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  Devlyn swallowed hard and reached out to take Lauren's hands. "I'm very nervous, just so you know. I'm not trying to... I mean," she stopped again and frowned, clearly unable to articulate exactly what she wanted to say. "I'm just... I'm-"

  Lauren pressed two fingertips against Dev's lips, feeling their incredible softness. "I understand." She removed her fingers and replaced them with her lips, giving Dev a gentle, almost chaste kiss. "Don't worry," she whispered against Dev's mouth. "Nervous goes both ways."

  Blue eyes widened a little. "It does? You don't seem-"

  "I am."

  Dev licked her lips. "Okay. Just didn't want you to think that I wasn't. Because I so very am," she admitted.

  Lauren shrugged a little. "But we'll be that way together, right?" She searched Dev's eyes for her own reassurance and was instantly rewarded by a stupid, lovesick, lopsided grin that threatened to melt her into a puddle right on the spot.

  The President took a deep breath and let her hands slowly slide up Lauren's thighs, then hips. Her palms found their way under Lauren's sweatshirt, stopping the moment she felt the hot, bare skin of her belly.

  Lauren sucked in a quick breath, and her body jerked in response.

  Dev almost pulled away, but small hands covered hers, holding them firmly in place. She flicked a questioning gaze at Lauren's face and was held there by intense, dilated eyes.

  Lauren leaned in, enjoying the feeling of Dev's hands on her naked skin. They felt as good as she'd imagined they would - warm, soft and strong.

  Dev moved closer and dropped her mouth to Lauren's slender neck, nuzzling the hot, slightly damp skin, and tasting its saltiness with gentle lips and tongue. Her hands traveled slowly up around the younger woman's torso, to her back, where she began a gentle massaging.

  "Oh, that's nice..." Lauren moaned as she wrapped her arms loosely around Dev. "Very nice." Of its own volition, her head rolled to the side.

  Devlyn responded without hesitation, moving up Lauren's throat to the slight hollow behind her ear, nipping softly as she went.

  Lauren gasped when Dev hit a particularly sensitive spot.

  For Dev, it was an experience she was sure would kill her before the evening was over. But what a way to go. Lauren felt so good, and it felt so right to be touching her, that she couldn't even fathom stopping. Not now. "I'm thinking," Dev whispered as she took Lauren's earlobe into her mouth and sucked gently, "I dunno... bed?"

  "Yes," Lauren breathed. She was pretty sure if this torture didn't end soon, she'd find herself on the other end of a federal prosecution for hurting the President of the United States.

  They stood on slightly wobbly legs and walked slowly towards the large four-poster bed along the back wall. At the foot of the bed, Dev stopped. She cupped Lauren's chin with her palm and gently tilted her head upward so she could look deeply into her eyes. Despite the butterflies in her belly, Dev smiled and spoke with a quiet certainty. "If you want to stop, you just say the word."

  Lauren gave a quick nod, frantically trying to remember how to form a coherent, verbal response. She finally settled on, "Okay." Like that's gonna happen! her mind snorted incredulously. Nothing short of a nuclear attack on the United States was going to stop what was happening in this bedroom tonight. She drew in a deep, but ragged, breath when she felt her sweatshirt being tugged up her body. Yes. Too many clothes. The idea was more than welcome, and Lauren lifted her arms over her head to assist in its removal. Her jeans and panties were next. And when Dev trailed her fingers down her thighs, as she swept the material off her body, Lauren felt as though she might faint. Thin, satin bra straps were lowered one at a time, and kisses left in their place. Lauren closed her eyes and moaned softly.

  Devlyn took in the sight before her and licked very dry lips as Lauren's bra fell from her boneless fingers. "Beautiful," she whispered reverently. "Absolutely beautiful." She slowly reached out and allowed her fingers to make contact with smooth skin that glowed slightly in the faint light of the room.

  The way Dev was looking at Lauren sent a flood of blood to her belly and a rush of heat between her legs. She felt as though she were being worshipped by those incredible blue eyes and wasn't nearly as nervous about her nakedness as she thought she would be. Any remaining uneasiness was fading fast as her body reacted to Dev. Lauren took in the rapid rise and fall of the taller woman's chest, and the flare of her nostrils, as she stood open before her, exposed and inviting.'

  Dev's breath caught as her hands slowly slid over more soft skin. She leaned in and placed a tender kiss on Lauren's cheek. "I love you."

  Lauren turned her head and captured Dev's lips in a sweet kiss. She laid her hands on Dev's hips and gave a gentle tug, bringing their bodies together all along their lengths. When their lips separated, she pulled back a little and smiled. "I love you too, Devlyn. Very much," she said softly. "With all my heart." Her gaze quickly dropped back to the full lips she already wanted to taste again. Lauren threaded her fingers through long, dark hair, and she went back for more, offering herself to Dev in every way she could convey with a heartfelt, passionate kiss. She was rewarded with a deep moan and a rush of breath as the kiss turned hungry, and she gave herself up to the passion of the moment.

  A hot path was cut across flesh now slightly damp from anticipation and desire. Dev's fingernails caused a tingling sensation up and down Lauren's back as the President grazed her skin. A tremor tore through Lauren as a rush of desire hit her so hard she felt her knees go weak.

  The writer's hands soon found themselves working their way under Dev's shirt, pushing it up as they sought silky skin. Dev ducked as Lauren pulled the material over her shoulders, then her head. She felt her shirt slide down her back as Lauren simply dropped it the second it cleared dark tresses.

  Lauren's gaze burned a path from Dev's face to her chest. She grinned broadly, fully appreciating Dev's braless condition. "Definitely a nipple." Lauren chuckled as Dev lowered her arms.

  A dark, elegant brow lifted. "Mom was right. You do recognize the important parts."

  "Umm, Dev?" Lauren questioned, never taking her eyes off Dev's breasts. She licked her lips and swallowed.

  "Yes, sweetheart?"

  "We're about to make love, right?"

  "God, I hope so," Dev breathed. "I'd hate to have to go swimming in the Potomac."

  "Then leave your mother out of this."

  "Deal." Dev laughed, but it quieted quickly when she felt Lauren's fingers begin to work the buttons of her jeans.

  The smaller woman instantly dropped to her knees and began sliding off Dev's jeans and panties at the same time. Where Dev's fingers had trailed down her thighs, Lauren used her lips to tenderly pay homage to every inch of newly exposed skin. She worked her way down one leg, then back up the other, as she slipped off her fleece slippers then pants and panties. By the time she reached Dev's hip, both women were visibly shaking. She placed one last kiss on Dev's hipbone before rising to her feet.

  It felt as though fire was rushing through Devlyn's veins, and her furiously pounding heart was threatening to escape the confines of her chest. She wrapped her arms around Lauren and slowly began leaning her back towards the bed. Both women moaned loudly at the first exquisite feeling of skin on skin as their bodies met again. Dev prayed nothing would interrupt them. She was sure if they had to stop now, she would simply die. "Oh, God..." she groaned as Lauren came to rest on top of her, and soft breasts pressed into hers. Their legs tangled together, igniting a new fire in her soul.

  For Dev it was an expression of absolute love, trust, and devotion to the woman now in her arms and bed. To touch her like this, to finally add a physical dimension to the deep love they shared, sent her spirit soaring and set her body aflame.

  Dev savored Lauren's tentative touches, which were growing bolder by the second. This was where she wanted to be. Always. She didn't give her heart easily, but once she did, she held nothing back. Anything she had, anything she was, was Lauren's for the taking. I want her f
or the rest of my life. For an instant, the thought surprised her, then she felt Lauren's breath caress her neck as she left a gentle trail of kisses on her neck and shoulders. "Lauren..."

  The younger woman smiled when she heard Dev say her name. She had never heard it said with such passion and urgency before, and her own body responded with enthusiasm. God, it's never been like this before. So good. So right, her mind thrilled. There was no denying her reaction to the combination of soft skin, toned muscle, and womanly curves beneath her. And she admitted to herself that she should have given into some of her curiosities years ago. But when Dev whispered her name in her ear, and sure hands drifted from the small of her back to her bottom, pulling them closer together, she knew it was more than gender. It wasn't just a woman making her feel this way. It was Dev. And that made all the difference. There was no way on the planet that Casey would have evoked these sensations or emotions. It was the person. And she was hopelessly in love with the person.

  Remembering that she was the one who had done this before, Dev rolled them over and slowly began kissing her way down Lauren's body, the blonde woman's soft whimpers and moans urging her on.

  Every muscle in Lauren's body went rigid with pleasure, and she heard herself moan just as her very sensitive nipple was enveloped by a hot, wet mouth. Her hands found purchase in Dev's hair, and she gasped, pulling Dev tightly to her breast, desperate to be closer still "God, yes..." she encouraged, shifting her body and making more room for her lover to take her places they'd never been together.

  Dev hummed her approval into Lauren's breast, her own body pulsing in time with the gentle ministrations of her lips and tongue. She knew it wouldn't take much before she would simply explode from the pleasure she was giving and receiving.

  They crested together as a couple, and again as individuals. And when their bodies finally came to rest, the room was filled with soft whimpers and labored breaths. They cuddled together, pulling the sheet up over their damp bodies.

  Lauren snuggled close to Dev and hummed quietly, waiting for her to say something. She kissed the hollow of Dev's throat, feeling her lover's ribs expand against her as Dev drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly, ruffling Lauren's hair.

  Dev kissed the writer on the forehead. "I love you, and I'm keeping you, Mighty Mouse."

  Lauren laughed and poked Dev in the side, drawing a muffled squawk. "I love you too. And you certainly gave a new meaning to Wonder Woman."

  Now it was Dev's turn to laugh. "And here I was afraid I'd lost my touch."

  "Oh, no, darlin', your touch is just fine." Lauren closed her eyes, feeling the irresistible tug of sleep. "Trust me, it's juuuust fine."

  Saturday, September 18th

  Dev woke automatically at 4:30 A.M., only this time the warm body curled up next to her gave her a very good reason not to get up. She rolled over and wrapped her arm snugly around Lauren's waist, spooning their bodies together. Without waking, the writer laid her hand on Dev's arm. Dev sighed happily. Yup. I am staying right here. Not moving a muscle. Besides, it's Sunday, and Lauren would kick my butt if I got up this early.

  A few more moments ticked by, and Dev gave into temptation. She grinned and swept back Lauren's hair, placing several soft kisses at the nape of her neck. Dev was greeted with a long, steady growl she was pretty sure wasn't Gremlin. "Mornin', sweetheart."

  "Sleep." Lauren captured her hand. "Dark. Nighttime. Sleep."

  Dev chuckled. "You're cute when you're monosyllabic."

  "Nighttime has two syllables, you damned Yankee. Go back to sleep," Lauren mumbled. She rolled over and tried snuggling in that way, burrowing into warm arms.

  "Yes, ma'am. Anything you say." Dev kissed Lauren's forehead.

  "But when you do drag your backside out of bed," Lauren teased, reaching out a fraction of an inch to kiss just blow Dev's collarbone. "I'll have two poached eggs, toast, coffee with cream, two sugars, and a glass of milk."

  Dev's eyebrows jumped. "Oh, you will, huh? What? You think this is a fancy hotel or something?" The President couldn't wipe the stupid grin off her face. Hell, she couldn't muster the willpower to even try. She had wondered many times what a ‘morning after' would be like with Lauren, and she was delighted to find it was pretty much what she had expected.

  Lauren groaned, more awake than she wanted to be. "Well, last night you were trying to impress me. Taking me out, buying me root beer floats." She sighed and let her fingernail graze over a nipple that was too close to ignore. Dev jumped a little and squealed in surprise, causing Lauren to laugh. Immediately contrite, she covered the spot of her attack with the warm palm of her hand. "I just kinda figured I'd get breakfast too."

  "Would you like me to cook it for you?" Dev grabbed Lauren's evil hand and brought it to her lips, kissing it soundly.

  "Oh, that'd be wonderful," Lauren uttered softly as she buried her face between Dev's shoulder and the pillow.

  "Okay, then I will." Dev struggled and broke free of the laughing woman's grasp.

  "Where are you going?"

  Dev stalked across the room, naked as the day she was born.

  Lauren pulled Dev's pillow to her face and nuzzled it as the tall woman slipped into a robe.

  "I'm going to the kitchen to make you breakfast."

  "You are not!" Lauren shot up a little too quickly and had to give herself a second to stop seeing stars.

  "Yes, I am." Dev wiggled her feet into her slippers.

  "The President of the United States is not going to the kitchen to make me breakfast."

  Dev leaned over and kissed her nose. "You're right, the President's not, but Dev Marlowe is."

  "Do you even know where the kitchen is?" Lauren moved towards Dev and tugged on the belt of her bathrobe.

  "No, but I'm sure someone around here can direct me." Devlyn put her hands on Lauren's shoulders and pushed gently, guiding her back to bed. "You just stay right here. I'm going to go fix you breakfast."

  "God, I love you." Lauren snuggled back down into the covers and rolled one eyeball in Dev's direction.

  "You're not so bad yourself." The President winked.

  "When you get lost trying to find the kitchen, I'll send Gremlin to find you." She heard Dev make several mumbled, derogatory comments about her dog as she walked across the room. "But not for a few hours," Lauren added softly just the bedroom door, and her eyes firmly closed.


  October 2021

  Monday, October 4th

  "COME HERE, YOU little..." Dev ground out as she struggled to get further under the bed to retrieve several more puppies. "Your time here is over, you little beasties. Now you get to go and terrorize other parts of the world."

  Lauren came back in from the bathroom where she had had to lock Gremlin and Princess before Dev could even get near the puppies. She covered her ears at the sounds of Gremlin's and Princess' howls. "God, I feel like a kidnapper!"

  "Don't think of it as kidnapping, sweetheart," Dev offered. Lying flat on her belly, she reached under the bed, cursing as the puppies scooted away. She rose to her knees and looked at Lauren. "Think of it as liberation day." Dev gestured towards the bed. "I could use a hand here."

  Lauren flinched as two of the puppies poked their noses out from behind the comforter, bared their teeth at the President, and growled. "You'd better count your fingers when this is over, Devlyn. Because they don't seem to want to leave." The writer cautiously moved forward and picked up two of the more docile puppies; they were nearly asleep, despite the commotion their brothers and sisters were causing.

  "Oh, sure, take the easy ones. I was hoping you could coax out the ones that were growling at me." She gestured to the two Lauren was putting in the box. "I could have done that. And if I get bit, you have to kiss it and make it better."

  A lascivious grin twitched at Lauren's lips. "I'll do that anyway, darlin'."

  Dev quirked an eyebrow. "You have a dirty mind. Just like my mother. No wonder she loves you." She looked back under t
he bed where the snarling puppies had once again taken refuge.

  "Watch out, Devlyn. I've discovered I have a thing for older women."

  "You-" Dev strained, trying to get under the bed again, "couldn't handle my mother. She'd kill you." Dev laughed recklessly, waiting to see what kind of a response that got. But before she got an answer one of puppies nipped her finger. "Ouch! Dammit!" The puppies all began to bark and whine.

  "Hey." Lauren's eyes snapped. "Quiet!" The puppies instantly went silent. She dropped to her knees and gently began examining Dev's finger. Please don't let it be bleeding.

  "I'm okay. He missed. Mostly." Before Lauren could get a good look, Dev pulled her finger away and began wiggling it in front of her face. "I still have all ten, and there's nothing broken or bleeding." She smiled at the sound of Lauren's relieved sigh. "You know why they don't want to leave, don't you?"


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