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I Can't Believe He Spanked Me! (Kari's Lessons)

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I Can't Believe He Spanked Me! (Kari's Lessons)

  I Can’t Believe He Spanked Me!

  Kari’s Lessons #1

  A Kari’s Lessons Erotic Short by Cassandra Zara & Lucinda Lane

  Kindle Edition

  Copyright 2013 Cassandra Zara & Lucinda Lane

  Please note: All titles in the Kari’s Lessons series feature explicit sexual acts between fictional characters who are consenting adults aged eighteen years of age or older. These titles are intended for a mature adult audience.

  - X -

  “Kari, I think you’ve had enough.”

  Max. Of course it was Max. Max the compulsive ruiner of fun. He didn’t seem to get that this was my house and I’d been living here for eighteen years compared to his two. If I wanted to have a few drinks with my friends out on the deck before we headed into town then I could do just that. I rolled my eyes, ignored him and poured myself another glass.

  “I said that’s enough.” Suddenly he was right up in my face, snatching the glass and bottle from my hands before taking them back inside.

  “Jesus Kari, your Dad is kind of a dick,” said Andre.

  “He’s not my Dad. He’s not even... I don’t know what he is. Whatever. Let’s get out of here.”

  Sometimes I didn’t know what Mom saw in Max. I mean he wasn’t ugly or anything, in fact he was pretty hot considering how old he was. However, he could be so annoying. He always acted like he had an enormous stick up his ass, especially around me and especially when Mom was out of town.

  Sometimes, when he was all strict, I got butterflies in my stomach. Good butterflies. I’m not sure what that was all about, maybe it was just because it was something I never had growing up. I never knew my Dad and my Mom was all over the place and never really set any boundaries. I think I turned out OK though. Well mostly OK. A lot of people seem to think I’m a bit of a spoiled brat and I do get into trouble a lot, but Max treats me like I’m a child.

  And even if I sometimes got a little thrill out of Max scolding me, I didn’t like it when he did it in front of my friends. When he bossed me around or told me off it was humiliating, and more than a little embarrassing. Especially as most of my friends were getting on with their lives, going to college, starting jobs even starting families. But I was still at home sponging off my mom and yeah, acting like a child I guess. Maybe he had a point. Although I’d never give him the satisfaction of admitting that.

  I grabbed my jacket and passed Max in the hall. He caught my eye and tapped his watch. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Midnight. After a couple of minor indiscretions, one of which had involved local law enforcement, Max had suggested a curfew and my mother had agreed. I didn’t really get a say in the matter and when he rolled out the “living under our roof” line I just kind of gave up. I mean it wasn’t like he could do anything if I broke it.

  - X -

  It was around two when I tried to sneak into the house. I wasn’t in the best of moods. It was fun making out with Andre and everything was getting pretty interesting when I just kind of flaked out on him. He accused me of being a tease and we yelled at each other for a bit before I got one of my girlfriends to call me a cab.

  I could see why he thought I was a tease. Most of my friends were fucking around all the time now, but for some reason I was reluctant. No one seemed to make a big deal out of the fact that I was still a virgin, but then again I didn’t go out of my way to remind them.

  I couldn’t really explain why I hadn’t done it yet. It wasn’t like I hadn’t had the opportunity and plenty of boys had tried to get in my pants, but none of them really did it for me. I guess I was waiting for the one that did. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about love and marriage and all that. I just thought my first time should be with someone who really knew what they were doing. And that someone wasn’t Andre.

  Of course my reluctance to go all the way often left me pretty damn horny and I was feeling it tonight. I kept a little something in my bedside drawer for this kind of situation and that was all I was really thinking about as I crept across the lounge room in the dark.

  And then the light came on and he was just sitting there in an armchair like some kind of super villain. All he needed was one of those hairless cats and he’d be all set.

  “Fuck. What the fuck Max? You scared the fuck out of me.”

  He didn’t say anything for a moment. Just stared at me. He did that a lot. Just watched, like he was waiting for me to screw up. It made me uncomfortable.

  “First of all you need to watch that attitude and that mouth young lady. I’m not kidding. You might have got away with a lot in the past but things are changing and you’re going to have to shape up.”

  Young lady? Seriously?

  “And secondly, it’s now well past your curfew. You understand that there are going to be consequences right?”

  Consequences? It was taking a lot of willpower to stop my eyes from rolling right on out of my head.

  “And finally I don’t think you should call me Max. It’s a little too familiar and disrespectful.”

  “Yeah, whatever you say Max. Thanks for waiting up in the dark for me you uptight douchebag. I’m going to bed.”

  He was out of the chair and across the room in a flash, moving so fast he took me totally by surprise as he grabbed my wrist and held it tight. I felt a little squeeze in my chest as he grabbed me. I felt fear, tinged with a little excitement. Max meant business.

  “I’m serious Kari. I know it’s not all your fault and I know your mother let you run wild. But there comes a time when you need to grow up and if you’re intentionally going to push boundaries we’ll end up having to do things the hard way.”

  I could have told him to fuck off or threatened to scream if he didn’t let go of me. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The talk of consequences and boundaries had my heart racing. I couldn’t really put my finger on why, but maybe when you grow up without rules, rules become a little more exciting.

  And there was no doubt that Max was an imposing masculine figure. Something that had been missing in my life. He had a certain effortless charm about him. When he wasn’t being an ass he was great company and those were the times when I understood what she saw in him.

  But now? I wanted to say that these were the times I couldn’t see the appeal, but I honestly wasn’t so sure.

  I couldn’t bring myself to apologize so instead I asked, “and if I don’t call you Max what am I supposed to call you? It’s not like I can call you Mr Standish.”

  He thought about this for a moment, but didn’t release my wrist.

  “Maxwell will do. If we’re in a formal situation. One day I hope you’ll call me Daddy.”

  Da... “Daddy? You have got to be kidding me.”

  He gave my arm a tug and pulled me nearer to him. I could feel real strength there. He didn’t flaunt it but Max... Maxwell was pretty buff. I knew he worked out and looked after himself, but it was easy to forget just how strong he was. When I was right next to him he bent low and spoke softly right into my ear.

  “We’ll see about that Kari.”

  For some reason his proximity sent a shiver down my spine and when he was close I got a whiff of a strong earthy scent that started my pulse racing.

  He let go of my wrist and I rubbed where he had been holding it. I had to admit I was a little confused by the effect he was having on me and although part of me really wanted to storm off, another part of me was excited by the mood Max seemed to be in and really want to stick around.

  “How about a bet?” He said, visibly relaxing a little. I even thought I detected a hint of a smile.

  I’m listening. I cocked my hea
d and waited for him to continue.

  “If you’re a good girl and accept your punishment gracefully... I bet by the end of it you call me Daddy.”

  I laughed. "And what will I win if I don't?" I asked.

  He shrugged. "If you win, I'll lift your curfew."

  OK, I was interested. "And what if you win? I have to be in bed by eight? I have to call you Sir?"

  “For a start,” and the smile had already evaporated as his tone hardened again, “you can lose the attitude and start treating me with a little respect. And then we’ll have a little talk about what I found in your top drawer.”

  I was outraged that he had dared go through my stuff and embarrassed by the fact that he’d found my vibrator. It wasn’t even that I was uptight about sex or anything. It was just the way he said it. It made me feel like it was some kind of guilty secret, something I should be ashamed of.

  “How about if I win you leave me and my stuff the fuck alone and shove your stupid curfew up your ass?”

  Nineteen... twenty. He mouthed the words under his breath, they were barely a whisper.


  “Huh? Oh I’ve been adding up the number of swear words. No matter how many times I tell you to watch your language around me you choose to ignore me.”

  I shook my head. Whatever.

  “So what is my punishment then? Let’s get it over with.”

  He didn’t answer at first and instead looked me up and down. I felt small and my stomach squirmed as he did it. It felt like I was a specimen under a microscope.

  “You are beautiful you know. Smart too. I like that about you. But you’ve grown up without boundaries. You lack an understanding of the consequences of your own actions. This makes you foolish. You have potential, but you have no drive or direction. You lack.... discipline.”

  The word rolled off his tongue and he fixed me with a piercing stare. I couldn’t hold it for long and I was forced to look down and away. I felt a creeping sense of shame. Perhaps he was right.

  “When was the last time you were spanked?”

  “When... what? What is this, the Middle Ages? I’ve never been spanked.”

  I couldn’t believe we were even discussing this. And yet it was hard to ignore this weird squirming feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  Max beckoned for me to follow him with a hooked finger as he headed back to the chair he had been sitting in when I arrived.

  I had a hundred insults sitting on the tip of my tongue and I knew I should have just laughed it off and headed to my room, but something compelled me to remain. I took a couple of hesitant steps towards him and noticed my legs were shaking. I took a deep breath and tried to focus. But it was no use, my mind was all over the place.

  “You’re serious about this?” I asked him.

  “Of course. Twenty smacks... and by the end of it you’ll be calling me Daddy.”

  My stomach lurched as I stood in front of him. He seemed awfully confident that he’d win this. But being spanked couldn’t hurt that much. I’m sure I could take it. What concerned me more was the humiliation. The fact that we would always know he had done this to me.

  “I’m waiting Kari.”

  He impatiently tapped his hand against his thigh as he sat. Big hands. Strong arms. But how much could it hurt? I mean they spanked kids didn’t they? It couldn’t hurt that much if they spanked kids right? Getting into position was a little awkward. Although slight I guess I was a bit bigger than the average kid and I had to sort of flop down over his knees. As I did so my shirt moved up, leaving my stomach bare and flat against the rough material of his slacks.

  I squirmed a little more than was necessary, intentionally trying to tease him. To be honest I was still feeling fairly horny and even though Max was old enough to be my father the warmth of his body was causing some feelings that I would probably have rather avoided. Once I was bent over his lap with my head low, I felt a little rush of blood. The warm, woolly feeling that came from that only added to the unusual and conflicting emotions I was feeling.

  What was I doing? Had I gone crazy? But it was too late to back out now and as I felt his hand raise up high I braced myself for the inevitable...


  The blow was harder than I expected, sending me hard against his legs. But muffled by the materials of my jeans it didn’t hurt at all. He could do this until the cows came home and I would win my bet.



  “Right, stand up and take those jeans off. There’s no point in doing this if you can barely feel it.”

  I had the urge to protest, but kept quiet. He was right and I was surprised to find that I was a little disappointed by the lack of pain.

  I shimmied out of my jeans and stood before him in my underwear. Nothing fancy, just some neat pastel cotton panties, they were cut fairly high on my thighs, but beyond that it was all quite modest. As I stood before him I saw Max eying me up and down. He tried to hide it, but I could tell he liked what he saw.

  This time as I lay across his knees I squirmed even more while I got into position. Max hissed through his teeth and I could feel him get a little hard against me. That was strange. I wasn’t sure what to think about that. The fact that I could have that effect on him was pretty cool though. I grinned as I got the distinct feeling I was winning this encounter. But then....


  “Oooooow.” I howled and kicked my legs backwards. That really hurt! Much more than I had expected. Even through the cotton of my panties. Max’s broad hand had caught me square on my cheek and there was a lot of force behind it. He wasn’t playing around.


  “Ow... damn it Max.”

  I brought my hands backwards and tried to cover my ass, getting in the way of the next blow. But this didn’t impress him. He grabbed both my wrists in his spare hand and held them tight, forcing them up and away from my stinging ass.


  “Ow ow ow ow ow ow.”

  Shit. This time he connected right where he’d hit me once already. I felt a big red blossom of pain radiating outwards from the point of impact.


  I moaned. Both my ass cheeks were burning now. But the pain faded rapidly and once it was gone I was left with a lovely warm sensation that spread across my skin. I shuddered a little on Max’s lap and even allowed myself a little smile. I could tell my nipples were hard, straining against the soft fabric of my bra.




  With each blow I squirmed and struggled against him. Even though the sting faded the pain was beginning to build and become a little more uncomfortable. I tried to move my arms but he held me tight and my attempts to escape his hands amounted to nothing.

  “How are we doing now Kari? That’s ten. Halfway.”

  I tried to answer him firmly, but couldn’t hide the tremor in my voice. I was closer to tears than I’d realized and it took a lot for me to keep it together.

  “I’m f..f..fine Max.” I managed to stammer and he responded with an unconvinced grunt.

  “Let’s have a look at the damage shall we?”

  And before I could stop him Max had pulled my panties down over my ass. While the cool air was a relief I didn’t really know how I felt about this. Max, was kind of my father, I mean this all started because he wanted to call me Daddy and the fact that he was now looking at my bare ass was uncomfortable and embarrassing.

  And yet it also turned me on a bit.

  For a start I had a really nice ass. Tight and compact, but still nice and rounded. I regularly wore tight shorts to show it off and it got a lot of looks and may have been responsible for a traffic accident or two. I really liked the way I felt when people checked me out. But Max was... Max.

  The weird thing was also feeling really proud. I mean I’d struggled and tried to get him to stop, but the fact that my ass was now stinging and red made me proud that I was taking my punishment.

  It was weird an
d confusing. And then Max began to lazily drag his fingers across the hot skin of my reddened ass and it got even more confusing.

  “Hey... cut it out.” I squirmed against him unwilling to admit that cutting it out was the last thing I wanted. I actually wanted more. I tried to push my ass up and outwards, humping against the air a little in search of sensation.


  I screamed. Part of it was shock. But it also really, really hurt. I felt the tears begin immediately, welling in the corners of my eyes. They ran down my cheek and along my nose where they dripped on the wooden floor below my face. The sensation was infuriating and I longed to wipe my eyes and nose, but with my arms pinned behind my back I could not.


  This time I wasn’t so vocal. A cross between a scream and a grunt. Again Max paused and this time his wandering fingers found their way to the cleft between my legs, where my panties were bunched up against my pussy.

  I was wet. I could feel it. I don’t know if was him or the spanking but something was turning me on like nothing else. Again I felt this warped sense of pride. I had the urge to show Daddy how wet I was, how my spanking was turning me on. I wriggled on his lap and tried to pull my legs forward and spread them just a little bit. Trying to put my cute teenage pussy on display for him.

  Daddy? It had just drifted into my consciousness. It suddenly felt appropriate. He wouldn’t hear it from me though. I still intended to win the bet.


  I’d given up squealing and kicking and screaming. There just wasn’t any fight left in me. As he paused between blows Max’s fingers wandered. Tracing lines on my flesh and reawakening the stinging pain of my reddened ass. I couldn’t contain myself. I groaned. A long, drawn out low, groan. I felt shame at my inability to hide my desire and the fact that I was giving away how much this was turning me on.

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