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Make me Yours Evermore

  Make me Yours Evermore

  Pierced Hearts, Book Three


  Cari Silverwood

  Taking what you want may come at a terrifying price

  Copyright 2013 Cari Silverwood

  Published by Cari Silverwood

  Editor: Nerine Dorman

  Secondary editor: Lina Sacher

  Cover Artist: Thomas Dorman aka Dr. Benway on Deviantart and Facebook

  All rights reserved. This copy is intended for the original purchaser of this e-book only. No part of this e-book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without prior written permission from the author. Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials.

  This e-book is a work of fiction. While reference might be made to actual historical events or existing locations, the names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


  This book contains descriptions of many BDSM and sexual practices but this is a work of fiction and as such should not be used in any way as a guide. The author will not be responsible for any loss, harm, injury or death resulting from use of the information contained within.


  Once more I owe a debt to those who have helped me figure out where I went wrong with my writing of this book. Whenever I did wander off the beaten path, I had my wonderfully insane crit partner Sorcha Black there to smack me over the head with something and bring me to my senses. Thank you. The MRI came out normal.

  I also need to thank my sensational beta readers Bianca Sarble (a fellow Aussie author), Mj, Heidi Gillespie, and Lina Sacher.

  Pierced Hearts Series

  Take me, Break me

  Bind and Keep me

  Make me Yours Evermore

  Coming in 2014 - Book 4 and 5 in the Pierced Hearts series

  This book is set in Australia and contains some Aussie phrases, such as 4WD being used instead of SUV. To find out the meaning of most of them go to the glossary here.

  Chapter 1


  Dark. Then light filtered in. The fluttering wash of light, dark, light, dark occupied me as we bumped over something. My shoulder would feel numb and I’d shift but my hands were tied. Not much I could do.

  Bondage wasn’t my thing.

  That thought popped up and stayed a while before it drifted away like so many others. My heart beat erratically. My thoughts followed like sheep. I struggled and caught that thought again. Bondage wasn’t my thing. Then what was I doing tied up? My wrists were trapped before me. My ankles were caught. My mouth had something in it. My eyes were blind and I couldn’t lift my eyelids – trapped also. A blindfold?

  Chris. Panic slithered in and with it came clarity. Fuck him. He’d done this. I needed to get loose. I bit down on the gag as I writhed, but solid walls encased me and the gag stayed where it was. I lay on my side. My elbow thumped painfully into something above me. My bare toes did too at my front. My breathing rasped wetly, bubbling past the thing in my mouth. Just lifting my ribs became a hundred, thousand times more important than anything.

  I dragged in air as something rocked whatever coffin it was I occupied. Distant voices. Man? Or more? Men? There seemed two different voices.

  My teeth sank into rubber. My tongue tip slipped over the wet roundness.

  Ball gag.

  The bastard. He kidnapped me. He put it there between my lips. I remembered him, remembered his words.

  “I’m going to get into your head right there. Where you can never ever get me out.”

  “You’re going to be blind for a few days. When I take this off, you’ll be somewhere far from civilization. There will be no one who can help you. There will only be me.”

  I knew where I was. There’d been an engine noise before, long ago. A car. He had me in a car. I slumped. Drowsiness returned and snuggled into my mind. I was hot and tired and breathing meant more to me than getting loose. Breathe. One last kick. Maybe that other man will hear me. Maybe he’ll let me go.

  I kicked and nearly broke my toe on timber. But metal creaked and the car rocked again. I listened, ears straining. Waves? Seagulls screeching? Brighter light flared through the tape across my eyes. Someone had turned up the volume on the sound. There were distant voices. Waves. Yes. Was I still on the island?

  “Put that down, man. Get out of the car and walk away.”

  “The fuck I will. You’ve got a woman tied up in here! What the fuck…is this a scene thing? One of your kinky pretend things?”

  “Andreas. You need to leave. Now.”

  “Okay. Okay. Sorry. The shit you get up to. Give me a call when you and her have finished fucking your brains out. Or whatever you intend to do.”

  Going? He was going? Despite the sogginess permeating my brain, I knew that was bad. I needed to make noise. I tried to speak but only gurgles emerged. I coughed and found liquid clogging my throat where words should have been.

  “She’s choking!”

  “Fuck. The dose might have been a bit high. Listen. Ignore anything she says.”

  Fingers fumbled at my mouth. The thing was pulled from me, leaving my lips feeling bereft without the pressure. I breathed. Deep, cool air. Coughed again. The fog closed in.

  Storms ahead. Words of no sense popped up when I needed sense. What was that other word?

  “You okay?” Thick fingers brushed my cheek. Gentle.

  No. I’m not. I’m not. I’m… “Kidnapped,” I croaked.

  “What? What did you say?”

  “Andreas. Ignore. You don’t butt in on a scene.”

  I swallowed then choked on that word again. “Kidnapped. Please. Need help.” I was blind and my tongue was made of sludge but somewhere in front of me was a man who could save me.

  “Chris. What is this? What shit is this? Dose? Even I know you don’t use drugs with BDSM.”

  Someone sighed – long and deep. Chris spoke. “Right. Let me explain, Andreas. There are good reasons.”

  “Jesus. Reasons?” His voice rose high at the end. A long pause.

  “I can explain.”

  “She’s… How can you possibly explain this? You’re more than a brother to me, you know that. But this…this had better be good. Like, I mean, better than anything you’ve ever explained…ever.”

  Chris chuckled. That alone made the hairs on my neck rise. So wrong.

  “I need to make sure she doesn’t call out. Smaller gag. Okay?”

  “You want to put a gag back on her?”

  Hope kindled. The man sounded doubtful. He’d get the cops now.

  “Yes. She can breathe through it.”

  Though my tongue seemed disconnected from me, though my temples ached with each thump of my blood, I strained to hear. Andreas’s reply was a long time coming.

  “Mate, I can’t see how you’re going to get out of this one.”


  No way. I opened my mouth and sucked in air so I could yell only to have another ball pushed into my mouth. I squirmed and tried to shake my head but a hand held my face. My struggles grew weaker. Too much effort. Too much trouble to fight the cold fog that ate my thoughts, leeched at my muscles.

  “Good girl,” I heard whispered from inches away. “Stay there quiet while we talk.”

  The whispers repeated. Good girl.

  Good? Not me. Not me… Never me. FieryKat. I will fuck you up, boys. Somehow. Just give me time. I will…

  Inside me, the black fog spread and swallowed me down.

  Chapter 2


  For once, the view out the windscreen of Chris’s four-wheel drive was dirty. I frowned. In a long wooden box behind these front seats, a woman was…tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. And drugged. While I struggled to cope with that concept, my mind ran off on a tangent.

  Dusty windscreen. Chris always had a reason.

  Ah. You couldn’t see in, could you? Not easily. He’d probably chucked a bucket of dirt over it.

  The man, my friend, sighed and ran a hand through his sun-bleached blond hair. “Do you want me to explain or would you rather I answer your questions? Andreas?”

  I shook my head while I stared past his ear. Then I met his eyes. We’d always been honest with each other. “Does it matter? This is insane.”

  Through the dusty glass, I could see other people lounging against their cars. As the bow of the ferry carved the waves, sea water sprayed high into the air. A brisk wind rattled the door and went whistling away. Sunlight glinted warmly off metal. Even with the door shut, we had to raise our voices to be heard over the ferry’s engine noise. All…yeah, fucking normal stuff.

  I swallowed. Chris just sat there, giving me time. Least he hadn’t pulled out a knife. But was this the same man I knew?

  As if to remind me, a dull knocking came from the box. There were air holes and a metal mesh, but if I heard that gurgly breathing again I was freeing her ASAP.

  “Fuck it. What are you doing? Go on. Explain.” I glanced at my watch. “This is surreal. You’ve got ten minutes before we reach the harbor.”

  “Truthfully, I’d rather you just leave.”

  “And forget I saw this?” I thumbed toward the box. “I can’t. Couldn’t. It’s too late for that.” In a moment of clarity, I was glad I’d decided to get into Chris’s four-wheel drive. Whoever it was back there, she needed me.

  Again with the sigh. But otherwise Chris regarded me levelly with his sharp blue eyes. Not hostile. We were too close for anything nasty to happen between us.

  But I had to do something. “Not tempted to throw me over the side for the sharks?”

  “Huh.” Chris glanced down at my arm and the scars throbbed as if the damn thing knew it was getting attention. He shook his head then settled his shoulders back into his door. “No. If you have to go to the cops afterward, I can accept that. Life goes on.”

  Christ. The man was always so confident. Not a façade either. Just him. Then his jaw moved as if he were chewing.

  Maybe this did bother him? Relief flooded me. I didn’t want to see him as Ice Man. No one normal could brush off abducting someone as casually as if they’d found a new paint color they liked.

  “Tell me then. Why?”

  “If she gets loose.” He jerked his head toward the back of the car, “A friend is likely to go to jail for ten or more years. What he did was something I would have done, you too maybe. He doesn’t deserve it.”

  I blinked, thinking as well as I could. “What did he do?”

  “I can’t tell you that.”

  “You can’t?” And that made it so much easier for me to judge this. “Then why her? What did she do? Did she make this up? This thing your friend did?”

  “No. She snooped where she shouldn’t have.”

  “Uh.” I sat back. “So you’ve done this to her…something thoroughly illegal and dangerous that might get you in jail for fifty years, let alone ten, because she was nosy?”

  Chris rubbed his fingers along the steering wheel. An extra hefty gust of wind shook the vehicle. “Partly that, yes. More that a friend needed help.”

  She, obviously, wasn’t his friend.

  “So…what are you planning to do with her? You’re not, god forbid, killing her?” I knew the answer would be no, but I had to ask.

  “You think I would do that?”

  I shook my head. Fuck, I hoped not.

  “Of course I wouldn’t.”

  “And so instead, like a Good Samaritan,” I waved my hand in a vague circle, “you’re planning to set her up for life with a huge lump of money and a mansion in France?”

  He laughed. “Comedian.” Chris glanced back toward the box that held the woman. He leaned over, reached between the seats, and lifted the side of the box, keeping his body mostly in the way in case anyone passing by looked in.

  Through the gap between my seat and Chris’s body, I studied the woman. Her face slumped in either sleep or unconsciousness. Wrist cuffs locked her hands down onto a metal ring on the box beside her neck. She was breathing fine. The ball of the gag even had a large hole through the middle.

  Youngish. Cherry red hair. So bright it must be fake. The edge of a tatt showed on her shoulder.

  I wondered what she would look like without the black ball of the gag. My gaze slipped downward to where her breasts were jammed together by the position. The bunched-up pale blue T-shirt had a few specks of blood and grime on it. The neckline showed the top of her red bra. Pretty. Vulnerable. Pity and an urge to help her vied with a deep curiosity as to what she’d look like naked. That my head even went there bothered me. I pulled my gaze away.

  Shit. This was like perving on a victim in an ambulance.

  “She’s good. Breathing’s settled.” He lowered the side of the box. Despite his nonchalance, I couldn’t help but notice the absolute fascination he had for her, the last second of hesitation as he closed the side. Like he couldn’t tear his eyes away. “Beautiful, isn’t she?”

  How did you answer that? I shrugged. “I’m not going there. You still haven’t said what you’re doing with her.”

  A line formed between his eyes. At last I’d stirred him. “I’m not going into details.”

  Then he waited again. Shit.

  “You expect me to leave her with you based on that?”

  “Yes. I never wanted you to get in the car. The less you know the better for you, me and her.”

  His chest rose and fell in a regular rhythm – too regular, forced perhaps. Or was I reading in things that weren’t there? I needed a fucking lie detector. Wait, no. He wouldn’t lie to me. Would he?

  “Well. Too late, I did get in. I emailed you. Tried to phone…” We always hung out together when I visited the island. “When I saw your car, what else do you think I was going to do? Assume you had a woman tied up in the back and leave you be? I thought we’d go to the pub and have a beer somewhere. Have fun. Go fishing, swimming. Fuck some girls. You know…” I faked a laugh. “Shit, now…” I shook my head vigorously. “What are you doing with her? You have to tell me.”

  “I don’t want to pull you into this.”

  “You have. You’re my best mate. You saved my goddamned worthless life once or twice. I don’t want to dob you in to the cops. Tell me something. I’m not going to walk away. She was having trouble breathing and you never saw it. You want murder on your conscience? Why? What are you doing with her?” I glanced out at the approaching line of the mainland harbor. “Five minutes left.”

  Chris rubbed his finger along his nose for a second. “Okay. Do what you want to. “I’m…” He took a deep breath. “I’m keeping her.”

  “What?” Oh shit. I remember a drunken night when we’d all spilled our guts.

  What are five things you’d most like to do that are illegal. Then we’d shared. A bunch of teenagers at university having a stupid drunken party. The usual. Until I checked what Chris had written as number one on his list. Kidnap a girl and keep her. At the top of mine, I’d written, keep a girl as my slave.

  Funny. But ever since then we’d been one. I’d never forgotten the list. We hadn’t always lived in the same place but when we were together we partied and hung out and had great times. Until now.

  “The list,” I murmured, so softly he couldn’t possibly hear.

  But his eyes narrowed. “I’m driving to the Daintree area. A business friend has loaned me a house there. Somewhere quiet, away from anyone who might see or hear anything. I’m going to make her mine. Going to train her to obey me.”

My blood thundered. My cock stood up all on its ownsome. This was so wrong that my head was spinning. “You can’t do that.”

  “I can. I am. It’s that or let her go to do so much damage to my friend’s life, and now, to mine. She brought this on herself. Now are you going to open that door and walk away?”

  What was I going to do? He was blaming her for this? I wrenched my logical brain into gear. “That’s a six-, seven-hour drive. What if she dies? You can’t watch her breathing. You’re driving straight through?” I deadpanned those words but I was fucking tumbling through rapids in my head.

  He nodded, pursed his mouth.

  I couldn’t leave her with him, but I didn’t want to be with him either. With her…them. I wiped my mouth. “I’m not leaving her alone with you. I’m not having her death on my conscience. I’m coming with you until we sort everything out.”

  “You think I’m going to change my mind? I’m going to let her go? She’d go straight to the police and then everyone is up shit creek without a paddle. If you want that just go to the cops yourself, Andreas.”

  “I’m coming with you. This way we can figure out some alternative. And I can make sure she’s not going to choke to death.” I had to convince him to release her. I held up my hands. “I’m between jobs. No one’s going to miss me.”

  “I wasn’t going to leave her unsupervised, Andreas.” Chris had a knack for knowing when to stop talking. The ferry was angling toward the jetty, engines throbbing loudly. “But okay.”

  “Good.” I settled back into the seat. Once we were on the road, I’d prop open the flap to the box so I could keep an eye on the woman.

  I attempted to calm my racing heart but some delayed logic snuck in. The box she was in was no spur of the moment thing. How long had he been planning this?

  We were close mates but I knew how kinky Chris was and all about his love of BDSM. He’d let me watch him flog a girl once. Even though I could see she wanted it, that scene had fucked me up for days. While I’d watched I’d been a confused mix of aroused and horrified. I’d also seen the steel mask of concentration on his face. Chris was a sadist through and through.

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