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The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 1 (of 2), page 1


The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 1 (of 2)

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The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 1 (of 2)

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  _The Pickwick Club_]






  NEW YORK E. P. DUTTON & COMPANY 31 West Twenty-Third Street


  CHAPTER I PAGE +The Pickwickians+ 1

  CHAPTER II +The First Day's Journey, and the First Evening's Adventures; with their Consequences+ 7

  CHAPTER III +A New Acquaintance. The Stroller's Tale. A Disagreeable Interruption, and an Unpleasant Encounter+ 39

  CHAPTER IV +A Field-Day and Bivouac. More New Friends. An Invitation to the Country+ 52

  CHAPTER V +A Short One. Showing, among other Matters, how Mr. Pickwick undertook to Drive, and Mr. Winkle to Ride; and how they both did it+ 66

  CHAPTER VI +An Old-fashioned Card-party. The Clergyman's Verses. The Story of the Convict's Return+ 78

  CHAPTER VII +How Mr. Winkle, instead of Shooting at the Pigeon and Killing the Crow, Shot at the Crow and Wounded the Pigeon; how the Dingley Dell Cricket Club played All-Muggleton, and how All-Muggleton Dined at the Dingley Dell Expense: with other Interesting and Instructive Matters+ 95

  CHAPTER VIII +Strongly Illustrative of the Position, that the Course of True Love is not a Railway+ 111

  CHAPTER IX +A Discovery and a Chase+ 126

  CHAPTER X +Clearing up all Doubts (if any Existed) of the Disinterestedness of Mr. Jingle's Character+ 136

  CHAPTER XI +Involving another Journey, and an Antiquarian Discovery. Recording Mr. Pickwick's Determination to be Present at an Election; and containing a Manuscript of the Old Clergyman's+ 152

  CHAPTER XII +Descriptive of a very important Proceeding on the part of Mr. Pickwick; no less an Epoch in his Life, than in this History+ 173

  CHAPTER XIII +Some Account of Eatanswill; of the State of Parties therein; and of the Election of a Member to Serve in Parliament for that Ancient, Loyal, and Patriotic Borough+ 181

  CHAPTER XIV +Comprising a Brief Description of the Company at the Peacock assembled; and a Tale told by a Bagman+ 202

  CHAPTER XV +In which is given a Faithful Portraiture of two Distinguished Persons; and an Accurate Description of a Public Breakfast in their House and Grounds: which Public Breakfast leads to the Recognition of an Old Acquaintance, and the Commencement of another Chapter+ 222

  CHAPTER XVI +Too full of Adventure to be Briefly Described+ 238

  CHAPTER XVII +Showing that an Attack of Rheumatism in some cases, acts as a Quickener to Inventive Genius+ 261

  CHAPTER XVIII +Briefly illustrative of Two Points;--First, the Power of Hysterics, and, Secondly, the Force of Circumstances+ 271

  CHAPTER XIX +A Pleasant Day, with an Unpleasant Termination+ 283

  CHAPTER XX +Showing how Dodson and Fogg were Men of Business, and their Clerks Men of Pleasure; and how an affecting Interview took place between Mr. Weller and his Long-lost Parent; showing also what Choice Spirits assembled at the Magpie and Stump, and what a Capital Chapter the Next One will be+ 300

  CHAPTER XXI +In which the Old Man launches forth into his Favourite Theme, and relates a Story about a Queer Client+ 319

  CHAPTER XXII +Mr. Pickwick Journeys to Ipswich, and meets with a Romantic Adventure with a Middle-aged Lady in Yellow Curl-papers+ 338

  CHAPTER XXIII +In which Mr. Samuel Weller begins to devote his Energies to the Return Match between himself and Mr. Trotter+ 357

  CHAPTER XXIV +Wherein Mr. Peter Magnus grows jealous, and the Middle-aged Lady apprehensive, which brings the Pickwickians within the Grasp of the Law+ 367

  CHAPTER XXV +Showing, among a variety of Pleasant Matters, how Majestic and Impartial Mr. Nupkins was, and how Mr. Weller returned Mr. Job Trotter's Shuttlecock as heavily as it came. With another Matter, which will be found in its Place+ 385

  CHAPTER XXVI +Which contains a Brief Account of the Progress of the Action of Bardell against Pickwick+ 407

  CHAPTER XXVII +Samuel Weller makes a Pilgrimage to Dorking, and beholds his Mother-in-law+ 415

  CHAPTER XXVIII +A Good-humoured Christmas Chapter, containing an Account of a Wedding, and some other Sports beside: which although in their Way even as Good Customs as Marriage itself, are not quite so religiously kept up, in these Degenerate Times+ 426

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