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Ice Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 13)

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  The moon glistened off the dark water. The night was calm and quiet, belying the chaos occurring a few miles out at sea. Apparently, Zander had called in the cavalry on his ride over because the entire Dark Alliance Council was there, including the Rowan sisters and their mates.

  “You’re sexy when you’re mad,” Rhett countered as he walked behind her.

  “Sex this,” Breslin replied, and flipped him off. She quickened her steps to join Zander and the others as they hopped out of Gerrick’s vehicle.

  “What do we know?” Breslin asked her brother before the fire demon could say another word to her. She wasn’t in the mood for his shit.

  “A witch called me from the cruise ship and said demons had taken over the boat,” Pema offered loud enough for everyone to hear. “She told me there are at least fifty skirm along with both archdemons. I have my doubts about her accuracy, given the female was screaming and frantic. She’s with her mate and two striplings, so you can understand her concern,” Pema added.

  Breslin did get it. Striplings were vulnerable until they reached maturity, and their full power, at the age of twenty-five. She recalled Zander’s overprotectiveness after their parents were murdered. He wouldn’t let her go anywhere without him or Kyran by her side. Bhric slipped the leash all the time and took ludicrous risks, but her brothers seemed more concerned with her behavior than Bhric’s. Luckily, she obeyed the rules and caused minimal problems.

  “I know the female. She’s the sweet owner of a bakery, and I imagine even a handful of enemies on a killing spree would seem like far more. Regardless, we need to assume it’s bad,” Pema continued.

  Breslin expected the others to jump right in and offer strategy, but the group remained silent. Even Mack, who typically taunted Gerrick about surpassing him on the killboard, was quiet. Not a battle went by that Mack wasn’t boasting about her skirm kills, and now, her silence added to the weight around Breslin’s heart. It seemed everyone was feeling Bhric’s absence.

  The warriors were there to fight because that’s what they did, but the mood was somber. Emotion threatened to choke Breslin. She missed her brother and desperately wanted to hear him tell everyone to lighten the fuck up.

  Breslin’s head turned when a speedboat hummed to life. Nikko shouted for Jace to help him release the lines, and by the time everyone boarded the ship, Nikko was ready to go. Breslin joined him in the wheelhouse while everyone milled about the cabin and back deck.

  Minutes later, the large cruise ship came into view. Hundreds of lights sparkled in the night, and from their distance, Breslin couldn’t get a clear picture of what was happening on board. The sensation of needles piercing her skin hit seconds later, and she knew the witch wasn’t wrong in her estimation. There was a massive amount of demon and skirm magic being thrown around on the large vessel.

  “Gerrick, Rhys, get ready with the rope ladder,” Zander barked. “We have one chance for a surprise attack. We doona want to alert the archdemons of our presence before we are on deck. We will approach starboard and enter by the lifeboats. ‘Tis the least conspicuous port of entry.”

  Battle mode washed over Breslin. Adrenaline had her stomach tightening as her heart rate increased. Her vision sharpened and she heard screams of terror. She saw countless skirm chasing humans on the portion of the boat that was visible. This was going to be hell.

  With thousands of humans trapped on a boat with demons and skirm hunting them, the warriors would need to act fast. The death toll of this attack could be colossal. There was no way they could save everyone. The passengers were spread out on many levels. Breslin sent a silent prayer to the Goddess to bestow strength and perseverance to the warriors.

  “Zander,” she called out, needing to share her thoughts regarding the magnitude of the situation.

  “I know, Bre. We’ll manage. Evzen, you and the others will need to create several portals as soon as you’re on the lower deck. Hayden, can you call your Lieutenants to assist?” Zander asked.

  Breslin bit her lip, her heart pounding as the shifter Omega battled wills with the Vampire King. She was shocked Hayden showed up at all. There had been tension between the two for months. Hayden believed it was time they broke the Goddess’s command to remain hidden from the humans and Zander firmly opposed him.

  Breslin, and many others agreed with Zander that there was never a time to betray their Goddess’s edicts. Supernaturals wouldn’t exist without Morrigan, and Breslin knew her demands were designed to keep them safe.

  In her seven hundred twenty years, she had learned how reactive humans were. And, how cruel. The Salem witch trials were a perfect example of what the humans would do if they discovered her kind. Supernaturals possessed better skills and strength, but humans were far greater in number and weapons.

  Finally, Hayden nodded and pulled his phone out. As he called Zeke, Zander contacted warriors from San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York. Creating four portals would tax Gerrick and Jace, but they could tap into their mates’ energy if needed.

  “Pema, you and your sisters make your way to the open arena at the back of the ship and create a shield. That’s where we’ll send the humans for safety,” Zander directed, his Scottish accent stern and direct. “As soon as more warriors arrive, I’ll make sure a few head your way to give additional support.”

  Pema nodded and turned to her sisters and their mates. The six formed a small circle, and a chant ensued. It was impressive to watch and Breslin felt the power blast between the triplets.

  “Hell yes, power of three,” Isis shouted when they finished, and the group took off towards the rear of the ship.

  The Rowan sisters’ ability increased tenfold when all six were together. For most magic wielders, they tapped into their mate’s energy through their mating bond, but the three females were unique. They not only shared power among each other, but also with each other’s mates. It was one massive orgy of magical force when they were together.

  “You guys ready?” Nikko called out to Gerrick and Rhys.

  A sharp turn of the speedboat sent water spraying the side of the ship. The sight made Breslin think of Bhric, and how he would’ve turned it to ice, just to piss off everybody. Tears burned and she swallowed against the choking emotion.

  Chaos reigned above as the ladder hooked to the rail and they ascended. The sound above them was deafening even though they were several floors away from the action. Breslin discovered why as soon as she was through the doors and entering the hull of the ship. Humans were running for the lifeboats, trying to escape the melee.

  Zander was in front of her and had his titanium claymore in hand. A quick thrust and the nearest skirm burst into flames then ash in the blink of an eye. Breslin prayed they didn’t face lower demons. Their smelly carcasses were a bitch to clean up compared to skirm that instantly turned to ash when killed.

  Breslin threw fire at the crazed minion rushing up behind a human. As flames leaped from the writhing skirm to the male nearby, she cursed and tried to pull them back. “Bhr—,” she started then stopped. Bhric wasn’t there to distinguish her fire.

  Momentarily distracted by thoughts of her brother, Breslin was caught off guard. She was struck hard and went sailing down a flight of stairs. Cursing, she climbed to her feet, ignoring the pain spreading down her side. She rushed through a nearby door so that whatever hit her couldn’t trap her in the stairwell.

  The hall she exited onto was nearly empty, save for a few humans fending off skirm. Forgoing her fire, she withdrew her titanium sais and quickly slashed her way through the enemies.

  “Get to the arena,” she instructed before she continued down the hall. “There are others there that will keep you safe.”

  She raced ahead on surprisingly sure feet. The speedboats she was used to were rough, exhilarating rides, nothing like the smooth sail of the cruise ship. The plush carpet would’ve reminded her of a fancy hotel if it wasn’t littered with half a dozen bodies and blood.

  She reached another se
t of stairs, but it was empty. The amount of noise coming from above told Breslin there was more action on that floor. Taking the steps two at a time, she shouldered through the door and was immediately forced to choose a direction.

  She spotted the vampire twins, Cade and Caell, fighting to her left. The sight of them working as a unit intensified the pain in her heart and highlighted her loss. Rather than a coordinated attack, she was racing from floor to floor and swinging her blades. She missed her twin more than anything and wished he were there.

  “Shite!” she shouted when fire exploded in her right arm.

  Her preoccupation with Bhric was a costly mistake. A skirm latched onto her arm. Her slender blade found purpose and slid between its ribs. Breslin was in motion before the creature turned to dust.

  Cade and Caell appeared in control of this section. “Damn, you guys are good. You okay withoot my help?” she called out.

  “Dandy,” Cade replied, making his brother chuckle then Caell added, “Be careful, Princess. There are rage demons all over the place.”

  Yay, exactly what she needed. Between Bhric’s disappearance, and Rhett’s incessant pursuit, her rage was liable to feed these demons for decades. The thought forced her to clear her emotions and focus on the humans in need.

  Silent as the night, she stepped past a human male bleeding from the temple as he tried to protect his young daughter from three skirm. He was putting his life on the line, hoping to save her, but was outmatched.

  “Get oot of here and go to the arena. There’s protection there,” Breslin screamed as she stabbed and slashed, leaving a thick pile of ash behind her.

  She made it to another hallway and ducked when she saw a long blade heading towards her head. Crouching, Breslin’s eyes followed the sword’s path. It landed in Rhys’s palm just in time for him to behead two demons. Black blood spurted across the walls and all over Rhys. Breslin envied the cambion’s telekinetic power.

  “Your stanky ass isn’t riding back with me,” Gerrick shouted to Rhys as he severed the head of another demon.

  Breslin shook her head at the two and turned back to the stairway. If there was one warrior she didn’t need to help, it was Gerrick. Twenty demons could surround him and he’d still come out the victor. He was one ruthless motherfucker.

  Breslin made her way back to the metal staircase. As she turned the corner, three rage demons came into view. They were attacking a human couple, and the male had pushed the female behind his back, trying to protect her from the ugly beasts.

  “Hey, fuckface! Over here,” Breslin shouted, grabbing the demons’ attention.

  One smiled her way, exposing brown teeth. Not only did they wreak, but they were also ugly as hell. The creature quickly jumped over the railing and landed in front of her. Fire left her hands as she felt the magic of a portal activate. Help was on its way.

  Flames engulfed the rage demon, and she kicked out, knocking it on its ass. The other two demons charged forward, cornering her. One threw out an arm and sent her flying down half a flight of stairs.

  Before she got to her feet, Aison, a New Orleans Dark Warrior, slashed through one of the demons while a shifter tackled the other.

  “Good to see you again, Breslin,” Aison said with a wink as he beheaded the snarling demon.

  “Thanks for the save, Aison. I’m going up,” she replied and took off before he responded.

  One the next level, she entered a large open room and gasped at the sight. The two archdemons were standing between Zander and several families being held captive. Their leathery blue wings were fully extended, keeping Zander from reaching the innocents. Her brother was cut and bleeding from numerous injuries as he tried to talk some sense into the villainous demons.

  “Give up, Vampire King. You can’t beat us,” Crocell snarled as she laughed. It was a high-pitched sound that slithered down Breslin’s spine.

  “Surrender, and we will spare these humans,” Cresil added with a wicked grin filled with malevolence.

  Those vile creatures were lying through their teeth, and would never release anyone. Breslin stepped further into the hallway to get a better view, and saw Mack and Kyran locked in battle. Breslin didn’t hesitate, and rushed forward, brandishing her blade at the closest skirm.

  The area was large enough that she could wield her fire safely. Extending her palm, Breslin released a stream of orange and red flames that flew toward a group of pus demons and skirm. Mack turned her way as the enemy fell to the ground in a heap of burning fire.

  “Hey, no fair. Now you get the credit for killing them. Or, maybe we split it,” Mack joked before she beheaded the demons.

  Breslin smiled at the feisty female. Her brother, Kyran, had his hands full with that one. In typical Mack style, she was wearing one of her snarky shirts. The spiky-haired female had a way with words, and recently launched a t-shirt collection, appropriately titled ‘Made With Sass’. Today’s black garment read Underestimate Me, That’ll Be Fun in sparkly red letters.

  It felt like old times as Mack briefly did a victory dance. Breslin imagined Bhric calling out, “Feel the freeze, motherfuckers” as he turned burning corpses into popsicles, putting out her raging flames. Now, her flames burned unchecked and could eventually destroy the ship. Fitting, she thought, given the pain she felt over missing her brother.

  “I willna surrender,” Zander informed the archdemons with a haughty lift of his chin. Only Zander could battle enemies and look like royalty at the same time.

  “We’ll see about that,” Cresil shouted and took flight towards a family huddled in a corner.

  “No!” Zander roared and Breslin started toward the group.

  She stopped short when a young male threw his palm into the air and the demon’s blue wing exploded in a shower of black blood and bone. The force of the young male’s power was so intense it threw Breslin against the wall.

  Cresil’s shriek broke light fixtures, and the humans screamed in terror. Breslin jumped to her feet when she saw Crocell rush to Cresil, grabbing her sister. In a flash of light, they disappeared before Breslin could reach them.

  Their group didn’t have time to evaluate what had happened as they turned back to the enemies still attacking. Breslin didn’t miss the gleam in Zander’s eyes. It was a look she hadn’t seen in decades, but it was unmistakable.

  The family in the corner was supernatural, likely the witches that called in the attack to Pema. The mother, father, and a younger female clung to one another while the older boy stood guard in front of them, protecting his family. His shoulder-length blond hair fanned around his face, reminding her of a lion guarding his pride.

  Their son was immensely powerful, and if Breslin was correct, the male was nearing his transition from stripling to adulthood. The fear in his gaze didn’t deter him from putting himself between the demons and his family. Breslin would bet her new Louboutin heels that Zander would recruit the stripling.

  You could teach an individual to fight, but you couldn’t teach them courage. That was innate, and one of the traits Zander looked for in a Dark Warrior.

  Breslin turned, blade in hand, and pierced a skirm’s chest. She spotted Rhett off to the side making his way towards her. He was calling her flames to him and absorbing them before they raged out of control. No wonder the smoke alarms weren’t going off from the numerous fires she’d started.

  Before Rhett reached her side, a rage demon slammed into him and took him to the ground. Its claws imbedded deep in Rhett’s side and blood poured from the wound, lighting the carpet on fire. Rhett pushed and kicked, but was too weak to get free. The rage demon was going to kill him.

  Something froze in her chest, and Breslin screamed as she charged for the demon, slicing him into tiny pieces. Black blood covered her arms as she glanced down at Rhett, panting.

  “If anyone has the pleasure of killing your sorry ass, it’s going to be me. No’ some fucking demon,” Breslin spouted and walked off.

  Chapter 7

tangy taste of blood filled his mouth and reality came crashing down. He had fangs, and they were imbedded in the sexy doctor’s throat, urging him to drink deeply. His thirst was matched by the desire to sink his hard shaft into Alex’s welcoming heat.

  His heart thundered in his chest, and he opened his jaw, careful not to tear her flesh. It felt natural to drink her blood, even though instinct screamed for him to stop.

  Sweat suddenly beaded his brow and his mouth watered at the same time his stomach soured. Perhaps it wasn’t natural to drink blood, he thought, as severe pain twisted his gut into a knot. Not wanting to alarm her even more, he gritted his teeth, willing himself to keep the blood down and wondered why she wasn’t screaming and fighting him.

  The last thing he wanted was to vomit on her pristine tile floor. It was difficult to concentrate, but he forced his mind to the more important matter at hand.

  “I doona know what possessed me to do that,” he hedged as he backed away from her, meeting her gaze.

  Bright blue eyes met his, but rather than fear and revulsion, he saw curiosity and… arousal?

  “My guess is you did it because you needed to replenish the blood you lost,” she panted.

  “What do you mean? And, why are you no’ upset by what just happened?” he asked, cocking his head to the side and considering her comment. The idea resonated with him.

  “You biting me doesn’t entirely surprise me. I had my suspicions that you’re a vampire. That’s the real reason I took you from the hospital.”

  “I see.” His stomach churned again, and his right side burned.

  “Your fangs came out when I was treating you in the ER. I knew I couldn’t let anyone see them. The doctors at the hospital would’ve had a field day with you, performing countless tests. And then the government would get involved, and I have no doubt they would do even worse. Probably turn you into their weapon of war. So, I snuck you out of the hospital, and brought you here.”

  “Why would you do that for me? You doona even know me.”

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