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Illusions: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (The Seekers Book 1)

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  “It is because of fate,” said Rohan. “Fate leads us everywhere we go, and I have to remember to write it a thank you letter when all is said and done.”

  Sera began to unbutton her dress, her cleavage revealing itself inch by inch to them until each man could see the full roundness between her breasts. Each in turn responded by inhaling deeply, resisting the desire to touch immediately, to kiss her skin. She was so beautiful, such perfection under the moonlight.

  “If one of you doesn’t kiss me soon I’ll grow self-conscious,” she said quietly, still smiling, as she revealed a little more skin.

  Paxx stepped forward, a finger trailing down the beautiful place between her breasts, and she raised her chin to him. His hands pulled at the dress, sweeping it from her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground as his lips met hers, soft, sweet, his tongue as eager as hers.

  His hands were on her back, slipping down, then grasping at her round hips, her perfect behind, as she pressed her body forward into his. She gasped as she felt him harden against her, his cock swelling with need even as her own profound ache shot to the place between her legs. Her body was calling to the two men; ready and willing. Wanting.

  Both men’s hands were on her now, pulling her long hair aside, lips on her neck, fingers slipping around her full breasts. Rohan was behind her, unwilling to remain an observer.

  And Sera felt her head go light: so, this was really happening. These two exquisite creatures were with her in this place, their mouths on her at once as she raised her chin, allowing kisses to rain down on her body as though falling from the sky. Their mouths were delicious on her skin, leaving streams of pleasure in their wake as they moved in this and that direction, slowly, perfectly.

  As her eyes closed she played with the sensations of the hands and mouths, trying to determine whose was which. Now fingers slipped between her thighs, prying them apart, and yet another hand flicked gently over her nipple, hardening its peak. Then a beautiful mouth found its way to that nipple, sucking gently, tenderly, as she felt her pussy pulse, the blood flowing to every place where she longed for another hand, another set of skillful lips.

  And then the men guided her, laying her down on the moist grass, those gentle hands pulling her legs apart, a mouth seeking hers. This time it was Rohan’s lips that she felt, his soft stubble caressing her chin as he kissed her, tasted her, pressed into her so gently, yet so strongly.

  He pulled away briefly, smiling as he looked into her eyes.

  “You are the most beautiful thing,” he said.

  “You told me that the first time we met.”

  “I know. And now, if it’s even possible, you’ve grown even more stunning. My heart is racing in my chest for you, sweet Serafina. I want you so much that it hurts.”

  He kissed her again, even as Paxx’s lips met the insides of her thighs, making their way slowly north. Oh, goddess. He was going to kiss her pussy even as Rohan tended her mouth. To think she’d nearly missed out on this heaven.

  But Paxx bided his time, kneading her mound with his fingers, exploring her slick flesh for those places that made her squirm, and delighting in the involuntary—and voluntary—movements of her body as she reacted to his stroking.

  “You like that, do you?” he asked. “You like to have your beautiful sex stroked by a man’s hand?”

  She didn’t reply verbally; instead she moved her knees apart still more, inviting him to explore further.

  His lips went to her opening and he kissed her there, his tongue easing inside her for a moment, tasting the place where his cock longed to be.

  “You taste like honey,” he moaned, diving in once again, licking at her. Rohan in turn moved to kneel by her face as her fingers went to the bulge in the front of his trousers. He had been inside her, but she had never tasted him, after all. It was time to feel him in her mouth.

  “I want this,” she said, her fingers grasping him through the leather of his clothing. “Please, let me eat you.”

  How could a man resist such a plea? He pulled the garment down, offering his thick shaft to her as she turned, taking it in her fingers, and licked the delicate tip, savouring the sweetness of his arousal. Soon her lips had wrapped around him and he felt his hips sliding towards her. He eased gently in and out of that perfect mouth, the soft pink lips stroking him, hardening him more by the second.

  Paxx, eating her up, looked up to behold the sight, delighting in it even as he returned to his task. He wished so much to make her come, as Rohan had done the night of their Bonding, to bring her to ecstasy before taking her for himself.

  Slipping two fingers into her opening, he let the tip of his tongue ease over her bud as she squeezed him in approval. And with each lick he felt her coming closer, even as she sucked on her other lover’s cock adoringly. She was so wet, so swollen for them both.

  At last he felt her hips thrust skyward, her channel narrowing around his fingers, pulsing around them to signal her perfect, unabashed pleasure as she moaned loudly.

  Rohan withdrew from her mouth as Paxx laid soft kisses on her pussy, calming it after the intense storm.

  It was Paxx who then removed his trousers, even as Rohan stood and let his own slide fully to the ground. Paxx lay down on his back, his hard cock vertical, fingers wrapped around the shaft which pointed to the sky, as Sera rose and stood above him. Her feet were on either side of his hips and as he looked up at her he saw the beautiful, slick pussy come towards him, prepared to take him in, to sheathe him inside her. Slowly she allowed herself to ease down onto him.

  Her pussy, so tight, wrapped itself firmly around his cock in welcome. And in the moment when he plunged into her, he felt as though he might die from the pleasure of it.

  Rohan watched as she eased herself up and down, milking Paxx ever so slowly, her perfect ass white under the stars. And he knew what it was that he must do.

  He knelt behind her, slipping two fingers into his mouth before massaging her tender opening, signalling her where he would be in a moment.

  “Are you prepared?” he said, his voice a low growl. “For both of us to be inside your temple of a body?”

  “Yes,” she moaned. “I’ve never wanted anything so much.”

  He manoeuvred himself over Paxx’s legs, the tip of his cock pressing softly into Sera’s sensitive flesh before easing inwards, plunging inside her. She cried out, asking for more, and more.

  Both men were now deep inside her, filling her with their rock hard flesh, and both pulled out slowly, understanding what it was that she desired, and thrust back in simultaneously.

  “We will come,” said Paxx. “For you, in you, Serafina. We will shoot our hot cream into you as one.”

  His hands were on her breasts, softly pinching her nipples, thumbs gliding over their stone-hard tips.

  “Oh, yes,” she said, revelling in every sensation that flew at her. “Come for me, my beautiful men.”

  Each of her lovers sped up the pace, both aching, already nearing the moment of explosion. But both held off as long as they could as they basked in the glory of pleasuring her from the inside.

  Sera gasped as her sensitive clit rubbed against Paxx each time she came down on him. She felt herself coming closer and closer to yet another moment of climax. If she could just hold off until they were ready…

  The men’s pace was fast, now, as Paxx moved his hands to her hips and thrust his pelvis upwards, his cock plunging into her again and again as his body beat against hers. Rohan did the same from behind, looking down at his cock as he entered her over and over again, his flesh weakening as he gave himself, his strength, over to her. He was so, so close, and it felt like heaven, this.

  “I…I’m coming again,” Sera cried out. And then both men felt her body seize around them, urging and daring their shafts to explode for her.

  And so they gave way to the sensation, both cocks spraying her insides with heat even as they continued to take her, even as she cried out again in ecstasy while they pounded her,
punished her beautiful body.

  It seemed like several minutes had passed before the three collapsed on top of one another: hot, spent, and perfectly happy.

  The Ritual was complete. But this was only the first: there would, if fate allowed, be many more.

  Chapter 25


  The morning brought uncertainty, and Serafina was the first to rise, reluctant as she was to do so. The men were so warm, so comforting. Somehow, for a few precious hours, she’d managed to forget about Circe’s imprisonment.

  Her sister would want this for her, she knew. Circe was generous and kind, and her greatest wish tended to be for the happiness of others. Where the Bonding had felt initially like a sacrifice, the Ritual was a gift that Serafina had given herself: the gift of two lovers, two protectors, and whatever strength and love may grow with them.

  She rose, picking up her damp dress from the ground and stretching as she looked upon their sleeping bodies, her chest swelling with emotion as she confessed to herself that she really was attached to these men in more ways than one. For a moment she allowed herself the luxury of a smile.

  And then she remembered Nyx. Where was he? She was so accustomed to having him attached to her—he’d kindly left her alone for the Ritual, but she would have expected to wake up with him. She slipped her dress on and dashed about, calling his name softly.

  “Nyx, where are you?” she asked, rifling through shrubs and long grass. Perhaps he was hunting.

  Panic began to set in. He was all right; he had to be. She would know if he wasn’t. But this wasn’t right. They’d never been separated, in all the years since he’d become her Familiar. He had grown with her. Like her two new mates, he was linked, bonded with her. His empathy, his affection, had kept her going through many a difficult day.

  Finally she ceased to worry about waking the men.

  “Nyx!” she called, her face turned towards the woods.

  Behind Serafina, Rohan stirred.

  “Are you all right?” he asked, rising to his feet. For an instant his naked form was enough to distract Sera.

  “Nyx is gone,” she said. “I’ve lost him, somehow. I don’t know if the Ritual upset him, or…”

  Rohan looked initially concerned, but after a moment he smiled.

  “It’s not funny,” said Serafina. “I can’t lose him. I can’t.”

  “I know,” he said. “And you haven’t lost him. Look.” He pointed to a tree branch over her head where the ferret sat, perched above his Magistress.

  Relieved, she allowed herself a laugh. “You scamp,” she said. “Don’t do that to me.”

  She reached up and let him crawl down her hand and arm to her shoulder. As she stroked him, her face took on a serious expression again. “You’re shaking,” she said. “What is it?”

  “He’s likely cold,” said Rohan, approaching. “He’s used to spending the night with you. I feel for him—I’d hate to be deprived of such a thing.”

  Sera smiled. “We never discussed it, but would you hate it if he curled up by my head at night?”

  “Only if he prevented me kissing those lips,” said Rohan. “Or any other part of you.”

  “I think we’ll be all right.”

  “Serafina—you should know that the Ritual works in funny ways. When Paxx wakes up, for instance, he may find himself feeling ill. You yourself may feel strange symptoms. Be prepared.”

  “I don’t feel anything yet,” she said. “I’m not sure quite how to discover what it may have done to me.”

  “Well, you’re no shifter,” he said. “Special though you are. My hope is that your skills will be enhanced. As for our friend over there,” he turned to Paxx, whose eyes were still closed, “He is certainly one. I believe it’s only been a generation or two since his family members shifted, so it shouldn’t hit him too hard.” Rohan was thinking of Lily’s mate, Conor. It had been centuries since anyone in his bloodline had performed a Ritual, and the rite had nearly killed him.

  As though on cue, Paxx opened his eyes and looked at his two mates. For a moment he seemed to forget where he was, but then he smiled, recalling the previous night’s events.

  He too rose, gathering clothing off the ground.

  “What heaven am I in?” Serafina asked herself, imagining a palace in which she could simply watch these two men walk around naked all day.

  “Are you all right, Paxx?” asked Rohan, studying the man for signs of illness.

  “Fine,” he said. “I’ll admit that I feel a little funny, but I’ve seen others post-Ritual. I know how it goes.”

  “You will change,” said Rohan. “Sometime soon you’ll feel it come upon you, and you must learn to control it.”

  “What do you suppose I am?” asked Paxx, rubbing his head, his light hair sticking up in every direction which only served to give him a more rugged appearance.

  “Not a dragon, at any rate,” said Rohan. “Apart from that I couldn’t tell you. You haven’t got the changeable eyes of a shape-changer, so your déor will be one creature only.”

  “Pity,” said Paxx. “I’ll leave that up to fate then, shall I? Well, whatever happens, I hope it’s soon. We need to get Circe back. And then we’re going to have to take on the Guild.”

  “The Crones are no doubt in discussion about that,” said Serafina. “Maybe we should find them this morning.”

  “We will follow you, my lovely, lovely lady,” said Paxx, taking her hand and kissing it softly.

  “You two will be the death of me,” she laughed. “Doting on me, doing all the things…that you did last night.”

  “That was only the beginning,” Rohan offered, kissing her neck, much to Nyx’s chagrin. “Sorry, Nyx old friend. It’s all yours.”

  “Come, get dressed properly.” Sera’s voice had gone a little serious, and her hand went to her head.

  “Are you all right?” asked Rohan.

  “Fine. Just a little dizzy.”

  “Come, sit.” He guided her to a nearby log where she sat down hard, Nyx crawling off her shoulder to land next to her. He too looked a little disoriented.

  And then Serafina seemed to stare into the distance, her eyes fogging over, the blue disappearing in favour of a translucent white film.

  “Serafina?” said Paxx. “What’s happening? Talk to us.”

  She couldn’t, however. Once again she’d transferred, switched her own vision to Nyx’s. He bounded off, running towards the woods as Sera struggled to control him. In a flash he’d disappeared from sight into the thicket.

  “Strange,” said Rohan, who seemed to be observing dispassionately.

  “Strange? It’s like she’s possessed,” said Paxx, agitated.

  “Give it a moment.”

  And, seconds later, Nyx had run into the clearing again. But now he seemed to grow, to change, and a moment later he was a fox: black as night, sleek, trotting towards the men, his eyes fixed on their faces.

  “Serafina,” said Rohan quietly, bending to address the fox. “Is that you?”

  The animal nodded awkwardly, his head bobbing as though he hadn’t quite figured out how his neck worked.

  “My God,” said Paxx. “What’s happened?”

  “Her Familiar has become a shifter,” said Rohan. “And she is seeing us through his eyes. Her powers are growing, and so are his.”

  Nyx changed once again, into a small, sleek panther. His eyes remained black, shining. At night he would be all but invisible.

  “I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Rohan, stroking the panther’s neck. “It’s fantastic.”

  “It really is,” said Paxx, his eyes veering to the woman on the stump. “Though a little disconcerting. Serafina, can you re-enter your body? You’re frightening me a little.”

  And then she was grasping her chest, breathing heavily, Nyx bounding back in ferret form, leaping onto her lap as though to say, “Did you just see what I did?”

  She stroked him, laughing. “Yes, you’re a fine boy, aren
t you?”

  “Glad to have you back,” said Paxx. “That’s an impressive skill you have.”

  “Thanks. I made passionate love with two men in order to refine it. The sacrifices we women make.”

  “Those men must have been exceptional specimens,” laughed Rohan.

  “Indeed.” Sera picked Nyx up and rose. “This is only the beginning, isn’t it?” she asked.

  “Yes,” said Rohan. “Only the beginning.”

  * * *

  “Today,” Melina said, turning to her mates in their large living room. “We need to select the candidates this morning, and Circe’s Ritual must occur soon. No waiting around.”

  “Very well,” Crow replied. “We’ll do what you think is best. But the Crones will be unhappy.”

  “Do you actually think that I care for a second what the Crones think? They are nothing. They have not the powers that I possess,” said Melina, spitting the words. “They are weak. Posers.”

  “Of course, my love. But do you not think…” began Crow as Mace looked on, submissive as always.

  “When we have the sisters on our side—Circe and Serafina—we will be able to take on the Crones.”

  “What makes you think they’ll be on our side? Those women have nothing but disdain for us.”

  “They haven’t realized yet that their beloved Sisterhood pulled a veil over their eyes. Hid the truth from them for years. Once they learn, they will come to us.”

  “I suppose it’s possible.”

  Melina ground her jaw and left the room, making her way out of the house towards the compound. There, she found a guard.

  “Fetch the woman Circe for me.”

  “Yes, Magistress,” the man said.

  Behind him on the ground stood a very tiny creature, huddled against the stone foundation of the building, who had heard every word.

  * * *

  When Rohan returned to Serafina and Paxx in his forest cabin, he found the latter looking less well than he had when they’d woken that morning. Phist was offering him a damp cloth, which he used to dab his forehead.

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