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Worship me, p.15

Worship Me, page 15

 part  #7 of  Men of Inked Series



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  “Even anal?” I quirked an eyebrow, which earned me a very sour and unhappy glance from Max.

  “Anal? Really? That would be amazing,” Anthony said. “You sure know how to spoil a guy.”

  “Fuck you, Izzy, and you too, Anthony.” She pulled away from him and glared at him. “You know how I feel about that.”

  He grabbed her hips and pulled her close. “You love when I put my finger in there.” He waggled his eyebrows, and her face reddened. “My dick isn’t much different.

  “I can’t,” I said and walked away.

  Max laid into him something fierce. I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor Max. She always liked to seem like she was in control, and Anthony always had a way to throw her off-balance. I think it was why they worked so well.

  Suzy tugged me off to the side. “Are you sure she’s coming?”

  “I’m sure.”

  She pulled at her top lip and gave me a halfhearted smile. “Okay. I trust you.”

  I rolled my eyes and walked over to Joe. “Handle your woman,” I told him before I went to find where James had wandered off to.

  He was sitting in the shop, occupying my chair as Thomas sat across from him, and they were talking about business. What else would they talk about?

  I slid into James’s lap and ran my fingers through his hair. “No talking about work tonight. Got me?” I glanced between the two of them. “This is a work-free zone.”

  “Said the woman who’s still at work,” Thomas replied with a slight smile.

  “It may be where I work, but tonight is all about fun,” I reminded him. “Anyway, I thought you two were going to cut back a little.”

  James tightened his grip on my ass and nuzzled his lips against my neck. “We were just talking about some applications we received this week.”

  “You’re going to hire new people?” I gawked at him.

  He nodded and winked. “I made a promise, doll, and I intend to keep it.”

  “You’ve made me a happy girl.” I kissed his lips, holding his face in my hands as I did it.

  “We’re both going to cut back at work and spend more time with our families,” Thomas said.

  “If you need help, I can go through your applications,” I offered.

  Thomas and James laughed.

  “We’ve got this,” James told me. “You worry about your business, and we’ll handle ours.”

  Burn. “You’re lucky I love you so much.”

  “I am.” James squeezed my ass tighter. “There’s no one else I could ever love more.”

  “Not even Sofia Vergara?”

  He thought about it for a minute until I hit him. “Not even her.”

  “Good answer.” I kissed his lips again before hopping to my feet. “Outside, both of you. No hiding and no work.”

  “You’re the boss,” Thomas said.

  James patted my ass with a twinkle in his eye that said “I am going to get some later” as he passed by. I checked my hair and makeup and locked up the office before joining the rest of the crew under the tent.

  Thankfully, we’d found two babysitters who would watch the kids tonight. We paid them twice their normal rate because of the number of kids and the short notice. By now, the two girls had to be ready to pull their hair out, but I was sure it was nothing they couldn’t handle.

  As soon as I went back outside, I sat down with Suzy, Max, Mia, and Angel, along with Ma, at a table under the tent. Even though the sun had almost set, it was blazing hot, and I didn’t want to start sweating before anyone arrived. There was nothing worse than hugging and kissing on someone who was stickier than the morning grass.

  A motorcycle pulled into the parking lot, Kat’s long hair blowing in the breeze as she clutched the man on the front. From a distance, it would have been hard to tell who was on the bike with her if I didn’t know any better. His dirty-blond hair was going every which way but forward, and his sunglasses hid his signature green eyes perfectly.

  “Well, she’s not a lesbian,” Max said with pursed lips.

  “Nope.” I smiled.

  “But at least she has a man,” Suzy said, always trying to stay optimistic.

  I was dying for this moment. There had been so many times this week that I’d wanted to spill the secret, but it was just too good not to be there to see their faces when Cypress was standing right in front of them.

  “Maybe they’re just friends with benefits,” Mia quipped and shrugged her shoulder.

  “For the love of God. You guys need to zip it.”

  Kat climbed off, her hands on Cypress’s shoulder as she bent forward and shook her hair out. She had wild, messy hair that looked like she’d just gotten fucked, and she looked more beautiful than normal.

  “Couldn’t hire an ugly bitch, could ya?” Max barked.

  “She’s not that pretty.” Suzy sighed. “Is she?”

  “No. Not unless you’re into the big tits, long hair, and killer body thing. What guy wants that?” Angel said, yanking everyone’s chain and earning a laugh from me.

  Cypress pulled Kat closer, pressing her tits against his chest and kissing her lips while he stayed seated on the bike. He whispered something in her ear, and she tipped her head back and laughed.

  “I hate her,” Suzy said. “I want to be that young again.”

  “Can’t go back, girl. Do you really want to do your early twenties all over again?” I asked because I sure as hell didn’t.

  “I want to start over right when I met your brother on the side of the road.”

  “Yeah,” I said, remembering the night I met James.

  The man swept me off my feet. At least, that’s what I told the kids. They never needed to know their father and I had a one-night stand, and I hadn’t wanted to see his mug after that. He’d chased, though, and I was powerless to resist his charms. Who was I kidding? He was relentless, and he kicked ass in bed. Charm was an entirely different story.

  When Cypress climbed off his bike and stretched, I pictured him on stage, microphone in hand and the crowd cheering around him. He had it. That quality that commanded the attention of everyone in the room. The girls around me saw it; they were drawn in and couldn’t stop staring. At least they weren’t glaring at Kat anymore.

  When he took off his sunglasses, I knew they recognized him immediately. You would have had to have been blind not to notice his eyes, and the band T-shirt was a dead giveaway.

  “Is that…?” Suzy leaned forward and squinted.

  “Can’t be.” Max’s mouth dropped open, and for the first time in forever, she was rendered speechless.

  “Oh. My. God,” Mia whispered.

  “Holy fuck.” Angel started to choke on her drink.

  “Yep, bitches. It is.”

  I sat back, watching them eye-fuck Cypress and completely forget about the girl on his arm.

  “God, he’s even better looking in person.” Mia lifted her glass to her forehead, feeling the heat but not from the sun. “I couldn’t handle all that.”

  “I’d sure as fuck try,” Max said quickly. “Hell, maybe I’d let him do my ass too.”

  Suzy snorted, and a little bit of her drink dribbled down her chin. “Shit. I’m going to look a mess when I meet him.” She dabbed at the spots on her tank top and growled.

  “What about your husbands?” I asked, crossing my arms in front of my chest, filled with satisfaction.

  “They’re fine.” Max pointed behind her. “They’re over there.”

  “Why didn’t you tell us she was dating Cypress McDermot?”

  I cackled. “Because I couldn’t miss seeing your sour pusses when you realized what idiots you’ve been.”

  “We’re not idiots. We’re careful.” Mia shot me a shut the fuck up look.

  “You really think Kat wants a guy in his forties with a wife and a gaggle of kids running around?”

  “Hell, right now, I don’t even want that when he’s this close.” Max waved her hand in front of her face, fanning herself. “He’s ju
st so…”

  “Yeah,” Suzy sighed. “All that.”

  “What’s everyone looking at?” Anthony asked, coming up behind Max and following her line of sight.

  “Max said she’d give you anal, Anth.” I laughed, and Max shot me daggers.

  “Holy shit. Is that the dude from…” Anthony snapped his fingers together and closed his eyes in deep thought.

  “Yep. He’s the lead singer of Wicked Innocence.”

  “Dumbest name ever,” Anthony mumbled.

  “Doesn’t matter. They made it. They could be called Wicked Shit as long as people are buying,” I told him because he was just jealous he had never made it to the same level as Cypress, even though he’d tried like hell.

  “He’s coming,” Max said. “How do I look?” She glanced up at Anthony.

  He rolled his eyes. “Lookin’ like you owe me some ass with this display you’re putting on.”

  Max growled and turned back around just as Cypress and Kat came to a stop in front of our table. Cypress smiled, his dreamy signature smile. The bedroom eyes with their emerald green flare weren’t believable unless I saw them in person. Now that I had, I was a bit awestruck.

  Kat placed her hand on Cypress’s, which was resting on her shoulder. “Cy, this is Izzy. The one I was telling you about.”

  Cy—yeah, I’m on a first-name basis now—looked every bit the rocker with his torn jeans, black boots, and band T-shirt. He extended his hand to me and said, “Hey, Izzy. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

  I chuckled like a complete idiot. “The pleasure is mine,” I said, sliding my hand into his palm and thinking if I were twenty years younger… But then James wouldn’t be around and neither would my three adorable and rambunctious little boys.

  “Cy flew in this morning because he wanted to meet the crew.”

  Max lifted her hand, wanting and needing attention. “I’m Max.”

  Anthony shoved his hand over Max’s head before Cypress had a chance to take it. “I’m Anthony, Max’s husband and part owner of Inked.”

  “Right…” Cypress said with a smile. “Kat told me you used to have a band.”

  “I did. We were quite successful in the area. Never had your kind of fame, but then again, I fell in love with this one.” His eyes dipped to Max. “And decided I’d settle down first.”

  I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. He’d never had Cypress’s kind of fame because although Anthony had an amazing voice, the rest of the band sucked sweaty balls. Meeting Max and settling down just gave him a reason to leave the band without feeling like an asshole.

  “Smart move, man. Touring is the worst.” Cypress frowned. “I’ve never felt so tired in my life.”

  Mia pulled out the chair next to her and smiled up at Cypress. “Why don’t you sit down?”

  The behavior of my sisters-in-law would be almost appalling if it weren’t so obvious and downright funny. They could’ve almost mothered this man, yet their cougar sides came out and they wanted to climb him like a tree.

  “Yo, Mike and Joe. Come over here,” I yelled toward the guys.

  “There goes the party,” Suzy mumbled, to which Angel smacked her.

  “Hey, you work in an office filled with hotness,” Suzy snapped back.

  Joe and Mike stalked over and said hello to Kat and shook her boyfriend’s hand.

  “What’s up?” Joe said to him, playing it cool.

  “Yo,” Mike said, in typical Mike fashion.

  “Do you know who that is?” Suzy said, trying to whisper but failing.

  “No.” Joe looked confused as his eyes scanned Cypress. “Kat’s guy. I saw a photo in the shop.” He shrugged.

  “He’s Cypress.”

  “Okay,” Joe laughed. “Hi, Cypress.”

  “You’re impossible.” Suzy rolled her eyes. “You know, from Wicked Innocence.”

  “Is that a store?” Joe asked Suzy with a straight face.

  “Dude.” Mike hit Joe in the stomach with the back of his hand. “You know, that band. We hear them all the time on the radio at the shop.”

  “Kinda,” Joe muttered. “Cool, man. Congrats.”

  “Wait a second.” Cypress raked his hands through his hair, looking as impressed as we did with him. “Are you Iceman?”

  Mike’s face transformed with a huge smile. “I was.”

  “Fuck,” Cypress said, looking down at Kat. “I saw this guy fight when I was a kid. He’s a beast, baby. I can’t believe you’re working with him now.”

  Kat shrugged, probably not giving a fuck about fighting just like the rest of us. “That’s cool.”

  “I’m honored to meet you, sir.” Cypress held out his hand, and Mike shook it quickly but with a little bit of a frown.

  “It wasn’t that long ago, kid.”

  Mike went from being on top of the world at being recognized to being reminded that he was an old bastard within thirty seconds.

  I hopped out of my chair and hooked my arm with Kat’s. “Let me introduce you to everyone else before our guests arrive. This is Angel, my sister-in-law, who’s married to my brother Thomas.”

  They both shook Angel’s hand, and she blushed the brightest shade of red when she touched Cypress. These girls couldn’t keep their shit together in front of him, and it was embarrassing.

  “James.” I touched his shoulder, and he turned with a smile.

  “What’s up, doll?” He slid his arm around my back and stared at Cypress and Kat.

  “This is Kat and her beau, Cypress.”

  “It’s nice to meet you,” they both said, but not at the same time.

  “Did you have a good first week at Inked?” James asked, making small talk, which wasn’t always his strong suit, but he’d gotten better. I had to give him brownie points for trying harder for me too.

  “It was amazing. I’ve never worked anywhere that felt like home so quickly.” Kat beamed. “Your wife has been so helpful. She’s really an amazing person.”

  James nuzzled my neck. “She really is. I’m a lucky man.”

  “Aren’t they cute, honey? I want to be like them when we’re old.”

  James growled in my ear, “I’m sure you will be.”

  And just like Mike, they reminded me I was no longer the hot young thing I used to be either. I was a mom and a wife and not the wild Izzy who ended up in the back of police cars with bikers hot on my trail.

  “Let me go finish the introductions, and I’ll come join you for a drink,” I told James.

  “I’ll wait here for you.” He patted my ass again as I walked away with Cypress and Kat in tow.

  “Thomas.” I motioned between Kat and Cypress. “This is Kat, our new artist, and her boyfriend, Cypress.”

  “It’s nice to meet you both. Don’t let the group scare you away. They’re harmless.”

  “You have an amazing family.”

  “Thomas doesn’t work at Inked. He and James own a private investigation agency.”

  “That’s good to know.” Cypress reached out for Thomas’s hand. “Never know when I could use your services.”

  “We’re always here to help.” Thomas smiled. “Well, I’d better get to my wife.”

  “We’ll catch you in a bit,” I told him and turned to face the cute young couple. “Feel free to wander around, or do whatever you want.”

  “Thanks, Izzy.” Kat smiled, pulling Cypress closer to her body.

  With her tucked under his arm, they looked like the most beautiful couple in the world. I could almost see them walking the red carpet at the Grammys someday. At least I could say I knew her when.

  “If the buzz gets too much, feel free to duck out whenever.”

  “We’re staying for the whole party. I miss home,” Cypress said. “I told some of my buddies to stop up here too. I hope you don’t mind.”

  I shook my head, but I was a little bit panicked we wouldn’t have enough alcohol and space once word spread that the Cypress McDermot from Wicked Innocence was here.
“Don’t mind at all,” I lied because I wasn’t about to tell the celebrity standing in front of me that I wasn’t sure how I felt.

  After I greeted a few guests and made my presence known, I started to search for James, but I couldn’t find him anywhere.

  I pulled out my phone and did what any normal person would do in the same circumstances. I texted him.

  Me: Where are you?

  I covered my eyes, blocking out the sun, and glanced around the parking lot again, but no James.

  James: Office.

  I stomped toward the office, wondering what the hell he was doing in there when the party was happening outside. “Hello,” I yelled as I walked through the lobby toward the office tucked away in the back.

  “In here,” James yelled on the other side of the door.

  I rolled my eyes, ready to chew his ass out, but when I opened the door to find my husband with his pants pulled down and the biggest hard-on, stroking it with a look in his eye that said I was about to be thoroughly fucked, I forgot everything.

  It had been ages since we’d done it in the office, worried that we’d get caught. I suddenly didn’t care that we had a tent full of people. They wouldn’t miss us.

  “Close the door,” James commanded.

  I pushed it closed with my ass and walked toward him as I unbuttoned my jeans. “You want this?”

  “I want you.”

  His deep voice sent sparks of electricity shooting through my body. I walked toward him slowly, unzipping my pants when his arm reached out and pulled me forward.

  “You’re moving too slow,” he said, flipping me around and yanking my pants down so fast that I almost lost my breath.

  I leaned forward, flattening my body against the desk, dizzy with anticipation. When his hand caressed my ass, I moaned and wiggled my ass, ready for him to thrust into me.

  But James pressed his body flat against mine, placing his mouth next to my ear. “You want my cock?”

  “Yes,” I whispered.

  “You want me to fuck you?”

  “Yes.” I sealed my eyes shut and smiled, giddy with excitement.

  “I need to be inside you,” he growled, rubbing the tip of his dick against my opening. “I need it more than air.”

  “Fuck me,” I begged, panting and ready.

  James pushed into me, taking me with slow strokes as his hands slid underneath my tank top and gripped my waist.

  “Touch yourself,” he said. “I want to feel you come on my cock.”

  I reached between my legs and stroked my clit as he thrust into me. The desk
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