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Unprotected: A Cinderella Secret Baby Romance (69th St. Bad Boys Book 4)

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  I cleared my throat.

  “You ready for your ring?”

  Her mouth flew open, eyes wide.

  “My-my ring?” she stammered, cheeks growing pink. “What ring?”

  I smiled.

  “No Lincoln bride goes without an engagement ring, sweetheart. So we’re going to pick out a diamond. What do you think?”

  The girl couldn’t speak for a moment.

  “A diamond?” she gasped. But then she stopped herself. “Evan,” she said slowly. “It’s not necessary. Really not necessary.”

  But I wouldn’t hear of it. And I didn’t want to hear it, frankly. How this was just a business transaction. How I’d paid her ten thousand dollars to masquerade as my fiancée. It didn’t seem relevant at this point, the exchange of money so far in the past.

  So I quashed her protests.

  “You’re getting a ring,” I growled, blue eyes intense. “And that’s that.”

  For once, my girl didn’t say anything in return, merely looking back before turning her gaze out the window.

  And we drove in silence for a while, easing through the streets of Manhattan, towering highrises and corner bodegas crammed onto the same city block.

  Within ten minutes, the car pulled up at an unmarked building, ramshackle with peeling paint. It didn’t look like a jewelry store, that was for sure. There were no glistening baubles under the bright lights, no fancy displays or security guards looming with firearms on the ready.

  While the chauffeur waited in the car, I escorted my best girl up the steps, ringing the bell.

  “Where are we?” Maggie asked in a low voice. “What is this place?”

  I didn’t blame her. This was the opposite of Cartier or Tiffany. Instead, it looked like we were at a seedy back alley, about to enter an illegal gambling ring.

  But seconds later, the door opened with an electronic chime before swinging shut silently behind our forms.

  Two security guards stood there, burly and huge. But it was the space beyond that made Maggie gasp. Because despite the dingy exterior, inside no expense had been spared. The store was brightly lit with spotlights, each one highlighting priceless items below, baubles sparkling so bright that my eyes squinted involuntarily.

  “Mr. Lincoln!” sang a male voice. “Welcome!”

  Raul Lozano swept out from behind a counter, bowing and smiling like a courtesan. Thin and elegant with graying sideburns and stooped shoulders, Raul greeted me a limp handshake. But no matter. I've been doing business with the merchant for years. He was the one who made my sister's graduation necklace, the one who designed my mom’s silver anniversary bracelet. So yeah, he’s quite the artisan.

  “Is this the lovely lady?” Raul cooed. “Is this the Mrs. Lincoln to be?”

  And I never saw Maggie blush so hard. But my words were straightforward.

  “Yes, this is my fiancée,” came my firm tone. “We’re here to pick out an engagement ring.”

  “Of course, of course!” cooed Raul, bowing elegantly. “Congratulations to the happy couple! Come with me, my dear, we’ve got quite a few things you should see.”

  And just like that, we were swept into a private back room. Maggie stared like she couldn’t believe it, a cup of tea and cookies appearing at her side. But believe it, sweetheart. Private placement is the only way to go when you’re a billionaire, the salespeople catering to your every whim.

  And not a moment was wasted. The gems came out, sparkling and brilliant, vivid with fire burning within. Raul gestured delicately, hands encased in white velvet gloves.

  “These are the best we have,” he murmured. “Of course, there are others in the back if none are to your satisfaction.”

  I grunted, my gaze sweeping over the tray. The stones were gorgeous of course. Every shade of diamond possible. Pink. Canary yellow. And of course, clear, brilliant white. Princess cut. Emerald cut. Even a few heart shaped ones in case my girl preferred a unique stone.

  But they weren’t big enough. Not for a Lincoln bride, at least.

  “You got anything else?” I grunted, brows raised. “These seem a little small.”

  And Raul was waiting for that moment. Because with a subtle gesture to one of his sales associates, another velvet tray appeared, this one festooned with giant rocks. And I mean giant. The kind that rivaled the ten carat stone on my mom’s hand.

  But Maggie shook her head with a jerk then.

  “Evan, I can't,” she stammered. “This is too much. Way too much. Maybe something small, or even nothing. We don't have to do this.” She blinked, staring at all the diamonds before swinging her gaze my way. “I thought maybe could go to the mall. Or even Costco. They have nice diamonds there that are quality jewels.” Her voice faded away, growing small under my disbelieving glare.

  “No,” was my flat reply. “A Costco ring? No.”

  She protested a little more.

  “I know Costco’s not glamorous because they sell toilet paper,” came her determined words. “But their diamonds are really nice. My cousin Martina got one and it’s a stunner,” she said stubbornly.

  I stared at her again. Maggie couldn’t be serious.

  “No,” was my flat reply. “Pick one from here. Right now.”

  And the girl’s cheeks flushed, turning slowly back to the selection. Because there are no diamonds like this at Costco. I was ready to spend seven figures to make my girl happy if that’s what it took. Did Costco offer a selection like that? I think not.

  And swallowing softly, the girl gazed at the dazzling display. Slowly, her hand came up.

  “Okay, how about this one?” she asked, pointing at the smallest diamond on the tray. It was pink, maybe about three carats.

  Please baby.

  Indulge me a little.

  I can afford more than that.

  You’re gonna be my wife. Is that all you want?

  So I nodded discreetly to Raul, and the man disappeared for a moment. But then he was back in a flash, with the older sister of the pink diamond. And I mean a much older sister.

  Because the new diamond had to be at least seven carats, sparkling madly under the lights.

  “Madame, would you like to try this one?” came his solicitous voice. “Perhaps this one instead?”

  Maggie stared, swallowing visibly.

  “Do it, pretty girl,” I growled, eyeing that form. “Try it on.”

  And slowly, her hand raised, allowing Raul to slip on the rose gold band.

  Oh shit.

  It was perfect.

  A perfect fit, a perfect color, a perfect cut.

  Everything was right when it came to Maggie.

  And before she could say anything, I spoke.

  “We’ll take it.”

  The girl gasped, eyes flying to my big form. But Raul knew exactly what to do.

  “Certainly sir,” he said obsequiously, bowing his head once again. “Certainly. Let us polish the stone and setting, and we’ll deliver it to your home. Madame, may I have your address? We’ll have it to you within a few days.”

  Maggie was unable to speak for a moment, pink pout parted.

  But I stepped in again.

  “223 Bleeker Street, Apartment C,” was my rumble. “It’s the parlor floor place, ring the buzzer because there’s no doorman.”

  “Certainly,” Raul schmoozed again. “Of course. We’ll have it for you right away.”

  And with that it was done.

  I gestured to the diamond merchant, my look intense. Of course, Raul understood immediately. Nodding and bowing, the salesman backed out of the room, shutting the door with a discreet click. And if I had to guess, the security cameras had gone off just about now too.

  Because again, these high end places do what their clients want, anticipating their every need. And right now I wanted privacy with my best girl.

  “Sweetheart,” I rasped, blue eyes blazing. “The diamond’s yours. This ring is yours.”

  And like in a movie, I dropped to one knee, hold
ing the rose gold band between two fingers.

  “Will you sweetheart? Will you?”

  Shit. This was unreal. Me, Evan Lincoln was proposing to a woman when I thought it’d never happen. I’m a hardened asshole. I’ve lived forty-five years without ever being tempted. And right now, it was happening like in a movie almost. But this wasn’t a movie because the emotions were real, my heart in my throat.

  Maggie inhaled sharply, taking in my big form.

  Oh shit, was she going to say no?

  Oh shit, oh shit.

  But then the female smiled, the sun breaking loose from surrounding clouds.

  “Yes, Evan. I will,” came that sweet murmur.

  And with that it was on. All the rainbows and games were over. I was gonna own that curvy body, right here, right now.

  “Sweetheart,” was my hoarse rasp. “I need to fuck you.”

  The brunette didn’t protest for once. She was already learning my ways, catching on beautifully.

  “Then do it,” she breathed. “Yes, Mr. Lincoln, give it to me.”

  And with one clever movement, the sundress dropped from her form. Oh shit. My girl was so ripe and juicy beneath, sexy lingerie cupping those heaving curves like a second skin. Tits thick and luscious, that big butt bisected by a tiny scrap of silk.

  And that ass.

  I needed to fuck it, to get between those heaving cheeks and feel the dry channel for myself.

  “Bend over the bench, sweetheart,” came my desperate rasp. “I want your bottom this time.”

  For a moment Maggie paused, eyes flickering with confusion because I’ve never taken her ass before. I’ve stroked it, petted it, even inserted the tip of my finger as her pussy pulsed and spasmed. But massive cock in anus? Never.

  Fortunately, my girl was on a roll today. Something about the heat in the air, the romance and my proposal made her body go soft and willing. Because slowly, that tiny chin nodded.

  “Yes, Evan,” came her breathy murmur. “Yes.” And that curvy form draped itself over the velvet bench, ass up, small hands gripping the edges. “Fuck my ass,” she breathed. “I want to feel you inside.”

  With trembling but eager palms, she reached back and plucked the string of her thong out of her bottom.

  “Take whatever you want from me,” she breathed, lips parted, eyes meeting mine over one small shoulder. “Use my body, big boy.”

  Oh yeah.

  That's my girl.

  I stroked my dick, pre-cum drizzling down my cock at the sight of that thick and meaty shelf. I moved to open up her ass cheeks but jerked suddenly. Because the six carat ring was still in my hand, glimmering under the lights. It’d been perfect against Maggie’s pale skin and would look even better someplace else.

  Maggie knew exactly what I was thinking.

  With another sweet look over her shoulder, that pink pout parted.

  “Put it in my ass, Evan,” she whispered breathily. “You know where it goes.”

  I did indeed. Fuck this shit, my girl was so dirty and perfect. Hocking loudly in my throat, I spit on her hole and slowly eased the diamond into her tight crevice. Oh yeah. The rim strained, the rock was so fucking big, but then it popped in with a sudden motion. I worked the gem in and out, sliding it slow, then fast, then slow again.

  “Yes, oh yes! Right there, right there,” the girl moaned breathily, big boobs smashed against the velvet bench. “Fuck me with your big rock,” came her plaintive cry, eyes squeezed shut as her butt hole was penetrated.

  But enough was enough. The diamond was getting more action than my dick, and that was never gonna fly. So I yanked the rock out of her bottom, undoing my zip and letting that huge fuckpole out.

  “Oh shit, baby,” was my grunt. “Oh shit.”

  Grabbing those creamy cheeks with two hands, I parted them and groaned at the sight of her brownie flexing, winking and blinking flirtatiously. My dick throbbed and dribbled pre-cum, lubing that dirty hole.

  But she was more than ready.

  “Evan, please! I want it,” was her gasping cry. “Please fuck me.”

  I slipped a finger in. Maggie was a virgin to backdoor play so I didn't want to hurt her. But damn. The sound of her begging for it made my balls twitch, cock releasing involuntarily.

  “I need it!” she gasped and moaned, twisting sinuously on the bench. “Please, please.”

  “No, baby, you don't have to beg for anything. Everything’s yours, sweetheart.”

  And with that, I pressed my thick pole against her bottom, smearing the brown star with fluid from my dripping glans. Then slowly, oh so slowly, my cock edged it way in.

  “Oh god!” the brunette screamed, head jerking up right as her ass was invaded. “Oh god!”

  Her anal ring resisted me at first. So tight! Aw fuck.

  But then I was in. Shoving balls deep into that virgin channel, an involuntary roar escaped my chest. Damn, she was so young, that rectal canal flexible yet tight.

  So I fucked into her careful but deep. And Maggie was wild, throwing her bottom back on me, swallowing my fuckpole good with each stroke. It was insane how my monster disappeared between those white cheeks, brown rim squeezing desperately.

  “Ohhhh Evan,” she panted, mewling and writhing on my stick. “Oh Evan.”

  The girl circled her bottom, panting and heaving, eyes shut. Loud female moans filled the air, but she didn't care. Hell, I didn't give a shit either.

  “Yes,” she gasped again. “Yes, use my bottom. Fill me up. I want it,” was her breathy gasp.

  And all holds were off then. I slammed into her anus, balls clapping against the backs of her thighs. Sweat ran down my back, chest and abs hard as I pummeled like a pile driver. My girl’s moans were a glorious cacophony, the wails and pants music to my ears.

  I fucked harder, losing control, driving like a piston. But Maggie comes first. My sweetheart’s pleasure always comes first.

  So reaching around with one big hand, I stroked that clit while driving into her anus with my cock, an amazing one-two. That did it.

  “Evan!” came her wailing scream. “Oh oh!”

  Her rectum clenched around my fuckpole, spasming hard like a massive earthquake. Oh shit. My eyes rolled back in my head, a surge of masculinity coming to the fore.

  “It’s coming baby,” I rasped. “It’s coming. Aw, FUCK!”

  Because I lost my rhythm, the sensation too intense. Hot semen fired through my balls and jetted out of my dick, flooding that sweet anal passage. I couldn’t speak, overwhelmed and overcome with the physical, the emotional, everything that was this woman.

  Because Maggie was mine. That was all that mattered. She was mine, taking my cum, my heart and my soul all at once.

  “Evan,” the female whimpered, breasts heaving as her form quivered. “Oh Evan.”

  And a lump lodged in my throat, making words impossible. But my massive form moved. Slowly, I withdrew, big cock glistening and hard still. But there was more to come. Slowly, I pressed my lips to her anus before taking her mouth in a sweet kiss.

  “You’re mine, baby girl,” was my hoarse rasp. “Mine.”

  With another sweet whimper, the girl agreed.

  “Yours,” came Maggie’s soft affirmation. “Yours only.”

  And never had the world felt so right. This is my woman. My territory. My property. And I’d just marked the sweet female with my brand … because we were in love.



  I couldn’t focus today. The puppies were as cute as ever. They wriggled everywhere, fluffy and adorable, cheerful balls of fur.

  But Evan. Oh god.

  How can a man like him be even real? So sexy, so commanding, so alpha. Everything that happened between us at the jewelry store burned like wildfire into my brain. He touched me hard and tender at once. I don't know what came over me when I told him to stick the ring in my ass but he did it and it had been amazing.

  With the diamond in my anus, Evan marked me.

He was mine and I was his.

  Plus, there was that massive cock.

  My butt was curved to his shape, the tight passage filled to the brim with male jizz.

  Oh god, oh god.

  Had I really had anal sex? In public?

  But yes, it’d happened. I’d let Evan put the engagement ring and then his fuckshaft in my back end, moaning and writhing the entire time.

  It was stupid.

  I was a sap.

  Even a sucker.

  Because this isn’t real.

  But when Evan came close, it didn’t matter.

  All thoughts of reality flew out of my mind, his charisma dominating my mind.

  Because I was well and truly crazy for him.

  But did the billionaire feel the same about me?

  I caught sight of my naked finger and bit my lip.

  The pink diamond ring had to be sized for my digit, so it’d be a while before I got it. But as soon as it was ready, it was going on my hand.

  Mine. Wow!

  Because the rock was huge. Bigger than the candy rings I bought when I was a silly kid fantasizing about my dream prince. Bigger even than Dorinda’s ring, the mean girl from high school so long ago. And now here I was about to have a massive rock because Evan was my fiancé.

  The man of my dreams.

  Prince Charming come to life.

  A billionaire alpha who had the world at his fingertips.

  But then reality intruded.

  Whimper. Aarf, aarf!

  The sound of little puppy cries dragged my attention to where it belonged.

  “I'm sorry, babies,” came my apologetic murmur. “Didn’t mean to ignore you. Just got lost in my thoughts.”

  A litter of chocolate labs, soft and wriggly, whimpered and crawled on the blanket while I finished cleaning their cage.

  “It's okay, you guys. You can go back in now,” were my soothing words.

  Making kissing noises at their tiny puppy faces, I helped them back into their cage and finished up checking off what I'd done on the chart nearby.

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