Undone volume 2, p.14

Undone, Volume 2, page 14

 part  #2 of  Undone Series


Undone, Volume 2

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  “Ana, suck me.” I panted, remembering her words from last night. “Suck my cock.” I knew she wanted to do it. And now she knelt before me exactly as I’d fantasized, her wide eyes looking up at me, her hands wrapped around my length.

  She swallowed and parted her lips, then took in my tip. Slowly, tentatively. I groaned and made myself ball my fingers into fists instead of grab her hair and force her down on my shaft, hard. I wanted to feel her mouth around me, wanted to fuck her face, hard, but right now we had to go slow. I didn’t know if she’d like it, giving me that kind of power, surrendering and serving me. I thought she might, but right now I held back and let her have control, going slow.

  She licked me like a delicious ice cream cone, swirling her tongue along my length, savoring every inch. She cupped the root of my shaft in her hands, pumping me, and I didn’t know how much more of it I was going to be able to take. Just the sight of her, her plump lips parted, at my feet. Then she took more of me into her wet, sucking mouth and she moaned.

  “Oh, yeah,” I exhaled, panting, my balls already tight with come. “Suck like that, baby.”

  She drew me closer, a hand to my ass, and took me in deeper, moaning like she loved it. She sucked me in, more and more, and I pushed against the wall to hold myself back. I’d let her drive this time, let her show me how much she could take, even if it killed me. She sucked and swirled her tongue around my length, widening her throat and taking in more. I was a big man with a long, full cock. I knew it was a lot to handle and she’d said she didn’t have experience. But then all thought was driven from my mind as she sucked me in all the way to the hilt.

  “Fuck!” I called out, tilting my head back and closing my eyes, lost in the sensation as she sucked me hard. Her hands clutched my hips, holding me tight so she could pump me down her throat. So tight, so wet, the way she devoured me, I was already so close to coming.

  She pulled off of me. “You taste so good!” she exclaimed, looking up at me astonished. I looked down at her, wondering if she was trying to kill me. My cock jerked, throbbing and pounding, more precome rushing to my tip.

  Attention back down to my huge shaft, she stroked its length with her hands, licking her lips. “Ash,” she said, still sounding shy but dirty as hell. “When you come, come down my throat. I want to swallow all of it.”

  “Oh God.” I didn’t even know my name anymore as she took me back into her hot little mouth, sucking me down full and long. Of all the sexy, nasty things any girl had ever said to me, nothing had ever hit me like that before. A fucking bullseye.

  She moaned again, taking me all the way down her throat, pumping my length. I wound my hand in her hair, looking down into her eyes as she gazed up at me with adoration.

  “I’m going to come,” I grit out, harsh and needy. “Are you going to suck it down, Ana?”

  She whimpered, deep and throaty, and sucked me so hard I nearly blacked out. Come shot out of me, thrusting, pumping down her throat, rocketing out of me full blast and she kept sucking, swallowing, taking all of me in. My head thrown back, words tumbled out of my mouth, I had no idea what, swearing, calling out her name. It felt like I kept coming and coming, unloading into her sweet, sucking mouth, and she kept licking and loving me until the very last drop.

  “Uh!” I tilted my head forward, managing to open my eyes and feast down on the sight of her kneeling before me. She licked her way off of my length, then dropped back onto her heels, a satisfied smile on her gorgeous lips. She smiled up at me, proud and thrilled, a wicked gleam in her eyes.

  “I’m going to want to do that again,” she declared.

  Yup, that decided it. She was trying to kill me. And she was doing a great job.



  Ash tasted so good. Who knew going down on a man could feel so amazing? I’d experimented a few times with my ex-boyfriend, Stan. Awkward, brief, he’d certainly enjoyed himself but I never had. And he’d never come down my throat. I’d never wanted him to, never let him.

  But with Ash? I wanted to drink him down like a luscious dessert. The look of him standing there huge and strong in the shower? All muscle and tattoos, I swear, no wonder he had the entire world at his feet. Seeing him there, so powerful, so masculine and sexy, I’d dropped right to his feet. I’d felt a pull I never had before, a deep throb between my legs, an intense desire to take him into my mouth and suck his cock.

  “You’re amazing, Ana.” He held me to him in the shower, after pulling me up from my knees. He rubbed my back, making lazy circles with his hands.

  “Mmmm.” I dropped my head to his broad chest, my hand caressing his muscles as if trying to memorize every inch. I still felt like I was on fire, raring and ready to go. Honestly, going down on him had turned me on so much I’d come close to orgasm, myself. The feel of him shooting his come down my throat, the harsh, guttural noises he’d made, the way he’d lost himself in blinding pleasure? Yeah, that had been a turn on and my pussy still throbbed from it.

  But he’d just come so he’d probably want to go to sleep. That had been my prior experience, anyway. An orgasm had been like the opposite of an alarm clock with Stan. Within minutes of his final thrust he’d pass out cold, dead to the world. It helped that he slept so soundly. He never once woke up while I masturbated next to him, bringing myself the satisfaction that he never could.

  But Ash’s shaft still stood out huge and hard, pressing into my stomach. What a cock. Seriously. I knew I didn’t have a lot to go on. I hadn’t exactly assembled a full police line-up of cocks to compare it to in my prior experience. But he seemed huge, massive, like a fucking jackhammer, wide and driving and hard as hell. Could he be ready to go again already?

  “Let me love you, Ana,” he murmured, bending down and kissing my throat. He massaged my breast, cupping me in his hand, the pulsing swirl of water making my skin slick and slippery. I arched into his touch, wanting more.

  He turned off the showerhead and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around me.

  “I’ve made a fire.” He nodded his head toward the main room of our hotel suite. “Let me show you.”

  He swept me up into his powerful arms. Had we not been in Paris, had I not been so aroused and falling for him so fast and hard, it might have felt like too much. Over the top, carrying me to the fire, laying me down before it gently, on a soft rug.

  As it was, I loved every second of it.

  “You’re really good at making a fire.” I admired his work in the fireplace. He’d also started one inside of me, and it raged even brighter.

  “I was never even a boy scout,” he said, bringing a hand up to the top of my towel.

  “No, you’re no boy scout.” My breath hitched as he trailed his finger along the edge of my towel. The one he’d just put on me. The one he was going to take off.

  I knew what would happen next. Just the two of us in a hotel room in Paris. Last night I’d passed out like someone had drugged me. But tonight, I was wide awake and panting with need.

  I’d had a lot of reasons to object over the past couple of weeks. That no-sex clause we’d signed, but even more importantly the notion that I needed to keep this all-business. Make sure my heart didn’t get attached.

  As if that were actually an option. I was all in, whether I liked it or not. And right now, I liked it. A lot. There was a time to stand on the sidelines and play it safe. And there was a time to hop up onto the back of the bad boy’s motorcycle, wrap your legs around him and go for a ride. Now was that kind of time.

  I reached my hand up into Ash’s thick, jet-black hair, pulling his lips to mine.

  “I want you, Ana.” He kissed me, his tongue exploring my depths, his teeth nipping at my bottom lip.

  “I want you too.” I wanted him so badly. But a tiny glint of insecurity flashed at the corner of my brain. I’d only slept with one man, and we hadn’t exactly burned down the house together. I didn’t really know what I was doing when it came to sex. But Ash? He wasn’t an international
sex symbol for nothing.

  In a quiet voice, I admitted, “Ash, I’m not exactly experienced.”

  His motions stilled and he looked into my eyes. “Have you never…?”

  “Oh, I have had sex before. But only with my ex-boyfriend.”

  Ash growled. “Can I rip his lungs out?”

  “I don’t think you need to feel jealous about what we—”

  “Did he ever get to touch you?” he interrupted me with a ferocious gleam in his eyes, all predator.

  “Well, yes.” Minimally, inspiring little to no response.

  “Then I want to rip his lungs out. You’re mine.” He sank down with a deep exhale, as if he’d been holding himself back. He ripped my towel off of me, baring me completely on the rug. In the firelight, he ran his hands over my body, caressing, kneading, stroking. Every inch came alive, singing to his touch, tingling and responding until I was moaning with need, clutching at him.

  He dropped his lips to my stomach, kissing my breasts and palming them, playing with the stiff peaks of my nipples.

  “Ash, please,” I shamelessly begged, twisting under his attentions, my sex dripping with need.

  “Please what, Ana?” he asked, a dominant gleam in his eye as he made me crazy, taking pleasure in my desperation.

  “Ash!” I cried out as he moved down to trail kisses along my inner thighs. I loved his mouth on me. I knew how good his tongue could make me feel, but I wanted more. I needed more. He was ready to go, his cock full and hard, engorged and at the ready. I wanted to feel it inside of me, wanted him to thrust in deep until I came all over him.

  “Tell me, Ana.” He kissed my hips, my lower stomach.

  “Fuck me, Ash!” I screamed out, unable to take it anymore. All of the build up, all of the teasing, I couldn’t stand a second more of it. “Please, fuck me!”

  “That’s it.” He savored my response, rewarding me, drawing up against me. He brought his hands on my shoulders and pressed his hard shaft directly against the entrance of my wet, quivering pussy. “You want my cock, Ana?”

  “Ah! Yes!”

  He left my side for a moment and I nearly cried out in frustration, but then I heard the crinkle of foil and realized he was opening a condom. Good thing he still had a rational thought in his brain. But then even that thought vanished as he brought his thick crown to my dripping slit and held it there for just a second, a second that seemed to stretch out and on. And then, finally, he parted me, thrusting his tip inside, hard, all man. I inhaled sharply. He was so huge, so much bigger than anything I’d ever felt before.

  “Are you going to take me in, Ana?” he asked me, his voice low and husky.

  “Yes!” I dropped my head back, my thighs parting for him. I wanted him in, all of him. He pumped into me, slowly easing in, each solid inch making me more and more wet.

  “Christ, you feel good,” he exhaled, breathing hard. “So fucking wet for me, Ana.”

  He spread me so wide, already had me so full I couldn’t believe there was any more of him. But I wanted all of him and I thrust my hips up, needing it all. There was more. He sank fully into me, filling me so deep I couldn’t believe I could take him in. It almost hurt and my eyes widened

  “You make me so big, Ana.” He dropped his head to my throat and licked me as he started to move, slowly, just an inch or two at a time. Slowly, he began to build into a rhythm, giving me some time to adjust, to spread wide and take him all the way in.

  I clutched my hands to his back and began to move with him, rolling my hips against him, meeting his thrusts.

  “Yes,” he panted, starting to move faster, go deeper. He was holding back, I realized. Keeping himself restrained. I wanted him to let go and take me like an animal. I dug my hands into his ass, sank my fingernails into his flesh and shoved my pussy against his cock, screaming at the feel of him.

  With a deep groan, Ash’s hands on my shoulders moved from caressing to something more. Pressing me into the soft rug, his fingers fastened me there and he began to fuck me, drilling his cock into me harder and harder. Twisting under him, I took him all, bucking, working for it, writhing with need, my legs spread so wide.

  “You want it hard?” he asked me, bringing a hand down to my inner thigh. He pinned it to the rug, stretching me, angling my pussy so he could take me as fast and hard as he wanted.

  “Yes!” I screamed, clawing at his back, loving the way he held me down, the way he gunned into me. I felt so taken, so possessed as he drove into me again and again, both of us grunting, straining, sweat starting to glisten on our skin.

  “You like how I fuck you, Ana?” he roared, pounding into me, slamming his huge cock into me, hitting my clit just right every time. I couldn’t even answer him, couldn’t form a coherent word, I just screamed, the passion coursing through my body. “I’m going to fuck you all night, Ana. I’ll never get enough of your pussy.”

  His words, his thrusts, his huge cock, the feel of his hands pinning me down, I couldn’t take it anymore. The pleasure peaked, crested and crashed down over me in shuddering, orgasmic waves.

  “Ah!” I cried out, my pussy clenching and squeezing around his cock as I came, shivering and screaming.

  “That’s it.” He fucked me relentlessly, not stopping, not giving me a second to rest, no mercy. I threw my head to the side, another scream tearing from my throat. He gave a massive thrust up into me, so deep, claiming me completely. I clawed at him, sweaty, taking everything he had to give. I could feel his cock, so deep, so hard, pounding into me, as he called out and groaned.

  My hands on his back, I relished the feel of him so tense, then the feel of his massive release. He sank down on top of me, resting most of his weight to my side, but still covering me with his leg, his shoulder, his arm. I never wanted him any other way. I wanted his touch, his taste, his cock, on me, inside of me, every second of every day for the rest of my life.

  I was in trouble now.


  The next morning came and went, the sunrise completely unnoticed by either me or Ash. We had our own world, inside our hotel suite. It didn’t matter if Paris was outside, the city of lights and romance. We had everything we wanted inside, behind closed shades.

  He’d made good on his promise, taking me all night long. Again in front of the fire, then in the bed. Late in the morning, I’d awoken to the feel of him by my side, along my back. His amazing cock pressed full and insistent against my backside.

  I’d arched my back toward him, offering myself to him without words. He’d wrapped his large hand around my hip and angled me so he could thrust right up inside. He had me so close to coming from that alone, the breathtaking feel of him claiming me, filling me. When he brought his fingers down to my pussy, fucking me and strumming my clit, I came for him. He fucked me until I was sore, shaking the bed and coming with a mighty roar.

  Still inside of me, he bit the nape of my neck. I gasped, but loved it.

  “I think you just left a mark.” I still felt a twinge of pain where his teeth had met my skin.

  “I want to mark you,” he murmured, pressing my hips against his. Damn if I didn’t feel his cock start to throb again, getting harder inside the wet walls of my pussy. I wiggled down on him, pressing my ass into his groin.

  “You’re mine.” He ground my ass back into him, holding me there fast with his hand. His other hand traveled its way up my body to my nipple where he teased my peak, already stiff for him. He’d worked me hard all last night and now into the morning, but still I wanted more. I’d never felt anything like this before, this consuming fire, this raging, throbbing need. Every orgasm he gave me—and I’d lost count at this point—just fed my desire for more. The feel of him, the smell of him. The sounds he made, the way he worshipped my body, as if he couldn’t get enough, he’d never get enough.

  Between his thumb and forefinger, he gently rolled my nipple. Teasing, light, he made me pant. “Mine,” he repeated. I closed my eyes, lost in the intensity of the feelings rolling through
me. “Say it, Ana,” he commanded me, clamping his fingers down on my sensitive, swollen bud.

  Pleasure shot down to my molten core, his cock hardening again deep inside of me.

  “Yes, Ash.”

  He twisted my nipple and thrust into me, his mouth back on my neck, licking, sucking, biting. “Say it.”

  I’d never felt so owned, so claimed. It was overwhelming, suffusing my senses, leaving me breathless. There was no doubt about it. Every bone in my body answered him. “I’m yours, Ash.”

  “Yes.” He drove into me, fucking me hard once again. Sore, my body still needed him and I thrust back into him, wanting him to mark me, wanting him to bruise me. I needed him and it wasn’t a tame, organized kind of a feeling. It was a wild, driving, consuming passion. My fist twisted into the pillow and I ground myself back onto his cock, wanting him to come again, wanting him to come in me without a condom. Now I was really crazy, and he wouldn’t do it. He’d been religious about condoms. Even now he withdrew and put on a new one before thrusting back into me, wet and ready for his cock.

  But he made me crazy, stripped all rational thought from my brain. I didn’t care about anything but Ash, his smell, his grunts, his huge cock driving into me, parting me and fucking me like no man ever had. Like no other man ever would.

  A few hours later after we dozed again, I got up to go to the bathroom. Some bodily needs could not be ignored. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and looked at the reflection in the mirror, barely recognizing it as my own. My lips swollen from kisses, my cheeks scraped pink from his stubble, my hair looked like I’d teased it mercilessly with a fine-toothed comb. I brought a hand to it as if starting to attempt to fix it.

  Fuck it. I dropped my hand down in surrender. I had the unmistakable look of a woman who’d just been properly and soundly fucked for hours on end. A smile crept over my face. That’s exactly who I was.

  As I crossed through the main room of the suite, I saw Ash’s phone lighting up like a Christmas tree. He might want to see it. It might be something important, news from his family.

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