Illusions paranormal sha.., p.22

Illusions: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (The Seekers Book 1), page 22


Illusions: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (The Seekers Book 1)

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  “I think you do. I think you want my mouth,” she said, no longer joking. “On you.”

  Dascha shifted his weight, and Estée was certain that she could feel him move his pelvis away from her, no doubt to hide what might be occurring in his jeans.

  “It’s a nice mouth is all,” he said. “And I’m not particularly interested in watching it on another man.”

  “Why not?”

  “Do I really have to answer that?”

  “Yes. Please.”

  “Fine,” he said, the arm that had been hooked around her moving so that now his left hand sat on the curve of her hip, his fingers gently digging in. “Because of this, right here. Because of you. I was sent across the ocean to find you. And I did. I’d seen your picture, and I had all sorts of preconceptions about who you are. And I was so, so wrong.”

  “So what am I?”

  “You’re complicated. You’re definitely intelligent. And…”


  “Beautiful,” he said, his fingers sweeping along the S-curve of her body, up her waist, reaching the arm that lay across her chest. “You are beautiful, Estée. And I want you.”

  Now he moved into her once again, pressing himself to her wordlessly so that she could feel his hard length easing into her backside; all his desire represented in that one motion.

  And between her legs she felt it too, the arousal, the sweet agony of want. Twenty minutes suddenly seemed like not nearly enough time to be tangled in a trunk with this man.

  Her eyes closed and her hand took his, pulling it over her chest, slipping it into her open-collared shirt and pressing his fingers to her heart.

  He could feel it; the rapid beats, the strength and fragility of her. The admission of weakness, of attraction.

  “I’m scared,” she whispered as she held his hand in place.

  “It’ll be all right…the border…”

  “No. Not of that,” she said. “I’m scared of what will happen to you.”

  “Nothing will happen to me that’s not meant to happen,” he said.

  “You’re going to face an Alpha with a pack on his side.”

  “That Alpha is a traitor to our kind. His pack will let us have at it. They won’t interfere.”

  “What if he’s stronger than you, Dascha?”

  “Then he wins. But he’s not, and he won’t.”

  “How do you know?” Estée’s face was turned so sharply that he could feel her breath on his own lips now, only an inch from his own.

  “Because I have you,” he said, moving forward so that his lips brushed hers, as faintly as a leaf floating over their surface. “I have you on my side. I have your strength.”

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  About the Author

  Carina Wilder is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sought by the Alphas and Seeking her Mates serials, the Wolf Rock Shifters series and The Seekers Series.

  She loves to write about kick-ass women who know who and what they want and about the men who (almost) deserve them.

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  Carina Wilder, Illusions: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (The Seekers Book 1)



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