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Undercover Lover: Take Me, Lover Book 4, page 5


Undercover Lover: Take Me, Lover Book 4

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  “That works.”

  Then there weren’t any more words, but every touch said I love you.

  About the Author

  Award-winning author Charlene Teglia loves penning tales of romance and adventure. Among other accolades, Charlene has been presented with the prestigious Romantic Times BOOKreviews Reviewers' Choice Award for "Best Erotic Novel" and nominated for “Best Erotic Romance”. To learn more, please visit Send an email to Charlene using the contact form on her site, or follow her on Twitter

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  Before she leaves town, she’s going out with a bang

  Going For It

  Ó2008 Elle Kennedy

  Sam Taylor has lusted after ex-baseball-player Riley Scott for far too long. Now, her business bought out from under her, broke, and with nothing to lose, she refuses to leave town without getting the one thing she’s always wanted. Riley. In her bed.

  Riley had the reputation as a player on and off the baseball field. He’s wanted Sam for years, but valued her friendship too much to let sex ruin it. Now, after a forced retirement, he’s looking for a purpose in his life. Sam’s bar, the Diamond, is just the thing to get his life back on track.

  But before he can reveal that he’s the new owner, he finds himself the willing victim of her full-on seduction. As he succumbs to her feminine charms, he begins to think maybe there’s a way he can have it all—the Diamond, the woman, and the friend.

  Until she finds out he’s the one responsible for taking away her most treasured possession…

  Warning: This title contains sex in the shower and on a pool table (a bed does make an appearance). Be prepared to stand in front of an air conditioner after reading.

  Enjoy the following excerpt from Going For It:

  “So what’s on your mind?” Riley asked.



  He blinked a couple times. Wondered if he’d heard her right or if the lust he felt for this woman was making him hallucinate.

  “Sex,” he repeated, though it was hard to speak when his mouth had become the Sahara Desert.


  Okay. She wanted to talk to him about sex? A confrontation he’d been ready for, but he was in no way prepared to talk about the subject of sex with the one woman he’d always wanted in his bed.

  He swallowed, bringing much-needed moisture to his arid throat. His mouth dried out, however, the second Sam leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table. His gaze strayed to her tits. Her very perky, very braless tits. Lord, why wasn’t she wearing a bra? The sight of her nipples poking against the thin material of her black tank top nearly caused his eyes to pop out of his head. He’d always liked her breasts, always wondered how they’d feel under his palms, how her nipples would taste when he sucked them between his lips.


  His head jerked up and when he met her gaze he could swear he saw a glimmer of satisfaction flickering in her eyes. What exactly was she up to?

  He cleared his throat. “Sorry. You were saying?”

  “What I was saying,” she said with a sassy smile, “is that I want to talk about sex. Actually, scratch that. I don’t want to talk about it. I want to do it.”

  His cock swiftly sprang up against his fly.

  “Got anyone in mind?” he managed.


  That one little word sucked the oxygen from his lungs and caused all his blood to pool in the southern region of his body. His cock grew even harder, like an uncomfortable slab of marble as it strained against his jeans. He was so stiff he could barely move, let alone talk.

  “Is this a joke?” he finally asked.

  “No joke.” With another grin, this one more wicked than the first, she added, “I’ve been thinking about this for two years.”

  His hand trembled a little as he raked it through his hair. “You’ve been thinking about having sex with me for two years?”

  She simply nodded. There was no need for words—the hot look in her blue eyes said it all. So did the way she licked her bottom lip.

  “How come you, uh, never mentioned it before?”

  “You didn’t seem interested.” She cocked her head curiously. “Are you interested?”

  Hell yes, his dick shouted.

  Don’t even think about it, his conscience ordered.


  He had no idea what to say to that and the battle raging in his head wasn’t helping the situation.

  So instead of answering her question, he asked one of his own. “I never thought you were the casual type. What suddenly made you decide you wanted a roll in the hay with a playboy like me?”

  “So you admit you’re a playboy.”


  “I prefer male slut.”

  His mouth lifted in a faint grin. “I’m thirty years old, single, and rich. I’m allowed to be a slut. You, on the other hand, are too good for me. My rough edges would scratch the hell out of you.”

  “Sounds kinky.”

  His cock twitched, a warning that this conversation was treading into very dangerous territory. She was obviously dead serious about this, and if he wanted to leave this bar with his honorable intentions intact, he really needed to nip this in the bud. Now. Before he did something stupid.

  Like fuck her.

  “Don’t pretend you don’t want to,” she said, reading his mind. “I can see it in your eyes, Riley. You’re interested.”

  She didn’t even know the half of it. But what she also didn’t know what that she’d just propositioned the same man who was about to profit from her financial troubles. He’d been here the night she’d informed her staff she was selling the bar. He’d seen the anger and desperation in her eyes. He knew the Diamond was her entire life, that she’d inherited it from her parents after they’d died in a car accident five years ago. She’d single-handedly run this place for years now, and he felt like a total ass for taking it away from her.

  But he couldn’t ignore the reality of the situation either. Sam was broke, the bar was struggling, and even if he hadn’t bought it, she would’ve lost it anyway.

  The reality, however, didn’t ease his guilt. He knew he should have talked to her before he made the offer for the Diamond, tried to explain why he was doing it and gotten her blessing before he did. Yet he hadn’t wanted to upset her. No, he hadn’t wanted to lose her. Sam’s friendship was one of the highlights of his empty post-retirement life, and he’d selfishly wanted to hang on to her, something he hadn’t been sure would be possible if he told her the truth about buying the Diamond.

  He’d fought not to sleep with her for the same reason, but apparently she wasn’t as worried that sex might ruin their friendship.

  “Sam…” He mustered up some willpower and continued, “This isn’t a good idea.”

  “I think it’s a great idea.” Something raw and fiery flashed in her gaze. “You’re not going to turn me down, Riley.”

  He gulped. “I’m not?”


  She slid out of the booth and got to her feet. The sweet feminine scent of her wafted into his nostrils and he almost shuddered with arousal. Jeez, not now. He’d fought his attraction to her for two years. How was it possible that it only took two damn minutes for all that restraint to dissolve?

  “I’m staying in the apartment upstairs,” she said with a sensual arch of an eyebrow.

  He inhaled deeply, wondering if there was a way to let her down gently but at the same time wanting nothing more than to follow her
upstairs and rip her clothes off.

  She sensed his hesitation and frowned. “Don’t make me beg for it.”

  And there it was. All it took was one tiny pout and the word “beg” and he officially reached his breaking point. The restraint inside him snapped like a bungee cord. Every remaining drop of blood in his body skyrocketed south, pooling in his groin until he was harder and hotter than ever.

  How could he possibly deny this woman something he wanted just as badly? He could practically taste her on his lips. Her sexy scent made him dizzy with lust, her braless breasts taunted him from beneath her cotton tank top. He’d never wanted a woman this much, this fiercely, and the need squeezed at his balls and sucked the oxygen right out of his lungs.

  He stumbled to his feet. Screw it. He wasn’t going to fight this anymore. Tomorrow he would tell her that he’d bought the Diamond.

  Tonight he would live out the fantasy he’d denied himself for far too long.

  With her life on the line, can she protect her heart?

  Protecting Phoebe

  © 2009 Shelli Stevens

  A Chances Are Story

  Phoebe’s work at Second Chances, a women’s shelter, has gone a long way toward her own healing after surviving an abusive relationship in college. She’s moved on in every sense—except when it comes to dating.

  Everything changes when Craig visits the shelter. The hot, young cop sets her pulse racing in a way that makes her consider making a move—and moving him into her bed for a casual fling. The first step: ask him out. Subtly, of course.

  Craig has been attracted to Phoebe for months, so he’s more than happy for the chance to get to know her better, in bed and out. His interest goes way beyond casual, but convincing her to think long term is going to take some time.

  When it becomes clear her violent ex has come out of the woodwork, though, time is the one thing they don’t have…

  Warning: This book contains hot lovin’ between an older woman and younger man, the threat of a violent ex, and a woman learning to trust a cop whose desire to serve and protect goes way beyond the badge!

  Enjoy the following excerpt for Protecting Phoebe:

  Damn but if he didn’t want to just cup her face and run his thumbs over the cheeks, before taking her lips in a hard kiss.

  What would she taste like? What kinds of sweet sounds would she make when he sank his tongue deep into her mouth?

  Phoebe shifted next to him, as if sensing his sensual thoughts. Her thigh scratched against his.

  A hint of desire flashed in her eyes, pushing his primitive side further to the surface.

  Wanting to test her limits, he gave a slight smile, still holding her gaze, and let his right hand rest on her knee.

  A small, visible tremble ran through her and he heard the shift in her breathing.

  Never mind if the band sucked, the idea of getting her on the dance floor and pressing those sweet female curves against his body held entirely too much appeal.

  “Dance with me?” His words were soft, and though he’d meant it to be a question, it sounded far more like a command.

  He half expected her to turn him down, instead she tilted her head and gave a slight nod.

  “Why not?”

  Setting his beer on the table, he slid out of the booth and held out his hand to her.

  She took it and he curled his fingers around hers, tugging her to her feet and onto the dance floor.

  Finding a space in the crowd of dancers, Craig slipped his hand low on her hip and pulled her close.

  God, she was so completely in over her head. Phoebe swallowed hard, but didn’t protest when he pulled her body snug against his.

  Their bodies ground together, moving to the snapping bass of the funk song. She felt the thick curl of his cock—which had to be semi-erect—just above her pelvis.

  He moved his hand behind her hip, almost cupping her ass cheek, his other hand on her upper back, pressing her close.

  She bit back a groan as moisture gathered heavily between her legs, her nipples tightening under her shirt.

  The way they danced wasn’t particularly dirty, almost every couple on the floor danced in a similar fashion. But the way he moved against her had to be a promise of what he’d be like in bed.

  And she wanted him there. All too much. This was crazy. She closed her eyes when he nuzzled her ear. Absolute insanity.

  She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body closer to him, grinding her hips against his.

  His breathing grew heavier and his cock stirred against her, grew harder.

  He caught her chin with firm fingers, lifting her head. He gave her no warning before his mouth slanted softly across hers.

  Heat exploded in her belly at the first light caress. The second pass of his mouth over hers came firmer, his tongue sliding easily between her lips to flick against hers.

  Phoebe’s head swam, the room tilted and she had to tighten her grip on him to stay grounded.

  He lifted his head with a groan and pressed her head back against his shoulder.

  “Sorry,” he muttered.

  “Don’t you dare apologize.”

  He laughed and the hot rush of air from his mouth against her ear almost made her legs weak.

  “Okay. Then I won’t.”

  His tongue slid along the curve of her ear and she stumbled with a gasp.

  He gave a husky laugh and she flushed. He knew exactly what he’d done to her with that little tongue trick.

  “Easy, baby,” he murmured and then lifted his head a bit.

  Disappointment stabbed that he’d put another inch between them. Just when things were getting good.

  She was at the point where she didn’t care. She’d gone far too long without a man, and here was Craig, ready to make her feel like a woman again. Make her feel alive.

  Maybe it was because he was a cop, and it made her more inclined to trust him. That he wouldn’t hurt her and he’d never be the type to abuse a woman—even as her logical side knew that theory was crap. Statistics had long proven that police officers had a high rate of abusive behavior. But somehow, on a gut level, she knew she had nothing to worry about with Craig.

  She trusted him. Even if she had no reason to, she did. And it scared the hell out of her. But at the same time, she wanted him. Wanted to do spontaneous, crazy things she’d never done in her life. Had been afraid to do after Rick.

  Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that Craig was younger. He was sexy, confident, and endearing. Plain and simple, he made all the bells and whistles in her body come to life. So why the hell shouldn’t she take this step? It didn’t have to be serious. It didn’t even have to be a relationship. It could just be one night of sex if she wanted. And right now? She wanted.

  She lifted her head from the curve of his neck and leaned back a bit, meeting his heated gaze.

  “Come home with me tonight.”

  Surprise flickered in his eyes before they burned even hotter and his nostrils flared.

  “You sure you know what you’re asking, Phoebe?”

  “I know damn well what I’m asking,” she fired back and gave him a slow smile. “Do you know what your answer will be?”

  His gaze lowered to her mouth. “My answer would be…whose place is closer?”

  Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

  It’s all about the story…









  Red Hots!


  Science Fiction


  Young Adult



  Charlene Teglia, Undercover Lover: Take Me, Lover Book 4



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