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  “David and Goliath, no doubt,” Cali said and smiled picturing the battle. The admittance helped ease her bruised ego. They were planning on retrieving her; it was enough.

  “Our baby won’t survive on our planet,” Deimos said. He held Cali by the shoulders. “It will take all three of us to raise this child.”

  Cali knew no matter what she said they would never be far. The idea of being alone wasn’t a happy thought. She was surprised when Deimos gathered her wrists and pinned them behind her back. Her body was pressed to the length of him.

  “You said a cock could tell a person how much they loved you,” Deimos said.

  Cali giggled. “Not exactly. Making love is what you mean. A cock doesn’t talk.”

  “Then why does mine strain to be with you?”

  Cali could feel the outline of his hard-on pressing against her. “It means you want me.”

  “There, you see? My cock wants you.”

  “Always the romantic,” she muttered dryly.

  Deimos trailed his thumb down her cheek. “Skin feels so much softer than light when it’s touched. But light can touch everywhere.”

  Cali’s wrap dropped to pool at her feet. Both males’ eyes blazed with a warm brightness. Blazar moved closer as Deimos released her wrists and struggled from his clothes. For a moment he looked flustered.

  “Holy lights blazing,” he said with a low growl. “This outer flesh is a pain in the asses.”

  “Clothes, Deimos. They are clothes, and we will need them for this environment, to fit in,” Blazar explained.

  Deimos tripped over his dropped pants and sprang back up. He ran a hand over his perfect blond hair. Cali chuckled. Blazar took his time slipping each limb from his jeans or his shirt. It was a teasing kind of disrobing, and he winked at Cali. They were sex gods. She could eat them alive.

  Taking Deimos’ face into her palms Cali pressed her lips to his. She could feel the heat of his bright eyes shine behind her closed lids. Her tongue invaded his mouth and she groaned. He tasted of spring water, cool as the river. As his body began to heat up, she was grateful for the refreshment of his mouth. Cool lips pressed against the back of her neck and Blazar mimicked what she was doing, covering her body in sweet kisses. They were back to the surreal world of warm light. Her body was so warm; the amazing contrast of cool moist mouths on her heated flesh was arousing.

  Where they took her, there was no concept of mass. Cali rolled with them in their bubble of contentment. She was cocooned in love, fueled with desire. Fingers pressed into her heat. The long length of a thick cock slipped into her mouth and she groaned. She knew it was Deimos; he was larger this time. Deeper, he entered until she wondered why her breath wasn’t cut off.

  The fingers inside her heat slipped out and were replaced by Blazar demanding her attention. Huge hands settled onto her breasts squeezing gently at first before becoming impatient. A mouth settled over a high breast and Cali wasn’t certain who it was. There was no ground, only air beneath them. Thighs, powerful and muscular cradled her face as the sucking continued. A tugging sensation on her nipples drew long moans from her throat.

  Deimos was everywhere around her. A cold mouth closed over her heated pussy cooling her insides while her body blazed with heat. Blazar was higher now, above her head. His lips closed over her mouth. When had Blazar stopped fucking her? When had Deimos’ cock left her mouth? Cali had no clue. There must not have been time in their world of light. She wasn’t burned, just loved.

  Exhausted, Cali fell asleep in their cocoon. Each man held her while stroking a breast. It was only then she felt the ground beneath her and smelled the sweet scent of pine. She was no longer hungry; she was satisfied.


  Cali glared at Altair. He had the decency to look embarrassed.

  “Well?” Blazar asked.

  “There is no well.” Deimos’ fury-filled narrowed gaze settled onto Altair.

  “It seems it was time,” Altair said.

  “Time for what?” Cali asked.

  “Our intervention was called to start the next process on this world.”

  “What?” Blazar asked.

  “The council is old, very old. Timeless. It would appear Earth is like many cultivated planets.” Altair began pacing. “Before Earth, there was another planet in a distant quadrant. Our people had watched over it and when a new Earth was ready to be formed, we were summoned by our people on that other planet.”

  “A new Earth?” Cali asked.

  “Our people have long overseen the universe. When young planets develop life, our people are planted to study and watch how each civilization progresses. It’s why since the beginning of time there has always been light.”

  “But how did your people planted on my Earth call?” Cali asked. She burned with curiosity.

  “Your people would call them windmills. Thousands of windmills set up over the Earth to show which sector would be ready to greet a new species. In doing so, a human was selected to begin the process on another planet,” Altair explained. “A human selected for extinction on one planet doesn’t mean they weren’t destined to survive and thrive on another.”

  “So that’s what happened on Earth?” Cali was astounded. She plopped onto her ass on the bed of pine boughs. “Your people came to Earth thousands of years ago like we came to this planet. We were meant to be here all along? Holy hell. There were aliens, alien descendants on Earth, all this time.”

  “Yes, but only to observe until we felt you were growing more open minded. In Earth’s case, a great deal of war occurred, pushing us on a faster course. Information was given over too quickly. Part of it was our fault. Many tyrants on Earth should not have been there. The council admits it grew lax with the overseeing of the planet these last few thousand years and trusted some who should not be trusted. If another war occurs, it will be too catastrophic for Earth to heal. We need to interfere before you annihilate one another. Your kind will not be permitted complete space flight on Earth until you can play nice with others. We will terminate the space program until such time.”

  “We are overseers then,” Blazar said. He puffed with pride.

  “Yes, well it would appear so.” Altair sounded snide. “The council appears to have no choice.” He looked pointedly at Deimos’ belly where the glow had expanded. “I’m uncertain they even foresaw that, but they know of the child’s existence. We will not interfere in a sanctioned being’s life, including our own. Your new life is important to this planet’s survival.

  “You of course must maintain a ship. You need to regenerate in order to keep the baby alive and healthy. Over time, the ships we send must be concealed. Each will be situated under the place new windmills will be built when the time comes. But that won’t be for thousands of years on this planet. Our light may easily slip underground through special cracks and holes. There is no chance of detection.”

  “What about our child?” Cali asked. “Will the child be free to love whomever it decides?”

  “Your child has a light mate already. It’s been detected. When the light source is ready, it will seek out your child.” Altair’s words were apparently no surprise to Blazar and Deimos.

  “An arranged marriage?” Cali asked, scowling, hands on hips.

  “Not quite,” Altair said and chuckled at her until Deimos balled his fists. The scientist became all business. “Humans go through life searching for a soul mate. We of the light have atoms which split and search. Some are good together, others not so much. We will hope your little one and its ‘soul mate’ are good together.”

  “If not?” Cali asked.

  “They will split,” Altair simply said.

  “Like you should be doing,” Cali said.

  Altair gave her a small smile. “I have been given this world to oversee as well. You especially will need resources from me. It would appear I am once more in charge of seeing to your needs. It would appear you haven’t seen the last of me, human female.”

  “Oh, I
m all aglow,” Cali said.

  “This world has a new chance,” Altair said. “We can mold it to what Earth’s potential could have been and may still be now that the council has taken a greater notice.”

  That had Cali thinking. Who steered Earth to be what it was? All of the myths, legends, and religions. Were they man made? Definitely something to think about.

  Chapter Six

  The river was cold. Cali loved her new life, but there were certain things she could do without. Breaking the thin layer of ice just forming near the riverbanks was one of them. Altair had been right about one thing, he did provide her with material items she was in need of. As she bent over, her furry hood from her wonderfully warm fur parka dropped over her eyes. She flipped it back up in annoyance. Her hair tumbled loose. As she swept her hair back, a shadow fell across her. When she turned, she sighed as she watched Deimos and Blazar approach.

  Both men still wore jeans and T-shirts. There were no moccasins on their feet. Under them, the ice and snow steamed, leaving grass patches as they moved. Sizzling sounds preceded them. It was a good thing their cocoon could feed Cali, and Altair brought her proper clothing, or she would have to hunt alone. They both made too much noise.

  They stopped a short distance away. It was always the same after they regenerated. For a day, they burned too hot to get near her. Cali could see under Deimos’ shirt. Half his chest glowed. Like an ultrasound, they had determined the baby was of no sex. It was light with the capacity to choose its form shortly after birth. Cali was anxious to see what her child would choose, but Deimos hinted he knew it would choose to be female.

  “You both look so damned sexy standing there. I’m frozen. Wish you could warm me up,” Cali said, her tone was wistful.

  Deimos moved a little closer. The heat from the sun couldn’t have been warmer on a hazy early August afternoon. Cali sighed and stripped off her jacket as the ground near her feet melted.

  “Deimos,” Blazar warned as Deimos got a gleam in his eyes.

  “Take your clothes off, Cali,” Deimos said.

  He stepped closer. Cali began to sweat. With Deimos closing in, she became too hot for clothes. She stripped her clothes off. For only a second, she was cold as the wind at her back froze her ass. When Blazar stepped near, Cali fell back as the heat became too intense. She fell back and howled when her cold ass and hot front hit freezing water.

  “Damn,” she yelled as she floundered up to her knees in icy water. “Don’t come closer or I’ll drown.”

  Deimos continued to move toward her, he stripped as he entered the river. Forcing Cali deeper, deeper, until the water was well past her waist. The water steamed, making a hot tub as he circled her. Cali warmed, then cooled then warmed as the river seeped through where he wasn’t standing. When Blazar, also stripped naked, entered the river, the water had less chance to cool.

  Cali groaned when Deimos settled a hot hand over a breast. He wasn’t burning her; the water was too cold to be completely deterred. His fingers pulled on her nipple. Blazar cupped her ass in his huge hands. The water steamed over and across all three, making them invisible to any onlooker. Cali reached with a tentative hand forward and back to stroke at their hot cocks, hard with desire. Lazily she dipped into the water up to her chin.

  “Oh God, that feels so good,” she said while moaning, when Deimos slipped his warm wet fingers into her cool pussy. Ice cold water had invaded her insides and his warmth was heavenly.

  Blazar pushed her under, tilted her head back, and claimed her mouth. Icy water engulfed each part of her body then the simple touch of a heated hand soothed the chill away. The extremes in temperature aroused Cali, and she was doused with her climax. Each man circled her, their bodies not exactly swimming but sliding using their light.

  Deimos gripped her hips before thrusting deeply within her. For only a second, Cali panicked needing air, then realized their special cocoon was all around. Deimos moved quickly within her as Cali heated, then was gone before the heat became too much. For a mere second iciness invaded her crevice, gliding over lower lips. There was no time for disappointment at the sudden loss. Blazar was now taking his turn as he thrust up inside as Deimos moved away, and Cali welcomed Blazar’s hot wet cock. He too thrust only a few short strokes before taking his leave to circle her and warm the invading water.

  Cali received sweet kisses for only seconds before their mouths left her panting with overwhelming desire. Her entire being screamed for release wanting them both no matter their heat.

  “Please just fuck me,” she whimpered.

  Deimos got an evil grin. “We will take turns loving you.”

  He was before her, thrusting within her. The icy water turned to heavenly heat before it became too much. Cali was almost there, her climax seconds away, but Deimos was gone. She could have shouted until Blazar entered her and she built again. Each warmed her back and ass, delightfully tempting and taunting. Deimos slipped against her ass cheeks until it was his turn to love her. For brief moments, they touched each part of her flesh, warming her.

  It was torture and bliss. Heaven and Hell to be taken in icy hot water. The strangest oxymoron Cali had ever encountered. Yet it was happening to her. Each touch to her was love. Each thrust was fulfilling. As Deimos thrust up between her thighs she wrapped her arms around him not wanting to let go, begging for him to finish. The heat sizzled until bubbles burst from under them.

  Blazar was now inside of her, they wouldn’t let her get hurt from desire. As she came, she gasped. Her orgasm continued until Deimos took her against his powerful chest and thrust slowly. The heat of his seed as it exploded within her drove her over the edge. He was grinning as he backed away. Blazar cupped her face as her knees turned to jelly. He thrust twice before her insides heated again. Cali gasped in air as Blazar moved away.

  Deimos and Blazar stepped from the river as Cali shook with emotion. She blinked realizing she was still up to her neck in the icy river water. It took only seconds for her to realize how much she had been shielded by them.

  “Holy fucking hell, my ass is an iceberg,” Cali yelped as she bounded from the river to don her furs.

  Both men laughed. When she was fully clothed, Cali walked with them at a safe pace back to their cave. Home, she walked with them back to home.

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