer as much pussy as he could. The women never seemed to mind. He loved the openness of our world.

  “I’d be the same with this one, James.” Hagan turned his attention back to her. “It’s entirely my pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Caldo.” Hagan tipped his head and kept his hands to himself, following protocol within the walls of Taboo.

  Izzy smiled, but she somehow remained silent.

  “Sorry to cut this short, but…”

  Hagan stepped back and away from the door. “I get it. Will you need a private room tonight, or will you be using the public areas only?”

  The dirty bastard probably hoped I’d be fucking my wife in public. I was sure we’d draw quite a crowd with her wails of ecstasy, killer tits, and the way she begged for my cock. So, that was a big hell no.

  “A private room would be perfect.”

  “One doesn’t open for another hour, but it’s yours. I’ll come find you when it’s time and escort you. We don’t normally let in nonmembers, but since I’m now part owner, I’ll give you a pass. I know you’re good to go. Do you need to store her clothes?”

  “No, she’ll remain dressed while in public.” I shook his hand and made a mental note to see what I could get out of him about Matías. “Thanks for everything, Hagan.” If Matías spent time here, then he had to be a regular and would have had to have filled out paperwork, including a background check, before he was able to gain entry.

  “I’m always happy to help an old friend.” Hagan walked around the desk and pushed a button on the wall, unlocking the main entrance to Taboo. I yanked Izzy’s chain, pulling her forward as I opened the door.

  “Have fun,” Hagan called out as the music intensified, and the bass pounded against my chest twice as fast as my heart.

  I glanced back as we walked through the narrow, barely lit hallway. Izzy stared down at the floor, twisting her hands together in front of her as she walked. I stopped before we entered the public room, pressing my fingertips to her chin and forcing her to look at me. “You’re doing great. I promise I’ll make this worth your while.”

  “You’d better rock my world, Jimmy,” she whispered.

  “Baby.” I brought her mouth to mine. “I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

  “Promises. Promises.”

  I slid my free hand up her back, fisting her hair roughly. “Be careful, little one, or I won’t be so kind later.”

  Her eyes twinkled as my mouth crashed down on hers, sealing her smartass comment before she could speak. When she melted into me, going almost slack in my arms, I knew she’d be quiet at least for a little while. When I pulled away, she was panting and breathless as I stared down at her.

  My hand fell away, dropping back to my side as I took a step backward and appraised my wife. Bee-stung lips, flushed skin, and divinely decadent in her barely there outfit.

  Her eyes cast downward, and I knew she was ready to enter the lion’s den.


  I kneeled at James’s side, making a little mental note to pay him back for this later. I assumed the position like the other women around me.

  None of them moved, didn’t even try to make eye contact, and seemed almost invisible as they clung to their Masters. James had warned me about this crowd. That they took the D/s relationship very seriously, and most of them had slaves and not submissives. Back home, at our club, it was more relaxed and playful, but here…not so much.

  I, on the other hand, didn’t stare at the ground like the other women. James talked with his old friends, barely noticing me.

  While keeping my head slightly downcast, I used the opportunity to take in as much of my surroundings as I could from under my eyelashes without getting reprimanded.

  How could I gather anything unless I took a little peek, right?

  My eyes drifted to a stage where a small crowd gathered, watching a woman being flogged. She seemed to orgasm with every lash. Lucky cunt. Not that I wanted to get my ass beat, but anything that would bring me that much pleasure, I’d be all in and begging for more. Her ass was beet red as sweat glistened on her skin in the overhead lighting.

  The man turned, speaking to the crowd, but I couldn’t make out the words over the music wafting through the open space. He faced her again, lashing her as she jolted with a scream. But it wasn’t one of horror or pain. It was pure pleasure and turned into a moan that I could hear loud and clear even over the beat of the song playing.

  I slid my hand up James’s pant leg, gripping the back of his calf, turned on by what I saw, but also scared to death. His fingers tangled in my hair as he stroked my scalp, maybe feeling some of my anxiety or lust.

  My emotions were always scattered in places like this. It
was hard to rationalize what coursed through my system when I watched someone else getting off while figuring what they were enduring was anything but pleasant. Yet it was. The noises she emitted made it impossible for me to think any differently.

  “Are you still into sharing?” Anders asked James.

  The thought of being with any of these guys had my head spinning—and not from excitement. I didn’t want them, not when I already had the only man I wanted. But I knew, back in the day, he used to be into that type of thing. He told me when he’d become a member at Taboo, he wasn’t above sharing a sub with another Master recreationally, or if that was what the scene called for and the sub needed it.

  Whatever the fuck that meant. At no time had I been strapped to our bed thinking, man, I’d love some pussy grinding on my face. Hell, I never even thought I could go for an extra cock to fill some empty part of my body while James banged the ever-living fuck out of me. Maybe that was where I was different. I was a one-man woman. Even if we hadn’t been married, I wasn’t sharing him. Ever.

  From the moment he told me about his kink, I made it crystal fucking clear to James that I wasn’t a toy to be passed around to his friends. He said nothing like that would ever happen because he didn’t share what was his anymore. Fucker better have said that, or I would’ve been out the door in a heartbeat.

  “No, Anders. I’ve never shared her, nor do I ever plan to either.” He gripped my hair and pulled my head back so I was forced to look him in the eyes. “This one is only for me.”

  I couldn’t stop the small smile from spreading across my face. “Isn’t that right, doll?”

  “Yes, Master,” I said, kind of digging the dirtiness of the words and feeling totally in tune with our current surroundings. Plus, I wanted to show my husband that I could follow directions…at least sometimes.

  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it made my entire body tingle when he spoke those words. The man still lit my torch after all these years. I never would’ve believed that after more than ten years of marriage we’d still be going strong and that I wouldn’t have kicked his bossy ass to the curb. But I’d honestly never been happier in my life.

  “Shame,” Anders said as James released my hair and I bowed my head again. “You did well for yourself.”

  I rolled my eyes, and thankfully, no one could see since I stared down at the ground like the other women around me. “Fucker,” I muttered softly enough that I knew no one could hear me.

  Anders reached down and fondled the breasts of the woman kneeling at his feet. “I would’ve swapped. Cat loves to play with new partners.” His fingertips wrapped around her nipples and twisted until she shifted on her knees and whimpered. “It could’ve been fun to watch the two beauties together.”



  Pussy had never been my thing.

  I’d always been a dick girl.

  Why the fuck would I want to “play” with another woman when I had the same parts and they didn’t impress me one bit. There wasn’t anything better than a hard cock, filling me until I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t need a girl sticking her tiny little fingers in me or licking my clit. There was nothing I wanted more than a hard dick or the thick fingers of a man working in and out of my pussy while the stubble of his hair rubbed against my thighs as he ate me like a man obsessed with pussy.

  “Aria,” Rider said, glancing down at his sub. “Would you like to play with Cat? She’s lonely.”

  Rider was… I didn’t even know how to explain the man other than slightly scary. He was bigger than James, with long black hair that fell just below his shoulders. His eyes were the blackest I’d ever seen, where the iris and pupil ran together, and I couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other began. His facial hair was a mix of black and gray, covering his lips almost completely. There was something about him that sent a shiver down my spine when he spoke.

  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aria raise her head and look into Rider’s eyes and say, “Yes, Master.”

  Well, all righty, then.

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