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Worship me, p.11

Worship Me, page 11

 part  #7 of  Men of Inked Series


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  time the weekend is over.”

  “We’ll have to see. If Matías shows his face tomorrow, the weekend may be over before we ever have a chance to play, doll.”

  She pouted as her strokes grew longer, and her fingertips grazed my cock. “But I was looking forward to some more us time.”

  I pulled her down on top of me, bringing her lips close to mine. “Baby, once we’re free and clear, you can have all the us time you want. We just have to be on our toes. I can’t be balls deep inside you and miss Matías. That would be hard to explain.”

  “True.” She frowned and sat upright, escaping my kiss.

  “So what’s this about Kat?”

  “She’s hot. Like superhot and spunky. The girls are livid that we hired her, so the only thing I could figure out is to tell them she’s gay.”

  “You knew that shit wouldn’t fly.”

  She grunted. “Dumbass Mike and his big mouth. I swear I should knock some sense into that boy.”

  “It won’t help.”

  Izzy climbed on top of me, pressing her cunt against my cock, teasing me because she knew she could and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it now. “Maybe if you’re a good boy.” She was turning the tables on me, and I liked it. “I’ll suck your cock later.”

  I grabbed her around the waist and undulated my hips. “Maybe if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you.”

  I wanted to strip her naked and spend the night licking every inch of her skin, but the knock on the door ended that fantasy.

  “Ready?” She pulled her shirt down far enough to show me her killer rack.

  “Baby, I was born ready.”

  She took her time climbing off me, making sure to make it as torturous as possible as she slid down and stood.

  “If you don’t behave, you’re going to suck my cock until your jaw locks up.”

  “You talk a big game,” she said over her shoulder as she turned the handle to a waiting Alese and Ret.

  My head throbbed as we walked into Forbidden just after noon. Last night, we all had too much to drink and were moving slower than usual.

  “Welcome.” Connor, the owner of the club, met us at the door to usher us inside. He was a stout man, standing about eight inches shorter than me, with a pot belly and a beard that touched his chest.

  “Thanks for doing this.” Ret shook his hand, towering over the man.

  Ret had filled me in on Forbidden and Connor’s background. He used to own a bar in town and was an active participant in the swinger’s scene in Jacksonville. When the BDSM explosion happened, he decided to open his own club and mix his two favorite activities—drinking and sex.

  Connor had a partner in the business, a former Navy SEAL named Trent Newsome, who was interested in helping us nab Matías. He was waiting inside the main lobby as we entered. “Welcome,” Trent said with a curt head nod.

  He sized me up, and I did him. The man looked like every other hard-core military special forces person I’d ever met. Strong jaw, big muscles, perfect posture, and lacked any type of emotional facial expression as he stared at Ret and me.

  Then his eyes wandered to Izzy and Alese, and he finally cracked a smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ladies.”

  “I’m Alese.” She almost curtsied as she bowed her head and stared down at the floor.

  “Izzy,” my girl said, holding out her hand and looking him straight in the eye.

  Attagirl. I didn’t like the way he looked at Alese and Izzy, but I knew one thing for sure…Izzy wasn’t going to take any of his shit if he tried anything. Her brothers taught her well, and I was lucky I had come out unscathed when we first met.

  He extended his arms, flexing to show off his power. “Welcome to Forbidden.”

  But men like Trent pissed me off. If you were powerful, good for you. But there was more to power than strength and bulk. To influence someone with words was the biggest high, not by physical force. I liked to think men like Trent never came out on top.

  “Thanks for helping us, Trent.” Ret pulled Alese close to his side, staking his claim, and I did the same with Izzy because I didn’t play games when it came to my wife.

  “The last thing we need is a human trafficker lurking around our club. I’ll do anything to help put his ass behind bars.”

  Connor stepped in front of Trent, maybe as annoyed as I was with his display of bullshit. “Let’s get inside, and I’ll give you a tour before you can spend a few hours wandering around on your own.”

  “Sounds great,” Ret told him.

  Connor opened the door, and we walked inside the common area with Trent close behind us.

  “Matías spends about an hour in this part of the club until he convinces someone to join him in a private room,” Connor said as soon as the door closed behind us.

  Forbidden was an upscale club with modern touches and one of the nicest I’d been inside of in Florida. The black marble floor and blood-red walls matched the leather furniture that was in the center of the room. On the far right was a viewing platform with a St. Andrew’s Cross and shackles hanging from the ceiling just a few feet away.

  “We have a lot of members who are into voyeurism. We make sure to have plenty of areas for them to live out that fantasy.”

  To the left was the bar, lining the entire wall of the club, with built-in stools and a sleek cement top. Behind the bar was a wall-to-wall mirror that could give any drinker the full view of the action going on behind them.

  Straight in front of us was an area with cages and stockades.

  “Ah, our area for public humiliation.” Connor came to stand next to me. “It’s become quite popular lately.”

  It was one thing I could never get into. I wanted to fuck and control, not humiliate the person I was with. But there were plenty of submissives and slaves that were into that kind of thing.

  Izzy gripped my arm tightly, pressing her body flush against me. “Um, fuck that.”

  “Let me show you the private rooms, and then we’ll let you be to do whatever you want.”

  From the outside, the club didn’t look large. But it extended into an endless maze of private rooms and smaller public play areas. Each spot had its own theme or purpose, and everything was top-notch. No cheap, shitty BDSM furniture that looked overused. The amount of furniture and apparatus in the club was mind-boggling. Cages, benches, vacbeds, and bondage chairs were everywhere, along with beds and exam tables in too many rooms to count. This was a playland for anyone in the lifestyle.

  So far, the operation at Forbidden was impressive.

  “Any questions?” Connor asked after we walked into the last small play area tucked away at the end of the hallway.

  We stood around the circular bed that could probably fit ten people easily and must have made for quite a scene.

  I pulled Izzy close, not wanting Trent to be anywhere near her. “How do you monitor everything?”

  Connor crossed his arms in front of his chest and glanced upward. “All public areas have closed-circuit television monitoring, and the private rooms have cameras on the doorways with a two-way intercom in case there’s an emergency. We have designated Masters who walk the hallways and public areas at all times to stop anything from getting out of hand.”

  Ret stared up at the camera as if he’d never noticed them before. “Can you show us the surveillance room?”

  “Sure. We don’t keep tapes of anything to protect the security and anonymity of our members, but they’re monitored every moment the club is open for business,” Connor said, motioning for us to follow him back toward the public area where we’d started our tour.

  “You like it here?” I whispered in Izzy’s ear as we walked.

  “It’s amazing,” she said, looking up at me with a wicked smile. “I want to use more than a few of these rooms.”

  “Maybe we’ll come back if we don’t get any time to experiment.”

  “Let’s hope we catch the bastard tonight, and then we can have one day to play,
she told me as we stood outside the nondescript door.

  “In here is where we have twenty monitors, along with the intercom system. It’s really an amazing thing, and I don’t know of a club within three hundred miles that has this kind of setup.”

  I glanced around the room, taking in the sleek flat-screen televisions lining the one wall. “You’ve done an amazing job with the club, Connor.”

  “It’s my pride and joy.” He smiled brightly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, Trent and I have a few things to discuss. We’ll let you be, and feel free to holler if you have any questions.”

  “Thank you,” Ret said, looking between the two men before they walked out.

  “Should we set up camp in here?”

  I rubbed my face. “I think it’s best if one of us is on the floor while someone is in here surveying the entire club.”

  “We’ll be in the club,” Izzy said quickly, a little too overeager but completely in step with her personality.

  “Works for me. Let’s walk through it a few more times until we have the layout memorized, and then we can leave for a few hours. They don’t open until eight.”

  “Just enough time to get ready.” Izzy laughed.

  I peered down at her and gripped her ass roughly in my hand. “Woman, it better not take you seven hours to prepare.”

  “Baby,” she said, running her fingernail down my bicep. “Not all prep is bad.”

  If prep meant my cock inside of her, I was all about her taking her time. “Whatever you want, doll.”

  “Let’s do this,” she said, walking out of the room before the rest of us and leading the way like she always tried to do.


  I pulled at my collar, feeling like it was more a noose than a decoration. It never bothered me before, but Forbidden was so crowded that I felt claustrophobic. I’d been touched by more people walking by than I had been the last time we visited Disney World.

  Based on the number of people here, I’d say it was the most popular place in town and that it had become a destination spot for people in the lifestyle who visited the area.

  Connor decided to join James at the bar for a drink while Ret and Alese manned the security room. I sat behind James, kneeling on the floor in the shadows. The dim lighting near the bar area allowed me to look around without being caught by other Masters scattered throughout the common area.

  Matías hadn’t shown his face yet, but the night was still young. My knees ached, and I hoped I wouldn’t be sitting like this for the next six hours. But at least the scenery was spectacularly sexy.

  I just couldn’t watch the people who were being put into the stocks and other contraptions to be humiliated. I couldn’t wrap my head around why they found it a turn-on. The last thing that made me want to come was when someone was telling me what a slut I was and trying to shame me as I kneeled naked and in front of a group of people.

  The stage directly across from me had already had one couple use the St. Andrew’s cross, and after a quick cleaning, a new twosome stepped up on the stage. This time, a woman wouldn’t be tied to it, but a man. The Domme had on a tight black corset with her breasts spilling out over the top and a pair of skintight black leggings that were partially covered up by her freshly polished over-the-knee boots.

  She looked powerful, amazing, and completely in charge of the man. He stared at the floor, stripped bare and waiting for his whipping, and he didn’t make a sound as a crowd gathered around the staging area to watch. I almost felt bad for him, but his hard-on told me he was enjoying every minute of it.

  I was lost in the scene before me, forgetting that I was supposed to be looking for Matías, when James tugged on the leash, yanking my head sideways. I couldn’t help myself as I glared up at him and snarled.

  Just as I opened my mouth to say something, he pinned me with his icy stare. “Watch for him. We can’t take our eyes off the real reason we’re here,” he said.

  I sighed and went back staring from the shadows and surveying the room. But my eyes kept drifting back to the man being whipped and then fondled and the group of people whispering to each other with excited smiles as they watched.

  Minutes later, James yanked the chain again, but this time I couldn’t keep quiet. “What the fuck?” It just came out. I couldn’t stop it no matter how hard I tried to remember that I wasn’t to speak unless given permission.

  A pair of shoes stepped into my line of sight. A very expensive pair of shiny black shoes, probably Versace, based on the details. Slowly, my eyes traveled up the man’s well-tailored dress pants to his expansive chest and settled on his face.


  “Are you being mistreated, li’l one?” he asked in a thick accent with his cold, dark eyes boring into me.

  I turned my gaze downward. “No, Sir.”

  “I’ve been watching you for some time,” Matías said.

  James had already swiveled around on the stool and was standing to my side. “Can I help you?” He wrapped the leash around his hand two more times, shortening the space between him and me.

  Matías motioned to me with his hand. “It looks like your submissive is unhappy.”

  Fuck me.

  “She’s in training. Back off.”

  “Ahh. I’ve been known to break a sub or two. Maybe you could use help, no?”

  “She’s a feisty one,” Connor said from behind me.

  I almost snorted at that statement. Feisty didn’t even begin to describe me, but I’d roll with it.

  “Connor, tell the man how good I am at training newbies.”

  I was sure the fucker was amazing. It was pretty damn hard to steal a woman off the streets and turn her into a sex slave without using means that were deplorable and cruel.

  “He’s the best I’ve ever seen, James.”

  James stepped forward, moving closer to Matías. “You don’t get to have sex with her unless I approve. Understood?”

  Wait a minute. What the what?

  James was trying to get Matías into a room alone instead of taking him down in front of all these people. The very thought of going anywhere with that man, even as a ruse, made my stomach twist into a knot.

  I bit my bottom lip and stayed still when all I wanted to do was look up and watch the exchange between the two men.


  James hooked his hand around my arm and started to pull me upright. “Up you go, girl.”

  My legs wobbled a little as I tried to balance myself on heels that were probably about two inches taller than my comfort zone. James’s hand never left my arm as we followed a few feet behind Matías.

  “Do not let that man touch me,” I said as quietly as possible, but loud enough that James could hear me over the thump of the music.

  “He won’t.” He gave me a reassuring look, but I still didn’t like it.

  Matías pushed open a door in front of us, waiting in the hallway for us to enter first. I glanced up at the security camera, hoping like hell that Ret saw where we were going and would be here before anything happened.

  “You haven’t learned to keep your head down, li’l one,” Matías said as I passed by him.

  His voice sent chills through my body. The man was good-looking. That probably made his task easier when trying to snare his next victim. There was no way he stole them all himself, but I was sure he had a hand in more than a few disappearances.

  I froze as soon as I walked inside. There was nothing sexy or fun about this room. It was the stuff of nightmares for someone like me. I wasn’t into pain. Nope. Not happening. It wasn’t my bread and butter when it came to BDSM. I liked James’s version with orgasm deprivation, dirty talk, and all the spankings a girl could want.

  “Red,” I said, fisting my hands at my side.

  “No one has touched you. There’s no calling red yet.”

  Now, that was bullshit. I could tap out anytime I wanted to, and I knew that. But in Matías’s world, there was no quitting. The door slammed behind me, an
d Matías and James moved to my side.

  James’s fingers brushed against mine, and I started counting down how long it would take Ret to make it to this room before I flipped my shit. Ten seconds if Ret hustled, and he should if he valued his life.


  Matías moved toward the restraints that hung from the ceiling, opening them and motioning for me to come forward.


  I glanced at James, waiting for his lead as to what to do next. The last thing I wanted was to be chained up and helpless with this man in the room.


  James nodded at me, and I silently cursed under my breath.


  My mouth went dry. I tried to swallow, but nothing happened. I glanced at Matías and back to James, narrowing my eyes and snarling.


  I took a step forward, and Matías shook one of the shackles. I forced myself to keep moving forward when all I wanted to do was run.

  Did people really do this stuff? Hand their submissive over to another person to “train”? In all my time in a club, I’d never seen it. But Matías either wanted me that badly, or he didn’t give a fuck about anything.


  Three more steps and I’d be within arm’s reach of Matías and the device I know he’d probably torture me with if he had the chance. My feet moved forward and I was crawling at a snail’s pace, but I couldn’t move any faster.


  “You’re only going to make this worse on yourself, girl,” Matías said, growing impatient with me.

  “I’m sorry.” The words came out as a squeak, but hell, this was scary. I wasn’t sure I’d been this scared since Rebel kidnapped me, but James was here and he wouldn’t let Matías touch me. This was all for show while we waited for Ret. I repeated that in my head.


  I took another step, and Matías reached out, yanking me forward. I lost my balance, tumbling toward him, and did a face plant right into his chest.


  There was a loud crash as Ret came barreling through the door with his gun drawn.


  Matías spun me around and put me in a choke hold.

  “I’ll snap her neck,” Matías barked right next to my ear.

  Fuck my life.

  I always got pulled into their shitstorm, and it never ended up like it was supposed to when we made our plan. If my dumb ass hadn’t fallen forward, I wouldn’t be in his arms and vulnerable.

  “Fucker,” I seethed and glanced over at James, who was already advancing toward us.

  “One more step and it’s over.” Matías’s grip tightened.

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