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 part  #7 of  Men of Inked Series


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  I started to kick my feet as he moved closer, flailing on the bed because I knew what he was going to do. “Please don’t.”

  But James was stronger, and no matter how hard I kicked, I wasn’t going to win. He snatched my foot in midair, slipping the rope around my ankle, and secured it to the bedpost without missing a beat. “This is for your own good,” he said. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself trying to break free.”

  What a crock of shit. My glare turned into something deeper and angrier. “I’m going to make you pay for this.”

  He tipped his head back and laughed before he grabbed my only free foot easily, which was moving around in wild, uneven circles. “I look forward to the payback, love. You can end this, you know,” he said, standing at my side, and stared down at me with the biggest hard-on.

  I closed my eyes. I needed to avoid his penetrating stare and the rock-hard, velvety smooth dick that was only inches from me. “Fuck you, Jimmy.”

  I could do this. I could outlast him. I mean, we always played rough, and orgasm deprivation had been our thing for a while. But that was back in the day when we were banging like we were the last two humans on earth trying to repopulate the world. Think of something other than sex. I needed to focus on something besides the ache between my legs and the wetness running over my asshole, but it was like trying to ignore the single drip of water outside my bedroom window after a rainstorm.

  “You always have to be a hardhead.” His hot breath skidded across my face as he leaned over, and his cock pressed against my arm. “Just remember, this is your choice, not mine.” His hand slid down my front, cupping my mound.

  The tips of his fingers penetrated my pussy and made my need so much worse. I wanted to cry out, beg for him to give me the orgasm he’d denied me twice. I thought he’d change his mind and that maybe he’d give me what I wanted, but just as that delusion went through my mind, he pulled his hand away.

  Thwack! I jolted off the mattress, the throb growing more intense at the pain and pleasure mix of his swat.

  A lesser woman would cave, begging to come and giving her husband whatever he wanted. But that wouldn’t be me. It wasn’t my way. I’d always take the hardest, most fucked-up path, and James knew it. The bastard always used my personality against me.

  But I’d be lying if I said I hated him. I’d never loved another man the way I completely and utterly loved my husband. A lesser, weaker man wouldn’t have been able to deal with my bullshit and attitude. That’s why we worked. Not because he handled me, but because we brought out the best in each other.

  Maybe not in that moment as I was tied to the bed, splayed open while he worked me up to the point that I was ready to break.

  I opened my mouth to speak, to scream, to beg, but his footsteps had grown quiet and farther away. I sucked in a breath and tried to steady my breathing. He was fucking leaving me here, tied down, alone and aching for an orgasm. He didn’t like to lose as much as I didn’t like to give in. I had a hard decision to make—cave in and finally say yes, or most likely lie here all night without the ability to move.

  He was a fucker sometimes, but he was my fucker. Once I heard the familiar creak of the last step on the stairway, I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, trying to think of anything except the throbbing need I had between my legs.

  Nothing worked.

  No matter what I tried to think about, it did nothing to lessen the want. The sting from his palm stayed for far too long, almost making me mindless and wanton.

  I don’t know how long I lay there with no clock in the room, staring at the ceiling and going through the motions of Lamaze because it helped during childbirth and maybe it could work wonders in this situation.

  An eternity passed before he came back, still naked and devastatingly handsome. “Ready?” he asked from the foot of the bed, cock still hard and taunting me as it moved.

  “No.” I stared at the ceiling, keeping my eyes off his cock and his face.

  It didn’t bother me in the slightest that I was spread wide, laid out before him like a toy he could fuck with all night. James had seen and explored every inch of my body, and there was nothing to be shy or bashful about. I, in turn, had done the same to him.

  I knew every crevice, every birthmark, and dip to his muscles. We were one in that. We were the yin to the other’s yang and completed each other so freakishly well that if I weren’t in our relationship, I’d make myself sick from the perfectness.

  “You’re being ridiculous.”

  Did he really just say that to me?

  Those were fighting words. The man knew better than to mutter that sentence to me. But he went there anyway. What started out as a game, because I liked to play hard to get, was turning into something wickeder.

  I had two options—let it go and say yes to his simple request, or dig my heels in and not get off tonight and possibly tomorrow.

  My mind was telling me to be an asshole and not give in, but my pussy was screaming for me to just say yes and end the misery.

  I let my gaze wander up his body, taking all of him in, and in a moment of weakness, I let my cunt answer for me. “I’ll go to Miami to see your parents with you,” I said, almost choking on the words because I couldn’t believe I’d actually given in. The words were foreign on my tongue and tasted salty.

  James looked so satisfied as he smiled down at me. “Thank you.”

  “Don’t speak.” Normally, I’d be angry with myself, but I was so damned turned on that I didn’t even care anymore. I just wanted his cock, his hands, his mouth, and all of him on and in me. “Just fuck me before I change my mind.”

  Thankfully, he listened. James climbed onto the bed, nestling between my legs before thrusting into me. I cried out as he pummeled me, slamming his body against mine. When the orgasm crashed over me, it didn’t feel like defeat—because it was the best damn orgasm of my life.


  “Mommy. Mommy,” Trace yelled, running through my parents’ house to leap into my arms.

  I hugged him tightly as he wrapped his legs around my body and locked his arms around my neck, almost putting me in a choke hold. The little man had no idea how strong he was, just like his daddy. “I missed you too, baby. Did you have fun?”

  He brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered, “Nonna took us for ice cream.”

  “Butter pecan?”

  He looked me square in the face with his eyebrows turned inward and grimaced. “Mint chocolate chip. Pecan is gross, Ma.”

  “Right.” I laughed. “Where are your brothers?”

  “Outside playing with Gigi and Lily.” He untangled his body from mine and shimmied down to the ground. “I gotta go watch the Cubs with Grandpa.”

  James walked in after finishing a phone call just as Trace ran back into the living room. “Where did he run off to?”

  “Cubs are on.”

  “Enough said,” James replied, kicking off his boots before we walked into the kitchen to greet my mother.

  “Ah,” Ma said, holding out her arms to us like she hadn’t just seen us two days ago. “You two look well-rested.”

  “I kept her in bed most of the weekend,” James said, moving in front of me to embrace her as she laughed. “Thank you for taking the kids off our hands for a few nights.”

  She probably had no idea that he meant he’d kept me tied to the bed and not served breakfast in bed like a queen. But then again, knowing my mom, she probably suspected. “They were lovely. Soon they’ll be too old to hang out with Grandma.”

  “They’ll always love you,” I reminded her. I remembered spending time with my grandparents, but as soon as I became a teenager, my weekends were spent with friends instead of them. I looked back on it now and regretted all the moments I missed.

  Suzy strolled in from the living room and leaned against the counter next to me. “What can I help with? I can’t sit and watch baseball for another minute.”

  “Are they losing?” I asked her.

sp; “No, but bases are loaded, and the guys are stressing me out.”

  James hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. “I’m going to go sit with the guys and bullshit.”

  I patted his hand and leaned into his lips. “Have fun.”

  As soon as he walked out of the room, Max, Angel, and Mia walked in, and we all started to get to work, but this week would be easier. Ma had already prepped the breaded chicken, and the pasta was lasagna. There would be no slaving over a hot stove this weekend.

  “How about after dinner us girls go shopping?” Ma asked as she closed the oven door for the chicken and lasagna to cook.

  “I could use some retail therapy,” Aunt Fran said, wandering into the kitchen as soon as Ma said the word shopping.

  “Sounds like the best idea ever,” I said, and Max, Mia, Angel and Suzy agreed.

  “Let’s get the table set, and we’ll leave the guys to clean up.” Ma laughed and held her belly. “I’m sure they can do it once.”

  I loved each of them, but when it came to doing the Sunday dishes, they somehow became allergic to water. The only day they got off their asses was Mother’s Day.

  “They should be doing it every week,” Max said, thinking the same thing we all did.

  “You’re cute, Max,” Mia said sarcastically and motioned toward Ma with her head. “She ruined ’em.”

  “I did no such thing. They were my babies, and now they’re your men. If they’re ruined, you only have one person to blame.”

  Joe strolled in, sliding his arms around Suzy’s waist. “Need any help?”

  All eyes in the room turned to Suzy. “We have this, baby, but do you think you guys can clean up for us? We have something we need to do.”

  He kissed her neck. “We’ll get it. You ladies work too much and deserve a weekend off.”

  Everyone stood there in shock and completely silent. That was classic Joe. He was the least lazy one of the bunch. He had the asshole gene too, but not when it came to the women in his life. For us, he’d do anything. But if you were a prick and hassled one of us or anyone in the family, Joe would make you wish you had never been born.

  “Well, I…” Max stammered as Joe walked out of the room just as quietly and quickly as he entered. “God, sometimes I hate you, Suzy. You’re a lucky little whore.”

  Suzy shrugged with a small laugh. “What can I say? I hit the jackpot.”

  Max let out a tiny growl. “You and your good girl ‘I can’t cook worth shit’ act really paid off.”

  “Oh, shush it,” I told Max, hitting her with my hip as I walked by. “Let’s get the food on the table so we can go spend some cash.”

  Four hours later, we walked back into my parents’ with so many bags it looked like we’d cleared out the entire mall.

  “Jesus.” Anthony met us in the foyer with his mouth hanging open. “What the hell did you get?”

  “They were having a sale,” Max barked as she set her bags down on the floor. “Problem?” She quirked an eyebrow, and with the look on her face, not even I would fuck with her.

  “None. But there better be something sexy in there.” Anthony smiled and started rummaging through the bags.

  She swatted his hands. “Get your paws off. You can’t see until we get home.”

  “I like the sound of that.” Anthony smirked.

  “Out of the way. Coming through,” Ma said, heading straight up the staircase with her bags. She stopped at the landing and looked down at us. “I’ll be right back, and we’ll have dessert.”

  “I’m exhausted after that,” Suzy said, pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail before wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. “You ladies shop like it’s a race.”

  “We’re back,” I yelled toward the living room, but the guys were too busy watching sports to even care.

  They were probably exhausted from cleaning up the dinner after we ditched them as soon as our plates were in the sink. James was like Joe and didn’t make a peep when we told them we were heading to the mall. It didn’t matter if he grumbled, I was still going anyway.

  “Get anything new for our trip?” James asked as I stored the bags in the first-floor office that was now more a kids’ playroom.

  “I got a few sexy things.” I held out the bags to him, excited about the few items I could find. “Wanna look?”

  “Why don’t you put on a fashion show for me later after the boys go to sleep?” He grabbed my ass and pulled me against him. “I didn’t get enough of you last night. I need more.”

  “You never have enough,” I reminded him, reaching down and grabbing him by the balls. “It’s why I own you.”

  He ground his cock against me, inching his knee between my legs. “Baby,” he said, rubbing his thigh against my clit. “We own each other.”


  I scrubbed my hands down my face and glanced at the clock for at least the fifth time in the last hour. The day seemed to be dragging, and I hadn’t even made it to the afternoon yet. Mondays always sucked. After two blissful days at home, which wasn’t usually the case on a weekend, the last place I wanted to be was at work.

  After a weekend filled with more sex than I’d had in years, every muscle in my body ached. It was worth every ounce of pain to fuck my wife like we did before we had the kids, the complete cockblockers that they usually were. I loved my children, don’t get me wrong. They were the light of my life and all that shit that Hallmark puts on the greeting cards. But damn it if they didn’t ruin more orgasms than I have fingers. I swear the little bastards—I use that term in the nicest way—came programmed with a “my parents are fucking, so I need to go interrupt” gene. Someday, they’d realize the agony they put me through when they had their own wives—and children cockblocking them.

  Thomas made a grand appearance, showing up at the office two hours late and looking just as shitty as I felt. “We didn’t get to talk about it yesterday, but how did the talk with Izzy go?”

  I couldn’t be completely honest with him. I wasn’t stupid. Being married to his sister did complicate things at times. The man would probably have my balls in a vise if he knew half the shit I pulled with her.

  He knew about our kink because he knew that side of my life before I ever claimed his sister as my own, but it wasn’t something we freely discussed—and I wasn’t about to start doing it now. There were certain topics that were off-limits, and that was certainly one.

  “It went really well.” I couldn’t look him in the eye as I lied through my teeth. “She’s on board.”

  The ending went great, and the middle was amazing, but the start of the weekend didn’t go exactly as I’d planned. I thought Izzy would say yes to my simple request and that we’d have a kick-ass fuckfest all weekend, but she had to draw it out and dig her goddamn heels in, making it a little more difficult. Not that I minded. Sexually tormenting my wife was almost like a sport to me, and I loved every minute of it. Just thinking about the way she wiggled and pulled against the restraints while completely naked and open made me hard.

  “Izzy said yes?”

  I kept typing, pretending to be too engrossed in the message on my screen to look up. “Yep.”

  “That’s great, man. When do you guys leave?”

  When he moved on to something other than my weekend activities, I leaned back in my chair and finally looked him in the eyes. “In a few days. As soon as I can get her out the door. But you know how that goes.”

  That was easier said than done. Izzy could easily be mistaken for a Kardashian with the amount of luggage she brought even for a weekend getaway. The woman was ready for everything. Heels, dresses, shorts, boots…you name it, it was in her suitcase. It was more like a minimum of three suitcases that were bursting at the seams with so much shit that she couldn’t possibly wear it all in a month even if she tried. And trust me, she has tried just to prove her point, but she’s failed.

  “It’s hell on earth,” he groaned. “Does she know why you’re going to Miami?”

  “She knows were going for a case, but doesn’t know all the details yet..”

  “That’s probably for the best.” He rubbed the stubble on his chin and narrowed his gaze. “But you’re going to have to tell her at some point.”

  I nodded in agreement, and my stomach turned at the thought of doing it with anyone else. We’d taken on a new case a month ago and had tracked down a lead which led us to Miami. I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and visit my parents while checking out the validity of the tip we had received at the same time.

  But I had to convince Izzy to go with me. While she loved spending time with my parents, she hated Miami. I think it’s because of the slick-tongued Latinas that lived near my parents. She didn’t like to vie for hard-ass of the year with other females. Where we lived, no one rivaled Izzy.

  “I know, Thomas. I’ll tell her before we get there.”

  “I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea, but it’s necessary that she get involved. She wouldn’t want you to do this case with anyone else.”

  I would’ve left her home if I could, but the case required me to go to a BDSM club that was located only a few miles from my parents’ house. I could’ve walked in there alone, but that would’ve opened me up to a slew of questions I didn’t want to answer. Having my wife and submissive by my side made everything easier because I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without someone I completely trusted.

  “Angel okay with the kids staying over?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

  I was sure Thomas had his ways of getting what he wanted out of his wife just like I did, but I didn’t want to know the gory details.

  “She’s fine, and Nick’s excited to have some company.”

  We’d taken Nick, Thomas and Angel’s only kid, on plenty of weekends so they could get away and have some “private time.” The poor kid never stopped smiling when he was around his cousins, and I always thought Thomas would have another so his kid wouldn’t have to be alone.

  “I can’t thank you enough. I know your parents would take them again, but I think they’ll have more fun playing with Nick and hanging with their favorite uncle.”

  “Don’t butter me up. I’m taking the kids no matter what, so there’s no need to lie to my face.”

  What I said was true. The kids loved every one of their uncles, but Thomas was their hands-down favorite. Maybe it was because he was a lot like me, and he and I had a special connection since we went through DEA training together and were thick as thieves.

  Bear walked past the door and then backed up, glancing between Thomas and me. “Everything okay?”

  “James is heading to Miami to follow that lead this weekend.” Thomas turned, craning his neck to glance at Bear. “I’m going to need you to step up to second-in-command.”

  “I’ll be whatever you need.” Bear glided into the room, his chest a little more puffed out than usual, probably feeling pretty damn pleased about being asked to help take charge in my absence. “You sure you don’t want me to handle the case instead?”

  Thomas shook his head and laughed. “We’re sure, man. Aunt Fran would fuckin’ kill us.”

  Fran and Bear were a perfectly odd couple, if that made any sense. I never would’ve expected them to fall madly in love and become inseparable, but it happened. It shocked all of us, especially Morgan, Fran’s son, but I’d never seen the old bastard happier.

  “She’s a cream puff,” Bear replied with a straight face. “I can handle her.”

  “You’ll be handling your balls for a really long time if you mess with that woman,” I told him because Fran made Izzy look like a kitten.

  “Right.” Bear laughed. “I’ll help Thomas hold down the fort while you’re gone. Morgan may be pissed, but…”

  “He’ll get over it,” I told him. “He’s too busy working the case with Sam right now to handle day-to-day operations for me. You’ll be done with your current case this week, right?”

  “I’m meeting with the client tomorrow, and then I’m free as a bird.”

  Bear had become an invaluable member of our team. When Joe mentioned that we
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