Undone volume 2, p.9

Undone, Volume 2, page 9

 part  #2 of  Undone Series


Undone, Volume 2

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  “I thought maybe she’d be different. She wasn’t.” It might sound as if I were making light of a painful situation, but as I spoke about it I realized the relationship had never touched beneath the surface. I’d never cared about Mandy during the months we were together even a fraction as much as I cared about Ana.

  “And the whole break up?” Ana pressed. “I’ve seen the video.”

  I winced. I figured she had, the whole world had seen it. Even I had to admit, it made good TV. “I can’t tell you it was fake,” I admitted. “I said all that. I was an asshole. But Mandy set it all up. We were done and she knew it. Earlier that night she’d already thrown a vase into a wall and told me I was a worthless prick. The tears at that table, she set that up for the cameras. She wanted to get one last headline out of me before we were through.”

  “That’s cold.”

  I shrugged. “She’s a savvy businesswoman. She saw an opportunity to get a spike in sales and she took it.”

  Ana shook her head. “You’re surrounded by vipers.”

  “You think?” That sounded grim.

  “Mandy, Lola, Joel. And I’ve got to say, your friend Connor’s a real gem.”

  I winced. But even I had to admit, I’d been furious when he’d hit on her at my house. It didn’t really make sense. That was what Connor did. That was what I did, what we did together. But couldn’t he see that Ana was different?

  “Sorry again about that,” I lamely offered. She nodded. “Connor and I go way back.”

  “You mentioned.”

  A couple of people entered the restaurant and sat down at the table right next to us. I shifted in my seat, angling my profile away with my brim down low. Tense, I waited, but they began chatting together, oblivious to my presence. I exhaled the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.

  “Is it worth all of this?” she asked.

  “Sorry, what?” I’d become so engrossed in sussing out whether we’d been discovered, I’d nearly forgotten where I was and who I was with.

  “Your fame? Is it worth it? I mean, people hide in trash bins and pop out at you to get a good candid photo of you. That’s got to feel awful.”

  She was right. It did. I just hadn’t talked to anyone outside the fishbowl in so long I’d almost forgotten that I was in one.

  And I’d brought her into it, set her down right in the middle of the muck and invited everyone to come and see. Sweet Ana the children’s librarian, who now had headlines making fun of her in her big coat and my buddy-old-pal Connor asking her to suck his dick.

  “Paris,” I said, without thinking it through first. I did some of my best thinking without thinking at all.


  “I want to take you to Paris,” I repeated. The cobblestone streets and gas lamps, the tiny bistros and chocolatiers and cafes. The city of romance, with a million shadowy, hidden spots where we could tuck ourselves away. “Have you ever been?”

  “No, I’ve never been to Europe. We have family in Russia and my parents have talked a lot about heading there one day, but it’s a really expensive trip.”

  “We can go to Russia next.”

  “Next?” Now she looked confused, and she was right. There wouldn’t be a next. So, I’d focus on the now.

  “So, Paris. What do you say?”

  “Don’t you have a show on New Year’s Eve in Vegas? Paris isn’t on our PR itinerary.”

  “Plenty of time,” I assured her. “We can fly there red-eye on the 26th. That’ll give us four days before we have to fly back.”

  A smile snuck across her lovely face, her eyes lighting up. “Really? Paris?”


  “I mean, Paris!”

  “You’ll love it.”

  “Let’s go!”

  My phone rang, breaking the moment. Lola. She always flipped out if I didn’t pick up, and she usually made it quick. “Sorry, I should take this.” I turned away from Ana as Lola shouted into my ear, thrilled. My biggest sponsor had re-entered the fray, agreeing once again to back my show in Vegas.

  “This girl is priceless!” Lola yelled into my ear. I had to agree, though probably not for the same reasons. “I can’t wait for her to dump you! That’s going to shoot you over the moon.”

  “Yeah.” Significantly less enthusiasm from me about that future development.

  I ended the call and we ended our meal, but I wasn’t ready for the night to end yet. Thankfully, Ana didn’t seem ready, either. We stood together in entrance of the restaurant, neither of us taking the plunge into the frigid December evening air.

  “So what’s this about your roommate’s show tonight?” I asked.

  “Oh, I’m not sure about that.” She shook her head. “She does performance art? Or live installations? I’m not exactly sure what to call them.”

  “Sounds intriguing.”

  She looked at me with a mixture of amusement and trepidation. “The last show, Liv had this huge cut of beef on a table. She slowly cut it, paper thin, then stitched the pieces together into a shirt.”

  I nodded. OK, then.

  “And she was naked.”

  “Let’s go see what she has planned for tonight!”

  Ana shook her head with a light laugh, wrapping her scarf around her neck. She pulled her chestnut hair out so it fell in loose waves. I could picture it fanned out on a pillow as she lay on my bed. Down, boy.

  This woman had me so worked up. I’d had my dick in my hands more in the past week than I had over the past year. I was always a horny bastard, but I usually just turned to whatever wet, willing pussy was right next to me. But this time, only Ana would do. But she was the one I’d legally bound myself to not have. How was that for a great joke?

  “Are you sure you want to go?” Ana asked. “I mean, I kind of have to go, because Liv’s my roommate. But you don’t have to.” She looked up at me as if she truly couldn’t believe I was sincere. I had to agree. A week ago I would not have been going to an art student’s live performance show in Brooklyn. But now, I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. It was with Ana.

  “Absolutely.” I linked my arm through hers and we set out into the streets. The Pratt Institute was only a couple of blocks away, and her roommate had reserved an underground space next to it until midnight. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d just walked around city streets incognito, but it seemed like we hadn’t been spotted. It could have something to do with not being at a VIP club or a celebrity-studded after-party or all the other places I usually went with other famous musicians and models and actors. Guess I had been living in a bit of a bubble.

  I was out of it now. We pulled open a graffiti-strewn metal door, the kind that seemed like it should be sealing off a walk-in freezer. Down a narrow stairwell, we descended into a dimly lit maze of hallways perfectly suited to a horror movie. The only sounds were an ominously loud drip from a leaky pipe and a buzz from a malfunctioning light bulb.

  “Are you sure this is the right place?” I had to ask.

  “It’s where she did it last time,” Ana confirmed. “She said she wants viewers to feel unsettled.”

  “Job well done,” I commended her. Ana led us down to an unmarked door and opened it.

  Inside, the room was brightly lit, the walls stark white. The only furnishing was a table. On it, her roommate, Liv, sat buck naked. Directly behind her on the wall, spraypainted in black, were the words “DON’T LOOK AT ME.” Liv sat there glaring at us.

  A few other people stood near us in what I guessed was the viewing area. So we all could not look at her?

  “OK.” Ana exhaled, holding my hand.

  “I’m confused,” I murmured to her. She nodded in agreement. “Do we talk to her?”

  “No, I don’t think we’re supposed to,” she whispered.

  “Are we supposed to look at her?” Ana shrugged, and I could tell she was suppressing a nervous laugh. “Do you get what she’s doing?”

  She leaned in close to me, her hand on my chest. I
liked the feel of it there, light yet warm.

  She whispered in my ear, “I have no clue.” Now I had to suppress a laugh. “I know she wants people to come here and see this so let me just give her a little shout out and then we can go.” Before I knew was she was doing, she held out her camera, snapped a quick photo of her roommate and then pressed the infamous button “post.”

  “Did you just post that photo online?” I asked, too late.

  “Yes, why?”


  “Just Facebook. It’s not like I have that many friends.” She apologized, sensing my alarm.

  “And you probably haven’t disabled the GPS in your camera phone.”

  “Disabled the GPS?”

  I rested my head in my hands. The clock was now ticking. I wondered how long it would take for us to get tracked down. “Maybe I shouldn’t have posted the photo?” She sounded worried, looking at me guilty and concerned.

  It wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t used to having millions of people follow her whereabouts. Getting used to that kind of a spotlight didn’t exactly happen overnight.

  “Well, we might as well make the most of it. They know we’re here now. Let’s get Liv some press.” I smiled at Ana, put an arm around her shoulders and turned my phone on for a selfie. In the camera screen, the words “DON’T LOOK AT ME!” shouted out loudly from the background.

  Click. I wrote a quick note: ‘Amazing art exhibit!’ Post. That sealed the deal. Then I grabbed Ana’s hand. “Let’s get out of here before they find us.”

  Swiftly, we headed back down the dark corridor, but not quick enough. I heard the clatter of boots coming down the stairs, the chatter of voices, “Down here! They’re down here!” That didn’t take long. They must have been staking out Ana’s apartment, waiting in the neighborhood for us to surface.

  “This way.” Adrenaline pumping through me, I pulled Ana down the other direction, our feet quicker now, taking us down a long corridor. I tried a door, locked. Then another one, open.

  Pulling her in with me, I shut the door quick, locked it and flicked on the dim light. We’d found a supply closet with shelves of paper towels and trash bags.

  Breathing heavy, we stood together. I pressed a finger to her lips and we both waited, silent, wondering if we’d been discovered. A moment passed, then another. Sweet privacy. Just me, a bunch of cleaning supplies, and a delicious, curvy woman whose sighs and moans I couldn’t stop thinking about.

  I leaned down, pressing my forehead to hers.

  “Do you think we escaped?” she whispered, her hands to my hard-breathing chest.

  “I think we’d better stay here a little longer to make sure.” My hand underneath her chin, I tilted her head up. Her lips were so soft and welcoming, I nearly lost myself in just kissing her, so sweet and delicious and inviting. Then she brought her hand up to my hair, threading her fingers through it and I heard a soft, needy moan in the back of her throat. She felt it, too, this pull between us, this fierce need.

  Pressing against her, I backed her up against the wall. My hand behind her head, I held her as I kissed her with feverish urgency. My hips against hers, I ground into her, a hand down to her ass. I cupped her, pushing her against me. She gasped, winding a leg around mine.

  “I want to sink into you,” I growled, a hand now at her waistband.

  “Ash!” She cried out, her hand at my hip, pulling me toward her. And then that sweet, little librarian went and bit my lower lip. She gave it a nice, firm bite, letting me know exactly how much she wanted me.

  “I want to fuck you, Ana,” I groaned, grinding into her. “I want to fuck you right here up against this wall.”

  “Oh, yes!” She was panting now, pulling at my clothes, unzipping my jacket and trying to rip it off of me. I had her jeans unbuttoned and down her hips so fast I might have set a new record. She wore pretty little panties, all lace and not much to them, but now wasn’t the time to savor and admire. Now was the time to rip them to the side and plunge my finger up inside of her hot, wet pussy.

  I groaned as I felt her desire, how slick she already was for me, how much she needed me, just like I did her. So ready for me, so desperate, shoved up against the wall for the taking.

  “Do you want it, Ana?” I wanted to hear it from her, wanted to hear this good girl go bad, tell me exactly what she needed. I thrust my long finger up inside her slick folds, stroking her, pressing down on her sensitive clit.

  “Ash!” She grabbed onto my shoulders, clawed at my back, sank her mouth onto my throat, licking and kissing and sucking me.

  “Do you want me to fuck you, Ana? Right here, up against the wall?”

  “Ash, yes,” she panted, nearly crazy for it, shoving her pussy against my hand, mewling as I thrust my finger in again.

  “I want to fuck you hard, Ana. Can you take it hard?”


  “Tell me.”

  “Fuck me hard, Ash. Please.” She panted so needy, I wondered if I could make her come right then, with just my finger and dirty talk. She liked it. I wondered if anyone had ever talked like that to her before. A surge of jealousy ripped through me. I didn’t want anyone to talk like that to her, not in the past, not in the future. Ana was mine.

  I focused on her clit, slick and swollen and needy, circling and pressing, pushing down on it, stroking her folds. She thrust against me, wanton, her leg hooked around mine, her head now thrown back, her lips parted.

  “I’m big, Ana,” I said, pushing my thick, hard shaft against her hip so she could feel my length. “Are you going to take my whole cock inside of you?” I leaned down and sucked on her earlobe, finger-fucking her hard just the way I wanted to do with my cock. She shuddered, her fingers biting into my muscular biceps. “Are you going to come just thinking about it?”

  “Yes!” she screamed out and did just that, losing herself, shuddering and coming on my finger, calling out and bucking against me.

  “That’s it, Ana. Show me how much you need this.” I pulled up her shirt, ripped down her bra cup and seized her breast in my mouth. With a long, hard suck I took her nipple into my mouth, pushing up against her clit, milking one long, last shudder and scream from her as she fully climaxed.

  “You need this, baby,” I murmured to her as I unbuttoned my jeans. “You need my cock, don’t you?”

  “Yes,” she moaned.

  “What’s that over there?”

  Shit, voices were out in the hallway, followed by footsteps coming closer. I flicked the light switch down. They’d probably already seen the dim illumination under the door, but there was a chance they hadn’t. We stayed silent, panting in the darkness, listening to them shuffle around the hallway.

  It all came back to me. The cameras following our every move. The PR ruse we were supposed to be playacting. The no sex clause I’d signed. Reality rushed at me, heaping all around my feet like pig slop. Damn it.

  “We can’t do this, Ash,” Ana whispered, quiet as a mouse, but I could still hear her. Shit. She’d remembered, too. Reality, how it sucked.

  “I know, I just…” Want you more than anyone I’ve ever wanted in my entire life? Can’t stop thinking about you and won’t rest until I’ve completely consumed you? I didn’t know how to explain it to myself, let alone to Ana as we stood hiding in a dark closet. So I did what I could, finding her mouth and taking it with mine, plunging my tongue into her, exploring, tasting. She met my kiss with fervor, passion, her hands on my chest again, exploring and caressing. I hadn’t even felt her hands on my skin yet. I’d always worn clothes with her, but I wanted to strip us both down completely bare to each other’s heat.

  “We can’t.” She stopped me.

  Well, fuck. Maybe this wasn’t the right time to tear up that no-sex clause in our contract. But I could think of something else that was perfect to do in a dark closet. I’d had a great meal, but nothing yet for dessert.

  Softly, in her ear, I murmured, “I want to taste you.”

  She sighed in
response, melting into me, her hand fisting in my hair. But she said, “No, Ash, they’re right outside the door.”

  “But I can’t stop thinking about how sweet you taste.” I licked her neck, long and slow. Even in the darkness, I could tell she bit down on her lip, working hard to keep quiet. We couldn’t be discovered. I liked making her struggle, exactly like that.

  “It’s going to be hard for you, Ana,” I teased her, one hand making its way again down her stomach, down between her legs. “You’re going to have to stay quiet.” I cupped my hand possessively on her mound, claiming her, stroking her heat. “You’re not going to be able to make a sound. Even when I make you come.”

  She swallowed hard, her head falling back against the wall as I dropped to my knees. I pulled her jeans down and off so I could spread her thighs wider. I brought one of her legs over my shoulder. I demanded full access. And I wanted to take my time. It was only prudent, after all. We didn’t want to rush on out there and get a whole bunch of photos taken of us, now did we?

  No, we needed to stay good and hidden. And I didn’t want my Ana to get bored standing around in a closet with me. I needed her to enjoy herself.

  I know I’ve mentioned that I have ADHD, that I have a short attention span, that I tend to keep up a frenetic pace. But not all of the time. Music, that kept my focus.

  And Ana. She tasted like honey, sweet and feminine, her sticky desire calling to me. I couldn’t feel more riveted, my tongue swirling against her making more. I took my time, going slowly, licking along every inch, paying attention to every quiver, learning exactly what she liked and how she liked it.

  She liked it when I nipped her clit. Ana liked it when I got rough with her. My cock throbbed in response. There was a world of uncharted waters we could explore together. But just now, I had fun, not giving her what she wanted, going slow and gentle, making her crazy. I loved it when she lost her cool, lost her ability to hold back and started clawing at me, an animal in the dark, no one there to see her ravenous hunger. She could bare it to me, show me how much she craved me, how desperately she needed to come. Then, only then when she was about to die, I gave it to her. A sharp, hard bite right on her swollen, slick clit.

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