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Undone, Volume 2, page 17

 part  #2 of  Undone Series


Undone, Volume 2

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  But then she looked up at me and smiled, so real and full, and I couldn’t doubt her. It was Lola’s worldview where everyone used and got used. That had been mine, too. It just took some time to get used to something so new, so radically opposed to what I’d known my whole life.

  “Thank you.” Ana leaned up to me and kissed me. Nothing more than a chaste kiss. Even if photographers caught that one, it could still grace the covers of magazines in grocery stores without moms wanting to shield their children’s eyes. But it set my motor running.

  “Want to head back to the hotel?” I knew I was a beast, that my appetite for her went way beyond normal. It was our last day in Paris and there was much more of the city to see. There was no way she really wanted to hole up with me until our flight took off, but I couldn’t help but ask. I needed her again. All that waiting outside changing rooms while she tried on clothing, only popping out every now and then to show me how sexy and seductive she looked in something she then refused to let me buy. It had been a slow tease, knowing she kept stripping down to her bra and panties again and again. Without me there to enjoy it. Now I needed to enjoy it.

  “I’d like that.” She looked up at me, smoky need in her eyes as well. Relief and desire crashed through me and I picked up our pace. Not a second to waste.

  “Then let’s go.”

  We nearly tripped over each other as we got back to the hotel, laughing as we passed the woman at the front desk. We touched each other as we could, hand to hand, leaning in to each other. I fumbled with the old-fashioned room key. Sometimes the charm of small, boutique hotels was also their downfall, with spindly legs on antique chairs and funny little locks that didn’t open unless you messed with them just right. I didn’t have time to mess with a lock on the door. I wanted to mess with my woman.

  Finally inside our room, I swept Ana up in my arms and carried her over to the couch. We sat down and I gathered her onto my lap. She felt so perfect in my arms, exactly the right blend of curvy and slender, just the right size against me. Like we were made for each other.

  She kicked off her shoes and rested her head against my shoulder, trailing her fingers along my bicep. Just that one touch set my pulse to racing. I let her roam, explore, touching the ink that adorned my arm. Her smooth fingertips, so innocent, so neutral and simply curious.

  I took off my shirt to give her more access. Closing my eyes I breathed her in, the scent of her, the way she enjoyed me. Until her fingers drifted down, along my chest, down across my ab muscles. My cock pressed against my jeans, hard for her, proclaiming my need. Her fingers dipped lower and stroked along my bulge, driving me mad with her lazy exploration.

  “You’re so big, Ash.” The way she said it had none of the studied flirtatiousness, the practiced delivery of typical lines. It had none of the, ‘Oh, baby, you’re the man!’. It was all sincerity, an exclamation of discovery as she admired my length, running her fingers along it.

  “You like how big I am?” I grit out, clenching my teeth, my fists balled into the couch.

  “Oh, yes.” Her voice sounded breathy and full of desire. “You’re amazing. I’ve never…” Her words dissolved into kisses along my jaw, my neck. “I’ve never felt…”

  “I love how you feel.” I kissed her cheek, her ear, her throat. “I’ll never get enough.”

  “It’s crazy.” She was breathing heavier now and I eased her out of her shirt, unclasping her bra to grasp her full mounds in my palms.

  “I don’t know what you do to me,” I murmured, not exaggerating at all. I’d always had an insatiable appetite, always been up for some fun, but that didn’t begin to explain the way I felt with Ana. It couldn’t be put into words, this fevered need, this intense connection. I didn’t know what it was, and I sure as hell had never felt anything like it before. I’d had her so many times over the past couple days, but still I raged for her, wanting, needing more.

  “I want to play with you, Ana.” I licked her ear and whispered. “Take off your jeans for me. I want to watch you undress.”

  Slowly, she stood up, smiling at me shyly. I stretched my legs out, watching her from the couch, my hand down to the crotch of my jeans. Her unstudied movements got to me like none other. Tongue out for a brief, nervous flick, she bit her plump bottom lip. She unfastened the top button, then looked up at me for guidance.

  I stroked my cock through my jeans and nodded to her, urging her on. “That’s it, baby. Now unzip for me.”

  She swallowed nervously, still not used to putting on a show. But I liked watching her, and I could tell she was getting turned on doing it for me. Slowly, she drew down her zipper, then hooked her thumbs inside the loosened waistband.

  “I had to stand outside all those changing rooms today. Knowing you were inside them doing this, again and again. Now I want you to do it for me, Anika. Slip those off for me.”

  Sliding her jeans down her gorgeous curves, she bent down to get them all the way off, then stepped away from them in just her panties.

  “Now go put on those heels I bought you and show me how you look.”

  I hated to wait. I wanted to sink into her so badly it hurt. But I knew waiting would make it even hotter when I did finally take her. Because that was certain, I was going to take her and I was going to take her hard.

  Finally, she returned, her hips swaying as she walked over to stand in front of me. Her nipples stood out firm and hard, showing me how arousing she found this, displaying herself for my pleasure. She looked so damn fine, perched up on those heels with her long, sexy legs.

  “Show me your ass, honey.” I unzipped my jeans and eased out my cock. I needed it in my hand for this, she looked so good. She turned for me, giving me a good look at her ripe ass, the lace of her panties grazing the middle of her cheeks. High-cut, just how I liked it.

  “That’s good.” My voice sounded thick and gruff.

  She swallowed and turned to face me again, her gaze riveted down at my cock where I stroked its length. Her lips parted and she gave a light groan at the sight of it, engorged, veins running its length, pulsing and raw with need for her. I could see her clench her thighs together in response.

  “You want this?” I held my thick cock in my palm, a drop of precome on the tip. She whimpered and licked her lips. “I still want to play with you a little first. Can you take that, baby?” She bit her lip and nodded slowly, as if she weren’t 100% sure.

  I stroked my long, hard length, picturing vividly how good it would feel to sink deep inside of her. She’d be so wet for me, I could tell, the way she watched my every move, panting. “It’s hard to wait, isn’t it?” I teased her and she whimpered again.

  “Slip off those panties.” She did it without having to be asked twice. “Now show them to me.”

  Her eyes widened at my command. “Wh-what?” she stammered.

  “Don’t make me repeat myself,” I told her sternly. We’d never really gotten into control and domination. The past couple of days, I’d just lost myself in her like a kid finally loose in a playground. But I was an experienced man and I knew how to intensify pleasure, how to elevate arousal and push right up against boundaries for the most heightened response.

  I also knew she was an innocent. But I could sense her response, how wet it made her when I took control. She’d like what I had in store for her. But I had to go slow, introduce her at her own pace. Starting with making her show me her panties.

  Shaking slightly, she brought the lacy underwear over for my inspection.

  “Show me the crotch.”

  Now she really trembled, like she’d been naughty and called in to see the boss. Biting that lip again, she held out the crotch of her panties to me, displayed along her finger. The silk was all wet and slick from her arousal.

  I drew my index finger along the evidence, sliding it down the wet silk. Then I brought it up to my mouth and sucked my finger. She watched me and moaned.

  “You’ve been naughty,” I whispered, husky. Her mouth opened and she ga
sped. I loved seeing the shock and arousal course through her. “You’re turned on, aren’t you?”

  “Yes,” she whispered, transfixed.

  “Put your hands by your sides,” I ordered, my voice rough. “Keep them there.” She looked at me a second more before slowly moving her hands to her sides.

  “Now come sit on my lap.” Completely naked, she moved over to sit on me. I could tell she was instantly aware of her vulnerability, her exposure. I’d show her how that heightened awareness, that edge of tension could push her pleasure even further than she’d ever imagined.

  “That’s good,” I praised her, bringing a hand to her hair, stroking it. She leaned into my touch, seeking it out, needing it. “Sit up straight,” I told her.

  She sat, spine straight, coiled tight. Caressing her skin, I brought a hand down to her naked breast. “Your breasts are beautiful, Ana.”

  I knew my calloused fingers must feel rough on the soft, sensitive skin of her breast. She shivered at my touch as I massaged her, cupping her ripe mound. Her eyes closed slightly, surrendering to the intensity of her feelings.

  “Open your eyes,” I told her and she did, wide. “Watch how you respond to me.”

  She tilted her head down and watched as I worked her breasts with both of my hands, circling, stroking, palming her. I wanted her to see everything, to watch her response as I took her further. Her nipples were stiff and pointing out, aching and throbbing for my touch. I wanted her to watch and get as turned on as I did when I tweaked them.

  “Are you watching?” I asked, sternly. Her breathing picked up as she looked down, watching my hands on her. “Now feel this.” I brought my fingers up to her pebbled tips and pressed them between my large, rough thumbs and forefingers. Pinching, I watched her face. I twisted her nipples in my fingers and she moaned, deeply, pushing her ass down into my crotch. With her legs slightly parted, every inch of her completely bare, I could feel the wetness between her legs. Her slick center, slippery and aching for me. She pressed it against my thigh, the pain at her nipples rocketing pleasure directly to in her core.

  Caressing again, rewarding her for her responsiveness, I swirled my hands along her skin, her waist, her back. She was so lovely, like one of the marble sculptures we saw at the Louvre, a vision of feminine perfection. So desirable, melting men into lava. Right now, I wanted to do that to her.

  “Anika,” I murmured to her, low and seductive, a hand at her throat. “Do you feel good?”

  She caught her breath, her eyelids fluttering. “Yes,” she whispered, throaty.

  “Good. Now stand up,” I ordered, helping her comply by lifting her at her waist. She moved so easily in my hands, so fluid and wanting. “Put your hands here.” I motioned down to the arm of the couch, where she could steady herself. And offer herself up. She looked at me, questioning for a moment. Then she did as she was told, placing her hands down on the arm of the couch.

  “That’s it,” I praised her, bringing my hands to her hips, easing her back toward me. So naked, so bare, she complied, letting me pull her back until her back was straight. Then I brought my feet between hers and pushed her legs further apart, one leg out to the side, then the other. Spreading out her thighs for me.

  “Oh, Ana,” I murmured, taking a moment to just look at her. Not bound, not tied in any way, just offering herself up to me. Hands on the arm of the couch, her slim back extended, the slight dip in her lower back rising into the curve and swell of her buttocks. With a hand on either side of her hips, I gave her a slight adjustment, angling her sex further up so I could see her.

  Dripping with need, her slit looked so slippery, so ready. “So wet for me,” I groaned, sliding a finger down to her folds. She groaned and pushed against me, liking my touch, wanting more. “Oh, no,” I chided her, removing my hand. “You need to show me how you can take it, Ana. You need to be still for me. Can you do that?”

  She whimpered, shivering under my touch. But she brought her hips back where I’d placed them and remained still.

  “Good girl.” I brought my palm back to her ass, her inner thigh, caressing her. She’d never played this kind of game before, I knew that. The heady sensation that I’d be her first, the first and the only man to show her how good it felt to hold back, restrain, until you got right to the brink. Then the explosion would rock you to your core. I wanted her to come so hard she’d black out. I’d be right there to catch her.

  Now that she was still, I brought my fingers back where she needed them, right at her slick center. I stroked and thrust, working her, dialed in completely to her every response. I circled her clit, pressing in, pushing against that sensitive button. But when she’d start to whine and pant, when I could see her nipples stiff and tense and her legs quivering and hear a cry forming in the back of her throat, I’d ease off. Bringing my hand away, I gave her a gentle caress on the swell of her ass, a teasingly light stroke along her thighs.

  “Uh! Ash!” she cried out, her head dropping down. She bit her lip in frustration, so desperate to come.

  “You need to come, don’t you, Ana?” I watched every second of it, her plump sex flushed and throbbing, dripping with arousal. It would feel so good to sink into her, eat her juicy goodness, lick and bite her and feel her come right into my mouth. But my cock pounded hard with need, too. So many temptations, so little time. We were due to fly out in just a couple hours.

  “I want you to know, Ana.” I caressed her as I talked, stroking her trembling thighs, hips, giving her slick folds attention, then removing it. “One day I’m going to play with you for hours. I’m going to tie you down and see how much you can take. How many orgasms you can beg to have. Do you think you’d like to beg me, Ana?”

  “Yes, Ash,” she responded so quickly it almost made me smile in victory. There would be time to do that, to savor her eagerness. But not right now. Now, I needed to plunder it.

  Reluctantly, I grabbed another condom from the pocket of my coat. How good it would feel to sink into her with no barrier, flesh against flesh. The thought made me swell even bigger, if I could bury all of my shaft directly into her wet core.

  But sheathed and ready, I stood pressed against her, holding her hips to me.

  “Do you have a tight grip?” I growled. She spread her fingers against the arm of the couch, taking me seriously. I’d fucked her hard against the headboard yesterday morning. Now I’d fuck her hard from behind. “I know you need to come, Ana. So now I want you to come on my cock.”

  Without another word, I brought the thick crown of my cock to her slippery entrance. In one long, strong thrust I entered her, filling her to the hilt. I groaned, deep and feral, the animal within me taking over. She cried out and I could tell it was a lot, I was a lot to take at this angle. But I couldn’t hold back, not with Ana. Not when she owned me, completely. I needed to consume her completely in return.

  She held her own, pushing her ass back into me as I started fucking her. Plunging deep into her, sinking in again and again, taking her and making her mine.

  “So good, just like that.” I grabbed onto her hips and rode her, thundering into her, making her entire body jolt and bounce with my force. I loved the sight of my cock ramming into her, the slickness of her sex coating me, how eagerly she took me in, strained against me for more. She was the ultimate partner, as insatiable and crazed as me.

  “Mine,” I grunted out, not even knowing what I was saying, what I meant, but feeling the word in every bone of my body. Every throb, every thrust, I was taking what was mine. What I would cherish and protect, guard and defend the rest of my life. Mine.

  “Ash,” she called out.

  “Yes,” I managed as I sank into her, my teeth to her shoulder.

  “Harder, Ash!” she begged me, her voice hoarse with need. “Harder.” I dug my fingers into her hips, pistoning into her. If any of me had been holding back, afraid of bruising her, hurting her, frightening her with my lust, that all got stripped away with her plea. She wasn’t supporting much of her
weight on her feet anymore, up on her tiptoes, her hands pushing against the couch, my hands fastening her pussy exactly where I wanted it, where she needed it.

  “Are you going to come for me?” I asked, feeling her start to tense and shudder.

  “I’m going to—! Ah!” She started screaming as her orgasm hit her, slamming into her like a tidal wave.

  “Come on my cock!” I roared, my own come jettisoning out as she did as she was told, coming all around my shaft. I came hard, grabbing her hips and thrusting hard and deep into her. I’d never felt anything so good, the liquid gold of her honey, the sounds of her desire cresting, breaking. Her surrender as I continued to thrust into her, milking every last shudder, taking every remaining peak from her orgasm. She cried out as intense pleasure wracked her body, her quivering release and slick juices surrounding my throbbing shaft.

  “Yes!” I cried out. Yes to this, to her, to whatever we had between us, raw and alive and so intense, pulsing and pulling us closer and closer together.

  I dropped down, my face to her back. I took her into my arms and swept her as gently as I could down with me onto the floor. She lay there on my chest as we breathed together, hard, neither of us able to form many words. Each of us joined together in awe of what we had together.


  That night on the plane, Ana slept. I could feel sleep tugging at me as well, pulling me into deep slumber. She made me feel so damn good. And it wasn’t just the mind-numbing pleasure of sinking into her. That went way beyond anything I’d felt before. It was how she made me feel, deep in my chest, when she looked up at me and smiled. When she teased me. When we played music together, her fingers finding the very keys I’d been seeking. It was some kind of magic.

  That was one of the reasons Lola’s voicemail message from earlier that day didn’t sit right with me. She’d called to let me know everything was all set for tomorrow night, our New Year’s show in Vegas. The night I was going to propose to Ana, on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans.

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