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Ice Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 13)

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  He kissed her softly, wanting her to feel loved and cherished. He kissed all around her mouth and then along her jaw to her ear. “I want you, Alex. All of you,” he whispered.

  “I’m not what I used to be. It’s very different for me now. My body lost many sensations,” Alex replied and bowed her head.

  “Let me love you. I want to show you how you should be treated, my gorgeous, graceful survivor,” he stated and lifted her chin.

  “I haven’t been with a man since Vincent left. That was three years ago. I don’t know if I can do this,” she murmured, and he heard the racing of her heart.

  He was tempted to read her mind, but didn’t. She was extremely fragile and he didn’t want to betray her trust. All he wanted was to love her.

  “Well, that makes me feel better. See, I’m a virgin, and I’m hoping you can show me the ropes,” he teased with a wink.

  “You’re impossible,” she said with a laugh.

  “Impossibly crazy aboot you. Wanna play doctor, Doc,” he replied and waggled his eyebrows.

  Chapter 9

  Alex yelped when her vampire swept her in his arms, and headed towards the stairs leading to her bedroom. Arousal spiked the moment he kissed her and moisture pooled between her legs. She couldn’t remember the last time that happened. And the way he looked at her left her breathless. It was a Hollywood-worthy gaze, and it melted her toes.

  His declaration of wanting all of her had Alex close to jumping his bones and riding him on her kitchen island. He was the most gorgeous, sexy man she’d ever met and he was hers for the taking. Better than her wildest fantasy and her core ached to have him fill her. The need was unrelenting and painful, yet she hesitated at giving into her desires.

  If she went through with this, he would discover how much the surgeries had taken from her. His interest could die a quick death. Alex didn’t think she could take another man’s rejection. Her self-confidence was shaky, at best.

  As he cradled her in his strong arms and kissed her forehead like she was his most cherished possession, Alex decided that uncertainty and fear weren’t enough to stop her from proceeding. She wanted this vampire more than she wanted to breathe. Seize the moment, she thought. There might not be another chance.

  With arms wrapped around his neck and legs around his waist, Alex lowered her head to his. Their lips met and meshed to a rhythm all their own. The dance was a hint of what was to come.

  “I canna wait to have you bare,” he murmured as he kissed behind her left ear.

  The second his tongue hit her flesh she trembled as a small climax rushed through her body.

  “Oh, shit. I don’t know what you just did, but do it again,” Alex panted as her orgasm waned.

  It had been too long since she’d felt such pleasure. She wanted more. His lips trailed from her mouth, and along her jaw, coming close to the spot behind her ear, but not touching it. He chuckled when she writhed in his arms and twisted her head to try and get his lips where she wanted them.

  “What do you want, a chroí?” he asked in a husky voice, and she noticed his fangs, as well as, glowing amber eyes. It frightened and excited her.

  “Your tongue. Lick that spot. Whatever you did was beyond words,” she urged and swiveled her hips. He lowered her torso so that her core rubbed against his shaft and she gasped.

  The vampire was hard as steel and she was going to have all of him. Suddenly, she couldn’t have him fast enough. She reached between them and tugged at his shirt. He paused on the stairs and lifted one arm then the other. With the fabric gone, her hands roamed over his perfectly sculpted chest and shoulders.

  Alex kissed and nipped his jawline and down his neck. He smelled like musk and masculinity and was better than any cologne Vincent wore. Stopping halfway up the stairs, he pushed her up against the wall.

  “I have to taste you,” he confessed and bit down on her neck.

  The initial prick quickly gave way to ecstasy, and she convulsed in his arms while another orgasm washed through her system.

  “Oh, God!” she shouted and clung to his neck.

  With each pull from his mouth, another mini-explosion rippled through her core. Her eyes fluttered open when he withdrew and lifted his head. His lips were covered with blood, and she found it surprisingly erotic.

  “You drive me over the edge. I can barely control myself. Doona judge me if I cum before we make it to the bed,” he murmured and smiled.

  He licked his lips and it conjured images of him feasting on her body and blood. Again, the idea didn’t frighten her. She encountered blood nightly at work, but never considered it an aphrodisiac before her Ice-Man came along.

  Every inhibition was gone, and she squealed as he carried her into her room and laid her on the bed. The way he dominated their lovemaking excited and aroused her further. She’d had two orgasms, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

  Kneeling above her, Alex got a glimpse of his muscled body. His chest was massive, blocking her view of everything but his bronzed flesh. When his hands went to the waistband of his sweatpants, her eyes bulged, anxiously waiting to see all of him.

  Hung like a horse, she mused when his shaft sprang free. It should have been comical to see such a big man kneeling with his pants shoved to his thighs, but he was mouth-watering.

  “I’m going to taste every inch of your luscious body,” he informed her as he stood up and pushed his pants off.

  Alex paused for a brief second, but then slowly removed her top. If she took off her bra, he would see the extent of her scars. They weren’t bad. In fact, they’d healed remarkably well. To Alex, they were reminders of her journey and the courage it took to get where she was, but Vincent’s disgust tainted her assuredness.

  He ran a finger over the scar above her bra line then placed a tender kiss on her skin. The feel of his lips ignited her ardor to a frenzy. Gently, he pushed one strap and then the other before he reached behind and unclasped her bra.

  As the fabric came loose, he tossed it aside. Alex closely watched his every reaction.

  “You are so verra beautiful,” he whispered and leaned down to kiss her nipple.

  And this was what Alex feared most. Her body didn’t respond. The double mastectomy took every ounce of breast tissue and all surrounding nerves. Breast reconstruction made her appear whole again, but the sensations were gone forever. It was embarrassing as hell when her nipples didn’t pucker with his attention. She wanted to feel what he was doing more than anything, but couldn’t.

  “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. It’s me. I’m damaged,” Alex muttered and buried her head against his shoulder, mortified.

  He laid his body alongside hers and tilted her chin with his finger. “Tell me more, so I understand what you’re going through.”

  With a sigh, she unloaded her ugly details. “When my breasts were removed, all nerve endings were taken, too. I have no sensation in my nipple area. I’m sure breasts are important to you. They’re important to all men, and mine don’t work,” she confessed.

  He stared at her then leaned to place a tender kiss to her lips. “I hate that you’ve been made to feel like less of a female. You’re the sexiest creature alive and I doona care aboot your breasts. It’s just one area where I can give you pleasure. Let me explore all the other areas,” he murmured as his hand roamed between her breasts and across her abdomen, causing her to shudder.

  All she could manage was a nod. This vampire made her feel like a woman again. A sexy, desirable woman.

  “Can you feel this?” he asked and trailed his finger along the underside of her breast. His touch was gentle, and it sent another shiver down her spine.

  “Yes,” she croaked.

  “Can you feel this?” he asked and squeezed the flesh in his palm.

  “Yes, but it feels no different than if you were to rub my arm. There’s no rush of arousal.”

  “Can you feel this?” he said and rubbed his thumb across her nipple.

  “Nothing,” she
answered, and bit back the tears burning behind her lids.

  His eyes continued to glow, and Alex watched his fangs descend again. He lowered his head and took a nipple in his mouth, fangs pricking her flesh.

  Alex’s back arched, and she moaned as arousal shot from her breast straight to her core. Her nipple hardened and elongated as his rough tongue licked across her flesh. She could actually feel that his tongue was wet and rough. It was the most satisfying experience of her life.

  Alex grabbed his head and shoved more flesh into his mouth as another climax exploded through her body. Her vampire sucked deep, and she hiked her leg around his hip as her core flooded with wetness. Her body broke out in a sweat as he continued to feast on her breast.

  “I can’t believe it. You have no idea how good that feels. Please don’t stop. I’m begging you,” Alex panted as he continued to suck on her heated flesh.

  Looking up, he smiled. “I’m just getting started, Doc. I could do this all night.”

  “All night, huh? What if I told you I might strap you to my bed and keep you as my prisoner?” she replied. She wanted to feel his fangs on her other nipple and prayed it wasn’t a one-time fluke.

  “You doona need to tie me anywhere. I’m here to stay. Now, can I get back to what I was doing, or do you want to talk some more?” he said with a sexy grin.

  “Talk is overrated. Please, continue,” she pleaded and arched toward his mouth.

  “Mmm,” was his response as his head moved to her other breast.

  As soon as his fangs pricked the other nipple, another climax tore through her body. It was indescribable to have this man bathe her with attention. She squirmed as he drank from her body and she felt his hard shaft kick against her thigh.

  “My appetite is wet for more, a chroí,” he announced and she felt his hands turn icy-cold against her skin.

  His weight settled over her like a blanket, and she felt warm and safe. Her Ice-Man trailed a cold hand down her side, cooling the sweat as his lips crashed down on hers. Despite her orgasms, her need was at an all-time high. She twisted her lower body and draped one leg over his hip. His shaft twitched and brushed lightly against her core, teasing them both.

  A deep groan escaped, and his kiss became frantic and rough. Alex’s eyes went wide when she felt one of her vampire’s cold fingers press down on her clit. He teased the nub then trailed down and swirled around her opening. His touch went from firm to feather-light, driving her crazy. The guy made her head swim in the best possible way.

  “My Doc is so verra wet for me,” Ice-Man chuckled. “I want to taste.”

  A wall of flesh encompassed her vision before he moved down, leaving kisses on her flesh as he went.

  “Oh, my!” she exclaimed as he dipped his tongue into her belly button. It tickled, but excited her far more.

  “Are you going to use your fangs down there?” she asked, excited by the prospect after what he’d done to her breasts. “I have to warn you. My breasts became numb after surgery, but the other area is highly sensitive. I may die on the spot from your sinful bite.”

  “I appreciate the concern, Doc. But, seeing that I have no control over my fangs with you, chances are, you will feel them everywhere. I canna get enough of you,” he admitted.

  This man didn’t care about vulnerability with her. It was refreshing to have him express his feelings so freely.

  All thoughts were wiped from her mind as he lowered his head and went to work. It seemed he was determined to kill her with pleasure, and she was thrilled to be his victim.

  He licked at her core hungrily. His tongue flicked over her clit before he sucked it into his mouth. His fangs pricked the sensitive flesh then he bit down and sent her soaring. The climax left her shouting to the heavens.

  When her Ice-Man inserted a cold finger into her drenched core, the sensation took her breath as it cooled her hot skin. A second finger added pain, but it quickly transformed to ecstasy with his bite.

  Her climax abated but left her on edge. She needed more which seemed crazy to her.

  “I need you to fuck me,” Alex shouted, the words flying out before she could stop them.

  He shook his head and continued licking, his tongue going in tiny circles around her sensitive clit and bite mark.

  He breathed cold air over her sensitive core and instantly the ache dissipated, soothing some of Alex’s need. Her vampire settled his body over hers and twined their hands together, resting them next to her head.

  “Are you ready for me?” he asked, and the glow in his predatory gaze touched her somewhere deep inside.

  “Now,” she urged.

  He reached between them and grabbed his cock. He ran the spongy head through her slick slit before he guided it to her center. With her eyes locked on his, she felt him enter one thick inch at a time. She gasped as his girth stretched and filled her womb. It took several thrusts before she adjusted to his size, but then the pain turned to satisfaction as her body moved against his.

  “I canna hold back any longer. You are too fucking sexy,” he said, and immediately set a fast and furious rhythm. His fervent need made her feel sexier and more desired.

  Sex had been good with others, but a man had never lost control or been consumed with so much passion for her.

  “More, Ice-Man,” Alex demanded between pants.

  “You want more? I’ll give you everything,” he muttered as he plowed into her.

  Her vampire leaned down and kissed her lips. His kiss was rough like his rhythm, and she was on the edge of climaxing once again. Her fingernails dug into the flesh of his shoulders, and she met him thrust for thrust.

  He broke from her mouth and nudged her head to the right. Alex thought he was going to bite her neck until he kissed behind her left ear. She had no idea what it was about that spot and had never considered it an erogenous zone, yet when he placed his lips there, she flew apart.

  Earth-shattering pleasure coursed through her as he wrung one last orgasm from her body. His pace increased, prolonging her pleasure. Without thinking, she bit down on his shoulder. A second later he stiffened above her then shouted her name and joined her, squeezing her tight as they climaxed together. She felt every pulse of his icy-cold seed as it left his body and filled hers. And, there was a lot of it.

  “Give me a minute, a chroi,” he said through clenched teeth.

  “You’ve said that before. What does it mean?” Alex asked.

  “My heart,” he groaned as he pushed deeper.

  Alex was deeply moved by the sentiment, but more moved by his raging orgasm. It made her feel better about all the climaxes he’d given her. Experimenting, she clenched her inner muscles, and he cried out again.

  “Fuck. That feels so good. More,” he growled.

  She obliged and laughed at the power she had over him. Each time she clamped around him, his orgasm intensified.

  “I didn’t realize vampires were so virile,” she murmured and kissed his lips.

  “I will be ready for round two shortly,” he told her.

  Her eyes went wide. “You can’t be serious.”

  “Aye, verra serious. That was the main course, but I’m ready for dessert,” he husked.

  “Dessert is my favorite,” she replied and kissed him deeply.

  He quickly began pumping his hips before his orgasm ended. Having sex with Ice-Man was undoubtedly her smartest decision ever.

  Chapter 10

  Breslin smoothed her skirt as she walked down the main staircase to the war room. A light sheen of sweat still covered her body, and she couldn’t shake the compulsion to race out and search for her twin. The same dream plagued her since the night Bhric disappeared. He was trapped in an endless dark tunnel and she needed to get to him and bring him back.

  Every night she ran after Bhric but was never able to catch up with him. This time, the distance closed and she was at his side. There was a silver dagger protruding from his skull, and he was wandering in circles. The frustration from being surr
ounded by an invisible barrier and not able to touch or speak to her brother still lingered several hours after waking up.

  No one believed her dream held significant meaning, so it was up to Breslin to find him. She refused to give up on Bhric.

  The bond she shared with him since conception was a faint trace, but it hadn’t disappeared. To say she was out of sorts was an understatement. Her brothers’ insistence that Bhric was dead exacerbated the gaping hole in her chest.

  Bhric was not dead, dammit.

  Voices caught her attention and Breslin poked her head around the doorjamb. The sight of Zander sitting with Tristan brought a smile to her face. She’d been right. Zander saw the potential of the stripling’s power and convinced his parents to let the witch enter the Dark Warrior training program. It had been several years since the last recruit, so Tristan’s presence was welcomed.

  It wasn’t often Zander recruited that young, but when he saw the right supernatural, he didn’t hesitate. Tristan hadn’t transitioned from stripling to adulthood and wouldn’t be initiated formally until after that happened. And then, only if he passed the grueling training sessions required of all warriors.

  She’d seen the young witch in battle, and there was a significant degree of agitation and wild aggression. Part of that was expected from a stripling, but he would have to gain control over that if he wanted to become a Dark Warrior.

  She recalled the aches, pains, and restlessness during her transition. Those emotions were channeled into sex at some point, and thankfully her brothers acquired potions to diminish the symptoms and burning need. She assumed they’d locked her away because the royal family couldn’t have a sex scandal on their hands, but they were trying to protect her emotionally, as well as, physically. No telling what could’ve happened had she been a reckless, sex-fiend on the loose.

  Tristan sat at the large conference table wide-eyed, and glanced around. Every other word out of Zander’s mouth would bring the stripling’s attention back, and Tristan would nod. Zander was going over the rules and expectations of the program and boring the crap out of him.

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