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Blood & Thunder

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  “Open your mouth,” Sloane ordered gruffly.

  Dex obeyed, taking Sloane down to the root. He closed his eyes with a low moan, his fingers finding Sloane’s firm ass cheeks. When he opened his eyes, Sloane grabbed fistfuls of Dex’s hair, and their eyes met, those molten amber pools sending a shiver through Dex. Leisurely, Sloane moved in and out of Dex’s mouth, a deep groan escaping when Dex pressed his lips against Sloane’s cock. Dex loved seeing Sloane lose himself, loved when he took control and gave Dex orders in that gravelly, sexy voice of his. He let Sloane fuck his mouth, and he wrapped a hand around his own cock, stroking himself, his eyes never leaving Sloane’s face even as his lover picked up the pace, his breath growing more ragged.

  “Damn. I love your mouth,” Sloane said roughly, pulling out and sitting back on his heels so he could kiss Dex, his tongue exploring every inch of Dex’s mouth. He nipped at Dex’s bottom lip, before sucking on it. When he’d kissed Dex to the point he thought they’d run out of air, Sloane pulled back, the lust in his eyes setting Dex ablaze. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to think about anything but my cock inside your ass all day tomorrow.”

  Dex huffed, pretending to be put off. “You dick. I’ve got training tomorrow.”

  “I know.” Sloane’s grin was positively sinful. “On your knees, Agent Daley. I want that ass ready for fucking now.”

  Oh, shit. He loved when Sloane used that tone of authority on him during sex. Dex quickly turned over, his chest pressed against the couch’s armrest so he could reach into the small drawer of the coffee table next to it. Sloane snatched the small bottle of lube and condom from Dex with one hand, the other pressed to Dex’s back, holding him against the armrest. Oh, damn, Sloane was going to fuck him just like this.

  “Don’t move,” Sloane demanded in a low and husky voice. All Dex could do was remain perfectly still as Sloane parted his ass cheeks before a cool, lube-slicked finger pressed against his hole, causing shivers to rack Dex’s body. First one finger, then two. Dex moved his hand to his cock only to have Sloane grab a fistful of his hair and gently pull his head back. “Did I say you could touch yourself?”

  “No, sir.”

  “So move your fucking hand away from there.”

  “Sloane,” Dex pleaded. God, he was so hard it hurt. Sloane took his time, prepping Dex, torturing him, his finger hitting his prostate. “Oh, shit! You asshole. Fuck me already.”

  Sloane leaned in, whispering against his ear. “You have an insubordinate streak in you, Agent Daley. Looks like I’m going to have to break you of it.”

  Oh God, yes. Just when Dex thought he was going to lose it, or punch Sloane’s lights out, Sloane’s cock started stretching him. Dex shut his eyes, releasing his breath slowly as Sloane sank farther in. The mixture of pain and pleasure was almost too much, and Dex gripped the armrest so tight his fingers hurt.

  “That’s it. Come on, Daley. I know you can take it. You can take it, can’t you?”

  Dex nodded.

  “I can’t hear you.”

  “I can take it,” Dex replied through his teeth. “Can I touch myself? Please.”

  “Not yet.”

  “Screw you,” Dex snapped, earning a chuckle. A few labored breaths later, the pain gave way to the most heavenly pleasure as Sloane started to move, his hands gripping Dex’s hips as he pulled out almost to the tip then pushed in to the root with agonizing leisure. As soon as he started moving quicker, he ordered Dex to touch himself. Teeth gritted, he attempted to match Sloane’s pace, at least until Sloane pulled nearly all the way out and drove himself into Dex hard. “Fuck!”

  One hand went to Dex’s shoulder, while the other gripped his hip, and Dex looked over his shoulder to find Sloane shifting positions, one leg going to the floor. Oh God. He braced himself, biting down on his bottom lip as Sloane snapped his hips while simultaneously forcing Dex back, impaling him on his cock. Unable to help it, Dex cried out, fueling Sloane’s desire to do it again and again. Sloane’s thrusts were deep and hard, his pace quickening as he lost himself. He folded over Dex, his chest pressed to Dex’s back as he fucked him in earnest. Sloane’s arm wrapped around Dex’s chest to hold him firmly, hips snapping, and rotating.

  “Oh God. Oh fuck, Sloane.”

  “Don’t you dare,” Sloane warned him, before telling him to get on his back. Dex hurriedly did, biting down on his bottom lip once again as Sloane shifted back and took Dex’s cock into his mouth. Two hard sucks and a couple of licks later, Dex came, Sloane swallowing every drop. Dex’s body shuddered, his muscles tensing as his orgasm was drawn out before Sloane released him and kissed him. He loved the taste of himself on Sloane’s tongue, and it made him moan. “Open your mouth,” Sloane breathed.

  Dex did, his body trembling as Sloane pulled off the condom, grabbed Dex’s hair, pulled his head forward, and jerked himself off. “Now,” Sloane gasped, and Dex closed his mouth around Sloane’s cock, sucking him hard, his finger slipping in between Sloane’s ass cheeks and finding his entrance. He pressed against the tight ring. Sloane came in Dex’s mouth with a feral growl, his fingers tangled in Dex’s hair.

  “That’s it, Daley,” Sloane groaned. “Swallow it.”

  Dex sucked and swallowed until Sloane’s cock had gone soft between his lips. With a low hiss, Sloane pulled out and rolled onto his side, pulling Dex down against him and holding him close. Dex enjoyed what came after the hot sex almost as much as the sex, when Sloane was still floating in the haze of fucking him into oblivion. He tucked Dex against him, kissed the top of his head, and stroked his arm or his back, his eyes closed, and his chest beginning to steady.

  With a contented sigh and a stupid smile on his face, Dex wrapped a leg around Sloane’s and slipped an arm around his lover’s waist. Did Sloane know he was playing with Dex’s hair? Was he aware of all the tender gestures? Either way, Dex never mentioned it, simply enjoyed the moment. Sloane mumbled something about going, not having clothes, and Dex nodded, letting out a slur of sounds that in his mind was a perfectly articulate response.

  What felt like seconds later was actually several hours, and Dex was startled awake. It took him a moment to orient himself and realize he was on his couch with Sloane who was in the midst of another nightmare. They’d started a few months ago and seemed to be getting worse with every passing week. Gently, he rubbed Sloane’s arm.

  “Sloane, wake up. Come on, buddy, wake up.”

  His partner stirred with a sleepy groan, his eyes fluttering open. Although it was dark and Dex couldn’t see anything other than the subtle glow from the various pieces of electronic equipment around the living room and the moonlight filtering in through the curtains of his kitchen window, he knew Sloane could see him just fine with his Therian eyes.

  “You okay?” Dex asked, lying back down, and huddling close.


  “Sloane.” It was a plea, something else Dex wasn’t accustomed to but found himself doing far too often lately. He wished the guy would open up. Dex had never had trouble saying what was on his mind. In fact, more often than not, it’s what got him into trouble. It wasn’t that Sloane was emotionally constipated. The guy was pretty vocal about his feelings, unless it meant exposing any of his vulnerabilities, or if it concerned his past. If Sloane messed up, he owned up to it every time and apologized. If he said something out of turn, he expressed his sincerest regret. If he didn’t like something, he sure as hell would let it be known, and if he were pissed, well, everyone would know.

  Sloane had no trouble showing Dex how much he wanted him, or how Dex drove him crazy, in more ways than one. But when it came to showing Dex the guy behind the intimidating Team Leader, nothing short of the Jaws of Life could get the guy to open up, leaving Dex to work things out through a series of elimination and guessing games. He’d swear sometimes it was like he needed Themis—the THIRDS artificial intelligence network—just to figure out what the hell the guy was thinking. Dex reached up, gently took hold of Sloane
’s jaw, and turned his face toward him.

  “Come on. Talk to me.”

  Sloane smiled tenderly and turned his face to place a kiss on Dex’s palm. “It’s nothing. Really. Go back to sleep.” He closed his eyes and pulled Dex in close. That was the end of that. If Dex pressed the matter, Sloane would get up, get dressed, and go home to avoid an argument. The next day, it would be up to Dex to show his partner everything was cool between them. The thought that he had far more invested in them than Sloane had crossed his mind on more than one occasion over the last few weeks, but he always managed to push it aside and focus on the positive of whatever they had.

  What did they have? They were exclusive, but they weren’t dating. They’d been sleeping together for months, and although Dex had agreed they would take things as they came, that they would go slow, there were no signs of them moving past the “sex is fun, let’s do that” part. At least not for Sloane. Even so, Dex liked being with him. He enjoyed sneaking off together whenever they could, even if Dex felt a pang of guilt each time, having to hide from his dad and brother, but if they were caught, one of them would be transferred off the team, and neither of them wanted that.

  It was too soon for them to have any kind of relationship talk. Dex had the feeling if he broached the subject, Sloane would balk. No point driving himself crazy over it. He’d promised Sloane they could take things slow, and he intended to keep his word.



  Sloane tensed slightly under Dex’s touch, and Dex held back a sigh, wishing the guy would just relax. What did he think was going to happen? Knowing Sloane could see him in the dark, which was completely unfair, Dex gave him a grin despite not feeling it. “Mind if we go upstairs? My ass is cold.”

  Sloane chuckled, his muscles losing their previous tension. He gave Dex’s ass a playful slap. “We wouldn’t want anything happening to that ass.”

  “It is pretty spectacular,” Dex teased, forcing himself to get up. His right arm was sore from sleeping on it awkwardly.

  Sloane stepped up close behind him, his breath on the side of Dex’s neck as his hand slipped around to cup Dex’s balls and cock, making him jump. “Mm, that’s pretty spectacular too.”

  A shiver went through Dex. “Upstairs. Soft bed.” Before Dex could say another word, Sloane was hoisting him and throwing him over his shoulder. Dex flailed, his heart beating wildly. “Man, how many times do I gotta tell ya? Warn a guy when you’re gonna go all Tarzan on his ass. Jesus.”

  “I’ll keep that in mind,” Sloane chuckled, carrying Dex through the darkened living room and up the stairs to the bedroom. He dropped him onto the bed, and Dex scrambled under the covers. His ass really was cold. So were his toes. He hated cold feet. Sloane joined him under the covers and didn’t hesitate, pulling Dex close and kissing him. Dex had no idea what time it was, and he didn’t care. If Sloane wanted to jump his bones, no way in hell he was going to say no.

  The sex was hot, hard, and as amazing at it always was, with Sloane making Dex sweat, pant, and beg for it, until he was so thoroughly fucked, all he could do was lie there in a state of pure bliss and exhaustion. Dex drifted off to sleep, but to his frustration, he kept waking up every hour or so. It wasn’t usual for him to have trouble sleeping, especially after an evening of Sloane pounding him into the mattress, or couch cushions. His ass throbbed as if to remind him. Dex felt the steady rise and fall of Sloane’s chest beneath his hand, and he took the opportunity to study his lover’s face. He was asleep, but it was clearly a troubled sleep.

  It had been four months since the workshop incident when Isaac Pearce had kidnapped Sloane, chained him up, and tortured him before Dex could get to him. Four months since Sloane had discovered his ex-lover and ex-partner Gabe Pearce had died at the hands of his brother and not by a meet with an informant gone wrong, as everyone had believed. Four months since discovering the explosion that should have ended Isaac Pearce’s life, he emerged as the leader of the Order, followed by the execution of Agent Morelli. And despite all that, Sloane hadn’t spoken a single word of how he felt about it, other than the desire to find the bastard and bring him in, dead or alive—a sentiment they all shared.

  Sloane’s brows furrowed in sleep, and Dex brushed his fingers down his partner’s stubbly jaw, smiling when Sloane let out a small huff but leaned into the touch. It’s only been four months, Dex reminded himself. He needed to be more patient. Sloane had been through a hell of a lot in the last couple of years, and he’d been upfront with Dex about needing time. It wasn’t fair for Dex to ask any more of him at the moment.

  Gingerly, he shifted and leaned over to brush his lips over Sloane’s, smiling at the faint moan he received. Wanting to ease his lover’s unrest, Dex moved stealthily, roaming his hands over Sloane’s body, caressing hard muscle, soft skin, until he got to Sloane’s flaccid cock. With a smile, Dex stroked him, watching Sloane’s face, the way he tilted his head back and moaned.

  Moving the duvet, Dex delivered kisses to Sloane’s thigh as he continued to stroke Sloane’s hardening cock, enjoying the feel of his lover in this docile state, his heart squeezing at every tiny murmur or sharp intake of breath.

  “Mm…. Gabe.”

  What the…? Dex sat back on his heels and ran a hand over his face. Well, that was certainly one way to kill the mood. He climbed off the bed with care and made his way downstairs, where he turned on the TV, the glow helping him locate his boxer briefs that he slipped back on. Guess he couldn’t be too surprised it had happened. If he were honest with himself, he would admit he’d expected it sooner, especially since things had quieted down. For months, Isaac Pearce’s threats had remained just that, though the THIRDS was using all its resources to track him and the Order down.

  They’d managed to get some information from Simon Russell, enough to deduce the whole thing had been meant to draw their attention, with Simon and the rest of the men sacrificed in the process, something they’d willingly agreed to. Well, in Simon’s case, his dad had agreed for him. Dex had been true to his word, and he’d watched with a dopey grin as the brothers were reunited. Matthew shook Dex’s hand, thanking him profusely for getting his little brother away from their dad. Then the two had walked off into the sunset together. Life almost seemed… good, aside from the maniac hiding somewhere in the city, plotting their demise. Dex had a bad feeling. Isaac wasn’t just some brainless thug. He was an experienced, patient, intelligent ex-officer of the law.

  Dex dropped down onto the couch, snatched up the TV remote, and clicked past infomercials until he got to one of the late night cartoon channels, the only station with anything remotely decent at this ungodly hour. He tried not to think about Isaac Pearce, but it was hard to shut off his brain. It was better than thinking about Sloane calling him by his former-lover’s name during an intimate moment. God, Sloane had probably been dreaming of him. Great. Dex shifted his attention back to Isaac Pearce.

  The THIRDS had confiscated the man’s properties, although the workshop had gone up in flames as part of the guy’s well-executed escape plan. Any remaining evidence was burned to a crisp, leaving only the evidence originally discovered in Isaac’s home confirming he was behind the murders and the makeshift iron weapon he’d constructed to lead them off his trail. Isaac had covered his tracks well. The witnesses who’d lied for him by claiming Isaac had been with them during the times of the murders had been his followers, and they’d all disappeared by the time the THIRDS came knocking on their doors. The THIRDS had tossed out their net of confidential informants, spies, and shadows. Isaac Pearce was a ghost.

  Two episodes into some weird but entertaining cartoon about a kid with rabbit ears, his dog, and some pink princess, and Dex was running through a list of excuses to give his partner if he fell asleep down here when he heard Sloane’s sleepy, gravelly voice.

  “Hey, what’s going on?”

  “Watching TV. Couldn’t sleep.”

  Sloane came around and sat on the robust coffe
e table across from Dex, but not blocking his view of the TV. Dex could tell Sloane was studying him, and Dex just didn’t have the energy. He was too exhausted, physically and emotionally. In a few hours, he’d have to be at work with a full day of training exercises awaiting him.

  “What’s wrong?” Sloane leaned in to take his hand. “Talk to me, Daley.”

  Funny how that street didn’t run both ways. Dex thought about it, thought about every time he’d swallowed down a jab to his heart. It was getting more painful each time. He kept telling himself to pull back, not to make the same mistake he always made of falling too hard, too fast. He could see himself getting deep, but unable to get off the path to ruin. “You have any nice dreams lately?”

  Sloane’s endearing puzzled look made it worse.

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