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Undercover Lover: Take Me, Lover Book 4

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  His graphic words made her inner muscles contract. She could feel the next orgasm building, just out of reach, almost there. She rocked on top of him, taking, giving herself, wanting him with her the next time she hit that peak. She felt him jerk inside her and knowing that she’d taken him to the brink sent her over it.

  “Pete.” She shuddered and arched into him, hips straining to take more as orgasm swept over her.

  “My woman.” He thrust up into her, spilling himself in a rush.

  Afterwards, she collapsed on him and huddled into his warmth and the security of his arms around her, feeling shaken by the intensity of their coming together and the knowledge that more than their bodies had joined.

  Pete held Anne close, stroking her hair and her back, needing to touch her in the aftermath. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was to him, a sultry goddess of a woman, with her shining dark hair and deep brown eyes. He wanted to say that her pale skin shone like a pearl, that her full, round breasts and hips made him want to take away all her clothes and keep her naked, that he could happily spend the next fifty years in bed with her.

  All things considered, it was probably best that he keep his mouth shut. So he settled for letting his hands reassure her, letting her know he liked keeping her close after they’d spent themselves together.

  Pete and I don’t have any secrets, she’d informed her inconveniently present ex. The words hit Pete like a gut-punch all over again. Secrets lay between them and he’d never realized what a barrier they could be. The irony of his position after the complete lack of sympathy he’d shown for Adam wasn’t lost on him. Adam had almost let Maggie get away a second time rather than risk secrets coming between them. The same dilemma confronted Pete now.

  If Brad hadn’t been lying, Anne could be in for her second union with a man who had a life he couldn’t fully share with her. The possibility that he might unintentionally hurt Anne haunted Pete.

  Of course, Brad probably was lying. Pete narrowed his gaze as if boring a hole through the opposite wall with the power of his stare might reveal some answers. In his experience, men who had secrets didn’t volunteer that fact. Especially to ex-wives who might be in a position to use that information against them. More likely Brad felt guilty and wanted to make himself look like less of an ass. That was especially likely if he’d been hoping Anne would be willing to bounce around the mattress with him for old time’s sake.

  Neither possibility pleased him. If Brad wanted Anne back, even if it was only for a quickie, that was too damned bad. Pete had her now, and he wasn’t letting go.

  But if Brad did have a secret life, then having him hanging around wasn’t just annoying. It might be dangerous to Anne. The possibility made him want to lock her away someplace safe while he hunted down and eliminated anything and everything that might threaten her security and happiness. Not that she’d put up with that.

  He’d have to settle for keeping an eye on the situation, investigating Brad’s background more thoroughly, and keeping Anne as close to him as he could manage without being accused of hovering or being overbearingly possessive.

  “Your turn to be on top next time,” Anne informed him, breaking the silence and shredding the fabric of his thoughts.

  “You want a next time already?”

  “Yes.” She buried her face in his chest, her body shifting against his in building arousal. “I’m greedy, and I know it, but I want you on top of me. I want—”

  She stopped there and didn’t go on. Pete felt his brows rise in curiosity. “What do you want?”

  “I want Neanderthal sex. I want you to pin me on my back, hold me down and fuck me.”

  The raw words made the blood roar in his ears and rush to his cock. He had her on her back almost before she finished speaking. She looked up at him, flushed and half-embarrassed, but all the way excited, peeking at him through thick, dark lashes as if unsure about what he’d think of her now.

  It had been a big enough leap for her to admit she wanted him, to risk taking their relationship further, to bare her body to him. Now she’d peeled back another layer, making herself vulnerable to rejection or the barrier of incomprehension by asking for what she wanted sexually.

  “Tell me if anything I do feels uncomfortable,” he said and reached for another condom. “I’ll adjust my position or the depth of penetration, slow down, whatever you need.”

  She scowled at him. “Oh, God. You’re going to be considerate.”

  He wanted to laugh, but she might have taken it wrong and he wasn’t about to allow this leap forward to turn into a setback. “No, I’m going to be selfish. Because I want to hold you down and fuck you, and if we do this right, I’ll get to do it again. And again.”

  Her cheeks turned redder. “Never mind. This was a dumb idea.”

  “Nothing you want is dumb.” Pete captured her wrists and stretched her arms over her head. The position displayed her breasts in a way he took time to appreciate. “Damn, you look hot like this.”

  “I don’t feel hot. I feel stupid,” Anne muttered.

  “Bet you feel a little hot.” He settled on top of her and pushed her legs apart with his. “Bet I can make you feel hotter.”

  “You think so?” She looked up into his eyes, her expression so open it made his heart clutch. Her body trembled a little under his, vibrating with sexual tension and nerves.

  “Know so.” He ground his pelvis against hers, letting her feel just how hard she made him. “You took me. Now I’m going to take you the way you want to be taken.”

  “That does make me feel a little hot,” Anne admitted. She shifted under him and rocked her hips up in invitation. Having Anne hot for him sent a rush of lust and wonder through him.

  “What about this?” Pete aligned their bodies and pushed the head of his cock against her opening, feeling her slick heat through the thin latex membrane that separated them.

  “Um.” Her brown eyes turned darker, the light flush on her porcelain skin now purely due to arousal. Her hands clenched and she tilted her pelvis higher, trying to gain more of him.

  “Hot,” he whispered, and thrust home. She made a low sound of pleasure and need, now lost in the moment, in the act, in him. Mine, he thought, and rocked into her again, harder and deeper. Making her more fully his with every stroke. Taking everything she gave and demanding more.

  “Pete.” She arched up under him, pressing even closer. “Pete.”

  “So fucking hot,” he muttered in answer and felt her sex contract around his shaft in reaction to the graphic words. His muscles clenched as he strained to hold off, to get her there first, but she was soft and slick and tight and having her like this made him want to come hard and fast. “I’m going to come so hard in you.”

  She made a sound somewhere between a gasp and a moan and he felt the first tremors beginning. He took her harder, faster, letting go of control as orgasm swept over her and her inner muscles clenched at his cock.

  “Oh, yeah. That’s it. Come for me while I come in you.” He kept on thrusting deep, loving every moment of her pleasure as he emptied his balls into her.

  She went slack under him and rubbed her cheek against his chest. “Pete. God. That was…” Her voice trailed off into wordlessness.

  He pulled out of her and rolled onto his side, releasing his hold on her to slide his hands around her and pull her close. He needed to feel her soft and warm in his arms, to have her body pressed against his in the aftermath. “That was me loving you.”

  Her arms came around him. “Pete. I never thought…I never expected you.”

  “Part of you did.” He grinned against the dark silk of her hair. “Part of you was waiting for me to kiss you months ago.”

  “Why didn’t you?” She raised her head to look into his face. He took advantage of the opportunity to ravish her mouth before he answered. “All this time, we could’ve been doing this.”

  “The rest of you wasn’t ready.” As hard as it was to wait for her, he would have w
aited longer if she’d needed him to. But he was damn glad the waiting was over now. “We have the rest of our lives for this.”

  “You’re so sure of that,” Anne murmured, but she sounded wondering. As if it amazed and delighted her.

  “Nobody can be sure of the future, but I’m sure of us.” His arms tightened around her as he breathed in the light, flowery scent of her shampoo. “We fit.”

  “In every way, apparently.” He felt her smile against his shoulder as her lips curved.

  “If you want to test the fit again, I’m game.”


  He laughed out loud. “Hell, no, woman. You damn near killed me. But give me an hour to recover and your ass is mine.”

  “Neanderthal.” She sniffed, but he didn’t miss the way she pressed closer.

  Chapter Four

  Anne dragged herself out of bed and away from Pete long enough to take a turn in the bathroom to wash up. Then she made her way down the hall and rolled the portable bassinet to its usual nighttime spot at the foot of her bed. The house was small enough that she’d hear Joey no matter where he was, but it was easier to have him close if he woke up in the night. That way, they both got back to sleep faster.

  Then she climbed back into bed, where the warmth of Pete’s big body drew her like a magnet. She snuggled close and sighed in bliss as his arms enfolded her and his legs tangled with hers, chasing away the winter chill that had settled on her skin during her brief absence.

  “Everything okay?” He pitched the question low, so his voice wouldn’t carry and disturb Joey.

  “Fine. I just usually keep the bassinet in here. He mostly sleeps through the night now, but if he does wake up, I don’t want to have to go far.” Anne ended her answer on a yawn.

  “Can’t believe he still fits in it,” Pete said. “He’s gotten so big.”

  “I know. I’ll have to move him to the crib before he starts trying to climb out.” Another step away from infancy and towards toddlerhood.

  “Ever think about having more?”

  The quiet question conjured buried dreams of a grinning girl. “I really wanted at least one of each.”

  She’d known well before her son’s birth that if she ever had a second child, it wouldn’t be with her first husband. But she hadn’t allowed herself to consider the possibility. Instead, she’d focused on getting through the days and building a life with the child she had. Now it was all too easy to imagine a baby girl with blue eyes and a stubborn chin.

  “No guarantee we’d get a girl the first time. Might have to try again,” Pete said.

  She felt her brows shoot up. “We kissed for the first time tonight, and went straight to the horizontal tango. Now you’re talking about knocking me up?”

  His big hands stroked her back in a soothing caress. “I figured we should talk about the possibility. You know better than most that no birth control is one hundred percent effective.”

  She did know, but her mind had been on other things for the last few hours. Things like the rediscovery of sex and satisfaction, and the fact that she seemed to have a heightened appetite for both.

  She hadn’t been thinking about what those things inevitably led to when indulged in repeatedly and enthusiastically. If she kept sleeping with Pete, the chances were good that sooner or later she’d end up late for her monthly appointment with Mother Nature.

  “You’ve gotten quiet.”

  “You stunned me.” Anne curled closer, running her hands along his muscled form, privately gleeful that he was all hers to touch. “First you blindside me with lust, then you dangle the possibility of a baby girl in front of me.”

  “I’m not trying to rush you.” His soft tone had a soothing timbre that rumbled deep in his chest. “But I want you to know if it happens, I’m not going anywhere. I’m not Brad.”

  “I know that.” For starters, she would never have asked Brad for caveman sex. Even if she had, he wouldn’t have been able to deliver. They’d never shared that kind of chemistry. Or intimacy, come to think of it. There’d always been a civilized distance between them. Sex had been fine, but not the stuff of erotic fantasies.

  Unlike Pete. The man in bed with her now inspired all kinds of fantasies and she wanted to indulge in all of them. More than once.

  “You might know it in your head. I want you to know it in your gut.” He rolled her onto her back and nuzzled her neck, then moved lower to do things with his lips that made her fist her hands in the sheets. He teased the valley between her breasts and the upper curves before circling a nipple with his tongue.

  “Pete.” His name was a whisper in the night, a demand and a plea.

  “I want to taste you everywhere.” His mouth skimmed down as he covered her belly with kisses and paused to lick at the dip of her navel. Then he went lower and his tongue found her clit and her hips came off the bed.

  Anne cupped his head with her hands and spread her thighs farther apart. He kissed and licked at her, suckled her clit, then penetrated her with his tongue so deeply and suddenly that her breath stopped. Shameless heat spread through her and she gave herself up to it with wanton abandon, rocking her hips in rhythm with the possession of Pete’s mouth. She let out a soft sound of encouragement as his hand moved to cover her mound and his thumb rubbed over her clit.

  The sheer earthy pleasure of oral sex swamped her senses. It was a pure gift, lavished on her by a lover who wanted to cherish her and ravish her and did both with an expertise that sent her hurtling towards the peak.

  “I’m going to come,” she whispered, clutching at him.

  His thumb moved again, and again, while his tongue thrust deep. She let her body arch up and her head fall back as the climax rocked her.

  Then she sprawled, open-limbed, limp and trembling with aftershocks as Pete found and tore open another packet before he settled on top of her again.

  His hands found hers. Their fingers twined together. He kissed her and she tasted herself on his lips as he filled her with himself again and again.

  Pete woke early. Beside him, Anne still slept the sleep of the deeply satisfied. Knowing he’d been the one to put her in that state pretty much made him want to pound his chest and roar, but if he did that, he’d really be the Neanderthal she called him. He’d also wake up Joey. Instead, he contented himself with squeezing her bare ass before he tucked the covers close around her to keep her warm.

  He’d finally gotten the green light to make his move, and it was ironic that he had Brad to thank. Her ex’s intrusion had led him to close the physical distance he’d always kept between Anne and himself, and when he had, he’d seen the sensual awareness in Anne’s expression. And then he’d been lost. He’d wanted her for too long to hesitate when he saw the wanting in her eyes.

  One night of great sex didn’t settle everything, but it was a damn good start. It was also promising that she hadn’t run screaming when he mentioned possible pregnancy, considering how that had turned out for her the last time.

  She hadn’t fallen at his feet and declared her undying love for him, but one thing at a time. He knew she cared. He knew she trusted him as a friend. As lovers, they’d established a bond last night that went beyond the physical. A fragile bond, but it was there, and he could build on it.

  Meanwhile, he had another problem to solve today. Namely Brad.

  When Pete arrived, Adam was already at the garage, underneath a Chevy Blazer. Pete kicked the booted feet that stuck out by way of friendly greeting. “Morning.”

  “I thought it was afternoon. Little late, aren’t you?”

  “I had a late night.” Pete grinned at the reason for that and didn’t try to hide the satisfaction in his voice. “But enough about me. Let’s talk about Brad.”

  “Why do I think this is about Anne?”

  “Because it is. Brad’s back. And he had an interesting excuse for his absence.”

  “Oh?” Adam scooted out to look up at Pete from his supine position on the creeper.

eah. Claimed he had one of those jobs where you can’t divulge all the details and his presence was required elsewhere. Tragically forcing him to abandon his family at the worst possible time.”

  Adam’s eyes narrowed. “Is he legit, or does he just miss the sex?”

  Pete flashed on a vivid tactile memory of Anne, naked and open and pinned under him. “If Anne kicked me out of bed, I’d sure as hell miss the sex,” he said. “I don’t think he works for the government. But he might be connected. It’s not likely, but the possibility bears investigation.”

  “So you finally made your move.” Adam grinned. “This should be fun to watch.”

  “Have your fun, but I’m going to poke around and ask questions. If Brad’s mixed up in something, I don’t want him dragging Anne or Joey into it.”

  Adam sobered and a dangerous glint shone in his eyes. “Anne’s like a sister to me. Do what you need to do, I can cover the work we’ve got scheduled.”

  “Do that.” An excess of caution prompted him to add, “And you might want to watch your back.”

  “You think this is about us?”

  “I think it’s a very interesting coincidence that the two of us are involved with the Parker sisters, and Anne’s ex, who may have a hidden life she didn’t know about, is suddenly back in town when a hot package is coming our way.”

  The possibility that somebody suspected their undercover operation bothered Pete almost as much as the possibility that Anne’s ex might be more than annoying.

  On the surface, Pete and Adam were simply two former Army buddies who ran a garage in Reston, Virginia. One of them just happened to be a former NASCAR champion. Below the surface, they performed the occasional courier service for the government, with Pete utilizing his mission-planning skills and Adam putting his racing skills to a higher cause than winning more trophies.

  If the wrong people suspected what they were up to, the package might be a target. Government secrets went by courier for a reason—they could not fall into the wrong hands. Anything electronic could be copied, encryption broken.

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